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Q: Can I send money trough Western Union from my credit card to a person? ( Answered 4 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: Can I send money trough Western Union from my credit card to a person?
Category: Family and Home > Families
Asked by: pentium-ga
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Posted: 02 Aug 2003 13:16 PDT
Expires: 01 Sep 2003 13:16 PDT
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Can I send money trough Western Union from my credit card to a person?
If yes, please tell me how!
I want to send my soon somme money from my credit card trough Westrn Union.
It is possible?
What should he know to take the money?
PLease reply asap!

Request for Question Clarification by jbf777-ga on 02 Aug 2003 13:27 PDT
Are you looking for something beyond what's on the Western Union home page?

Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 02 Aug 2003 13:38 PDT
Hello pentium-ga,

In order to give you the best possible answer to your question, could
you please tell the researchers here:

--what country would you be sending the money from?

--what country would it be going to?

--what country is the bank in that issued the credit card?

The answers to these questions make a big difference as to what 
Western Union will and won't allow during a transfer of funds.



Request for Question Clarification by livioflores-ga on 02 Aug 2003 20:48 PDT
Hi pentium!!

I need to know if you still want an answer, I did a research and found
several options considering almost possibilities for places from send
and to send the money.
Please answer this and pafalafa´s requests.


Clarification of Question by pentium-ga on 03 Aug 2003 19:52 PDT
Dear sir,
Thanck you for helping me.
Here are the information you need:
1. I want to send the money from Spain.
2. The reciver is in Spain
3. I don't understand!
Please help me as you can.
Thanck you!

Request for Question Clarification by livioflores-ga on 03 Aug 2003 20:47 PDT
I am working on your question, and I have a suspicion: 
Is your native language spanish?
In tha affirmative case I will try to provide info in spanish (but
because our policy the answer must be in english).
The last question of pafalafa is:
De que pais es el banco que emitio la tarjeta de credito?
A lo que agrego: 
Wich bank? (Cuak Banco?)
Wich cities (origin and destiny)? (Que ciudades (origen y destino del

Thank you.

Request for Question Clarification by livioflores-ga on 03 Aug 2003 21:36 PDT
If Western Union don´t let you send money in Spain using the credit
card, do you accept as an answer another service provider? There are
other ways to send money that are reliable (online for example).
(Si Western Union no permite enviar dinero usando su tarjeta de
credito en España, acepta ud como respuesta la recomendación de otro
servicio que los hay y muy confiables - por ejemplo existen servicios
online, desde su computadora-)

Thank you.
Subject: Re: Can I send money trough Western Union from my credit card to a person?
Answered By: livioflores-ga on 04 Aug 2003 05:54 PDT
Rated:4 out of 5 stars
Hi pentium!!

I feel some urgency, so I am going to post the answer recommending you
one of the most reliables service providers.

Unfortunatly if the bank where your credit card is issued are not in
the United States, you cannot use the credit card for transfer money
with Western Union.
(Si el banco emitisor no esta dentro de USA ud no podrá enviar dinero
via Western union usando su tarjeta de credito).

But you have another reliable service provided by IKobo (the Japanese
business leader in transfer of money):
The Spanish page of iKobo is:

What do you must to do?
1 - Sign up to iKobo:
Sign up is free; select Personal type of Account not Business. 
Complete the form at:

2 - When you finish the sign up add information about a credit card or
debit card as a way to send money.

3 - Select the recipient you want to send money to. Enter their name
and address. If this recipient already has an iKobo account, you can
enter their iKobo account number or iKobo email address.

4 - Send money from the iKobo website. The money is sent to your
recipient's iKobo "i-Kard" (a reloadable ATM card). If the recipient
does not yet have an "i-Kard", one will either be delivered via
NOTE: ATM is a Bank Cash Machine or Cajero automático in Spanish

5 - The recipient goes to an ATM with their i-Kard and PIN and
withdraws the money. From then on, sending money only takes a few
clicks of your mouse. Funds can be accessed immediately with the

-Instructions for Receiving Money-
When you receive money through a Send Money transaction, you will
receive an e-mail notifying you that someone has sent you money.
In order to receive money, the recipient must have an iKobo card. If
the recipient does not yet have an iKobo's card, an i-Kard will be
sent via courier. Money can be received at any ATM displaying the VISA
PLUS symbol.

First time the iKard almost takes two business days to reach the
recipient, this iKard can be used for the next sending of money and
the money can be accessed inmediately.

Also read the following:
From the FAQs section: 
"Q: How do I send money?  
A: To send money just:  
Register for an iKobo account.  
Add a credit or debit card to your account.  
Verify the credit or debit card.  
Add a recipient to your account.  
Send the recipient money." 
"Q: Can i use my debit card to send money? I do not own a credit card.
A: If your debit card has a Visa or MasterCard logo on it you can use
it to send money."
"Q: How do I receive money?  
A: To receive money, you have to have an i-Kard. When someone sends
you money the funds will be available immediately at any ATM
displaying the PLUS symbol. Just withdraw the funds using your i-Kard
and PIN. Remember to select "Checking" when withdrawing your funds. In
the US, you can also use your i-Kard to make purchases or to make
long-distance telephone calls."
"Q: How do I get an i-Kard?  
A: You will recieve an i-Kard the first time someone sends you money?
If you live in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico or the US Virgin
Islands an i-Kard will be mailed to you. If you live in Trinidad or
Antigua you can pick up your card at one of our agent locations. If
you live any any other country serviced by iKobo, an i-Kard will be
delivered via DHL courier services."
"Q: How do I receive money once I have an i-Kard?  
A: Once you have an i-Kard just tell the person who is sending you
money your account number not your i-Kard number (ex. AA111111ZZ) or
your ikobo email address (ex. They can use this
to add you to their recipient list."
"Q: Is there a delivery fee for the i-Kard?  
A: For customers within the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, US Virgin
Islands, Trinidad and Antigua i-Kard delivery is FREE.
There is a small on-time delivery fee of $15.00 for delivery to other
"Q: How does iKobo work?  
A: -The sender registers for a free iKobo account at  
-The sender enters information identifying his/her recipients.  
-The sender enters his/her credit card information.  
-The sender then enters the amount to be sent and sends the money.  
-For security reasons, iKobo will authorize two small amounts against
the credit card (your credit card will not actually be charged).
-The sender determines the amounts charged by calling the number of
the back of the credit/debit card.
-As a security procedure to prevent credit card fraud, the first time
the sender uses a credit/debit card to send money iKobo will split the
transaction into two amounts that are charged to your card. The sender
must call your bank to detrmine the two amounts before we process the
-The sender returns to the iKobo site and enters the amount of the
authorizations. We call this verifying the credit card. Verification
ensures that the credit card is actually yours and protects all iKobo
customers against credit card fraud.
-The recipient is delivered an i-Kard or he/she gets one from an
authorized iKobo agent.
-The recipient uses the i-Kard to go to an ATM and withdraw the money
(globally), make purchases at a store (US only) or make long distance
phone calls (from the US only)."  


Agrego esta sencilla guia en español:

1 - Active una cuenta gratis en 
2 - Envíe dinero mediante su tarjeta de crédito o de débito.

iKobo envía a la persona que recibirá el pago una i-Kard.
La i-Kard tarda entre dos y tres días en llegar a su destino.    
 La persona que recibe el dinero puede introducir la i-Kard en
cualquier cajero automático que trabaje con Visa Plus para retirar el
La primera vez la iKard demora hasta 2 días en llegar hasta el
recipiente. Una vez que una persona ha obtenido su i-Kard puede
recibir dinero desde cualquier lugar del mundo en menos de 30

I hope this helps you, if you need a clarification, please feel free
to post a request for it before rate my answer.

Best regards.

Clarification of Answer by livioflores-ga on 04 Aug 2003 06:07 PDT

I found a page giving detailed instructions in spanish about using
iKobo for transfer money, visit it and discard in the step 6 this:
"Seleccione ahora la opción : "The recipient has an iKobo account
number or an iKobo email address". Puede usar nuestro n° de cuenta
ikobo que es : PD914766CL"
Here is the link:


Request for Answer Clarification by pentium-ga on 08 Aug 2003 14:47 PDT
Dear sir,
I apreciate your response but I realy want to find how can I send
money to someone from my credit card without that person make
something. Is like in sted to send money from a Western Union office I
will send them from my computer. Please help me.
I whill give you a great tip.
Thank you.

Clarification of Answer by livioflores-ga on 08 Aug 2003 20:49 PDT
Hi pentium!!

It is not clear to me what a re the meaning of "2how can I send money
to someone from my credit card without that person make something",
specially the "without that person make something" part.

With iKobo, the recipient only need to receive the iKard in his/her
house (only the first time) and go to any ATM (Cajero Automático) with
the PLUS symbol (99% of the ATM has it) and take his/her money. For
the next time, the recipient can use the iKard received the first
time, it is very easy for the recipient, easier than Western Union
because the recipient can take the funds 24 hs a day, 7 days a week,
he/she only need to go to any ATM near his/her house, no officces, no
waits, no ID is required (except the first time for receive the

If you and your recipient have a bank account in Spain, take a look to
this service: "":



And please clarify the meaning of "without that person make

Hope this helps.


Clarification of Answer by livioflores-ga on 08 Aug 2003 20:56 PDT
One more thing: using iKobo is like to send money from Western Union
Office, but the Officce is actually your home PC, and your credit card
can be used, and the recipient only need to receive the iKard and PIN
by courier mail and go to an ATM to claim the money sent by you.


Clarification of Answer by livioflores-ga on 09 Aug 2003 12:47 PDT
Thank you for the good reting and also for the tip.
I really hope that my answer helps you satisfactory, I will wait for
more question from you in the future.

Best regards.
pentium-ga rated this answer:4 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $10.00
Dear sir,
I apreciate your answare. 
I will try to send the money like you told me. 
Thank you!!!

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