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Q: Shitting cats ! ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   6 Comments )
Subject: Shitting cats !
Category: Family and Home > Pets
Asked by: guylaor-ga
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Posted: 28 Jun 2003 00:01 PDT
Expires: 28 Jul 2003 00:01 PDT
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i live in a groundfloor house with a small garden.
Recently one of our neighbours cats started shitting on our lawn !!!
Is there anything to do about it but killing the cat ?!!

please help for this problem smells bad...

Guy Laor
Subject: Re: Shitting cats !
Answered By: read2live-ga on 28 Jun 2003 01:21 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars

Good luck with this one - it can be a terrible problem.  But no need
to end that kitty's life, that may be a bit too drastic - and could
get you into court!

You don't say where you live, but there are any number of products on
the market; try a Google search for "cat repellent" (and possibly for
"cat repellant" as well).  They are usually available in pet stores
andin plant and garden shops, and may be available in other shops as
well - and can be bought online too!

They do not work equally well, some will work with some cats (and
other animals), some with other cats.  Many, for instance, are citrus
based - and while many cats hate the smell of citrus and will keep
away others seem attracted by the smell.  You might have to try more
than one type of product.

Citrus based products include DeFence Dog and Cat Repellent
<> and
The Ultimate Cat Repellent <>
(One US for you, and one UK - your spelling of 'neighbour' suggests
you might be British - or Canadian?)

Shake Away Cat Deterrent is based on coyote/ fox urine, and the
company splashes a great number of testimonials as to how effective it
is <>.  Of
course, they are less likely to publish unhappy testimonials, but that
is another matter!

Several respondents to the DIY Forums have suggested covering the
ground with chicken wire, and posibly half-burying moth balls in the
bare dirt as well. Once the cat finds your garden unattractive, it
will stop going there (and you can remove the chicken wire?).  But you
say it's your lawn that's the problem area, bnt bare dirt, so that one
may not work for you.

However, most respondents to bulletin boards and similar do say it is
more likely to be bare ground which cats use as toilets, not lawns. 
Violet has a great many suggestions in her posting on the Vegetable
Gardening Forum board, and also many suggestions of things you should
NOT use, because they could harm the animal

Another common suggestion is to have a spray bottle of water on hand,
and to give the cat a good squirt every time you see it in your garden
until it no longer comes - but this may require 24 hour guard duty!

A more expensive solution, you might try a sonar repellent, and that
should work, lawn or bare dirt : the Ultrasonic Cat Repellent is set
off by movement - it emits a sound which cannot be heard by humans but
will scare away a cat: depending on where you live, you may be able to
obtain a 30 day trial period before your credit card is charged - if
it fails to solve the problem and you return it within the 30 days the
authorization is cancelled and you pay nothing.

These are just suggestions for the type of product/ tactic you can
use, my naming of these products is by way of example and not a
recommendation for any particular brand name.

Hope one of these solves the problem, it's one that is nt pleasant to
live with.  Please don't shoot the cat!  Nor the neighbour - wonder if
you could persuade him/ her to move away if all else fails?

If you need more information, please post a request for clarification
before rating the answer.

Good luck, r2l
guylaor-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $2.50

Subject: Re: Shitting cats !
From: probonopublico-ga on 28 Jun 2003 01:28 PDT
There are lots of cats around where I live but Daisy, my Yorshire
Terrier, seems to keep them at bay.

No, you can't hire Daisy but I could post a photo of her that you
could display in your garden.
Subject: Re: Shitting cats !
From: datavortex-ga on 28 Jun 2003 01:47 PDT
I used "Boundary Indoor/Outdoor Cat Repellent" to train my kittens to
stay off the kitchen counters, etc.  It works great.

If you live in North America you can get it at the urban-saturated:
Subject: Re: Shitting cats !
From: mister1-ga on 28 Jun 2003 06:50 PDT
Plant catnip somewhere nearby(but not on your lawn)
Subject: Re: Shitting cats !
From: kemlo-ga on 28 Jun 2003 13:34 PDT
killing the cat is not in itself ilegal under British law. Only if you
cause it unnessercery  suffering.
A qick wack with a spade will do the trick.
Subject: Re: Shitting cats !
From: angy-ga on 28 Jun 2003 20:39 PDT
Legal or not I'd check with both the RSPCA and the local council
before trying Kemlo's solution. I suspect the risk of your missing
your target and causing lasting injury instead would be considered too
great. As a cat owner, if you killed my cat I would have no hesitation
in taking you to court, especially if you had not approached me to ask
for my help in remedying the situation.

Those of our neighbours who do not like cats have our permission to
water down any wanderers with the garden hose - that quickly puts them
off visiting without harming them. The rest of our neighbours welcome
and feed visiting cats, which of course encourages them to wander...
Subject: Re: Shitting cats !
From: probonopublico-ga on 28 Jun 2003 21:18 PDT
Cats are cheeky buggers.

Whenever I go for a walk, several take it in turns to wander up to me
and to start mewing and asking to be pleasured.

Some roll over on their backs, others wrap themselves around my legs.

Now, thanks to Angy, I'll always carry a spray gun around with me.

Great idea!

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