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Q: Stun Guns,Pepper Spray,Tasers ( Answered 1 out of 5 stars,   1 Comment )
Subject: Stun Guns,Pepper Spray,Tasers
Category: Reference, Education and News > Education
Asked by: rbdsww-ga
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Posted: 31 Aug 2003 08:51 PDT
Expires: 30 Sep 2003 08:51 PDT
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Need Instructions on "How do I use Stun Guns,Pepper Spray and Tasers?"

Request for Question Clarification by tutuzdad-ga on 31 Aug 2003 09:07 PDT
This is a borad question and would depend on which models you are
referring to and in what situations. Furthermore, "instructions" are
not enough to make someone proficient, accurate or responsibile with
these weapons. You must recieve HANDS-ON TRAINING and certification.

If you'd like some fundamental tips on who to be most effective with a
particular model I might be able to assiet you, but this in no way can
take the place of training.

Subject: Re: Stun Guns,Pepper Spray,Tasers
Answered By: byrd-ga on 31 Aug 2003 15:08 PDT
Rated:1 out of 5 stars
Dear rbdsww,

The right of self-defense is a time-honored right throughout the
world, and there are many approaches and techniques available to those
who want to be prepared to exercise this right should the need arise. 
The personal protection devices you’ve listed are among these, and
although they are not considered lethal, you’re prudent to seek
information on their proper use, do bear in mind, though, as
tutuzdad-ga has already stated, proper training is truly important in
learning to use them safely and effectively.  Used improperly or
carelessly, they may not only be ineffective, but may cause unintended
harm.  Also bear in mind that the following is for your information
only, and should not be taken as a substitute for such proper training
and, where required by law, certification.  This answer cannot
substitute for your responsibility to make yourself aware of and to
comply with such laws in your location that might regulate these
devices, nor is it to be construed in any way as a recommendation for
or against the use of such devices in any situation or in any
particular location.  Please see the disclaimer below.

All right, all that said, there is quite a bit of material available
on how to use these defensive devices, in what types of situations
they can (and cannot) be effective, as well as advice on where and how
to locate instruction/training in their use.   But another thing you
should be aware of is that, while there is some good general guidance
on how to use these devices, each make/model/type will have its own
specific instructions, which you should read, understand, and follow
for best and safest results, preferably while being guided by a
professional instructor.


Stun guns:  

A stun gun is a very effective protection device that will remove an
attacker from your personal space, or incapacitate them.  It does,
however, require you to be right next to your attacker in order to use
it.  Also, one big element in the use of a stun gun is that of
surpise.  One site explained it like this: “ It's a bit like walking
up behind someone and loudly saying, "BOO" - they'll jump with shock
and surprise! If you walked up in front of someone and did the same
thing, they would probably just call you an idiot. The element of
surprise is very powerful! “  This is the reason that many stun guns
are now being made that look like cell phones or some other inocuous
item, so as to maintain that element of surprise in your favor.

The way a stun gun is used is by touching the two prongs to the body
of your attacker for as long as possible, at least 1-2 seconds in
order to disable the attacker long enough for you to get away.  Here
is an article that explains the technique in detail: 
Read the cautions as well, i.e. if your attacker squirms away, you
must release the button until you can touch him again because if you
don’t, the stun gun may stop working.

--Another article:
--ElectroShield model stun gun handbook:



An air taser has the advantage that, unlike a stun gun, it can be used
from a distance, up to 7 to 15 feet away from your attacker.  However,
that is also its disadvantage.  Unlike with a stun gun, where the
probes remain a part of the unit, the taser fires the probes at the
attacker, and then delivers the jolt of electricity through wires that
remain attached to the unit.  But like a stun gun,  both probes must
be touching the attacker, and they must be at least 6 inches apart in
order to deliver the shock.  If fired from less than 7 feet away, the
probes won’t be far enough apart, and the attacker will not be jolted
or stopped.  If fired from farther away, they may miss, or the action
may not even be considered self-defense.

Additional resources:

--Here’s an article describing tasers, their effects, and how they are
--Air Taser Online Owners Manual:
--Advanced Taser M-series Online Owners Manual:


Pepper spray: 

Unlike stun guns or air tasers, pepper spray doesn’t require a whole
lot of skill or practice in its use.  It does, however, require you to
have a good understanding of what it is, what it can do, when to use
it, how far it will reach, and the realization that being able to get
to it is critical if it is to be effective.  For example, I often
carry a can of pepper spray with me when I take a walk, as a possible
defense against aggressive dogs (or other-legged creatures).  When I
do, I always have it armed, and my finger on the trigger – just in
case.  Then again, you’d better be darn careful you don’t push that
trigger unless you absolutely want to.

Here’s an article explaining the use of pepper spray in good detail:
 One thing to note is that the article is entitled “Mace Pepper Spray
– How to Use It,” and this is somewhat misleading.  Mace and Pepper
Spray are actually two different things, though some products do
combine them.  Bear in mind that in your area, mace may be illegal to
possess and use (except for law enforcement officers), while pepper
spray is legal ‘most everywhere.  Be sure you know what you have, and
follow your local laws.


Sites with general  instruction about using self-defense products:

--Here’s a general site about self defense products,  “What are they,
how they work, do they work, what will they do to an attacker, how to
use them, and what you should know about them - 15 free articles, plus
23 links to more free self-defense product information.”  This is
where I found many of the articles above on how to use these devices. 
They also have others, and just a lot of good information on
self-defense techniques and products:  or

--Here’s a very in-depth article covering how to use both stun guns
and tasers:

--Good information about range, target and effectiveness of stun guns
vs. tasers vs. sprays:

--Booklet availablefor purchase on the use of pepper spray:


Where to find hands-on training in use of self-defense devices:
--Taser International Training Calendar (numerous locations):
--Aware (theses classes are in MA or VT, but AWARE might be able to
provide information about other locations if you contact them):  
Tennessee list of certified trainers:
--Pepper spray certification course (current offering in AR):


Places to purchase personal protection products: 


Laws about the use of self-protection products: 

--Here is a site with information on laws (U.S., state and/or city)
regulating the use of self-defense devices, including sprays and
stunning devices:

--More sites about laws pertaining to self-defense devices and

If you find that you do live in a state or city that restricts the use
of personal protection devices and/or requires certification, it is
highly recommended that you contact your state or local law
enforcement agencies to find out where training/certification classes
might held and/or where/how to contact certified instructors.


If there is anything above that you don’t understand, please do ask
for clarification before rating and closing your question so I can be
sure you’ve found the information you’re looking for.

Best regards,

Search terms used:

taser “how to use”
“stun gun” “how to use”
“pepper spray” “how to use” 
“how to use” taser OR “stun gun” OR “pepper spray”
taser “stun gun” “pepper spray” laws OR regulations OR restrictions
taser training OR classes OR instruction
“stun gun” training OR classes OR instruction
“pepper spray” training OR classes OR instruction 
“self defense products” training
“personal protection products” training OR instruction

Request for Answer Clarification by rbdsww-ga on 06 Sep 2003 21:10 PDT
  Are there any other sites or info that go into detail
on how to use Pepper Spray,Stun Guns and Air Tasers

I'm also looking for some info to get more clarification (a simple yet
effective explanation)on how the above items work


Clarification of Answer by byrd-ga on 07 Sep 2003 10:42 PDT
Hi rbdsww,

I’m not quite certain what it is you’re having trouble understanding. 
Perhaps I’m just not understanding exactly what it is you’re looking
for.  Maybe if you could explain more clearly what it is you need this
information for, I might be able to better help you.  For instance,
are you wanting to know how to use a specific device in a specific
situation? Do you own any one or more of these devices and don’t know
how to use it/them, or what you can expect it/them to do?  Or are you
interested in purchasing a device and want to know which is most
effective under certain circumstances?  Are you trying to make/build
one yourself?  Are you doing research for a school paper?  The
answer(s) to such questions would help me better understand your

But let’s go ahead and give it a try here.  First of all, if you have
not yet read the information at the links provided in the initial
answer, I would urge you to do so, particularly here: and
as there is very clear and detailed instruction on exactly how to use
these devices.

Here’s a summary of the main points given:

“The recommended stun device self-defense technique is fairly simple;
drive the device into the upper shoulder, stomach, groin area, or
other sort of muscle area such as the neck or kidney, and then pull
the trigger.

1)  A short burst of 1/4 second duration will startle an attacker,
cause minor muscle contractions, and have a repelling effect.

2)  A moderate length blast of 1 to 4 seconds can cause an attacker to
fall to the ground.

3) A full charge of 5 seconds can immobilize an attacker, causing
disorientation and loss of balance. Attacker may fall to the ground,
weak or dazed for some minutes afterwards.”


1) Arm the device by sliding back the Safety Slide. 

2) Aim for the center of the chest of the attacker.

3) Fire -- simply press down the Trigger Switch to fire the probes. 
     --If the attacker is on the ground and there are no other
attackers, set
       the AIR TASER on the ground and run for help. Do not throw it.
     --If the attacker is not down or there are multiple attackers (or
you are
       attacked from behind), hold the unit firmly and prepare to use
it as a
       stun gun. 
     --The AIR TASER can be used as a stun gun with the used AIR
       still in the power handle or with the cartridge out of the
power handle.”


1) Hold the can out in front of you at arms length.  
   --As a general rule, aim to spray from between 5 and 10 feet away.
     effective range of most spray canisters is between 5 and 12 feet.
     someone from less than 5 feet away does not allow for the
capsicum to
     disperse as an aerosol, and is likely to reduce the amount of

2) Aim straight for the attacker's face and press the button. Be sure
to hold
   on to it very tightly and be ready to pull it in close to your body
if he
   reaches for it!

3) Although he will be helpless for a few seconds, don't hang around
to find
   out. Leave in a big hurry, "spray and run" like mad; run so fast
into the
   sunset that it just won't set. 


As to how these devices work, here’s a good summary:   

“Stun guns as you probably already know apply very high voltages
across contacts which cause shock to the subject, tazers operate under
the same principle except that they work over a longer range than stun
guns by attaching launchable wires to the contacts, and finally pepper
spray is a chemical irritant that can cause severe discomfort and pain
to the subject when applied to the skin or face.”  ( )

And here are some more links to more detailed information on how these
devices work:

--HOW STUN GUNS WORK (this includes Tasers):   *Note: There are
several pages containing detailed explanations of how these devices
work.  Be sure to click on “next” to go through all the pages.


Excerpt: “The stun gun works on the muscular and neural system. It
does not rely on high amperage or pain for results. The stun gun dumps
its energy into the muscles at a high pulse frequency. This makes the
muscles work very rapidly which results in energy loss. It also
interrupts the tiny neurological impulses that travel through the
whole body to control and direct voluntary muscle movement. This
causes disorientation and loss of balance and leaves the attacker in a
passive and confused condition for several minutes.
  Generally speaking, a one second contact with the device will repel,
startle and cause muscle contraction. One to two seconds will cause
muscle spasms and a dazed state. Three or more seconds will cause loss
of balance and muscle control, mental confusion and severe
disorientation. The attacker will be unable to recover for several
minutes and effects may last for up to fifteen minutes.”







Excerpt: “Pepper spray results in considerable tearing of the eyes, as
well as temporary paralysis of the larynx, which causes subjects to
lose their breath. Contact with the face causes a strong burning
After being exposed to the spray, subjects' reactions become reflexive
in nature. They immediately cover their eyes and bend over into a
defensive posture to avoid further contact. This reactive behavior
allows officers to gain control and restrain disorderly subjects more
effectively. The effects of the spray generally last about 20 to 45
minutes and leave no residual effects.
One advantage of pepper spray is that it can be applied to handcuffed,
resistant, and violent persons during transport, in lieu of the
hogtying method. Contamination of vehicles is minimal. Generally,
vehicles can be operated within a few minutes after the spray has been
used. After use, no decontamination procedures are required other than
normal cleaning of the vehicle's interior.”

--WHAT DOES TEAR GAS DO?  Like the page on
stun guns, there are several pages of information here on not only
pepper spray, but its relatives, mace and tear gas.  However, you may
need to click on separate links at the bottom of the page to get all
the information.

--FAQs about Stun Guns AND Pepper Sprays: 

--Archived discussion about phasers, tasers and stun guns:


In addition to the free information available, which is somewhat
limited (possibly due to liability issues) I did find a video and a
booklet that provides more in-depth explanations and instructions:

--There is a video put together by a professional bodyguard, entitled
“Personal Protection Devices and How to Use Them.”  In it, the
bodyguard “explains 50 personal protection devices and how to use
them, including stun guns, mace, baton, pocket zapper, ultrasonic dog
repeller, SOS Shriller alarm, door/window/walk alarm, electronic watch
dogs, professional counter-surveillance systems, tap detectors, audio
jammer, Can Trac Vehicle 360 system, lock pick sets, and others.”  The
tape retails for $19.95.   You can order it here: 

--And again, I’d suggest the booklet on pepper sprays mentioned
previously, entitled “The Tactical Use of Defense Sprays.”  Many sites
mention this booklet, and it seems to be the standard for instruction
on the use of this device.  It sells for only $5.00 (plus s/h) and you
can find it here: 


I hope the above information has helped you, but if not, please do ask
again with more details as to what you’re looking for and why, and
what more you expect than what I’ve already given you.

Thank you and best wishes,

Additional search terms used”

“personal protection devices” “how to use” OR “how do they work” OR
“how does it work”
“how things work” “stun guns” OR tasers OR “pepper spray”
"how does" "stun guns" tasers "pepper spray"

Request for Answer Clarification by rbdsww-ga on 07 Sep 2003 18:19 PDT
To be specific,I'm putting together a website on personal protection products...
Id like to put up a page each for the following:

How to use Pepper Spray
How to use Stun Guns
How to use Air Tasers

I would like to make it simple enough yet informative
for the average guy to understand.....

That is what I'm looking for....


Clarification of Answer by byrd-ga on 08 Sep 2003 06:11 PDT
Dear rbdsww,

I'm sorry you feel the answer provided was insufficient.  As a
Researcher, it is my job to answer the question as posted, and I
believe I have done just that, giving you such information and links
as are currently available, both  online and off, on the subject of
these devices and how to use them.  Without knowledge of specific
makes/models of devices, there is little to nothing that could be
added to the information already posted.  Again, I'd urge you to read
that information and follow those links, and I think you will see that
your question has been fully answered.

As to writing copy for your website, that is outside the scope of your
original question.  If that is what you're looking for, as
aceresearcher-ga has suggested in her comment, you might study the
information presented and write your copy yourself, since you have the
best knowlege of how you want the information to appear on your
planned website.  Or you might want to consider giving this
information to a professional copywriter, and/or posting a link to
this answer in a separate question for another Researcher who might be
willing to write your copy for you.

I wish you all success in your endeavor and I do hope you will return
to Google Answers should you need assistance in locating other


Request for Answer Clarification by rbdsww-ga on 08 Sep 2003 10:28 PDT
Hi Byrd,
  Sorry for the 1 star rating....Meant to give you 5 stars
Let me know how to change that and we'll do so......

Your answer was thorough...I was just looking for as many sites I
could find to do the research for my own original Content on the subject

Thanks for the good work


Clarification of Answer by byrd-ga on 08 Sep 2003 11:46 PDT
Dear Robert,

I appreciate your good intentions and your apology for the low rating,
but unfortunately there is no way to change a rating once it's been
posted. Although I'm disappointed in that of course, I am nevertheless
glad that you are satisfied after all with the information provided. 
As I said, I am confident it includes pretty much what is available
out there on the use of these devices, and believe you will be able to
find all you need from the given links.  Best of luck to you in your
endeavor.  I hope it proves successful.

rbdsww-ga rated this answer:1 out of 5 stars

Subject: Re: Stun Guns,Pepper Spray,Tasers
From: aceresearcher-ga on 07 Sep 2003 19:53 PDT
Greetings, rbdsww!

I see that this is your first Question on Google Answers. Typically,
the way we Researchers Answer Questions is to seek out and find the
requested information, then present it in an orderly fashion with
summary paragraphs and links to the original information.

On occasion, an Answer may consist of Original Text when a Researcher
who happens to have personal expertise in a subject Answers the
Question. However, most Answers are comprised of information from
other sites on the Internet, the content of which is protected by the
Digital Milennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

This means that it is not acceptable for someone to take information
from these sites and use it as their own -- that would be copyright

What you are *really* seeking is //original content// to post on your
website, and any Researcher thinking about Answering your Question
needed to know this up front. This is because creating original
content takes a GREAT deal more time and effort than that required to
collate research from other sources.

To get an idea about the most *minimum* prices typically offered for
creating original content, you might want to check out the
freelancers' site E-lance ( ).

I suspect that byrd would not have chosen to Answer your Question had
she known that what you needed was original content. I encourage you
to reconsider your pricing structure and re-post this as 3 Questions:

How to use Pepper Spray (create original content)
How to use Stun Guns (create original content)
How to use Air Tasers (create original content)

pricing each of them appropriately (perhaps at what you priced this

If that solution would be too expensive for your budget, you might
want to consider writing your own original content for these subjects,
using all of the excellent research that byrd has provided for you.



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