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Q: Animal Cruelty in Entertainment. ( Answered 4 out of 5 stars,   2 Comments )
Subject: Animal Cruelty in Entertainment.
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: kimikazu-ga
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Posted: 18 Oct 2003 19:05 PDT
Expires: 17 Nov 2003 18:05 PST
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Animal stars in movie industry are generally well-treated, but their
counterparts in other entertainment fields such as zoo, circus, racing
or fighting, are usually mistreated or even killed for human's
self-interest. Please briefly discribe these animal's treatment and
their status, and, if any government's response to this issue. Please
recommend some published books relating to this topic so that I can go
to buy them and do my research paper.
Subject: Re: Animal Cruelty in Entertainment.
Answered By: techtor-ga on 19 Oct 2003 09:55 PDT
Rated:4 out of 5 stars
Hello Kimikazu,
Nowadays, there is increased awareness in the public about
mistreatment of animals in the entertainment industry. While abuse of
animals is certainly acknowledged to exist in the entertainment fields
you have mentioned, the issue is still controversial. But the general
overview shows that animal rights groups are still against captivity
or exploitation of any animal in entertainment. Whether in zoos or
circuses, fighting or racing, the groups still say that mistreatment
of the animals has still been the norm for these institutions, such as
keeping animals in substandard and uncomfortable conditions, and
making them perform or act even if they are ill or incapacitated.
Prodding with discomfort-inducing devices seems to still be the norm
in controling these animals, though the circuses and zoos claim that
rarely do they treat animals badly, and say that they are still within
the bounds of acceptable behavior. They even complain that the animal
rights groups are sometimes irrational and even going to extreme
methods such as blocking vehicles carrying animals, trying to steal
animals away, etc. The accusations flow back and forth and until now I
believe there is no final resolution between these two camps. Other
groups that are concerned about animal welfare allow animals to remain
in entertainment, but they prescribe certain rules of treatment of
these animals.

From what I can see, all that the government can do is enact
legislation to ensure some humane treatment for animals, but the
problem here is enforcement. It is usually the animal welfare groups
that take it upon themselves to do the enforcement, and yet it would
seem they resort to extreme methods. The government itself seems quite
wary of animal groups itself. So I would say the situation is still no
conclusion to the matter.

I have collected links to websites below about the issue of animal
treatment in entertainment, and I hope they'll be of help as well as
the books:

General online references:
Animal Protection Institute - Animals Used in Entertainment
- Here's an organization that believes any animal in entertainment is

Animal Protection Institute - Animals in the Circus -- Dying to
Entertain You
- Article linked to by the above page stating that circus animals are
regularly mistreated.

PETA : Campaigns : Circuses/Animals in Entertainment

Justice for Animals - Animals In Entertainment:
- Article about animal treatment in entertainment with links at the
bottom to other articles.

Open Directory - Society: Issues: Animal Welfare: Entertainment
- Click on any of the links: Organizations, Animal Fighting, Circuses
and Rodeos, Racing, Zoos and Aquariums, and they will bring you to
lists of websites about your topic

Google Directory - Society > Issues > Animal Welfare > Entertainment >
Animal Fighting

Ananova - Entertainment - Animal welfare news
- Here's where you can see some news on animals being used in

@InterMall: Society Issues Animal Welfare Entertainment Racing
- Links to anti-animal racing sites

Other items:
Elephants aren't amused by circus treatment - 4/5/2001 -
- Long article describing alleged mistreatment of elephants by circus

BBC New UK - Circus trainer condemned by experts, Jan 21, 1999
- Here is a case of animal mistreatment caught on tape and discussed
in a case.

The Digital Collegian: Group protests circus outside BJC By Mike
Caggeso, Friday, April 26, 2002

Mayor criticizes animal activists for ignoring mistreatment of people
- In this news item, the tables are turned over the animal activists.

Published 13 February 1992 in The Carolinian (The University of North
Carolina at Greensboro) "Circus accusations show animal rights
irrationality" by James M. Wallace

Citizens Against Animal Cruelty & Exploitation: The Plight of Circus
- Here is another page of an animal rights organization.

Animal Welfare vs. Animal Rights
- Defines the difference between these two terms

The Stage | Behind the scenes | The Animal Welfare Inspector
- Profile of someone in animal welfare, probably someone you can
contact for an email interview or similar.

While I could not really single out the best books for you to refer to
(except one maybe), let me just offer sites where you could find books
on animal rights:

Animal Rights by Peter Singer, Book Review by David Kopel
- The classic work that gave impetus to the animal rights movement.
Anything by Peter Singer would give the essential philosophy of animal

Animal Rights Books & Videos - Your Purchase Saves Animals
- Collection of some works offered on an animal conservation site

Animal Aid : online shop : vegan and animal rights books
- Here is a rich bibliography of animal rights books. Animal
Liberation may be helpful, as well as Animal Century. I'm sure you
don't need the vegetarian books, though. ;)

School Accused of Animal Mistreatment
- News item with some books mentioned below.

Animal Behavior farm livestock welfare behaviour books:
- I'd recommend the Animal Minds book, plus the others on animal
welfare in this list.

Animal Welfare Books
- Try The Modern Ark and Animal Underworld. 

Other references:

SB9 - Defines Animal Mistreatment & Allows a Person Charged With
Mistreatment of An Animal to be Sentenced w/a Class D Felony

Animals: Humane Education
- An article showing tips on teaching children about humaneness toward

I feel I have listed as much as can be helpful, so I'll stop here.

Google search words used:
animal welfare entertainment
animal rights books
animal mistreatment books
animal mistreatment circus
animal treatment circus
animal welfare circus
animal entertainment books
animal welfare books

I hope this has been a most helpful answer. If you need anything else,
or have a problem with the answer, do please post a Request for
Clarification and I shall respond as soon as I can. Thank you.

Request for Answer Clarification by kimikazu-ga on 19 Oct 2003 14:08 PDT
Do you know any book relating to this issue? I need to do a research
paper based on printed materials so if you can recommend some books,
it will be most helpful.

Clarification of Answer by techtor-ga on 20 Oct 2003 01:04 PDT
Hello again, Kimikazu,
I see you are keen on the books. I had hoped the books I mentioned
briefly in the "Literature" part of my answer gave you what you need.
But have you seen it? Well, in case not, I will relist them in my
clarification here. I will use the bibliography of the API and may
repeat some of the books I mentioned above.

I found a book that text of which seems to have been put up online:
Animals in Circuses and Zoos: Chiron's World?

Animal Protection Institute - Animal Rights: An Annotated

Animal Welfare Institute. Animals and Their Legal Rights: A Survey of
American Laws from 1641 to 1990. Washington, DC: Animal Welfare
Institute, 1990. This excellent resource provides a description of
major federal and state laws affecting the treatment of animals.
Although somewhat outdated, nothing comparable has replaced it.

Bekoff, Marc, ed. Encyclopedia of Animal Rights and Welfare. Greenwood
Press, 1998. A compilation of multidisciplinary essays. Provides a
broad-based and exhaustive overview of the primary issues central to
the animal rights movement.

Finsen, Lawrence and Susan Finsen. The Animal Rights Movement in
America: From Compassion to Respect. New York: Twayne Publishers,
1994. Probably the best book written on all aspects of the moral
crusade of animal rights. This scholarly yet eminently readable book
uniquely melds the historical and the contemporary, the empirical and
the conceptual, advocacy and objectivity, to provide an unequaled
overview of the theory and practice of social ethical concern for

Orlans, Barbara, Tom Beauchamp, Rebecca Dresser, David Morton, and
John Gluck. The Human Use of Animals: Case Studies in Ethical Choice.
New York: Oxford University Press, 1997. An in-depth look at the wide
range of animal uses by humans. The authors discuss animal use from
various perspectives, including the users', animal welfare and rights
advocates', and the animal's.

Regan, Tom, ed. The Case for Animal Rights. Berkeley: University of
California Press, 1983. A rigorous and thorough defense of rights of
animals. Essential reading for anyone serious about the philosophical
foundations of the notion of animal rights. The first part takes an
extended look at the nature of animal minds. The second half develops
a theory of the value of animal lives and carefully worked out
applications of the theory to the issues of vegetarianism,
vivisection, hunting, and so forth.

Singer, Peter. Animal Liberation. New York: Avon Books, 1990. One of
the definitive books of the animal rights movement, presenting
detailed descriptions of the institutions of animal exploitation, and
the suffering they cause, and a clear statement of the utilitarian
approach to animal liberation. (This is a must-have for those studying
animal rights)

Spiegel, Marjorie. The Dreaded Comparison: Human and Animal Slavery.
New York: Mirror Books, 1988. Powerfully illustrates the similarities
between the enslavement of blacks and the enslavement of animals. As
Alice Walker, who supplies the preface, says, "The book can be read in
an hour but will take a lifetime to forget."

Other books on other sites: Books: Defending Animal Rights: Books: What Should We Do About Animal Welfare? by Mike

Seen here:
The Modern Ark: The story of zoos: past, present & future
Author: Vicki Croke
ISBN: 0-380-73131-2

Seen here:
Animal Rights: The Changing Debate
by (Editor) Robert Garner Books: Caught in the Act: The Feldberg Investigation
Melody MacDonald, Animal Cruelty Investigation Group, Michael Fox Books: Animal Cruelty: Pathway to Violence Against People
by Linda Merz-Perez, Kathleen M. Heide

I assume that you are looking for books specifically about animals in
entertainment. Unfortunately, I could find no animal rights books
focusing primarily on that topic. All of the books relating to animal
rights discuss the topic in general. If you are looking for anything
centering on animals in entertainment, the factsheets and leaflets by
PETA ( found at ) would
probably be the best sources to use.

New Google Search term applied:
circus animal books

I hope this has cleared up my answer. If you need anything else, just
post again here. Thanks for the four stars too.
kimikazu-ga rated this answer:4 out of 5 stars
Thank you for the answer and links you provided.

Subject: Re: Animal Cruelty in Entertainment.
From: techtor-ga on 20 Oct 2003 11:00 PDT
My good colleague Pinkfreud suggested this book:

All Bets Are Off! The Race for Survival for the Greyhounds of Spain

"The sudden closure in 1999 of two greyhound race tracks in Spain
placed the lives of hundreds of young greyhounds in jeopardy. The
threat of mass euthanasia of these gentle creatures galvanized
greyhound lovers around the world. Through powerful exposure and the
concerted efforts of animal welfare and greyhound adoption groups, the
lives of these dogs were spared, and today they enjoy life as beloved
family pets.

The essays, stories, photographs, and poems in this volume tell the
story of this dramatic rescue from a variety of perspectives. Writers
from around the world reflect movingly on how greyhounds have changed
their lives, while the stories of individual greyhounds reveal the
resilience and forgiving natures of these wonderful dogs."

I hope this will be a helpful addition to what I've already shown you.
Subject: Re: Animal Cruelty in Entertainment.
From: pugfriend-ga on 04 Nov 2003 12:16 PST
It behooves you to investigate the individual entertainment entites
themselves (for example:, and not take the word
of an organization like, for example, PeTA -- which spends millions on
PR stunts and fundraising, yet kills more than half of the animals it
"rescues" rather than placing them in no kill shelters, etc. You
should also examine the organizations themselves for hidden agendas
... and consider very carefully the distinction between animal rights
and animal welfare.

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