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Q: Need Crazy Ideas --- Land Use ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   11 Comments )
Subject: Need Crazy Ideas --- Land Use
Category: Business and Money > Small Businesses
Asked by: nronronronro-ga
List Price: $5.00
Posted: 24 Aug 2003 19:32 PDT
Expires: 23 Sep 2003 19:32 PDT
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Hi There !

I have 60 acres of land in the middle of nowhere.
40 miles from the nearest big city.

Like all patriotic Americans, I'm trying to figure
our how to make a buck.

After several beers (each), my friends suggested the following:

1.  Children's petting zoo
2.  Horse training facility
3.  Thoroughbred retirement facility
4.  Used car junkyard
5.  Cattle ranching
6.  Dog boarding
7.  Chicken farm
8.  Raising ostriches
9.  Wildlife preserve
10.  Storage facility (where I would pick up and deliver containers to
city---customers would not come out to the acreage in the country).
11.  Shooting range

The land cannot be sold for 10 years, and it is not suitable for most
kinds of farming.  However, the pastures are in relatively good shape.
 It cannot be developed (mall, houses, etc.).

I would prefer a non-agricultural use, given that I am a City Slicker
and have killed every plant ever given to me.

A 5-star answer would be 5 ideas for using this property.   No
supporting data, documentation, or web sites needed.  Just 5 crazy
ideas----the nuttier the better.

All comments greatly appreciated!  I'm open to anything to make a

Subject: Re: Need Crazy Ideas --- Land Use
Answered By: angy-ga on 24 Aug 2003 22:52 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hi, Ron !

OK, you want something unusual enough to attract people, low
maintenance, and not needing huge numbers of staff, which can be run
from some kind of temporary office / kiosk structure.

Let's see.

1. Create a maze or labyrinth (or both) - use fencing to start with
and then plant fast growing hedging plants - allow sufficient width !
Make sure the centre contains a (pleasant) surprise - a bench and
water feature, for example.

2. Create a sculpture garden. Display exhibits by local sculptors and
charge a commission on sales. Larger items stand around the property,
smaller pieces "surprise" people as they wander around. Have a cluster
of cheaper items near the kiosk (and cash register).

3. Create a miniature village and model train layout, expanding as and
when you can afford it. DANGER: this could become a hobby for life.
Charge for entry, sell railway memorabilia and toys etc.

4. Create a deliberately rough bush golf course - maintain only the
green around the holes.

All of those can be open to the public full time or part time as you
choose. Anything involving animals needs somebody there full time.


5. List the property as available for use as a film location. You'll
need easy access by road and a large flat space for parking large
vehicles. I know you said you didn't need links, but you could look at
the Joe Darrell Location Service at:

He's based in California, but also lists properties out of state and
overseas. I found him yesterday researching something else entirely.

6. Create a Paintball or Skirmish facility.

7. If you are going to have someone on site more or less permanently
consider agisting other people's horses. Don't do this if you know
nothing about a) horses b) pasture management c) people, and don't do
this if there isn't a good horse vet and a farrier within easy call.

Have fun !

Search strategy:

None required.
nronronronro-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
Angy----terrific, creative answer!   I especially like the "Movie
Location" idea.   Thanks!!  ron

Subject: Re: Need Crazy Ideas --- Land Use
From: digsalot-ga on 24 Aug 2003 19:59 PDT
Have you ever thought of starting your own country?  There is tax
revenue, you know.

As the current Emperor of the Byzantine Empire (summer capital in
Kingston, Ontario - winter capital in Cancun)as proclaimed and
acknowledged by some of my fellow researchers, I might be of help in
getting some diplomatic recognition for you.

Should I have my Secretary of State call your Secretary of State?

Your Reluctant Prince
Subject: Re: Need Crazy Ideas --- Land Use
From: nronronronro-ga on 24 Aug 2003 20:58 PDT
HRH Prince Digs,

The IRS scares me to death...
...and as a straight guy, I wouldn't do well in prison.

But do think of me in Cancun.

Your loyal subject,
Subject: Re: Need Crazy Ideas --- Land Use
From: snsh-ga on 24 Aug 2003 23:01 PDT
Tombstone farm.
Subject: Re: Need Crazy Ideas --- Land Use
From: probonopublico-ga on 24 Aug 2003 23:07 PDT
Look no further!

If you only want a buck, I'll buy it sight unseen.

Of course, I would only pay you when I took delivery.

In ten years, did you say?
Subject: Re: Need Crazy Ideas --- Land Use
From: pugwashjw-ga on 25 Aug 2003 03:01 PDT
That idea about a new country is not so crazy after all. Here in
Westernb Australia., a local farmer north of Perth, leonard Casley,
pronounced his farm as a separate country and named it HUTT, after the
local area. He titled himself "Prince Leonard of Hutt" and dispensed
knighthoods et al. He maintained the system for twenty years and the
Government could do nothing about it. As long as he paid his taxes.
The whole idea was aimed at tourism, and all visitors had to apply for
visas etc. It seemed to have worked a treat. Another idea is to
transport a well known landmark, building etc. and rebuild it on site,
again to attract tourists. Hope you do well with it. regards,
Subject: Re: Need Crazy Ideas --- Land Use
From: nelson-ga on 25 Aug 2003 04:12 PDT
What good is having your own country if you have to pay taxes to another country?
Subject: Re: Need Crazy Ideas --- Land Use
From: probonopublico-ga on 25 Aug 2003 07:04 PDT
What about calling it GaGa Land, and dedicating it to GaGa-ers

You could have: 

1) A waxworks with effigies of the most celebrated researchers;

2) Hard copies of all the Questions & Answers for sale (subject to
doing a Royalties deal with everyone concerned);

3) Midnight Celebrations every Walpurgisnacht;

4) Parteitagen every Year with Parades;

5) Cricket Matches;

6) Beauty Competitions;

7) Celebrity Lectures (Bill Clinton? Bill Gates? Saddam Hussein?);

8) A Kiddies Area with Bouncy Castles and a Miniature Railway;

9) A Creche, etc.

You will, of course, need an Organiser and I can't think of anyone
better than me.

What sort of remuneration package have you got it mind?

Subject: Re: Need Crazy Ideas --- Land Use
From: nronronronro-ga on 26 Aug 2003 13:00 PDT
snsh---thanks for the Tombstone Farm idea.  Just might be workable !
(Though I may have to watch my lean-and-hungry relatives more
closely...heh  heh  heh).  Thanks.  ron
Subject: Re: Need Crazy Ideas --- Land Use
From: nronronronro-ga on 26 Aug 2003 13:02 PDT
pugwash & nelson----thanks for the great comments.  I appreciate it !
Subject: Re: Need Crazy Ideas --- Land Use
From: nronronronro-ga on 26 Aug 2003 13:05 PDT
Pro Bono Publico asking for remuneration?
That's like Hillary Clinton starting an intern program...

Thanks for your witty comments, as always!
Subject: Re: Need Crazy Ideas --- Land Use
From: kila-ga on 30 Aug 2003 12:35 PDT
I'm not a google researcher so I'll give this to you for free instead
of my usual fee of $0.02!

--are the feds/Dept of Ag still paying farmers to *not grow* certain
things-- corn, soybeans, peanuts, hogs?  Find out what, then apply for
subsidies to *not grow it*!

--seriously, Dept of Ag may have assistance for windbreaks, anti-soil
erosion measures, etc. Stuff you'd have to do anyway but can get $help
for now.

--careful of any water on the property-- federal wetlands protection
and all...tho if it is really wet, there's gator farming.  Your #4 &
#10 will give you EPA cleanup problems, like lead, after 10
years...(hmmm, gators are a whole different story!).

--sublet to a truck farmer.  Or a church.  Or a nudist colony
(frequent landlord inspections optional).

--beekeeping, organic/raw honey sales, if you are into that whole-life
stuff, and have no problem handling bees.  The food-safe processing
eqp will add to the cost though.

--if you have a flat section under a flight path, rent it out as
living billboard space: remember the mickey mouse ears in the

good luck!

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