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Q: Site Review (another opinion wanted) ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   1 Comment )
Subject: Site Review (another opinion wanted)
Category: Computers > Internet
Asked by: headsetsdotcom-ga
List Price: $25.00
Posted: 13 Nov 2003 09:28 PST
Expires: 13 Dec 2003 09:28 PST
Question ID: 275492
We've got a new web site almost ready to go live. We're
and the site sells, you've guessed it, headsets.  I want someone to
review the site from a "user perspective" and give me feedback.  Our
typical user is a person in a business buying headset/s for themselves
or for others.  Sometimes they know what they want, sometimes they
don't. I'd like to get three different reviewers to go through common
tasks and explain whether it was easy or hard.  I'll happily pay for
THREE reviews, so i've posted this three times (if it will allow me).
CLARIFICATION; we're want to get feedback from a USERS viewpoint
rather than a Web designers or techincal viewpoint. One thing, the
search will not work until we actually go live, so it will be of no
help to you. Fortuantely we have alternate ways to find what you are
looking for. Please report any bad links, broken images, missing
prices, etc.
So without further ado, please follow this link:
"". This will set a cookie that
keeps you in the "new site". Then click on the link
"". This will take you to the "new" homepage. Please
tell us your first impressions; things that stick out or draw your
eye, things that you think are missing or things you didn't think
belonged on a site that sold headsets. Then I would like you to go
perform 5 common tasks that our users face:
1. All you know is that headsets let you talk on the phone hands-free.
Where would you go to find a headset right for you?
2. Return to the homepage. OK, now find a headset for your Nokia 8000
Series phone.
3. Return to the homepage. OK, your company has an AT&T Definity
multi-line phone system. How much is the corded headset and wireless
headset that will work with it?
4. Return to the homepage. OK, you saw the Plantronics Encore Binaural
Headset (H101) in our catalog and want to buy it, but you want to know
what "Binaural" means. Where would you look? (remember you do not have
the luxury of the search)
5. And finally, how would you find out how much we charge for shipping
and what our return policy is.
Thanks for your time.
Subject: Re: Site Review (another opinion wanted)
Answered By: clouseau-ga on 13 Nov 2003 11:24 PST
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hello headsetsdotcom,

Thank you for your question. Its my pleasure to preview and comment on
the usability of your new site.

I arrived at your homepage and had the initial impression the page was
busy. Some of the type appeared to be rendered as images rather than
type and was less than totally crisp on my monitor. For
example:"Hassle-Free Shopping" had this touch of blur to it as does
all of those light blue headings. The same with the address and phone
reversed out line at the bottom of the page.

I run my monitor at a reasonably high resolution ( above the 800x 600
I understand is the average) and most pages display as I would like
and in a readable manner with my browser font choices set to "Medium".
It is a rare occurence that I wish to change that setting for any
individual page or site, but I felt I might in this case and attempted
to make the change to "Larger". It had no effect on the page so I am
assuming your font sizes are hard coded to the page. It made reading
your pages require just a bit more effort on my part than I would I
liked, but not unusable.

It caught my eye that 60 Day Money Back Guaruntee (sic) is misspelled.
Same with 100% Satisfaction Guaruntee.

"1. All you know is that headsets let you talk on the phone
hands-free. Where would you go to find a headset right for you?"

Personally, if I were looking for products to purchase at your page, I
would first be looking for the type of product. For this reason, I
would have preferred that Corded Headsets, Wireless Headsets, Cellular
Headsets and Computer Headsets stood out a little more as that is what
I personally would be looking for first to begin to narrow my search.
Even though they appear twice in close proximity on the Home Page,
both reversed out on the page header and below that under "Are You
Looking For...", neither one jumped out at me and I had to look and
read before these headings became obvious. It might just be the small
type size on my monitor.

In previous searches at other sites for these types of products, I
found myself looking for some of the following and often just
inserting keywords to search:


I might also look at the above mentioned categories to see if you
offered options I was not already familiar with. I would most likely
check both corded and cordless sets for my home office setup to see if
cordless fit into my established budget even though my assumption
would be that corded would be both sufficent for my needs and more

Clicking "Corded Systems" here, I noticed that "Click here to view our
complete systems" appeared to have an extra space between the m and s
in "systems". There are a number of spots that the type seems to lay
out with "apparent" added spacing.

I did like the feature that as I browsed through products I was able
to see your current stock levels. I also like that highlighted words
linked to a glossary of terms, but again, I wished I could make the
type larger on this page and was unable to. I was also unable to
return to the previous page here with "backspace" and would have
preferred that to closing this new page. Since I use a tabbed broswer,
it came up as a new tab. I "assume" that it is a popup window when
using Internet Explorer, but in a tabbed browser appears as a new tab
rather than a popup.

Feeling just a bit overwhelmned with all the corded systems choices
and not wanting to read all the details of each and compare, I decided
to try your wizard. I thought including questions such as "wearing
eyeglasses" and "headset unfriendly hairstyle" were excellent and
unexpected additions to help qualify my needs. However, I also decided
early on I would run this wizard twice to see the differences between
selecting yes and no for working away from my desk. Perhaps a choice
here that would show both results would be a nice addition as I might
have decided to purchase something I was not expecting to find by
selecting "no" to this question. As expected, checking yes or no on
this question brought up very different results to this wizard. Since
there were only 3 results to each, a results page with all 6 choices
would not have been overwhelming.

"2. Return to the homepage. OK, now find a headset for your Nokia 8000
Series phone."

I immediately seached fo "Nokia 8000" in the search box and was
brought to a results page with no hits on your site, but 19 on other
sites. I would not have clicked on any of these.

I returned to the home page again and now clicked on cellular sets. I
saw the highlighted Nokia in the body of the paragraph and clicked
there. But now, at the results page I encountered confusion! Where the
first displayed hit (of 5) showed:

Plantronics M133-N1 Cellular Headset (For use with Nokia 3300/8000 series) 

The second showed:

MX153-N1 Cellular Headset for NokiaŽ 3300/6500/8200/8300/8800 Series
and 3590 phones

Does this mean that this second set will work with an 8000 since it
lists 8200, 8300, 8800 or does it mean that it will not since 8000 is
not specifically listed? In the case of the first listed set, would
that work with a Nokia 8260, for example, since 8000 series is listed,
or since 8200 series is NOT listed for that model is it excluded? I
was unsure and it would have caused me to pause in making a decision
which models I could use with my 8000 series and which I could not.

I went back to the Wizard, selected Nokia 8000 and other choices and
this time the reults brought up only ONE model, further confusing me
if there was more than one choice for my model phone or not!

"3. Return to the homepage. OK, your company has an AT&T Definity
multi-line phone system. How much is the corded headset and wireless
headset that will work with it?"

This time I thought I would try by phone system since I was looking
for BOTH a corded and cordless and did not wish to do two separate
searches. I clicked on Lucent/Avaya/AT&T and wondered if these were
all the same or if somehow they had been grouped accidentally.
Although I did not expect this to show up, I saw the following

" Lucent/Avaya/AT&T Partner/Definity:

If you are looking for a corded headset, best results are achieved
with the Plantronics M12 Vista Amplifier combined with any H-series
Headset. If you can't be tied to your desk, and need a wireless
system, we recommend the Plantronics CS50, unless you use a Definity
phone system. For Definity phone systems needing a wireless solution,
we advise the Plantronics Avaya LKA10."

I was actually expecting a long listing of systems from these three
phone system suppliers and then to look for Difinity once I arrived
I clicked your recommendation for corded headset, but was brought to
the M-12 amplifier at $99.95 and now would have to go select a headset
to go with this amplifierto complete the package. I would have liked
an obvious link to headset selections to go with this amplifier from
this page, but did not find one. I backspaced, then slected the
hyperlonked H Series Headset link and now had 24 choices to go through
before I could make a decision and price the corded option for the

The wireless solution for his phone was much easier to find by
clicking the recommended link and arriving at the Plantronics Avaya
LKA10 Wireless Headset System at $349.95.

I attempted to use the Wizard for finding a corded version for the
Difinity and decided there was too much to answer and aborted that
search method. Using the search box for "Difinity" only brought up the
wireless solution. I thought finding a corded setup was a bit mnore
difficult than I would have liked to see.

"4. Return to the homepage. OK, you saw the Plantronics Encore
Binaural Headset (H101) in our catalog and want to buy it, but you
want to know what "Binaural" means. Where would you look? (remember
you do not have the luxury of the search)"

This actually turned out to be where I expected to find it on my first
try. I clicked "Buyer's Guide" and found the "Glossary" listed right
away on the drop down menu. I must confess I was looking for Glossary
first and only decided to click "Buyer's Guide" when "Glossary" was
not an obvious option.

"5. And finally, how would you find out how much we charge for
shipping and what our return policy is."

I first looked under "About" and did not find it here. It
was the most intuitive spot for me to check first. Of course, browsing
the home page further showed me the left hand menu items including
"Free 3 Day Shipping" which brought me to a better understanding of
your shipping policies, and then to return policies. However, here I
had what I felt appeared to be choices that were either redundant or
should have been grouped.

100% Satisfaction
60 Day Money-Back Gurantee
Free Return Shiiping

All seem to address "parts" of your return and satisfaction policy. I
was surprised where some of these brought me when clicking on them.

"100% Satisfaction" brought up that page as well as notes on 110% Price Protection

"Free Return Shipping" brought up info on the 60 day money-back guarantee

"60 Day Money-Back Gurantee" brought me to the same page as 100% Satisfaction.

"12 Month Reurn or Exchange" brought me to the same page as Freee
Return Shipping. This same page is also linked under "Customer
Service" as "Returns". Committment is linked to the same page as 100%

I thought these pages could have been combined and then menu structure
for discovering all the aspects of your policies made less confusing
and redundant.

Search Strategy:


I trust my research has provided you with valuable feedback on your
new site. If anything requires further explanation or research or
evaluation, please do post a Request for Clarification prior to rating
the answer and closing the question and I will be pleased to assist


headsetsdotcom-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $5.00
Great answer, you kept me informed on your thought process as you went
through the tasks, which is more important to me that if you answered

Subject: Re: Site Review (another opinion wanted)
From: clouseau-ga on 17 Nov 2003 12:18 PST
My pleasure.

Thanks you for the rating and tip!

Best regards,


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