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Q: Minimal invasive spinal surgeons in USA ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: Minimal invasive spinal surgeons in USA
Category: Health > Medicine
Asked by: konny-ga
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Posted: 05 Nov 2003 13:54 PST
Expires: 05 Dec 2003 13:54 PST
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Since 15 years I have herniated disk and back pain.
I need information:
I need names of the top 5 surgeons in USA in that field(PLEASE NO
how many surgeries have they perform and the success rate for each
So far I have information from America's Top Doctors book(A Castle
Connolly guide) and some Google web sides, such as minimal invasive
spinal surgery.
Subject: Re: Minimal invasive spinal surgeons in USA
Answered By: leader-ga on 07 Nov 2003 09:46 PST
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hello konny-ga:

It was a pleasure to answer your question. I decided to answer this
question because I have answered two detailed question related to your
inquiry. Here are the links for your review:

From your question, we may safely assume that you are looking for the
top five surgeons in the United States that perform minimal invasive
surgeries. I must honestly state that finding the perfect solution for
your inquiry was a little awkward because there is no published list
of top five surgeons in neither this field nor any kind of ranking
that I know covers this field which only started in 90?s.

So here what I did. I searched various organizations related to
minimal invasive surgery endoscopic surgery, spinal, microsurgery,
orthopedics and neurosurgery. I looked into the bios of their
presidents and other well known officers to find out about their
involvement in the minimal invasive surgery.

I also browsed through the rankings of America?s best hospitals by US
News and searched for only the very reputable departments of each
hospital that use minimal invasive procedures. My criteria was to
select only those departments that were related to
neurosurgery/orthopedics and that fared way above the rest and than
find out if they had an area specifically devoted to minimal invasive
surgery. From there, I tried to find information about their heads of
departments to see if they fit into the top surgeons not only in the
United States but also in the world. Here are the rankings for 2003:

Lastly, I dig the internet for private clinics and centers that
specialize in the minimal invasive procedures and than verified if
their founders meet your criteria.

After extensive review, I am listing my top picks. I am also providing
the names of some runner ups and other well known doctors. Rest
assured that my top picks are considered not only the best in the
United States but also in the world. Some of them are founders of the
minimal invasive surgery and others are famous inventors and pioneers.
The good thing is that they all are actively involved in conducting
surgeries and you may get an appointment with them to review your
case. I am also listing their contact information.

I am also listing the top three university departments in the country
for minimal invasive surgery. The rankings are based on my opinion and
were judged on the basis of rankings by the US News and the facilities
for the minimal invasive surgery.

You said that you have a Castle Connolly guide for the best doctors;
there are other important guides where you may verify the credentials
of these doctors and get more information on their careers. These are:

A comprehensive website that can provide you information on the
background of a physician. You may also ask them to search for the
best doctors and hospitals for your case. There are still more
facilities available from this service.


This guide lists the best doctors in the United States. It is a useful
guide similar to Castle Connolly guides.

Other well known websites for surgeon?s background include:

Health Grades

Health Reports

Physician Background Check

I am aware of the fact that I couldn?t include the success rate or any
other information for the specialists but you may find more about this
physician?s background from the above list.

Here is the list:

TOP 5 PICKS (in alphabetical order)

Dr. Dennis L. Fowler
Columbia University Department of Surgery, New York City
New York Presbyterian Hospital
Tel: 212-3050577
Fax: 212-7465774

Dr. Dennis L. Fowler was the first ever surgeon to perform the minimal
invasive surgery in laparoscopic colon resection in 1990. Since, he
has utilized many MIS techniques to operate on stomach and pancreas. 
He is known to be among the elite surgeons of his time in the minimal
invasive surgeries. Accordingly, he was chosen to set up the minimal
invasive centers for the prestigious Columbia Presbyterian Medical
Center and New York Weill Cornel Medical Center. Infect, he is
regarded as the prominent leaders who introduced the minimal invasive
techniques in the Eastern United States.

More Info & Bio:

Articles mentioning the surgeon:
An Interview:

Dr. Namir KatKhouda
USC Department of Surgery, Los Angeles
Tel: (323) 442-5709 (Appointments)

Dr. Namir Katkhouda is among the founders of minimal invasive surgery.
He was the first surgeon to operate on laparoscopic ulcer operations.
He is also among the few surgeons who experimented with the MIS
techniques in the early 80?s. Dr. Katkhouda not only has written over
120 peer review articles on the advance methods of MIS but also taught
these to the other well known surgeons.

More Info & Bio:

Articles mentioning the surgeon:
(Please click on the name of the surgeon to learn more)


Dr. Joseph Maroon
University of Pittsburg University Hospital, Pittsburg
Tel: 412-647-3604 or 888-234-2357
Fax: 412-647-3605

Dr. Joseph Maroon practices at University of Pittsburgh University
Hospital. He is considered to be the foremost experts in the nation
for minimally invasive endoscopic surgery. He has operated on more
than 1000 pituitary tumor cases, alone. Dr. Maroon is also the
inventor of the Impact Technique for athletes that are now widely used
in the professional NHL, NBA and other sports authorities. He is also
regarded as the America?s best neurosurgeons by the ?America?s Best

More Information & Bio:


Dr. John Puskas
Emory University Hospital, Atlanta
Tel: 404-6862513 (Appointment phone)

Dr. John Puskas is associated with the Emory University Hospital. He
has been well known all over the United States for his expertise in
the minimal invasive techniques.
Dr. Puskas was the very first surgeon in the world to perform the
minimal invasive off pump cardiac surgery and is among only the five
specialists in the world. His off pump surgical methods have proved to
be more effective and cost efficient than the typical open heart
surgery. Dr. Puskas has invented new techniques for the minimal
invasive surgeries but is famous for his commercialize novel cardiac
inventions known as Puska?s technology. His company, Innovative
Cardiac Technologies has patents and trademarks associated with his

More Information & Bio:

Articles mentioning the surgeon:

Dr. Subramanian
Lenox Hill, New York City
Tel: 212-434-3000
Fax: 212-434-2166

Dr. Subramanian is currently the director of Department of Surgery at
the Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. He is considered as the
standard for doctors in the minimal invasive techniques. He not only
was the very first of the doctors to use the MIS procedures for
cardiac surgeries but is known for the invention of many techniques
associated with minimal invasive surgeries throughout the nation. He
is also the co-founder of the robotic heart surgery in the United

He is named as one of the best doctors in New York by the New Yorker
magazine and currently presides over International society of
minimally invasive cardiac surgery.

More Information & Bio:


WORTH NOTICING (not in any particular order)
** Information may be limited

Dr. James Fonger
Tel: 212-434-3000
Fax: 212-434-2166

Dr. James Fonger does private practice with the Lenox Hill Cardiac
Surgery Group. He has been involved with the minimal invasive cardiac
surgery techniques since its inception in 1994. He has lectured all
over the world about the use of high tech equipment used in the modern
surgery. He has also been consulting the top physicians in the world
to use sponges and other tools for by-pass surgeries.

More Information & Bio:

Articles mentioning the Surgeon: oam_winter99/hearts.html


Dr. John C. Chiu
Tel: 805-375-7900

Dr. John C. Chiu is the director of California Center for Minimally
invasive spinal surgery as well as the founder of the American Academy
of minimal invasive spinal surgery and medicine.  He is one of the
leading surgeons in the nation for his expertise in Spinal, Endscopic
and robotic type of spinal techniques. Dr. Chiu is actively involved
in groundbreaking projects related to MIS and is a well known lecturer
on this topic, throughout the world.

More Info & Bio:

Dr. Ronald A. Hinder
Tel: (904) 953-2000 (Hospital)

Dr. Hinder is the director of one of the most prestigious medical
institution in the world, the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville. He presides
over the minimal invasive surgeries and is considered the pioneer of
laparoscopic heartburn surgery.

Articles mentioning the surgeon:

Edward. H. Phillips
Tel: Phone: 1-800-CEDARS-1 (233-2771) (Hospital)

Dr. Phillips is a renowned surgeon for endoscopic and minimal invasive
surgeries. He is the director of Cedar Sinai medical center and was
the first to perform therapeutic micro-endoscopy of the mammary ducts.
He is the inventor of nine techniques of modern surgery and is the
author of many books.

More Information & Bio:

OTHER WELL KNOWN PHYSICIANS (not in any particular order)

Morris E. Franklin Junior

Adrian E. Park

W. Stephen Eubanks


Mayo Clinic  ? Minimal Invasive

Cleveland Clinic ? Minimal Invasive Center

New York Presbyterian Hospital

Useful Search Criteria

?best US hospitals?
?best US doctors?
?physician background check? 

I hope this will help. Please clarify, if you are not satisfied. I
will be obliged to serve your needs.


Request for Answer Clarification by konny-ga on 07 Nov 2003 15:18 PST
Overall a greit effort.
Please,put more emphases on the specific question- BEST MINIMAL
INVASIVE SPINAL SURGEONS,and not in general.
Also,any hint how to find specific information- how many operations
and mortality rate?
I will appreciate your extra effort in answering my specific questions.

Clarification of Answer by leader-ga on 07 Nov 2003 16:24 PST
Thanks, I will get back to you on this part.


Clarification of Answer by leader-ga on 09 Nov 2003 08:39 PST
Hello Konny:

After doing another extensive research, I have been able to locate two
surgeons that specialize in the spinal disorders and have been
instrumental in operating and developing minimal invasive techniques
for spinal operations.

These are:

Dr. Hae-Dong Jho
Jho Institute
e-mail :
Tel : (412) 359-6110
Fax : (412) 359-8339

Dr. Hae-Dong Jho completed his initial degree in South Korea and than
moved to the United States for further research opportunities. Since,
he has been instrumental in devising many well known treatment methods
for brain and spinal minimal invasive surgeries. His current interests
involve developing new techniques for pain free MIS endoscopic brain
and spine surgeries. He not only has vast experience in these fields
but has also invented functional spinal surgery where the anatomy of
body is as much preserved as possible, using the MIS technique. Infect
the famous Olympic wrestler and WWE star Kurt Angle has been
successfully operated by Dr. Hae-Dong Jho by using his less intensive
pain free methods of MIS. After the operation of Kurt Angle, many
other WWE stars such as Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Brooklyn Brawler
underwent surgeries with Dr. Hae-Dong Jho that put them back in the
WWE spotlight.

For more information, please visit:
Also see:

Dr. Richard D. Fessler
The University of Chicago Hospitals
Tel: (773) 702-9385
Fax: (773) 702-3518

Dr. Richard D. Fessler is not only listed in the ?Best Doctors? list
frequently but is also regarded as one of the best in Mid-West. He is
probably one of the most experienced surgeons for MIS spinal surgeries
in the United States.  He was the first physician in the United States
to perform a human embryonic spinal cord transplant and is the
inventor of many endoscopic methods for the MIS. He is also the
founder of famous ?Institute of spine care? in Chicago.
For more information, please visit

Other surgeons worth consulting:

Dr. Noam Y. Stadlan

Dr. Jeffery C. Wang
UCLA Comprehensive Spine Center

I am working on second part of your question. I will get back to you.


Request for Answer Clarification by konny-ga on 09 Nov 2003 09:21 PST
Thanks,this is excellent information!
I  will appreciate your input about the second part

Request for Answer Clarification by konny-ga on 13 Nov 2003 18:55 PST
Please,I will appreciate the last answer clarification- way to find #
of surgeries and mortality rate

Clarification of Answer by leader-ga on 14 Nov 2003 07:46 PST
Hello Konny:

First of all, I would like to thank you for your patience. Actually, I
regret to leave any answer that is not fully answered according to the
client?s expectations. In rare cases, it gets very difficult to locate
the exact information.

I was always aware of the clarification request posted by you and kept
on looking for the information but couldn?t find a source. I also
consulted some of my cousins who are experienced doctors but they
couldn?t direct me to the source of such information. Most doctors and
surgeons think that it may not be a viable solution to provide
mortality rates by individual doctors because the mortality rates
depends upon complications of a procedure and some other factors.

According to NHS Magazine, Dr. James Monro of the president of the
Society of Cardiothoracic Surgeons of UK says, ?I welcome the spirit
of openness, but I think it?s far more relevant to publish results for
each unit rather than for individuals. Every unit has a range of
surgeons with different levels of experience and specialties, so
overall you achieve a reasonably comparable figure.
"But it can?t possibly be fair to compare the mortality rates of a
cardiac surgeon working in a pioneering area with those of a surgeon
working in an established area. Moreover, there is a real danger that
some surgeons will shy away from higher-risk procedures they perceive
could detrimentally affect their rating - the onset of so called
?defensive medicine?." MORE INFO

I know that you may be disappointed by my clarification but I tried my
best and the only results that I was getting were the physician?s
background checks that didn?t include the mortality rate.  Although,
you may check a hospital mortality rate and number of surgeries for
different specialties at:

Please clarify if you need further clarification. Since I couldn?t
meet your expectations, feel free to give rating as you consider

I sincerely apologize.


Clarification of Answer by leader-ga on 14 Nov 2003 16:41 PST
Thanks Konny for the generous tip and rating. I am highly obliged and
wish you a very good luck.
konny-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $20.00
Greit effort!

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