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Q: Were can i download good mp3 music? ( Answered 3 out of 5 stars,   8 Comments )
Subject: Were can i download good mp3 music?
Category: Arts and Entertainment > Music
Asked by: jashnimal-ga
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Posted: 16 Jul 2003 20:14 PDT
Expires: 15 Aug 2003 20:14 PDT
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Well i have tryed kazaa and first of all its not leagal and the songs
are not that good in quality. I have heard of a program that apple has
that you pay $0.99 for each song you download, can i use that? i have
windows XP and if not is there any other site witch is has lots of
songs and is safe?

Request for Question Clarification by poe-ga on 17 Jul 2003 00:03 PDT
Hi Jash,

Contrary to popular opinion, file sharing using software like Kazaa is
not illegal. This has been recently upheld in court in Holland. The
reasoning for this is that file sharing is a tool that can be used for
many legitimate purposes (like a knife or a car) as well as other
illegitimate purposes.

What is illegal is sharing copyrighted files, which is something else
entirely. Not all music has been copyrighted, and many musicians
choose to circulate their own music.

There are many places you can download music online, most of which are
illegal. However there are a few important sites out there that enable
you to download legal mp3s, for free or for a fee. They are entirely
safe. Apple's iTunes, that you mention, is certainly one, and it has
great potential to change the industry, but it is not the only one. It
is not a valid choice for you as it is currently only available for
users of Apple Macintosh computers.

I can detail the various sites for you and highlight the benefits and
drawbacks of each, but before I answer your question fully, could you
please clarify a couple of things first.

Firstly, whereabouts are you? Many of the legal download sites,
especially those dealing with major labels, are restricted to
residents of the United States or North America. This is due to
licensing issues.

Secondly, what sort of music are you looking for? Individual tracks or
albums? Pop music or blues or classical? Any artists in particular?
This will very much affect your choices.

Finally, where do you plan to listen to your mp3s, once they are
downloaded? Many people just play them on their PC, but others burn
them to CD, copy to other PCs (such as a work PC) or listen on the
move on portable mp3 players. Some of the major labels restrict your
use using a technology called DRM and it can sometimes cost you more
depending on how you choose to listen.

If you can clarify these points, I can answer this question for you


Clarification of Question by jashnimal-ga on 17 Jul 2003 09:40 PDT
I am in the US right now but i am leaving the country in 2 weeks, i
live in asia and am not sure if i can download from there. Well i am
not looking at any one kind of music i like lots of diffrent types of
music so i cant say anyone kind. Sometime i might want to download a
whole album if thats possible for one song. Well i mostly listen to it
on my pc, sometimes i copy them to a CD and my mp3 player, paying more
to play it on my cd or mp3 player is not a problem.
Subject: Re: Were can i download good mp3 music?
Answered By: poe-ga on 17 Jul 2003 14:33 PDT
Rated:3 out of 5 stars
Hi Jash,

Thanks for the clarification. It's cut down the options substantially.

Given your clariification, your best choices are:




Here's why.

Staying legal, there are four categories of sites that you could look

1. Major Label Commercial Sites
2. Independent Commercial Sites
3. Free Download Sites
4. Artists' Home Pages

They can be broken down as follows.

1. Major Label Commercial Sites

This is where you'll find the most famous names, the biggest labels,
the music that populates the charts. These sites carry the music that
most people have heard of and want to download, from Linkin Park to

However, you have to be a resident of the US to qualify for
membership. This is due to artists and labels having differing
licensing agreements in different countries. It means that I can't
sign up to these services in England and you can't sign up in Asia.

The downloads are also protected in varying ways, so that you become
limited in your ability to make copies, burn to CD or copy to a
portable device. The major labels very much want you to buy music on
their terms not on yours.

The one major exception to this rule is the newest, Apple's iTunes
service. It makes a large amount of major label music available for
download at a reasonable price of 99c per track. However, this is
currently available only to US subscribers who run Apple Macintoshes.
Windows and international versions are promised soon and this may
cause the other major label sites to offer a realistic service.

Lastly, there are also dubious Spanish sites providing major label
music for a fee. I say dubious because they would be illegal almost
anywhere else in the world, but they are taking advantage of a
loophole in Spanish copyright law. Puretunes has already closed and
Weblisten may soon follow.


MusicNet is a collaboration between EMI, BMG and Warner, and is only
available through partners, most notably AOL. It does not allow
copying to portable devices.


Pressplay was created by Sony and Universal. For a monthly
subscription, there is unlimited streaming. While downloads are
unlimited you must either pay an extra fee per track or lose the
ability to play all your music when your subscription ends.


Rhapsody claims to have the largest legal collection of digital music
in the world, but it is only available as streams. You can't download
any of their 20,000 albums. You can, however, burn tracks to CD with a
monthly subscription and an extra fee per track.


Apple's new legal download service offers high quality files and a
wide range of major label music, but no subscriptions, a proprietary
AAC file format and is only currently available to US Apple Macintosh


This Spanish site offers various subscription methods, from monthly to
a single night only. You can also buy vouchers to download 2, 10 or 25
songs. However, it may not survive long.

2. Independent Commercial Sites

These are sites that carry music mostly from independent labels rather
than the big majors. You'll find less household names here, but there
are still many famous artists from Louis Armstrong to Creedence
Clearwater Revival to Bush. Music is usually made available in album
format but tracks can be downloaded individually.

Primary among independent commercial sites is EMusic, who pioneered
the legal download market. In fact they offered the first album
available for sale as a digital download (Frank Black's 'Frank Black
and the Catholics'), back in 1998 when EMusic was called GoodNoise.


A monthly subscription of $14.99 (three months) or $9.99 (twelve
months) gives you unlimited access to over 200,000 songs and 17,000
albums from over 10,000 artists. You can download as much as you like
and there is no built in protection to stop you copying, burning or
moving your downloaded music. Downloads are usually very fast too and
the message boards are active. It has also recently updated from 128k
mp3s to a high quality variable bit rate.

3. Free Download Sites

Legal free download sites are exactly that: totally free, gratis and
for nothing. The catch is that they are almost entirely restricted to
unsigned or obscure artists. Music is mostly listed on a track by
track basis but there are some complete albums.

While you won't find the Backstreet Boys or Metallica here, you may
find the artists that will replace them in another ten years time.
There is much dross but some excellent music too. Free music sites are
a voyage of discovery.

The biggest of them all,, has recently and regrettably limited
the amount of music available per artist, though the selection is
still huge and incredibly varied. A monthly subscription will remove
popups, banner ads and audio ads, but the music is free regardless.


The Internet Underground Music Archive is the oldest free music site
on the web, and still offers a massive selection of music, in all
genres. There are some complete albums available here too.


While Epitonic is also varied, it is especially noted for its indie
coverage, mostly punk and math rock. It also carries much electronic
and experimental classical music.

4. Artists' Home Pages

These come and go and any list will soon go out of date as sites
disappear. Some artists offer their entire back catalogues for free
but then find that their bandwidth usage is more expensive than the
publicity justifies.

I've recently downloaded complete albums free and legally from the
home pages of Anacrusis, Love/Hate and Chris Thompson. There are many
others. Search for your favourite lesser known bands and you may get

Choosing which sites to sign up for is a daunting task, though your
choice (like mine) is severely limited by your not living in the
United States.

EMusic is your best choice for a commercial site, for many reasons,
not least of which is the incredible value for money. Customer
satisfaction is high, as is the speed of download and the variety of
music. You should also watch out for the international and Windows
versions of Apple's iTunes store when they are released.

On the free level, you simply cannot go wrong. If you are willing to
experiment with your downloads and listen to artists that you have
never heard of, there is a huge amount of free music available to you.
As with EMusic, I can personally recommend all three of the sites I
mentioned above.

Finally, a couple of useful links for you that may help you discover
even more music online.

Boycott RIAA

While this site has an axe to grind, it does contain a huge amount of
useful links to download sites and almost anything else to do with
music. It aims to educate the public about digital media and the
alternatives to the major labels.


The opposite of the Boycott RIAA site: a site provided by IFPI, IMPALA
and many other groups of record companies. It also aims to educate but
is far more likely to tow the industry line.

Bumbles MP3s

A list of various legal sites with reviews.


jashnimal-ga rated this answer:3 out of 5 stars
Good answer but i was looking for site witch have more types of songs,
on the site you gave me i only found like 1/10 of what i set out
looking for, but i guess these are the things avalible online.

I sure hope the itunes comeout for the windows

Subject: Re: Were can i download good mp3 music?
From: techtor-ga on 16 Jul 2003 23:44 PDT
Kazaa not legal? That is still under question actually. People telling
you that Kazaa is not legal are using their own opinion. To the best
of my knowledge, while any court has not issued a cease or desist
order to Kazaa, it is still legal. The only things I would think are
illegal are material protected under specific conditions.

This message thread gives a good discussion on it:
Subject: Hummm...
From: scoofer-ga on 17 Jul 2003 10:20 PDT
I think this one will save you some money:
Subject: Re: Were can i download good mp3 music?
From: metalexa-ga on 27 Oct 2004 21:00 PDT

DC++ announces the freedom to share! DC++ is an open source client for
the Direct Connect protocol. Direct Connect allows you to share files
over the internet without restrictions or limits. The client is
completely free of advertisements and has a nice, easy to use
interface. Firewall and router support is integrated and it?s easy and
convenient to use functionality like multi-hub connections, auto
connections and resuming of downloads.

Subject: Re: Were can i download good mp3 music?
From: metalexa-ga on 27 Oct 2004 21:02 PDT
Subject: Re: Were can i download good mp3 music?
From: 604-ga on 09 Mar 2005 00:02 PST
Subject: Re: Were can i download good mp3 music?
From: 3gtim-ga on 09 Mar 2005 02:35 PST
You might check out

Subject: Re: Were can i download good mp3 music?
From: fafco-ga on 09 Mar 2005 06:23 PST
For free and legal music downloads, the best site is 
They have more than 500,000 free tracks from all the major labels.  No
credit card required and nothing to buy.  It's a rewards programs, so
you complete offers to earn free song downloads.  For instance, I
entered a sweepstakes and earned free songs.  I tried AOL for free and
got 20 free downloads.  Stuff like that.  Very easy.
Subject: Re: Were can i download good mp3 music?
From: sputnikr-ga on 09 Mar 2005 13:31 PST

I think that perhaps the following would be your best bet as mentioned before 




hoever indie music is also on the rise and no better place in the
world then for independent artist to get
maximum exposure

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