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Q: ISP revenues worlwide ( Answered 3 out of 5 stars,   2 Comments )
Subject: ISP revenues worlwide
Category: Computers
Asked by: askquestions-ga
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Posted: 16 Oct 2003 17:46 PDT
Expires: 15 Nov 2003 16:46 PST
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What is the total number of large ISP world wide (annual revenues >$1Billion)
Subject: Re: ISP revenues worlwide
Answered By: omniscientbeing-ga on 17 Oct 2003 11:57 PDT
Rated:3 out of 5 stars

The exact dollar amount of revenue for the world’s largest ISPs is not
readily available on the internet, without buying expensive market
reports (several thousands of dollars). However, I have managed to
identify what the largest ones are worldwide, and given your

“I'm not looking for an exact number but for a good estimate with
explanation behind it. I need the answer on Friday 10/17 so a less
exact answer on time will
be better than a late answer that is more exact,” 

I’ll post what I have found out thus far today, and I’ll be happy to
add more specific information in a Clarification if you don’t see
everything you need here. Below I will list the largest ISPs by world
region, starting with the United States. You can take the top 1-2 ISPs
from each region and assume with confidence that if any ISPs have
revenues of over $1B/yr, those are the ones.

[  ]:

 “The largest American ISP, in terms of access revenues for 2000, was
WorldCom/UUNet. The second largest ISP, in terms of revenue, was AT&T.
Other ISPs with significant market share were - PSINet, Cable &
Wireless, Sprint, Genuity, InterNap, XO Communications, Verio, and

I doubt that any of these beyond #’s 1 & 2 have annual revenues in
excess of $1B, although I have not confirmed this with certainty.

Related facts from the same site:
-The consolidation of the DSL loop market has greatly impacted ISPs.
Where previously ISPs had choices among loop suppliers, today the
incumbent Bell is often the only supplier available.
-The slowdown in the economy has hurt the business-oriented ISP
customer base and, in turn, threatened the survivability of many of
the ISPs.."

USA’s biggest ISPs, according to a Wired Magazine article (conflicts
somewhat with the above Instat source [,1367,4002,00.html ]:

“Besides GTE, the group comprises ANS Communications (America Online's
networking arm), AT&T, BBN, EarthLink Network, MCI, Netcom, PSINet,
and UUNET.”

While I have no supporting facts to back it up, I am failrly sure that
once you get to Earthlink and down ln the list, the revenues are less
than $1B/yr.
Looking at Europe:

#1 in Europe is Tiscali/T-Online

The following article excerpt is from: [ ]:

“December 20, 2001 Takes A Different Route With Europe's Top ISP 
By Michael Singer 

Domain name registry Thursday inked a deal with Europe's
largest ISP to increase its user base to more than 93 million
Under the partnership, Tiscali's 7.5 million active subscribers across
14 countries will have automatic access to's domain names in
users' native languages. “
#2 in Europe appears to be Wanadoo.  Below is an excerpt from an
article at [ ]:

“French Internet company Wanadoo announced Wednesday that it is buying
Freeserve (Nasdaq: FREE), Great Britain’s largest Internet service
provider (ISP), to form the second largest ISP in Europe.
Wanadoo, the Internet venture of France Telecom (NYSE: FTE), said the
US$2.37 billion stock deal will double its number of online
subscribers to 4.5 million.
That figure would make the new company second only to Germany’s
T-Online in terms of European Internet subscribers. The buyout, which
was anticipated by the telecom industry, is the latest in a trend
toward European Internet consolidation.”

You will also hear about a  large ISP player in Europe called
Freeserve [ ], however—Freeserve is owned by
Wanadoo (see above).
FYI: EuroISPA is the pan-European association of the Internet services
providers associations of the countries of the European Union. 

In South America:

Brazil’s iG is the largest South American ISP. Here’s an excerpt from
an article on iG, from [ ]:

“Brazilian Internet service provider iG (, one of the
country’s largest ISPs with more than 11 million subscribers, has
chosen Portal Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: PRSF) as its end-to-end billing
and customer care solution. iG will utilize Infranet®, Portal’s
convergent billing product, to charge customers for DSL access and
other premium services.”

Moving on to Australia:

The biggest pure ISPs are: iiNet, Internode, Netspace, Pacific
Internet, PowerTel, Primus, TPGi and Uecomm

Here’s an excerpt from a July 29, 2003 article about recent
restructuring among Australia’s largest ISPs, from

“AUSTRALIA'S internet service providers who are excluded from the
notorious "gang of four" peering arrangement are steadily forming a
more inclusive gang of their own, with help from a new national
internet exchange operator.

The "gang of four" - Telstra, Optus, WorldCom and AAPT/
- exchange internet traffic with each other for free, but charge all
other internet service providers for data from their networks.
However those ISPs cannot charge the "gang of four" for outgoing
traffic from their own networks, and several, including Primus and
Internode/Agile, have asked the Australian Competition and Consumer
Commission to review its decision to mandate the gang of four in 1998.
[PIPE Networks] has signed up most of Australia's largest ISPs and
data network providers including iiNet, Internode, Netspace, Pacific
Internet, PowerTel, Primus, TPGi and Uecomm. Two of the country's
biggest content providers, Hostworks (which hosts Ninemsn, Australia's
most popular website) and WebCentral, which hosts more than 50,000
Australian websites, have also joined the fray.”

Now let’s take a look at Asia:

Pacific Internet (Nasdaq: PCNTF) is Asia’s largest. Here’s a business
article excerpt, from
[ ]:

“In a move to be a part of the growing industry and in line with its
broadband strategy, Pacific Internet, one of Asia's leading Internet
Service Providers (ISPs), has launched its own paid online gaming
According to Tan Tong Hai, Pacific Internet president and CEO, the
paid gaming business model is still relatively unproven but could
provide a new revenue stream. He hopes that the initiative will help
expand the company's services footprint across the Asia-Pacific
region, and is most hopeful about business possibilities in Hong Kong
and Australia.”

More on Pacific Internet, from their corporate website 

“Pacific Supernet is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nasdaq-listed
Pacific Internet Limited (Nasdaq: PCNTF), the largest regional ISP in
the Asia-Pacific by geographic reach, spanning seven countries, Hong
Kong, Singapore, Australia, Philippines, Thailand, India and
A pioneer ISP, founded in 1993, Pacific Supernet has been staying at
the forefront in catering Internet needs of Hong Kong and has been
reputed for its reliable network, advanced technology and strong
regional presence.
As far as India goes, it’s a cluttered IT and ISP landscape. Here’s an
excerpt from an article entitled, “Asia's largest Internet event
focuses on India's role in Internet economy,” from


“But the Indian user base still has a long way to go. India currently
has about a dozen ISPs accounting for around 1.4 million users.
Internet ad revenues for this year are estimated at around $2

South Africa:

The largest ISP in South Africa is UUNET SA . Here’s a link to their
corporate website:

[ ].

Below are the search terms I used in compiling this information:

Google Search Strategy:


“largest ISPs revenue worldwide”:
=&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&safe=off&q=largest+ISPs++revenue+worldwide ,

“largest ISPs revenue”:

“largest ISPs”:

“ISP revenues”:

“ISP revenue amounts”:

“Internet Service Provider largest revenues”:

“America’s largest ISPs”:

“North America’s largest ISPs”:

“Asia’s largest ISPs”:

“Australia’s largest ISPs”:

“South Africa’s largest ISPs”:

Again, please don’t hesitate to ask for Clarification if you’d like
more detail in any area, or if I have left anything out which is
important to you. You said it was important that you got the basic
information today, so I wanted to make sure you got it. However, I can
certainly Clarify it for you as well if you need anything more.

Good luck with your project!

Google Answers Researcher
askquestions-ga rated this answer:3 out of 5 stars
I was hoping the get a short answer (just a number with explanation)
and instead I got a long answer with many references.  Still, it was
nice attempt to deal with a tough question.

Subject: Re: ISP revenues worlwide
From: omniscientbeing-ga on 17 Oct 2003 10:24 PDT

OK, I Clarified your Medium ISP Question, but I'm going to Answer this
one-- today so that you're meeting your time constraints.

Google Answers Researcher
Subject: Re: ISP revenues worlwide
From: waikiki-ga on 24 Oct 2003 17:25 PDT
The following link and magazine listed the top 50 global carriers.
There are quite a few carriers not listed which have more than $1B
annual revenue. But in the list, there are 2 carriers with less than

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