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Q: Eastern Canada Independent Radio ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   5 Comments )
Subject: Eastern Canada Independent Radio
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: brudenell-ga
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Posted: 25 Jul 2003 04:33 PDT
Expires: 24 Aug 2003 04:33 PDT
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There are several chains/ networks/ group ownerships of radio stations
in Canada. I would like a list of all independent radio stations
(single owner) in Eastern Canada (specifically east of Montreal).
Please include addresses and contact numbers. Thank you.

Request for Question Clarification by hummer-ga on 25 Jul 2003 06:31 PDT
Good morning Brudenell,

Is this what you have in mind? The National Campus and Community Radio
Association (NCRA) maintains an online directory with contact
information, searchable by province.

What is the NCRA?
"The National Campus and Community Radio Association is the non-profit
national association of organizations and individuals committed to
volunteer-based, community-oriented radio broadcasting."

NCRA Directory Search:


Clarification of Question by brudenell-ga on 25 Jul 2003 15:40 PDT
Hello Hummer

Nice to hear from you again. I appreciate your interest.

Actually I am looking for contact information of all solely owned
radio stations (commercial) as opposed to the stations that are owned
by chains.

Hope you are having a humdinger of a summer!


Request for Question Clarification by chromedome-ga on 27 Jul 2003 15:47 PDT
When you say "solely owned", are you ruling out joint ownership
(partnerships)?  Or do you simply wish to eliminate non-regional
chains?  Maritime Broadcasting, for example, owns stations throughout
the Maritimes, but is not a national chain along the lines of the
omnipresent CHUM group.

And forgive me for touching on the old news, but how are the windmill
project and historic fortification project going?  I've been out of
the loop for a while.

-Chromedome (now-transplanted Easterner)

Clarification of Question by brudenell-ga on 28 Jul 2003 15:44 PDT
Hello chromedome-ga

Thanks for the clarification request.

I am looking for the 'independent' stations (commercial). Maritime
Broadcasting System does not qualify as they own about 18 stations.

With this radio station question I am trying to find out who and where
sole station proprietorship still remains in Eastern Canada.  CJFX
AM/FM Antigonish, Nova Scotia is owned and operated under cooperative
principles by more than 300 shareholders under the company name,
Atlantic Broadcasters Limited.

CFIM 92.7 - Îles-de-la-Madeleine may be an 'independent' case but I'm
not certain. This is why I have posted this question.

The windmill co-op project is advancing slowly along with the military
battery restoration. The research obtained here has assisted.

I appreciate your interest.



Request for Question Clarification by chromedome-ga on 12 Aug 2003 11:45 PDT
Hi, Brudenell!

I have your answer largely assembled at this point; I've tracked down
17 broadcasters in the Atlantic Provinces which seem to fit your
profile (I've not included university radio and religious
broadcasters).  With regard to Quebec, however, I have a question. 
You've stated you want stations "east of Montreal".  In Quebec, that's
almost everything.  Is there a limit to how far north your interest
runs (ie, just the populated corridor in the south, or the whole
province right up to the Arctic)?

Clarification of Question by brudenell-ga on 13 Aug 2003 12:46 PDT
Good afternoon chromedome-ga

Thank you for your continuing interest in my question. 

With regards to "east of Montreal" let us limit this to sole station
proprietorship stations excluding university radio and religious
broadcasters that program all or part of their day in the English
language (such as CFIM on Îles-de-la-Madeleine/ Magdalen Islands).

Best regards

Subject: Re: Eastern Canada Independent Radio
Answered By: chromedome-ga on 16 Aug 2003 11:20 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hello again, Brudenell!

I apologise that this has taken so long.  The site I've been relying
on for most of this information has been unavailable the last two
days, presumably as a result of the blackout.

When I first spotted this question a couple of weeks ago, I went
directly to the website of the CRTC.  After a couple of frustrating
hours delving through the bowels of their site, I conceded defeat and
used their "contact us" button.  I received a reply early this week,
which is not a bad turnaround time as government departments go.

The CRTC informed me that, while they undoubtedly have the information
you want in their files, it is not in a readily-extracted format. 
They were kind enough, however, to provide me with links to sites
which are more usable.


I took a straightforward approach to determining which stations are
independent...I looked at *all* of the owners, and eliminated those
appearing more than once.  This does leave open the possibility that
the operators of a given station may have other holdings outside the
region, but I don't see that as likely.

I assumed that university stations and religious broadcasters would
not be of interest to you, given their unique ownership structures. 
Beginning, then, with my home province:

Nova Scotia

In addition to CJFX in Antigonish, we have

CP 699 
Cheticamp NS. B0E 1H0 
La Cooperative Radio Cheticamp Limitee
Station Manager: Auguste LeFort
Phone: 902-224-1242  
Fax: 902-224-1770  

P.O. Box 196 
Eastern Passage NS. B3G 1M5 
Seaside Broadcasting
General Manager: Wayne Harrett
Phone: 902-469-6000  

84 Provost St. , PO Box 519 
New Glasgow NS. B2H 5E7 
Hector Broadcasting Company Ltd.
President: Douglas B. Freeman
Phone: 902-752-4200  
Fax: 902-755-2468  

11 MacIntosh Ave. 
Port Hawkesbury NS. B9A 3K4 
MacEachern Broadcasting Ltd.
President/GM: Bob MacEachern
Phone: 902-625-1220  
Fax: 902-625-2664  

CP 8 , Comte de Digby 
Saulnierville NS. B0W 2Z0 
Radio CLARE Association
Station Manager: Darlene Comeau
Phone: 902-769-2432  
Fax: 902-769-3101  

328 Main St. , Suite 201 
Yarmouth NS. B5A 1E4 
Radio CJLS Ltd.
President/GM: Ray Zinck
Phone: 902-742-7175  
Fax: 902-742-3143  

Prince Edward Island

No stations matching your criteria.

Newfoundland & Labrador

CP 453 , 308 rue Hudson 
Labrador City NL. A2V 2K7 
Community Radio
President: Norman Gillespie
Phone: 709-944-7600  
Fax: 709-944-5125  

PO Box 601 
Lewisporte NL. A0G 3A0 
President:  Todd Foss
Phone: 709-535-2546  
Fax: 709-535-6600  

PO Box 160 
Nain NL. A0P 1L0 
Okalakatiget Society
Executive Director: Frances Williams
Phone: 709-922-2955  
Fax: 709-922-2293  

I have omitted OZ-FM, a family-owned broadcaster, on the grounds that
they also operate television station NTV.  I can certainly provide
comparable information for them if you wish.

New Brunswick

1991 Avenue des pionniers , CP 2561 
Balmoral NB. E8E 2W7 
Cooperative Radio Restigouche Ltee
General Manager: Pierre Morais
Phone: 506-826-1040  
Fax: 506-826-2400  

165 boul Hebert , 6e Etage 
Edmundston NB. E3V 2S8  
Co-Op des Montagnes  
Station Manager: Serge Parent
Phone: 506-737-5060  
Fax: 506-737-5084 

174 rue de l'Eglise 
Edmundston NB. E3V 1K2  
Edmundston Radio Inc.
President: Jean-Marc Michaud
Phone: 506-735-3351  
Fax: 506-739-5803  

715 rue Priestman 
Fredericton NB. E3B 5W7  
La Radio Communautaire Francophone de Fredericton
Sales Manager (only contact listed): Jean-Yves Dube
Phone: 506-454-2576  
Fax: 506-453-3958  

C.P. 1043 
Kedgwick NB. E8B 1Z9  
La Radio des Hauts Plateaux 
General Manager: Lucille F. Roy
Phone: 506-235-9000  
Fax: 506-235-9001  

142 Rte 113 
Pokemouche NB. E8P 1K7  
Radio Peninsule Inc.
Station Manager: Donald Noel
Phone: 506-336-9706  
Fax: 506-336-9058  

96 rue Providence 
Shediac NB. E4P 2M9  
Community Radio
General Manager: Gilles Arsenault
Phone: 506-532-0080  
Fax: 506-532-0120  

PO Box 305 
St. Stephen NB. E2L 2X2  
WQDY St. Stephen
President: Bill McVicar
Phone: 506-465-0989  
Fax: 207-454-3062  


For most of these stations, I had no clearcut way to determine whether
their broadcasts are anglophone, francophone, or mixed.  I used what
was frankly a "best guess" approach: if the listings for their
officers were in English, I tended to give them the benefit of the
doubt.  Where possible, I used the website of the individual station
to verify language.  Doubtless a few francophone stations snuck

8 rue Laletaut 
Betsiamites QC. G0H 1B0  
President:  Angeline Canape
Phone: 418-567-8635  
Fax: 418-567-8559  

CP 420 
Chisasibi QC. J0M 1E0  
General Manager:  Raymond Menarick
Phone: 819-855-2527  
Fax: 819-855-3186  

33 rue Romain , CP 820 
Fort-Coulonge QC. J0X 1V0  
La Radio du Pontiac Inc.
President/GM: Frank Doyle
Phone: 819-683-3155  
Fax: 819-683-3211    

162 rue Jacques Cartier 
Gaspé QC. G4X 1M9  
Radio Gaspesie Inc.  
General Manager:  Jaques Chartier
Phone: 418-368-3511  
Fax: 418-368-1663  

PO Box 88 
Harrington Harbour QC. G0G 1N0  
Radio Communautaire Harrington  
(No management contact listed)
Phone: 418-795-3344  
Fax: 418-795-3200  

PO Box 1050 
Kahnawake QC. J0L 1B0  
Kahnawake Broadcasting Services
Station Manager:  Arlene Diabo
Phone: 450-638-1313  
Fax: 450-638-4009  

529 rue St-Louis , CP 850 
La Tuque QC. G9X 3P6  
Radio Haute Mauricie Inc
President/GM:  Rejean  Leclerc
Phone: 819-523-4575  
Fax: 819-676-8000 

201 rue Claude-Bilodeau , #11 
Lac Etchemin QC. G0R 1S0  
General Manager:  Jean-Pierre Pampalon
Main Phone: 418-625-3737  
Main Fax: 418-625-3730  
PO Box 8 
Lourdes-Blanc Sablon QC. G0G 1W0  
Station Manager:  Michelle Walsh
Phone: 418-461-2445  
Fax: 418-461-2425  

184 rue Notre-Dame 
Maniwaki QC. J9E 2H5  
Radio CFOR 
President/Station Manager:  Steve Ross
Phone: 819-441-0993  
Fax: 819-449-7067  

35 York St. 
Montreal QC. H3Z 2Z5  
President/GM:  Andrew  Mielewczyk
Phone: 514-483-2362  
Fax: 514-483-1362  

5899 Avenue du Parc 
Montreal QC. H2V 4H4  
La Voix Hellenique du Canada  
President:  John Daperis 
Phone: 514-273-2481  
Fax: 514-273-3707  

5212 boul St-Laurent , 2e Etage 
Montreal QC. H2T 1S1  
Radio Centre Ville St-Louis 
Station Manager:  (Mme) Magalie Pare  
Phone: 514-495-2597  
Fax: 514-495-2429  

52 Elie Rochefort 
Port-Cartier QC. G5B 1N2  
Yvon Savoie Radio Port-Cartier Inc.
President/GM: Yvon Savoie
Phone: 418-968-6869  
Fax: 418-766-6870 

PO Box 100 
St-Augustin QC. G0G 2R0  
President:  Gordie Maurice
Phone: 418-947-2239  
Fax: 418-947-2664  
And finally, CFIM in the Madeleine Islands.  This is a community radio
station which appears to be Francophone in orientation, but I include
it because of your specific interest:

CP 490 , 1172 ch Laverniere 
Cap-aux-Meules QC. G0B 1B0  
Diffusion Communicataire des Iles Inc.  
Director:  Gisele Deraspe
Phone: 418-986-5233  
Fax: 418-986-5319  

Search Strategy

My initial approach to this question was to search Google on various
combinations of keywords such as "radio", "broadcaster",
"independent", etc.  This yielded essentially no viable information.

My next approach was to visit the CRTC website, as I'd mentioned
above.  While their website was of little direct use to me, I struck
paydirt with their response to my e-mailed inquiry.  The information
which makes up the meat of this answer was all derived from the
website of Broadcast Dialogue, self-proclaimed as "The Voice of
Broadcasting in Canada".  Their directory of radio stations may be
found at the following link:

Clicking on a province gives you a sub-list of communities with radio
stations, which may then be clicked to view the stations themselves.

As your project evolves, you may also find useful information on these

The Canadian Association of Broadcasters

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council

And, while the CRTC's website was not well-suited to developing a list
like this one, it is still a powerful resource for retrieving detailed
information on an individual station:

Finally, here are links for two companies who provide detailed
information on the broadcasting industry for a fee:

CCN Matthews Communications Solutions:

Mediastats Information Services:

Thank you for an interesting question, Brudenell!  With the
concentration of ownership that's gone on in most of our information
media, it's reassuring to see that independent radio is alive and

If you require any further assistance, or if you require clarification
of any part of this answer, I'll be happy to oblige.


Request for Answer Clarification by brudenell-ga on 19 Aug 2003 04:18 PDT
You're welcome chromedome-ga.... You've made me curious. How many
Canadian researchers are there?

Clarification of Answer by chromedome-ga on 19 Aug 2003 11:49 PDT
Only the admin people at GA could answer that one accurately.  From
the researchers I correspond with, I know of 18 or 20, not all of whom
are active.  One or two of the Canadian-based researchers are of
American origin, a couple (myself and Emjay) are Easterners who went
"up the road", and at least one of the South American researchers grew
up in Montreal.

Beyond that, I really couldn't say.

brudenell-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $71.91
An EXEMPLARY EFFORT and just the answer that I was looking for. Having
attempted this research myself and only obtaining meager results I
turned to good ol' Google Answers trusting that some dedicated
researcher would do better. And GA did it again! THANK YOU
chromedome-ga. Wish I could give you six stars.

Subject: Re: Eastern Canada Independent Radio
From: emjay-ga on 26 Jul 2003 07:57 PDT
Hi brudenell,

You might be interested in the following site, which lists independent
media mailing lists by subject and locale.


Subject: Thanks emjay-ga
From: brudenell-ga on 26 Jul 2003 11:19 PDT
Thanks for the lead!

Subject: Re: Eastern Canada Independent Radio
From: emjay-ga on 28 Jul 2003 15:58 PDT
Chromedome - greetings from another transplanted easterner! Brudenell,
I'll let hummer or chromedome take this one on, but wanted to give you
the info for an independent station from my original neck of the woods
to get you started. CJLS Radio (, southwest Nova Scotia)
is privately owned by three joint owner/broadcasters.
Subject: Thank you emjay-ga
From: brudenell-ga on 29 Jul 2003 06:12 PDT
This is the type of station that I'm looking for.

Thank you emjay-ga for your post.


Subject: Re: Eastern Canada Independent Radio
From: chromedome-ga on 18 Aug 2003 20:50 PDT
Thanks, Brudenell, for your kind praise (and healthy tip,'ll
come in handy with school looming).

Until I moved here to the flatlands a few months ago, I was the only
Atlantic Canadian I've been following your questions
with interest, waiting for an opportunity to "answer one for the home
team." I'm glad I was able to finally snag one!


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