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Q: Need a list of important companies with the initials B.R.D. ( Answered 4 out of 5 stars,   5 Comments )
Subject: Need a list of important companies with the initials B.R.D.
Category: Business and Money
Asked by: alfajor-ga
List Price: $30.00
Posted: 30 Sep 2003 18:10 PDT
Expires: 30 Oct 2003 17:10 PST
Question ID: 261723

I need a list of at least fifteen large-scale commercial 
institutions (could be corporations, firms of professionals, 
research laboratories, etc.) with the initials B.R.D.  

For example, (I'm making this up) if a major law firm 
was called "Bennington Rogers & Denswick", that would 

Thank you!

Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 03 Oct 2003 18:20 PDT
Would a company like this fit the bill:
Baumann Research and Development Corporation

I have no idea what their annual sales might be, but if that works for
you, I could probably come up with a few more -- maybe five or six --
like it.  But I've been looking, and I just don't see oodles of firms
using these particular initials.

Let me know.


Clarification of Question by alfajor-ga on 06 Oct 2003 00:17 PDT

Yes, if you can find another five or six companies that are
the size of or larger, that would work.

If possible, I'd prefer companies where the BRD letters
were integral to the name (such as "buyer's resource
directory") rather than a "B" name plus a general term
like "research and development".  Though I agree that
in your particular example, it was very strongly how
they presented their name, so that was okay.  

Thanks for your time in looking into my question!

Request for Question Clarification by knowledge_seeker-ga on 06 Oct 2003 04:35 PDT
Hi alfajor,

This has turned out to be a tricky search! 

One question -- does the BRD have to be derived from words in the
name, or can it just stand alone and BE the name? For example (I'm
making this up) --  "BRD Technologies" -- where the BRD doesn't stand
for anything?

Also -- do the words have to be in English? 

Subject: Re: Need a list of important companies with the initials B.R.D.
Answered By: pafalafa-ga on 06 Oct 2003 07:10 PDT
Rated:4 out of 5 stars
Hello again, and thanks for getting back to me.  

Here's what I was able to find that seem to best meet your criteria:
Brandon, Rackley, and Dukes. P.C.
Business Resource Development
Bandar Raya Developments Berhad
Brigitte R. Devlin, Realtor
Big Racin' Daddy
Barbara, Rose, Danyelle
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
British Racing Driver's Club
Biotechnology Research and Development Corporation
BRDC Inc -- Baton Rouge Dental Center


Here are a few others, FYI, although it's not at all clear what BRD
stands for:


At this link:

you'll find the results of a Whois search for domain names that
contain <brd> anywhere in the name.  There are 586 such names on the
list, but a great number of them are throwaways -- inactive sites, or
sites where "brd" refers to board, rather than to initials of some
sort.  You may want to peruse the list, however, for any additional
names that might be of use to you.


I hope this information meets your needs.  If anything here is
unclear, or if you need additional information, just let me know by
posting a Request for Clarification, and I'll be happy to assist you


Clarification of Answer by pafalafa-ga on 06 Oct 2003 10:33 PDT
Almost forgot:

search strategy:  search at for domain names containing <brd>.
                  search at on <BRD* NEAR million>
alfajor-ga rated this answer:4 out of 5 stars
Angler's club?  Weddings?  Some of the answers were 
rather tongue-in-cheek, no?  But a few were very useful, 
so that's fine.  Thank you.

Subject: Re: Need a list of important companies with the initials B.R.D.
From: pinkfreud-ga on 01 Oct 2003 11:01 PDT

The customer wants the names of companies that gross over 100 million
dollars per year.
Subject: Re: Need a list of important companies with the initials B.R.D.
From: alfajor-ga on 01 Oct 2003 21:47 PDT
Yes, 100M is what I mean by large-scale.   No, the researcher doesn't
have to actually delve into precisely how much a company makes,
and maybe 50M would be fine.  

This is just my way of clarifying that I'm not looking for names of 
relatively small sized companies as the answer.  Also, no government
or non-profit organizations please ... just corporations.  I just
need their names.

If you could find FIVE such large companies, that would be 
sufficient.  Come on, Google researchers ... I know you can do it!
Subject: Re: Need a list of important companies with the initials B.R.D.
From: markj-ga on 02 Oct 2003 06:00 PDT
alfajor --

I devised a "wild card" search of the Martindale-Hubbell lawyer
directory that will efficiently return the names of all firms in the
U.S. whose name partners' names begin with the letters B, R and D in
that order.  I came up with only two small firms, one with six lawyers
and one with eight lawyers.

Martindale-Hubbell is an authoritative source for such information,
especially for large firms, so I doubt very much if any law firms
meeting your size requirement exist.

markj- ga
Subject: Re: Need a list of important companies with the initials B.R.D.
From: omniscientbeing-ga on 02 Oct 2003 17:00 PDT
I found one large company called "BRD Corp," and many smaller or
indeterminte size companies with "BRD" in the name.

Google ANswers Researcher
Subject: Re: Need a list of important companies with the initials B.R.D.
From: jackburton-ga on 08 Oct 2003 03:25 PDT
Banca Romana pentru Dezvoltare (BRD)
Romanian Development Bank - member of Groupe Société Générale

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