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Q: Airline Setup ( Answered,   0 Comments )
Subject: Airline Setup
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: petergregory-ga
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Posted: 19 Oct 2003 07:03 PDT
Expires: 18 Nov 2003 06:03 PST
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I wish to set up an Airline flying from UK to India/Nepal and to Dili,
timor Leste.  I wish to lease/hire one jumbo flying there and back alt
days - for a 3 month period.  To start with I need to know the base
costs along with details of whom can arrange the hire, and someone who
can address landing rights/fees etc/
Subject: Re: Airline Setup
Answered By: leader-ga on 20 Oct 2003 18:36 PDT
Hello Petergregory-ga:

It was a pleasure to answer such an interesting question. I have done
some research on this topic before. I thought, I knew most of it but
surprisingly there is more to every subject. My research revealed

Instead of writing a 1000 word paper, I will present a summary of my
findings and quote the relevant sources. Please consult the reference
at the end of the summary. I will also try to be as concise and clear
as possible in answering your concerns and try my best to direct you
to the best resources on the internet.

As I do not have extensive details on your trip, I will try to provide
a diverse answer.

Let me come to the point. How much will it cost to charter a Jumbo-Jet
or a wide body large aircraft? While the data for small, medium and
large business jets is readily available, figures for a wide body
airplane or a commercial airliners are difficult to get without an
exact quote. But again, we can find estimates for the average cost of
these Jumbo jets.

Before coming to the price, allow me to say that there are two
different types of largest business jets for charter. We all know
about the Boeing 747's, 737's and A-320 (first kind) but business
people prefer Boeing Business Jets (second kind and the largest of
typical business jet) that are made to suite business environments.
Where as, large commercial airliners can accommodate anywhere from
100-500 passengers, the Boeing business jet usually accommodates 18
passengers but larger versions can accommodate up to 50 passengers.
The costs related to these two kinds of airplanes has a very slight
difference. You may choose between them according to your needs.

Now the cost of these large commercial airlines. It is estimated that
a typical cost of a Boeing business jet is between $8000-$12000 per
hour that may include most of the expenses (More on expenses, later).
The cost of a large commercial Jumbo Jet is in between $10000-$16000
per hour including all the expenses. Is it cheap or expansive? Well!
It mainly depends upon the number of passengers in these airlines
because the costs are per hour not per person. The more the passengers
the less the cost of a charter.

Consider a similar trip like yours and suppose that a Wide Body large
commercial jet is used in the entire trip i.e.
London--->Delhi---->Khatmandu----->Hong Kong---->East Timor. Let us
calculate the cost of one way journey.

The total number of flying hours for this trip are estimated at 8.00 +
1.15 + 3.45 + 4.30 = 17.30 hours.

17.30 hours for a Boeing business jet at an average of $10000 per hour
will come out to be $175000 and the average cost for a commercial
jumbo jet at an average of $13000 per hour will be $227550.

Now suppose you have 40 passengers in a larger version of Boeing
business jet, that price will come out to be $4375 per person which is
drastically inexpensive as compared to a first class ticket of a
normal flight on this trip. The price difference is even more
astonishing for Large Commercial Jumbo Jet. Suppose you have 200
people, the average cost will be $1137.5 per person.

The more people, the better. If you have fewer people, the price per
person will be higher.

Earlier you stated in your question that you will be flying from UK to
India/Nepal and to Dili, Timor Leste. I am sure that major airports in
India can accommodate a Jumbo Jet but in Khatmandu Nepal,
international airlines operate Airbus and 737's , not a 747 Jumbo Jet.
Furthermore, because of a short runway at Dili Timor Leste Airport
5800 feet, I doubt a large commercial jet will be able to land there.
Although, this must be consulted by a charter service (More details,
later). Therefore you might have to charter a 737 or Airbus for
Khatmandu and another Airplane in Timor Leste. I will provide you
details of charter companies that can do that. (More details, later).

So is it possible to fly a Jumbo Jet to India, Nepal and Timor Leste?
Apart form India, Boeing 747 (Jumbo Jet) cannot land in Khatmandu and
Timor Leste. But again, anyone can fly a large wide body aircraft to
Nepal that includes Airbus, Boeing 737 and 727’s. These aircraft are
huge and can accomodate many passengers. Yet, for Timor Leste, my
knowledge predicts that it is not possible to land a wide body
aircraft on the airport in Dili.

Just for the sake of this discussion, assume that If I were you and
wanted 150 of my staff members flown to India and than to Nepal and
Timor Leste, I will use Boeing 747 or any wide body airplane to India
and than use the same option to Khatmandu (excluding 747 Jumbo). For
Timor Leste, I will definitely consult someone (Whom to consult,
later) who can provide me an overview of the facilities at Dili.

Before providing you other information, Allow me to clear another
thing. Most charter companies consider business jets that can
accommodate more 10-20 people, large. So, if you talking about a large
aircraft, it might mean versions of Gulfstream, Bombardier and
Challenger that can accommodate 10-20 people. Therefore, it is
suggested that you tell the consultants or charter company managers up
front that by large you mean really large like Jumbo Jet, Airbus or
Boeing 737’s OR a larger version of Boeing business jet.

Allow me to also explain the approximate prices of other charter
planes. I think the following link will be self explanatory without me
confusing things up.
Notice that a Boeing business jet is labeled as 18 seater but Boeing
website states that larger Boeing business jets can accommodate up to
50 passengers. Also, The size and the variety of jets ranges from
charter company to company. It also be mentioned that the prices may
also be different.

Let us come to the other types of related fees. Charter companies may
provide you a fixed quote of the various surcharges applied other than
the flying hours or they may ask you to provide a certain fee. A
typical surcharge in a trip like yours may include landing/take off
fee, parking fee , maintenance fee and other expenditures. Some of
these fees are very low (parking fee) and some can be high
(landing/take off fee on major airports). Usually these fees are
relatively very low when you compare it with hourly charges. Again,
you must consult the charter company on their fee structure. See a
sample of related fee at a small and medium sized airports by clicking
on the following links:

Before, I proceed, I will advise you to read one of the best small
guides to chartering an airplane at This
guide will simplify things further.

The question still remains, ‘Who to contact?’ Well! I will suggest
only the top chartering companies of the world for your needs. The
reason being, not only they have a wide variety of aircraft but also
they provide consultants that sit with you to come out with a solution
and solve any problem step by step. They will address everything from
landing fees to maintenance and your options on every leg of the
journey. No large charter company comes without your private
consultant or a team of experts.

Taking into account your trip specifications, let me provide you with
useful contacts.


** Here are the contacts for the largest and most reputable companies
in UK and USA (mostly in UK). The list also contain one company in
India (listed separately) that can fulfil all you needs in India and
might be very useful.


Air Partner, PLC
UK based company, it si the worlds largest air charter broker with an
edtimated group sales of $130 million.

Air Royal International
Although only nine years old but Air Royal International is considered
to be among the elite air charter companies in the world because of
its extensive corporate links.

Chapman Freeborn
A UK based, one of the largest air charter brokers in the world. Its
diverse portfolio is extensive and is known to equip every aircraft in
the world.

Air Charter Service
It is one of the well known professional air charter services in UK
that deals with virtually anything.

Air Bound Charter
It is a New Jersey based company that provides a complete charter
service with twelve years of experience.

Sentinent Jet
An award winning large charter service that offers convenient
membership to its clients. Please check to see, if they offer large
commercial airliners. If they do than this is one of the best in the

Raytheon Aircraft Company
It is one of the oldest charter companies  in the world. They can
provide services anywhere in the world. Please, check to see if they
offer a commercial airliner.

Air Planning LLC
This charter company does not take pride in its being one of the
largest in the world but in its professional services on one to one
basis. It has every imaginable type of aircraft.

International Air Charter PLC
With 40 years of solid experience and a variety that is unique, it can
fulfil any of its customer needs.


Aircorn Air Spares & Services Pvt. Ltd
I am providing you the name of only one company in India because this
company is not only the oldest in India but also specialize in charter
services that are unique only to this company in the entire Indian

Each of these companies will provide you with an experienced
consultant who will take care of every question that you have in mind.

If you will like an estimate of the price of an air charter between US
and European cities, the best tool is available at You will have to type in the city
name in the ‘Lookup’ field to get an airport code. Once done, click on
‘Estimate Cost’ and you will get an estimate of the price of that
journey for all type of aircraft.


Please ask your charter company about the option of ‘Fairchild Dornier
Envoy’. This is a new generation of wide body jet business airliner
that can accommodate from 30 to 110 passengers. More information on
its corporate web site at I don’t
have information on its availability for charter services.


For a complex journey like yours, please refer to the charter
companies that I have provided. I have done the search for you for
their credibility and professionalism. They will take care of all your
needs. You just have to provide them your travel details.


Worldwide Directory of Air Chater Companies, Consultatns & Brokers

List of Sample Charter Aircrafts (Please scroll down the page)

What type of Business Jet? (Does not cover commercial airliners)

Great Websites


Cost of Business Jets,13005,901020401-220014,00.html


‘air charter companies’
‘cost of air charter’
‘charter commercial airline’

I hope this helps. Please clarify, if you are not satisfied. Thanks
for using Google Answers and good luck with your trip.

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