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Q: SBC Local,Long Distance,Internet DSL ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   1 Comment )
Subject: SBC Local,Long Distance,Internet DSL
Category: Family and Home > Seniors
Asked by: fred78-ga
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Posted: 15 Sep 2003 19:47 PDT
Expires: 15 Oct 2003 19:47 PDT
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How can I get a list of Consumer complaints re. SBC Communications ?
   Local , long distance & internet DSL inclusive

Request for Question Clarification by juggler-ga on 15 Sep 2003 20:14 PDT
Are you willing to travel to San Francisco to obtain the information?

Clarification of Question by fred78-ga on 15 Sep 2003 20:58 PDT
S.F.?  I`m afraid that`d be too difficult at this time. I wish I could
because of my disgust & distrust of this "company". My Grandson lives
there but I wonder about involving him. Thanks for your input.

Request for Question Clarification by juggler-ga on 15 Sep 2003 21:34 PDT
Well, S.F. is where the complaints are on file.  It'd be difficult, if
not impossible, to obtain a complete list of complaints against SBC
without actually reviewing the complaints that have been filed.

Perhaps there's some other way to approach your question.  What is it
that you hope to learn the list of complaints?  The total number of
complaints?  SBC billing practices?  Something else?

Clarification of Question by fred78-ga on 15 Sep 2003 22:32 PDT
Billing practices ,yes but more, I`d like to see this "company"
totally exposed to John Q. Public big time !! Even the number of
complaints would help plus the nature of complaints. Thanks again for
your time & input. Maybe I`ll have to approach my goal in a different

Request for Question Clarification by czh-ga on 16 Sep 2003 12:20 PDT
Hello fred78-ga,

I started researching your question and discovered that there is lots
of information online about consumer dissatisfaction with SBC. Would
this type of information be useful to you? Are you trying to connect
with others who are as frustrated as you seem to be? How much
information are you looking for? How do you plan to use the
information? The more you can share about your project, the more
likely that I will be able to find the information you need. Thanks.


Clarification of Question by fred78-ga on 16 Sep 2003 15:19 PDT
You got it !! Frustrated !! I have refused to pay them after a mere 5
week membership. Totally dissatisfied with the service. I have called
SBC 12 times in 5 weeks & all I get is "lip service". I`ve canceled &
now they want a $200.00 penalty fee. I have seven Case #s with them.
Online info. would be great--Consumer complaints would be great. Any
info. would be great Thus far , I`ve not given them a dime. So any
ammunition would help.
         Thanks for your input & for reading my tale of woe !!
Subject: Re: SBC Local,Long Distance,Internet DSL
Answered By: czh-ga on 17 Sep 2003 04:28 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hello again fred78-ga,

I’m sorry to hear that you are having trouble getting satisfaction
from SBC Communications. Unfortunately, you are not alone. My research
shows that in the past few years complaints about the telephone
companies have been increasing. I also found lots of reports of
individual customers being dissatisfied with SBC along with many class
action suits against this company.

I’ve organized the results of my research so that you can review how
others have dealt with trying to get their problems resolved with SBC.
I’ve included links to discussion boards and organizations that are
involved with consumer protection and specific instructions on how to
file formal complaints if you can’t get satisfactory resolution of
your concerns from SBC. I’ve also provided samples of the press
coverage for the class action activity against SBC.

I hope that all the background information I’ve collected will help
you develop a strategy for getting better service from SBC.

Wishing you success.


SBC Residential Customer Portal
SBC Yahoo! DSL Home
What happens to my SBC Yahoo! Premium Services if I cancel my SBC
Yahoo! DSL service?
The information is summarized in the SBC Yahoo! Terms of Service,
which was presented during the installation of the SBC Yahoo! DSL
Service and accepted by the you.
SBC Yahoo! Terms of Service

Cancel SBC DSL contract
***** This is a very recent discussion thread that discusses problems
that seem very similar to yours.

SBC Yahoo! DSL 1.5Mbps for $40/month from SBC Communications
***** This is another discussion board that presents ideas about how
to deal with SBC when you want to cancel your DSL and get out of your

PlanetFeedback (Intelliseek)
Shared Letters

***** This is a service that collects feedback (Complaint – Compliment
– Feedback - Suggestion) from consumers. You can search for a company
and see what feedback others have posted under the Shared Letters
section of the website.,2941,104608-97-0-0-20-0-fb_date-desc,00.html
When I searched for SBC I got 6 matches for various organizations
under the SBC corporate umbrella. Clicking on SBC Communications
results in 124 feedback items. Most of them are complaints and many of
the complaints are about SBC DSL. You can read through these letters
to see how your experience compares with that of others and use them
for composing your complaint letter.

Reporting DSL trouble to PacBell is a two step process: 1) Call
maintenance @ 1-888-900-9933 and report the outage. They give you a
ticket number for YOU to give tech support. Average wait time before
you talk to someone 45 minutes, if you get to talk to someone. This is
the number that sends you to a full mailbox after your on hold for an
2) Call tech support @ 1-800-506-2599 and give them the ticket number
to start the work. Average wait time 45 minutes. Not as often, but you
get a full mailbox with this number too.

Small Claims Case Based on Negligence of Untrained Technicians,
Repeated Shipments of the Wrong Equipment, and Incorrect Billing

Today SBC-PacBell may want all the good PR it can get to promote its
recent PUC-approved new long distance service. But now SBC faces a
hard-fought win in Small Claims Court in Oakland by a consumer who
went to court, after her claim for damages due to a nightmarish
wireless-DSL installation was lost, delayed, and eventually turned

Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D., a writer and business consultant, just won
in full on her suit against SBC, Pacific Bell, SBC Advanced Solutions,
and Ameritech for $3200 plus costs, decided on December 16 by Judge
Winton McKibben. Scott received her check the day before the appeals
period ended January 16.

Forums  Broadband Discussions  Rants Raves and Praise
SBC DSL Customer Support Is Worst In Industry

PacBell DSL Customers: Fight Back!
While the main focus of this site is to expose pathetic, Pacific
Bell's over-marketing, over-promoting, over-promising and
under-delivery on DSL, it is open to all complaints.

File formal complaints with the Public Utilities Commission, the FCC,
and Federal Trade Commission.
Test your DSL line to see if you have the speeds PacBell promised. 
Take legal action. 
Express yourself in chat and public forums.
How to File Complaints

Utility Consumers Action Network

The Utility Reform Network
Experiencing problems with your telephone, electric or gas service? 
Use this site to file a complaint with the California Public Utilities
Commission (CPUC) or the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the
regulatory agencies that oversee your utility services.

***** The site offers full instruction on how to direct your complaint
and provides the necessary forms.

Phone bill gripes ring off the hook
Consumer complaints about phone bills have soared in the past year
amid industry cost cuts and intense competition.
Phone company billing complaints jumped 5,523 in the first three
months of 2003, up 65% from a year earlier, the Federal Communications
Commission says. Also, phone bill complaints make up a much larger
portion of submissions to consumer site than in
2001, it says.

SBC says it spends hundreds of millions of dollars a year to improve
billing. In some states, it has simplified bills. It is hiring more
people to resolve disputes that arise when other companies, such as a
long-distance carrier, put charges on the SBC bills that go to

February 11, 2002
California PUC Investigating Pac Bell 
DSL customers could get major refunds if the state PUC probe finds the
local ILEC under reported consumer complaints of overcharges.
Overcharging by telcos is known as "cramming."

February 5, 2002
DSL Prime: PUCs Strike Back at Empires
Across the United States, Public Utility Commissions (PUCs) are
beginning to fine and regulate the baby bells, who are accustomed to
flouting the law and not paying for crimes.
Another false claim?
SBC has just been fined $25M for deceiving customers in California,
and $6M by the FCC for making false filings and then trying to cover
them up.

February 8, 2002
Probe launched into Pac Bell DSL flap 
update A California regulatory agency is investigating whether SBC
Pacific Bell overbilled customers of its broadband services.
The California Public Utilities Commission (PUC) said Thursday that it
has opened an investigation into charges that Pacific Bell--owned by
SBC Communications--overbilled customers for DSL (digital subscriber
line) and other services.

April 1, 2002
State commission takes on DSL troubles
Dissatisfied DSL customers in California now have a state authority to
turn to.
The California Public Utilities Commission announced last week that it
will take regulatory oversight for high-speed DSL (digital subscriber
line) Internet services in the state. The decision is seen as a small
win for consumers who have suffered through service failures, high
prices and other frustrations from companies including BellSouth and
Verizon Communications.

February 11, 2002 -- California PUC Investigating Pac Bell 
DSL customers could get major refunds if the state PUC probe finds the
local ILEC under reported consumer complaints of overcharges.
Overcharging by telcos is known as "cramming."
The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Friday says it will
investigate claims that Pacific Bell under

April 25, 2002
Watchdog says SBC/Pacific Bell cover-up could cost it more than $100
million in penalties
700-page report documents rampant bill errors and internal cover-up of
problems in high-speed DSL service
Today, the Utility Consumers Action Network (UCAN) released a 700-page
report that details the nightmarish ordeals faced by consumers and
Pacific Bell employees in the sale and billing of Pacific Bell/SBC’s
high-speed DSL service.  UCAN estimates that over 100,000 Pacific
Bell/SBC customers may have been harmed in 2001.

Pacific Bell/SBC DSL Billing Abuses:  On January 6,  2002,  UCAN filed
a complaint against Pacific Bell/SBC alleging a series of billing
abuses of its DSL customers .   On July 3rd,  UCAN finalized a
settlement of its complaint in an Agreeement that was filed on that

To review the details of the Settlement, click here.

July 15, 2002
Pac Bell settles suit on DSL gripes.(Pacific Bell settles consumer
class action lawsuit)(Brief Article)
SBC Communications Inc.'s Pacific Bell unit has agreed to pay
California a $27 million fine to end a lawsuit filed by consumers over
billing errors for its digital subscriber line service.
United Consumer Action Network of San Diego sued Pac Bell for faulty
service on behalf of thousands of the telco's estimated 800,000
customers. The dispute was turned over to the state's Public Utilities
Commission, which helped negotiate the settlement.

September 30, 2002   PUC: 90  Docket #: I.02-01-024
Media Contact:  PUC Press Office – 415.703.1366 – 

An Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) for the California Public Utilities
Commission (PUC) late last week approved a settlement agreement with
Pacific Bell Telephone Company (Pacific Bell), Pacific Bell Internet
Services (PBI), and SBC Advanced Solutions, Inc. (ASI) that includes a
$27 million fine for admitted wrongdoing concerning the companies'
billing for Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) service.

Telephony, Apr 8, 2002 
Subscriber complaints, FCC changes lead to PUC involvement
Recent actions by public utility commissions in Ohio and California
signal that state regulatory bodies are taking the reins of DSL
regulation in response to the FCC's laissez faire approach.

Since the start of 2002, both the California and Ohio PUCs have
returned rulings that, if unchallenged, will give the state
commissions significantly greater say over DSL regulation.

March 01, 2001
DSL Lawsuits Multiply in California
Local carrier Pacific Bell sued over promotional practices, hookup
Dominant California local carrier Pacific Bell is battling at least
three class-action lawsuits over its mass-market digital subscriber
line offerings, part of a coast-to-coast wave of disgust over DSL
promotional practices.

SBC Settles With Thousands Of Consumers
Aug. 28, 2003 — Thousands of consumers who've subscribed to SBC's DSL
service may be getting a refund.

SBC has agreed to a proposed settlement of a class action lawsuit.
That lawsuit accused the company of misleading its customers about the
speed and accessibility of its Internet service.
Current customers could get up to two months of free service and
former customers up to $20.

SBC/Ameritech Merger Compliance 
The Commission staff has established a team composed of members of the
Common Carrier Bureau and the Enforcement Bureau to monitor SBC's
compliance with the conditions associated with its recent merger with

***** This site offers a variety of reports including Service Quality

SBC Service Quality – Customer Complaints per 1 Million Lines

***** This page shows a graph for each state where SBC has operations
reflecting both business and residential level of complaints for July
1999 to May 2001


sbc dsl consumer complaints
sbc dsl customer support
cancel sbc dsl
fred78-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $10.00
Unbelieveable !!!! Thank You so much!! An exceptional answer !!!

Subject: Re: SBC Local,Long Distance,Internet DSL
From: czh-ga on 17 Sep 2003 11:02 PDT
Hello fred78-ga,

I'm glad you liked my answer. Thank you very much for the generous tip
and five stars.


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