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Q: Graphics Cataloging Tools ( Answered,   0 Comments )
Subject: Graphics Cataloging Tools
Category: Computers > Software
Asked by: midcat-ga
List Price: $5.00
Posted: 10 Oct 2003 12:32 PDT
Expires: 09 Nov 2003 11:32 PST
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Thanks for your interes in my question.

I have acumulated a large ammount of Paint Shop Tubes and other
graphics, however, it has become increasingly difficult to find images
easily; Paint shop has an Image browser that works very well if you
have lets say, a couple hundred pictures, but when you get to
thousands of images, you need something better than just a simple

I am lookig for a tool that will allow me to catalog my images in
.gif, .jpg, .psp, .bmp, .png, .tiff, etc; and will allow me to search
by keywords, titles, etc.

If you are familiar with Print Master, then you will know what I am
talking about.

Usually, in Print Master, if I enter a Keyword, it will search it's
database of images and will only show me the thumbnails of the images
that matched my query, but I also have the option of looking by
categories, such as Animals, People, cartoons, Office, etc.

I want a program that will alow me to do the same with my images; to
build the database by imputing keywords on each image and to be able
to see a variety of  thumbnails that match my searched word. Usually
the same picture can be found in diferent folders, so the program does
cross-reference from one folder to another, and is not bound to one
single category.

If possible, (Not necesary) I would like the program to be able to
search in other drives, so that I can burn this graphics on CD's and
enter the information of the CD on the program, that way it will
request either CD 1, CD 2, or CD 3. (Remember, this is optional)

I know that there is tons of programs out there, but that's exactly my
problem!!! I want to find the EASIEST to use, most reliable and with
good reviews by it's users.  (In other words Idiot proof!)

I know, I need "Graphic Cataloging for Dummies", but untill the
Dummies books comes out with one, I will need the help of the wise
ones here in Google Answers.

I would like to find the best program for my needs out there, both for
Purchase, or Freeware (prefered).

Thanks again for your help in this matter!!!


Midnight Cat.

Request for Question Clarification by serenata-ga on 10 Oct 2003 15:23 PDT
Hi Midnight Cat ~

You mentioned Paint Shop Tubes ... did you mean Paint Shop Pro?

If so, which version are you using?

I have thousands of tubes for Paint Shop Pro, and I use Jasc's Photo
Album to keep track of them - first because I can keep them in the PSP
format, and secondly because it's searchable.

You get a free trial of Jasc's Photo Album with Version 8.x, and you
can find the details here:

The problem with the other software is the ability to save and view
the graphics saved in the psp format, which allows a 'clean' (and
transparent, if desired) copy of the graphics for when I need them.

Is this what you're looking for?


Clarification of Question by midcat-ga on 10 Oct 2003 18:16 PDT
Hi Serenata!!!

Thanks for looking into this for me!!

Yes!!! I am using Paint Shop Pro!!! (YAY!!!) And I am using version

When you mention that Jasc's Photo Album is searchable, do you mean
that I can make a description of each picture to include in the

How does the search feature works??

Do you get Thumbnails or do you just get the 1 picture most likely to
match your search, how many different kinds of searches can you do??

Is it easy to use??

If I don't want to upgrade to version 8.x can I still get this

Thanks so much for your help!!



Request for Question Clarification by serenata-ga on 10 Oct 2003 22:43 PDT
Click on the link 

And in using mine, I can both group them and give them a name

Then I can search for the name, instead of trying to remember where in
the heck I put those 'globes' or those 'gems', etc.

I use the tubes for elements for digital scrapbook clients who
need/want certain things, so I have to know where I've hidden them (or
spend a long time looking), so it works pretty well.

So far as I know it is very much compatible with PSP7.02.


Clarification of Question by midcat-ga on 10 Oct 2003 23:28 PDT
Dear Serenata:

I visited the link that you so kindly provided, and I took a quick
tour of the program; However, under the user's guide, I found that the
sorting of images is limited to just 5 types:

"To sort the thumbnail images:
In the Album View window, Choose View > Sort Thumbnails to display
a drop-down menu, and then choose an option:
By Name Sorts thumbnails according to the image name.

( I can't sort by image name because many of the tubes that I have,
were given to me under the condition that I leave the name intact, and
if I need to share them I must use the original name given to that
file, so this option is useful but not in my case)

By Date Sorts thumbnails by the date that the image was created or
last updated.

(I am constantly obtaining new files and replacing old ones, so this
feature would only be useful in photographs, but not for the tube

By Size Sorts thumbnails by the size of the file (in KB) from smallest
to largest.

(I really don't look at the file size because it makes no difference
to me, so again, this feature is useful if I am concerned about
sending images and how large they are, but not for sorting and
creating a database)

By Type Sorts thumbnails alphabetically by file type. For example,
all files of the .jpg type would be grouped together, followed by .tif
files, and so on.

(This is a good one!! I would defenetely use this one!!! )

By Album Sorts the thumbnails in the Search Results window by
album name. This option is only available after searching for

(Now this functions is good and I would probably use it, but if I have
let's say 2000 images in one album, this would take too long and hog

Unfortunately, Photo Album does not seem to support a "Keyword"
search. I wouldn't mind typing a series of Keywords for each file, as
long as the program that I am using would use them as a reference and
provide a more detailed  result when I ask it to search for certain
type of file.

I'm sorry if I sound like a pain in the behind, I don't want to be
picky, I just think that a program with those characteristics would be
more helpful to me than one that just provides a restricted criteria
for searching files.

Thank you so much!! I do appreciate your help and if you ever need
anything (including tubes), let me know!! :)



Request for Question Clarification by serenata-ga on 10 Oct 2003 23:45 PDT
Ahhhh, sorry I couldn't help ... it works for me, and I've got
approximately 7500 images, perhaps a bit more, that i have on a
separate 80 gig drive, which I use the program for.

I've got approximately 3000 or so tubes at any one time, depending on
what I need to use and can and do move them in and out via preferences
to handle what I'm doing. It just depends on who needs what - and at
what time.

Perhaps someone else will be able to find an image organizer for you.

Good luck!

Clarification of Question by midcat-ga on 11 Oct 2003 12:10 PDT
Thanks again!!

Request for Question Clarification by feilong-ga on 11 Oct 2003 12:30 PDT
Hi Midcat,

Have you tried ACDSee?

ACDSee 6.0


Clarification of Question by midcat-ga on 14 Oct 2003 16:13 PDT
Hi Feilong!!

Thanks so much for the link!!

I visited the page but was not able to figre out if this program works
with .psp files, so I sent them an e-mail asking them. If it does, it
would be great!!

Thanks again!!


Request for Question Clarification by feilong-ga on 14 Oct 2003 21:41 PDT
Hi Midcat,

Thanks for your response. I can assure you that ACDSee can handle .psp
(Paint Shop Pro) files and a lot more -- including some video formats.
I am currently using version 5 and the link I suggested to you is
version 6 so there's no doubt it supports .psp files. Afterall, Paint
Shop Pro is a popular program.

If you decide to accept my suggestion, please tell me and I'll put an
official answer. Thanks and best regards.


Clarification of Question by midcat-ga on 15 Oct 2003 13:12 PDT
Dear Feilong:

WOW!! if it does handle .PSP files this could be the one!!!

Just 2 more things are on my mind:

Can you place Keywords on each and every file in order to search for
them at a later time??


How easy it is to use?  (Tell me the truth, remember, even the DuMMY
book need reading twice sometimes to figure them out!! LOL!!!)

If this is the one, I will love to have your formal answer!!

Thank you so much again!!

I am really excited about this!!!


Subject: Re: Graphics Cataloging Tools
Answered By: feilong-ga on 18 Oct 2003 14:46 PDT
Hi Midcat,

Thanks for your interest in my suggestion. I apologize for the late
response because I was so busy with another project.

Before I start I'd like to tell you that I'm in no way representing
ACDSee regarding the product I'm referring to you. My recommendation
comes from my personal use of the product.

To give you an idea of the software, ACDSee is not just an ordinary
image browser.  It can handle numerous file types and can even be used
as a file browser just like Windows Explorer.

ACDSee has it's own image editing program. Although the program is not
as sophisticated as Photoshop, Photo Pro, or any other professional
image editing software, you'll find it very useful for quick and minor
image modifications. It has numerous plug-ins to decode and encode
various file types, image plug-ins for digital cameras, and some more
plugins that adds functionality to the software.

ACDSee 6.0

Now, let's answer your questions:

1) Can it handle .PSP (Paint Shop Pro) Files?

Affirmative! I'm not sure about ACDSee version 6 but with version 5
you can manage Paint Shop Pro file versions 5 and 6. Since you're
using version PSP 7, this is something you may want to inquire from
the manufacturer. The workaround, in case it's still not able to
handle version 7 PSP files is to export the file to version 5 or 6.

Aside from the usual bitmap file types, ACDSee can also run some video
and audio files -- making it a really versatile and useful all-in-one

2) Can you place Keywords on each and every file in order to search
for them at a later time?

Absolutely. ACDSee has it's own database to manage all the files it
can handle. You can place your desired keyword for any file you want
by right-clicking on the file then Properties>Database tab. On the
"Description" box, type the keyword you want for the file and you may
specify the category you want for the file on the "Categories" tab in
that same window. The next time you search for the file using the
keyword, you simply type it in "With the text:" box in the Search box
-- It's that simple. And yes, it will display the thumbnails of your
search result.

3) How easy it is to use? (Tell me the truth, remember, even the DuMMY
book need reading twice sometimes to figure them out!! LOL!!!)

Given the description I gave you in number 2, it's my turn to ask you,
"How hard could it be?" You won't need a book "for Dummies" to use
this software. You can always press F1 for help and you can read the
software's documentation for additional info. Believe me, it's so easy
to use. Bottomline, if you know how to read, you know how to use

Additional file management tip:

Aside from relying on the software's database, you can also make
specific category folders of your choice using Windows Explorer (or
ACDSee) so that less time is consumed when you search for a file in a
specific category. This makes your management of the files more

Search strategy:

Personal knowledge + some info search from ACDsee website

I hope this helps you. Should you have any comments/questions, please
feel free to post your clarification before rating this and I'll
attend to you as soon as possible. Thanks for asking.

Best regards,

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