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Q: Digital Camera ( Answered,   7 Comments )
Subject: Digital Camera
Category: Computers
Asked by: redsoxone-ga
List Price: $5.00
Posted: 11 Jun 2002 06:33 PDT
Expires: 18 Jun 2002 06:33 PDT
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Looking for a digital camera for use by a novice. Please supply
links.Money is not a factor
Subject: Re: Digital Camera
Answered By: till-ga on 11 Jun 2002 07:29 PDT
Well the camera market for digital photography offers a wide variety
of brands and models from simple amateur equipment to professional
super-cameras. It certainly depends on what you want to do with the
camera. You said money wasn’t a factor, so I exclude the simple low
cost cameras.
I tried out four cameras of different brands during the last 12
months. I had an Olympus which was very compact
(put-it-in-the-pocket-style), a Casio which was very fine with some
minor disadvantages described below, a Pentax and a Fuji (an „El
Cheapo“ one, but good for the web.

Major differences between then cameras are:

- number of (mega-) pixels of camera 
This determines the amount of information that can be stored when you
do a picture. If you need the pictures for web-publishing purposes no
4 or 5 megapixel- camera is needed. Pictures will need to much space
to be transferred through the net.
If you plan to print the pictures you’ve made using a home
color-printer or a print-service you should certainly select a camera
with a high pixel rate (say 4 - 5 megapixels). Then you can make your
own pront outs in even bigger sizes and you will be satisfied with the

-zoom capability
Most or all cameras of the middle-price region will supply zoom
optics. Donīt mix up the electronic (often called digital) zoom with
an optical  zoom. Digital zoom performs zooms that will reduce the
quality of a picture because the zooming is „simulated„
electronically. I tried a Casio Model with  7 x optical zoom and
received excellent results. It corresponded to a 200 mm conventional
lens system and was still light sensible enough. And the price was
about 1400 DM (app. 700 $)

-storage system
Quite important point. Are you going to shoot series of hundreds of
high-resolution photos without wanting to have to change anything on
the camera ? Or will say 50 photos that can be stored do it for you ?
Most cameras use the compact-flash technology to save the data. These
storage cards  can be read out afterwards using standard usb interface
on your PC. For professional purposes (or for amateurs with some
ambitions) micro-drives (very small hard-disks) built in the cameras
are becoming rather „cheap“. And then you can take hundreds of
high-res pictures without having to care for storage problems.

-special considerations
I returned the excellent Casio camera because it had on major but for
me very deciseful disadvantage: After pressing the release button to
take a picture it took up to 0.75 seconds before the photo was made
(not stored !)
For fast moving objects this is a  long time. Assume you want to
photograph sports. No chance with that stuff. If you want to make
stills-photos that doesn’t bother you of course.

-flash light
If you plan to make photos were flash-light is needed you should
select a model with an external flash connector. My casioīs in-built
flash was alright up to say 5-7 meters. But you will have the annoying
red-eye effect until you use professional indirect flashing.

-power consumption
All digital cameras consume quite a lot of battery power, so you
should have at least one set of batteries in spare. Select the highest
rate of mAh for the batteries available. My experiences with
rechargeable batteries are quite good. Do not use NiCDīs since they
have memory effects and may be unusable rather soon. NiMh are ok.

Now what I would recommend:
1. (rather)  low price with reasonable quality
Casio QV-2300UX Plus, which is almost exactly the one I myself tested.
About 700 $. Good choice for beginners.
( )

2. an excellent choice for amateurs
Several friends of mine use a nikon coolpix and all say that it is a
great choice for the amateur „+“ level
Nikon Coolpix 5000 at app. 1000 $
Read the review at the site listed below. I donut think you need me to
copy all that is referred there.
( )

3. the professional state of the art cam
Almost any professional uses the Nikon D1. A perfect thing, with
capabilities that will certainly amaze you. Price is about 5400 $
( )

You will find more proposals and a lot of data and pictures done with
the cams at
( )
I doīnt know if you understand German. If you do an excellent German
page covering almost any question about digital cams is found at
( )

If you need more information feel free to post a clarification
request. I can mail you photos done with the casio if you wish.


Request for Answer Clarification by redsoxone-ga on 11 Jun 2002 09:12 PDT
Cameras are too complicated, and do not need be expensive to be
considered. I would say the most important factor is ease of use.I
need a digital camera with the simplicity of a point and shoot
camera,if such is available   Thanks

Clarification of Answer by till-ga on 11 Jun 2002 11:18 PDT
Allright. I didnīt see that point in your question. Maybe I should
have posted a clarification request before anwering. I intended to
give you as good advice as possible.
To answer your request: the digital cameras are not complicated to
use. I was able to use the casio without consulting the manual at all.
Just look to the monitor of the camera and shoot the picture. Thatīs
all youīve got to do. Naythging else is done automatically. (Although
you can switch automatics off if you intend special effects)
The Fuji A101 (the cheapest one Iīve used so far) had no more than 4-5
knobs in total. (On, off, record picture, diplay picture, delete
With a modern digicam you wonīt have much problems with the operation.
However the pro equipment requires more reading and trying out but it
will reward you with professional results.
For ease of use you will certainly be more than satisfied with the
casio or the nikon coolpix. And the prices are quite reasonable I
think. The D1 is a bit overpriced I believe.

Hope this fully satisfies your needs now.

Subject: Re: Digital Camera
From: seedy-ga on 11 Jun 2002 16:03 PDT
Digital cameras vary greatly in price and quality as has been pointed
out by till-ga.  One of the ways to see if the camera has satisfied
other purchasers is to go to one of the comparison sites and examine
what other people have said about their purchase.  Since I buy so many
things from, I go to their site and search on "digital
cameras".  A current search brings up the Olympus Camedia D-380 2MP
Digital Camera with a five star user rating at $189 for a 2megapizel
camera (not as good quality as the ones till has suggested). rated at 
five stars.  My first digital camera was about this spec about 6 years
ago and works just fine for my amateur activities.

From personal experience, I'd recommend the Kodak DX3700 EasyShare 3MP
Digital Camera.  It is dead easy to use, dead easy to download to the
computer and gives very good quality.  This is a 3.3megapizel camera
listed at $235.94.  rated at 3 1/2 stars..

Reading the user reviews at will give you some interesting
observations which you can use to make your purchase.

Subject: Re: Digital Camera
From: calebu2-ga on 11 Jun 2002 19:15 PDT
I have a Kodak DX3900. If money is no object, go with the Kodak camera
with the highest number (DX4900 or something). The camera looks like
and behaves like a normal camera, it just uses memory cards instead of
film. Software works really easily (especially if you have XP or ME).

I figure the reason you are asking google answers instead of going
with the reviews on or is that you want a
personal recommendation and want it short... so that's my
Subject: Re: Digital Camera
From: mshe-ga on 14 Jun 2002 13:16 PDT
The new Pentax Optio 230/330 are good good novice cameras.

The 230 is a 2.0MP camera while the 330 is a 3.0MP camera.

Both are point and shoot type cameras.

Imaging Resource has more information on the 330:

Aside from this camera, the Fuji 2600 or any Kodak Camera is good. 
Kodak digital cameras have extremely easy to use menus.
Subject: Re: Digital Camera
From: smartee-ga on 14 Jun 2002 18:31 PDT
You can get some good advice on selecting a digital camera's on
consumer reports web site for free.

You will be able to find Digital Camera's under Electronics category
in consumer reports.
For 2Mega Pixel the top 2 suggested are 
1.Olympus Camedia C-2040 Zoom 
2. Toshiba PDR-M61 

For more better ones you can go for 
Canon Powershot G1 
Olympus Camedia C-3040 Zoom 
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S75
Subject: Re: Digital Camera
From: mmxtreme-ga on 15 Jun 2002 13:08 PDT
I have a Canon Powershow A20, but I don't think that this model is
still available. I think it's been superseeded by the A40 which is the
exact same camera but includes the option to take short movies with
sound and it has a couple more features for taking night pictures. I
think that the Powershot series is the best choice for its ease of
use, relatively cheap price and quality. Go with the Powershot S40 if
you're looking for extreme quality and still the same ease of use.
These cameras have so many great features, yet they're so easy to use.
Subject: Re: Digital Camera
From: redface-ga on 19 Jun 2002 19:06 PDT
I recently purchased a  Samsung Digimax 130 (1.3megapixels) at WalMart
$130 and have been extremely satisfied.

The only way you will be able to determine the "best" camera for your
needs  is to try some.....and compare.  WalMart has liberal return
and as long as you take care of the item while using it, and keep all
the materials, you can return them with no hassle.

I tried several before determining the Samsung was the best value. 
They also
have  a  210 model (2.1 megapixels) that is available on the www for
$260. It has  3x optical zoom.

I typically purchase this type of product with a credit card that
doubles the
manufacturers warranty.
Subject: Re: Digital Camera
From: sparky4ca-ga on 20 Jun 2002 02:35 PDT
For ease of use AND quality pictures/good features, I hoave found HP
to be pretty good.
Their best is the 618, which of course is discontinued. buy it on Ebay
or something. If you prefer new, buy the 715. The 812 has lots of
features that you'll probably never use.

1. unpack box.
2. charge batteries (if it comes with rechargeables) if not, then
install batteries.
3. slide memory card in
4. turn on. set date and time. very easy.
5. point and shoot.

LOADS of advanced features that you may or may not use. Comfortable.
Feels and looks like a camera, not a "3.1 megapixel toy" (quoting a
really annoying fujifilm ad).
features at a glance:
fully automatic or manual modes
flash with redeye reduction.
optical and digital zoom
LCD screen
audio capture
2.24 megapixel (enough to print 8 x 10s)
tv display

All referring to the 618 which is my current camera.

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