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Q: decorating a baby's or child's room ( Answered,   1 Comment )
Subject: decorating a baby's or child's room
Category: Family and Home > Home
Asked by: pidge-ga
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Posted: 21 Oct 2003 15:39 PDT
Expires: 20 Nov 2003 14:39 PST
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Are there any room templates for  decorating baby & children's rooms
that I can download?  By templates, I mean blank layouts of rooms with
various "blank" choices of furniture styles, bedding, window
treatments, etc. that I can use to get a sense nof how my ideas, color
choices, fabric swatches, etc., will look in a room - before I go to
the expense of buying them?  Sort of a do-it-yourself decorating help
site?  I would prefer 3-D views of actual rooms, or 3-D
room/furnishings renderings, verses grid type, flat overviews.

Request for Question Clarification by czh-ga on 21 Oct 2003 18:23 PDT
Hello pidge-ga,

I’ve started researching your question and found two types of
resources available. There are a variety of home design software
packages available for the consumer market. Most of them cost less
than $100 and offer you the ability to design the floor plan, arrange
furniture, choose fixtures and try out colors and finishes. Are you
interested in these products?

Another class of interior design products are available “to the trade”
so that architects and interior designers can help you design your
home/interior and choose products from specific vendors. You have to
be working with someone who has access to these products in order to
gain access. Would you like to find some designers in your area who
could give you such access?

I look forward to your clarification.

~ czh ~

Clarification of Question by pidge-ga on 22 Oct 2003 20:09 PDT
I may be interested in either, or both types of resources.  I need
more information about them and what each provides.  Is there any way
to get, or see, an overview of them so I can determine if they offer
what I need?  What kind of credentials are required to access sites
"to the trade"?  It may be helpful if I give you some more background
info.  I am a designer for the gift and stationery business. 
(Greeting cards to wallpaper)  I am looking for some kind of designer
template programs (?) that I can use to "layout", or illustrate how my
designs would look as, in, or on, a variety of specific product
formats.  Many of the formats I require are easy for me to render
myself, such as, books, journals, gift wrap, gift bags, etc.  However,
other items, such as an entire room scene, complete with bed and other
furniture showing my wallpaper or border designs, bedding, window
treatments, and other coordinated decor items, requires a more
advanced skill level.  Obviously I can hire a design firm to provide
computer generated renderings but this gets VERY expensive.  I am
hoping to find some existing programs that will enable me to create
"affordable", yet professional looking presentations of my work.   I
hope this helps.  Let me know.  pidge-ga

Request for Question Clarification by czh-ga on 22 Oct 2003 22:11 PDT
Hello pidge-ga,

Thank you for the additional information. It gives me a much better
idea of the solution you’re looking for. I’m scheduled for oral
surgery tomorrow morning so I’ll get back to you before the end of the

~ czh ~
Subject: Re: decorating a baby's or child's room
Answered By: czh-ga on 24 Oct 2003 14:44 PDT
Hello pidge-ga,

Your clarification gave me a much better understanding of the solution
you’re searching for and I’ve located a variety of products that might
meet your needs. As I mentioned earlier, there are interior design
products aimed at both the consumer and “to the trade” markets. I’ve
included a selection from each for your consideration. The web sites
are will give you a pretty good idea of the range of possibilities and
you can explore further by downloading demo/trial versions of many of
the products.

It appears that even the consumer products may be difficult to learn.
A possible alternative would be to hire a graphic artist/cad designer
who is familiar with some of these software packages and have them
create your illustrations and renderings for you. I’ve included a few
links to show you this possibility. I found mostly high end
consultants but if you decide to explore this option you could
probably find someone in your community who could work with you to
customize something using your product line.

I hope this research will help you think through your options on how
to produce computer generated illustrations and renderings using your
own product line.

Best wishes for your business.

~ czh ~

SmartDraw and SmartDraw Photo

***** These products might be suitable for your needs. You can
download the product for a free trial. The site offers many case
studies and lots of articles explaining how various professions have
used the products.

Home Design Software

***** There are many options in this package and there are special
offers for first time buyers. The Developer Network looks interesting
because you might be able connect with someone who could customize the
software to your needs.

myHouse 3D Home Design

Building a new home or making renovations to your current home should
not be frightening. A great deal of time and money is invested in a
project with little to no idea of how it will look upon completion.
How can you be sure that floor plan is going to look the way you want?
myHouse for Windows 7 is a home design package created with that
problem in mind. Not only will it help you layout a full multistory
floor plan or a renovation project, but it will let you see the
results in full color 3D before hammering the first nail.

***** This is a low-end package that might be good for room layout and
basic design but I’m not sure if they offer sufficient customization
capabilities so that you could modify the package to use your own
designs. You can download a free demo for a test drive.

Home Design Reinvented
Cadsoft is recognized as a premier global developer of software for
the residential and light commercial Design/Build market. Our goal is
to provide our clients with true business tools, which deliver the
maximum productivity gains possible, translating directly to bottom
line profitability.

Cadsoft has recently joined forces with Broderbund®, (See Press
Release) who are one of the leaders in the retail software industry,
to develop popular products such as 3D Home Architect 5.0, Home
Landscape Designer 5.0 and Home Design Suite Professional 5.0. From
the combined technology of all of these products, Envisioneer was
created to cater specifically to the detailed needs of the
professional Architect, Design/Builder, Interior Designer and
Landscape Architect. With ease of use and flexibility in mind,
Envisioneer allows you to effectively model and convey your building,
interior design and landscape design ideas to your clients in fully
animated 3D, in a matter of minutes!

***** You can download a trial version to evaluate the customization
capabilities. The description of Major Features and Benefits shows
many capabilities that might suit your needs.

Business to Business Software

DEXIS software solutions help manufacturers and converters:
manage and present designs easily and cost effectively both to their
customers and to their end users in one consistent format
benefit from a new channel to market · get their products digitised to
the highest standards of accuracy and colour calibration
integrate their route to market with their existing sampling systems

DEXIS Mapping Studio 
is a specialised, stand-alone PC texture-mapping application for the
company's sales team or a designer wanting to both map images and
adjust design size.

DEXIS Catalogue CD's 
can present multiple collections from your brand in one easy-to- use
catalogue that can be searched by colour and a number of other
criteria. The Catalogue CDs can be integrated with any of the DEXIS
Visual Design Studio publications so that the end-user can see your
products in the appropriate setting whether on upholstery, in a room
or on curtains, and can see your product in the context of other
branded goods used in their final decorative scheme.

***** This product comes closest to what you’re looking for. 

Visual Applications, Inc.

Today, Visual Applications currently markets two series of software
products and a Web-Deployed Application: the Imagine Your Series™,
VisualPhile® and the cMyVision™ Web-Deployed Personal Visualization
Application.  Imagine Your™  is a trimmed, home-computer version of
VisualPhile®, our professional design software developed for
contractors, architects and decorators. VisualPhile® helps
professionals create presentation-quality, full-color photographic
renderings of proposed projects for their clients. While Imagine Your™
is project specific (remodeling, landscaping, etc.), it still boasts
the same high-quality photographic imagery and full-color finished
output as VisualPhile®. Visual Applications, is committed to bringing
Personal Visualization Software into the home to make everyone's life
VisualPhile® Software for Professionals
VisualPhile® for Professionals turns concepts into sales for
professional builders, architects, contractors, remodelers, interior
designers, landscape architects, decorators and sales representatives
in these and related industries. VisualPhile helps professionals
create presentation-quality, full-color photographic renderings of
proposed projects for their clients.
Use Your Clients Home
Your remodeling, building, and landscaping projects begin with a
picture of your clients home. You demonstrate changes and
modifications to your clients project.

***** This product seems to offer many options that give you the
capability to customize your presentation to your client. It is not
clear whether you could incorporate your product line into the
materials list.

Introducing DecoTech™ Designer and DecoTech™ Professional. 

Two professional 3D interior space design software packages for
Microsoft® Windows™. Powerful and sophisticated, yet easy to use,
these two indoor layout software packages are ideal for the kitchen
specialist, decorator, designer, architect, contractor or anyone else
planning interior home renovation projects in metric or imperial
DecoTech Designer and DecoTech™ Professional evaluation version 6.00

Since DecoTech Pro includes all the options of DecoTech Designer,  we
only offer for download the evaluation version of DecoTech Pro.  So,
with the same downloaded file, you can evaluate both products.
Pattern Editor Program

Create your own pattern libraries!  DecoTech™ software allows you a
virtually unlimited range of window and door styles, appliances,
ceramic wall and floor tiles, wallpapers and indoor accessories.

***** The demo and brochure on the website lead me to believe this
program might meet your needs for doing room designs but it’s not
clear whether you could add your own patterns to the pattern library
or only create new patterns from what is included in the package.
Since you can download a free demo, you could test the capabilities
and assure yourself that the software will meet your needs.

BlueBolt is the online resource library for commercial interior

BlueBolt Studio is interior design software. It features an accurate
online library of 53 (and counting) commercial interior finishes, and
all the search, selection, and specification features available from
BlueBolt on the web. In addition, you can:
• Explore color palettes and organize your ideas with digital sample
• Quickly share ideas with colleagues and clients by e-mailing your
BlueBolt sample boards.
• Archive your project information online, or print your sample boards
to reference later.
BlueBolt Studio has been replaced by!
BlueBolt Studio's features are now available online, free! Visit
BlueBolt on the web at

***** This site looks interesting because you might consider marketing
your products through this service. I don’t know how this would fit in
with your business strategy but I thought you might want to explore
this possibility.

NexTouch, Inc. provides a suite of powerful software tools for the
interior design community, the FF&E purchasing industry, and
professionals who specialize in purchasing Art, Artifact and

***** This product may offer more than you need. It’s geared to
managing large projects.

Welcome to - an online collaboration of artists and
illustrators providing architects, designers and property developers
with the outsourcing of services in Architectural Illustration, 3d
Graphics and Multimedia Solutions.

***** This company offers illustration services but it’s difficult to
tell from the website if the scale of your projects is appropriate to
their practice.

Focus 360

Focus 360 combines the art of storytelling with modern technology to
create the tools builders and developers need to have their projects
approved, funded and sold. Digital illustrations, cinematic animations
and interactive software take the guesswork out of interpreting blue
prints. All decision makers understand the designers’ intentions

***** This is a very high end consulting company who could perform the
kind of rendering work you need to get done.

Trade Resources
Business > Construction and Maintenance > Design > Interior Designers
> Trade Resources

***** Browse through the directories and get additional resources for
your project.

Interior Design Directory – Home & Garden Design Software

This software store is in association with Amazon, we receive a
commission on any purchase made through our site. Click on the
software title to read the system requirements, availability and to
make your purchase. For a limited time; receive free shipping on
purchases over $25.

***** This site offers you a collection of consumer software packages.

Interior Design Software
You have reached the one-stop-resource for Interior Design Software
downloads, links, and other useful information. We aim to provide you
with the most accurate information on Interior Design Software.

***** This is a small portal site that offers some interesting tips
and links to downloads.

Bargains on 3D Home, Garden & Landscape Software!

***** This site offers a wide selection of consumer software and
fairly low prices.

Really Affordable Decorating Software!

Below are links to detailed information of some very nifty software
that is currently available which you might consider. Just click on
any one of the links and you'll get a pop up page with an image and
details about what the software program will do and what kind of
system resources you need on your computer. We hope these links are
helpful. All prices are discounted to save you money too.

Reviewing the Reviewers

Home Design Software
The reviews below are ranked by ConsumerSearch for credibility in
evaluating, testing and identifying this category's best products and

***** This site offers you a variety of product reviews that should
help with developing criteria for your own evaluation of the products
I’ve found.


Illustration & Rendering
Turning concept into an appealing visual representation goes a long
way in selling a project to the public. These services and software
packages help to do just that.

***** Browse through the long list of links and explore the
possibility of hiring a consultant to work with you on creating your
illustrations and renderings.

B2B > Architecture Software
 Directory > Business and Economy > Business to Business >
Architecture > Software

-------------------------------------------------- Architectural: Applications


interior design software
interior decorating software
"interior design software" ratings
cad designers residential illustration and rendering consultants
Subject: Re: decorating a baby's or child's room
From: alyxsylvr-ga on 21 Dec 2003 12:30 PST
various free CAD systems listed here w ratings

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