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Q: Swollen Uvula -- need an OTC solution ($12) ( Answered 4 out of 5 stars,   3 Comments )
Subject: Swollen Uvula -- need an OTC solution ($12)
Category: Health > Medicine
Asked by: rwlight-ga
List Price: $12.00
Posted: 25 Jul 2003 10:38 PDT
Expires: 24 Aug 2003 10:38 PDT
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Does anyone know any over the counter recipes for a swollen Uvula.  It
is driving me crazy as it will sometimes sit on my tongue and I have
to cough it back down.  My doctor is out of the office until Monday,
and it's Friday.  What can I do?  I am guessing it is an infection, so
he will probably prescribe an antibiotic.  What should I do in the
Subject: Re: Swollen Uvula -- need an OTC solution ($12)
Answered By: journalist-ga on 25 Jul 2003 11:41 PDT
Rated:4 out of 5 stars
Greetings Rwlight:

I have discovered some homeopathic remedies dealing with a swollen
uvula.  I've provided the diagnoses where applicable and a resource to
purchase the suggested remedies.


Diagnosis of swollen uvula (and other things) recommending Kali

Buy (OTC) Kali Permanganicum


Tonsillitis with swolen uvula recommeding Apis
"worse right side with purplish appearance and a swollen uvula, better
from cold drinks: Apis 6c."
"CHINESE medicine - *Honeysuckle flower tea is recommended and a salt
gargle is helpful to soothe and sterilize the throat."

Another reference to Apis
"APIS 12c: Is the homeopathic Anti-inflammatory and Anti-histamine. -
Sore Throat due to allergy; back of throat bright red, swollen uvula,
pain is burning and stinging; mouth is dry, without thirst, tongue and
throat are red."


Buy dried Honeysuckle for tea
"Honeysuckle Flowers Whole (Jin Yin Hua) 1 lb. - Honeysuckle flower
tea, used as part of a healthy lifestyle, may help to lower
cholesterol...This herb has broad-spectrum antibiotic properties and
can be used for all infections and inflammations...Sore throats and
other forms of internal soreness can be alleviated by the inflamation
reducing effect of honeysuckle."


These symptoms recommending Caladium Seguinum:

"INNER MOUTH. [12] [Calad.] 
Diminished saliva. 
Saliva like white of eggs, running out in large quantities ; t. 
Mouth is sticky and herby. 
Sensation in mouth as if burnt with kreosote. 
Burning in mouth and fauces. 
Mucous membrane of mouth uniformly very red ; curtains of palate
exceedingly red, but not swollen ; uvula slightly swollen."

"PALATE AND THROAT. [13] [Calad.] 
Curtains of palate exceedingly red, not swollen. 
Uvula slightly swollen. 
Fauces and pharynx dry, not mouth. 
Scratchy sensation in throat as of something sharp, or with a dry
sensation and much hawking.
Hawking phlegm and vomiting after smoking. 
Dryness in fauces and pharynx, not in mouth, without thirst, and with
aversion to cold water."

Buy Caladium Seguinum


"Clear•Ease™ is made of natural fruit enzymes, Papain and Bromelain.
Papain comes from the latex of green papaya fruit. Bromelain comes
from pineapple stems and fruits. They are called proteolytic enzymes
because they break up biological products like thick mucus."
"For swollen uvula the enzymes can be very helpful. You can get
reduction of painful swelling right away."
BUY: $17.95 (see about
midway down the page)


Some advice from

"If you have a swollen uvula, avoid very hot drinks, which can make
the swelling worse."


I hope one of these remedies will prove helpful to your condition and
I thank you for the opportunity to answer this question.

Best regards,


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Kali Permanganicum
"honeysuckle tea"
"honeysuckle flower" dried
Caladium Seguinum
rwlight-ga rated this answer:4 out of 5 stars
good for homeopathic and holistic approaches, but I was hoping there
was some OTC  western medicine I could try.

Subject: Re: Swollen Uvula -- need an OTC solution ($12)
From: journalist-ga on 25 Jul 2003 12:46 PDT
Hello again Rwlight:

Check a local health food or vitamin store for the enzymes Papain and
Bromelain (the ClearEase ingredients).  You may be able to find them
locally.  Also, since ClearEase is billed a natural antihistamine, try
an OTC antihistamine (such as Sudafed)- it may help ease your
condition until you can see your doctor.

Best regards,
Subject: Re: Swollen Uvula -- need an OTC solution ($12)
From: larre-ga on 25 Jul 2003 13:01 PDT
"Western" home remedies for throat infections of all sorts include:

Gentle gargling warm salt water (1 teaspoon salt in 8 oz. of water)
Vitamins A and C, zinc and Echinacea (immune system boosters)
Tea with honey for symptomatic relief

--- larre
Subject: Re: Swollen Uvula -- need an OTC solution ($12)
From: voila-ga on 26 Jul 2003 07:06 PDT
Dear rwlight,

I hope you're feeling better today.  If this problem is obstructing
your airway to any extent, such that it requires you to sit in a chair
to sleep, I'd hustle off to the ER or a minor emergency center open on
the weekend.  They could probably give you a steroid shot to reduce
the inflammation.

If it's merely bothersome, my colleague larre-ga suggests salt water
gargles, which is universally recommended for most conditions
involving the throat.  OTC Benadryl could be of benefit if there's an
allergic component to this.  Benadryl is a handy OTC drug to always
have in your medicine cabinet since it has a variety of uses.  In the
meantime, I hope you're able to get right in with your PCP on Monday.

Here's a conversation where an M.D. responds about a swollen uvula;
however, this patient sustained a trauma during anesthesia.  I take it
this isn't applicable in your case but thought I'd post it for your

Feel better,

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