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Q: Keller Brothers Piano ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   3 Comments )
Subject: Keller Brothers Piano
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: jmoo14-ga
List Price: $10.00
Posted: 26 Oct 2003 20:48 PST
Expires: 25 Nov 2003 20:48 PST
Question ID: 269965
I have a Keller Brothers Piano.  I was wondering what the history of
it is and its worth.  I've searched alittle and all I've found is this

It is an upright piano; about 5 feet high at the highest part.  It's
mainly made out of a darkly stained wood; my dad believes its
mahogany.  The original keys were ivory but some have broken of and
been replaced with plastic keys.  Inside, molded on the metal that
holds the strings it says "New Improved Duplex Grand Scale", "Patent
Repeating Action", "Keller Bros", "Scranton. PA.", and carved in a
wood inside is a number "16282"  Possibly the serial number.

I would like to know the history of this piano, or maybe the company's
history and possibly a rough guess of the value of the piano.
Subject: Re: Keller Brothers Piano
Answered By: markj-ga on 25 Nov 2003 11:34 PST
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
jmoo --

Since your question is about to expire, I am going to accept your kind
offer to post the information I have found as an answer.  Although I
was able after a rather long search to find only limited information,
I am reasonably confident that there is little, if anything, else to
be found online about this company and its pianos.  On the other hand,
I am hopeful that my answer will provide some leads for you to pursue.

First, there is at least a little online evidence that implies that
"Keller Brothers" (or Bros.) was the predecessor company to a company
called "Keller & Sons."

One source states that Keller Brothers "was located in Bridgeport [CT]
and manufactured pianos from the late 1800s until around 1927":
Sweeney Piano Co.: Keller Brothers

Another source describes Keller & Sons as follows:
Pianos and player-pianos of admirable character which were founded in
l902 by the late Henry Keller. In the summer of 1916 the industry was
purchased by Wilfred Piano Co. and the already excellent quality of
the pianos and player-pianos have been fully sustained."
Blue Book of Pianos: Keller & Sons

A third source lists two individual piano-makers named Keller in its
database of piano manufacturers -- George Keller and Henry Keller --
along with "Keller Bros":
Piano World: How Old Is My Piano (scroll down to the "Ks" in the "Brand" window:

None of this sparse information proves anything about the actual
history of the piano makers associated with the Keller name.  However,
it does lead me to speculate that Keller Bros., probably making pianos
from around 1890 to 1927, and Keller & Sons, probably making pianos
from around 1902 to 1916, were related companies, and that information
about one may lead to information about the other.

Now, about your piano.

First, here is a link to a Web page that includes listings (with
pictures) of two upright pianos manufactured by Keller Brothers and
Keller & Sons, respectively:
Ragland Piano Company

One or both of these pianos might resemble yours closely enough to
provide you with a good clue as to the value of your (unrestored)
piano, and it probably would be worthwhile for you to contact that
piano seller for further information.  Here is its contact
information, as listed on its Web site:

Ragland Piano Company
314 Main Street
Texarkana, TX 75501
(903) 791-1758

A lead for information on the age of your piano may be found at this
linked Web page (also cited above):
Piano World: How Old Is My Piano?

Finally, here is a site where you can purchase information described as follows:
"If you are interested in the history of a particular piano
manufacturer, from the various out of print historical books printed
before 1930, buy this service. We will research the piano brand for
you and give you the details. We have collected various historical
references that are not available in bookstores and will research one
piano brand for you per $10."
D&R Masters: Piano Brand History Research

Unfortunately, the site's searchable database of manufacturers
includes "Keller & Sons" but not "Keller Brothers."  Again, to the
extent that there is a possibility that the two companies are related,
information about the former might lead to information about the

One final bit of information.  I noted above that Keller & Sons was
apparently sold in 1916 to another company, Wifred Piano Co. 
According to the information currently posted on the "Blue Book of
Pianos" Web site, Wilfred Piano Co. may still be in business at a New
York address. However,  I have not been able to confirm that, and I
suspect that this quote may but from an old reference source:

Instruments of beautiful tone quality and fine craftsmanship
manufactured by the Wilfred Piano Co., 156th St. and Whitlock Ave.,
New York. The company consists [of] experts in the various departments
of fine piano manufacture. The industry was established in 1913 and
has grown steadily. The player-piano actions are manufactured in the
company's factory as are also the piano cases. Wilfred pianos and
player-pianos are the products of skilled artisans, and the members of
the company take personal pride in the creations of their energies."
Blue Book of Pianos

Some information on Wilfred Piano Co. is also apparently in the
database maintained by D&R Masters (cited above) and may be purchased
for $10:
D&R Masters: Piano Brand History Research

Search Strategy:

I used a wide variety of Google searches in an attempt to zero in on,
and confirm, information relevant to your question.  Here are just a
few examples:

"keller bros OR brothers" piano OR pianos

"keller & son OR sons" piano OR pianos

"george keller" piano OR pianos

"wilfred piano"

I would have liked to provide you with more complete information, but,
after trying very hard to find it, I don't think it exists online. 
However, I am confident that the information I have found will give
you some leads for direct contact with some sources that may be
knowledgeable about your interesting old piano.  Good luck!

If any of the information is unclear, please ask for clarification
before rating this answer.

jmoo14-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
Good answer for such a hard subject to find info about.  Thanks again markj.

Subject: Re: Keller Brothers Piano
From: markj-ga on 27 Oct 2003 06:25 PST
jmoo14 --

I have been unable to find information on the Keller Brothers company
beyond that in the site you found yourself.  However, here is a
summary of what I did find:

1.  A listing (with a picture) of one Keller Brothers upright -- in
need of restoration -- for sale online for $300.

2.  A few references to pianos manufactured during the same time
period by another company with Keller in its name, but unfortunately
no information on whether that company is related to Keller Brothers. 
One of these upright pianos -- with a mahogany case -- is also offered
for sale online.  This company was reportedly sold to a New York
company in 1916.  I have found no further information about the buyer.

Since you are primarily interested in the history of Keller Brothers,
which I have not found, I am posting this sparse information as a
comment, not an answer.

If another researcher cannot find more information or fill in the
blanks of my research, I would be happy to post as an answer the links
and search strategy related to what I have found.  At least the Keller
Brothers piano for-sale listing might be of some use to you, although
the value of old pianos obviously depends greatly on their condition.


, as well as a site that offers to research the date of manufacture of
pianos of listed manufacturers
Subject: Re: Keller Brothers Piano
From: jmoo14-ga on 27 Oct 2003 06:50 PST
Thank you markj,
Ya, I'm mainly wondering about the history of the company.

If nobody else is able to find more info on the History of Keller
Brothers Pianos in a week I will accept your answer.  It may help me
in finding more info.

Thanks again,
Subject: Re: Keller Brothers Piano
From: markj-ga on 30 Nov 2003 15:44 PST
jmoo14 -- 

And thank you for the kind words and the five-star rating.


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