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Q: business ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   1 Comment )
Subject: business
Category: Business and Money > Consulting
Asked by: trinary-ga
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Posted: 15 Nov 2003 11:34 PST
Expires: 15 Dec 2003 11:34 PST
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Can you list 5 "jobs" people would like to do themselves but they are
either too complicated or too expensive?

Request for Question Clarification by omniscientbeing-ga on 15 Nov 2003 11:59 PST
Can you clarify by what you mean as a job? For instance, does writing
a novel qualify as a "job" to you?

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Clarification of Question by trinary-ga on 15 Nov 2003 14:37 PST
By "job" I mean something like dry cleaning, a job you need done but
until recently you could not do it at home because the process is too
complicated for a non-professional.
Subject: Re: business
Answered By: omniscientbeing-ga on 15 Nov 2003 18:25 PST
Rated:5 out of 5 stars

Although in general I concur with feilong-ga?s Comment that
?complicated? and ?expensive? are relative terms, below I will outline
for you five job types (or businesses) that are relatively
commonplace, but that most people can?t or tend not to do themselves.

1) Carpet cleaning:

This is something that most people have done through a professional
services such as this one: ,

but that a small percentage of people do themselves using commercially
available cleaning products.

2) Car Oil Changes:

Although some people definitely do this themselves, and it isn?t
really complicated, I think a lot of people prefer to have it done
because it?s messy, or perhaps they?re not sure of exactly how to do
it. Here?s a link to the Automotive Oil Change Association?s website:

3) Computer/Software Troubleshooting:

Certainly this type of work can actually be complicated to the point
of needing specially trained technical help, but many times computer
users (especially new ones) will call for pricy technical assistance
when the solution is as simple as restarting Windows, or flipping a
power switch ON, or reinstalling a software application. There is a
certain mystique that computers are complicated, and this stigma
probably is responsible for many people resorting to technical help

The next link is to an article entitled, "How to Get Going In the
Computer Troubleshooting Business," by Joe Ley: 

4) Stock/Bond/Mutual Fund Trading:

Although on-line stock trading is popular and easy to do (and the
?professional? track record is not much better than the average
performance of the standard industry benchmarks such as the DOW and
the S&P 500, there are still many more people who pay large fees to
have professionals handle their trades and trading/investment
decisions for them. 

5)  Personal Fitness Training

For all but the most serious workout buffs, it?s probably not really
necessary to have a personal trainer, but many people do. It may be
the psychological affect of having someone spur you on, and of having
an appointment to keep which spurs them to keep up the regular workout
activity. Nevertheless, most people could probably conduct their
personal fitness and; regular exercise sufficiently without
highly-paid fitness consultants.

The following site offers a collection of links relevant to the fitness industry: 

Also, I agree that your suggestion of dry-cleaning fits into this list.

Google search strategy:


?carpet cleaning?:

?oil changes?:

?computer/software troubleshooting?:

"computer troubleshooting business":

?online investing?:

?personal fitness industry?:

?physical fitness industry?:

I hope this list is appropriate to what you had in mind. If not,
please request Clarification to this Answer and I?ll do my best to add
what you require.

Good luck with your project!


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Request for Answer Clarification by trinary-ga on 16 Nov 2003 06:16 PST
What I am looking for are "jobs" that have not yet been addressed by
the market in a simplifying way.  For example, your number 5 has been
addressed by home  videos coupled with 800 numbers to talk to a
personal trainer for free. Oil changes at home are too expensive
relative to what it costs to get it done at a Quick Lube. Here is a
recent example: to get your teeth whitened you had to go to the
dentist (complicated) and pay a lot of money. Crest introduced
whitening stips and Colgate whitening paste that you buy at the drug
store; simple to use and 1/10 the cost. Perhaps another is the
University of Phoneix degree on line or a Concord Law Degree on line.

Request for Answer Clarification by trinary-ga on 16 Nov 2003 08:43 PST
Complicated and expensive as defined by the largest potential market of consumers.

Clarification of Answer by omniscientbeing-ga on 16 Nov 2003 10:03 PST

Here's a few more such jobs:

1) Home Aquarium (i.e. fish tank) Installation

This is something that is relatively simple, but that many people have
installed if it is a sizable tank (40 gallons+). Also, particularly
with businesses such as doctor and dentists' offices who have
decorative fish tanks, they have a service contract to maintain them.
This really is something that they could do themselves with a better
"preparation/maintenance kit" that explains the processes, instead of
simply buying parts and having someone else set them up for you.
Aquarium kits that are easy to set up and maintain would definitely
have a market.

2)Pet care:

There are still a lot of things people bring their dogs and cats to
the Vet for that they'd like to be able to handle over-the-counter. In
other words, once you know your pet has been diagnosed with a certain
condition, it shouldn't really be necessary to take it to the vet just
to get medicine for the known ailment. More home pet remedies treating
common ailments would find a market.

3) Landscaping/Fertigation/Plant Care:

There?s definitely a market for more simplified landscaping care that
obviates the need for regular gardeners and professional care. In
other words, with the right systems, lawn and landscape care could be
automated, and people would purchase these automated systems to care
for their landscapes if they were simple to use and worked.

Google search strategy:

?home aquarium setup maintenance?:

?pet care?:

?home landscaping?:

Hope this helps.


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Request for Answer Clarification by trinary-ga on 16 Nov 2003 15:24 PST
I like the pet care and landscaping categories. Thanks. Art

Clarification of Answer by omniscientbeing-ga on 16 Nov 2003 22:33 PST

Thank you very much! Glad I could help.

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Subject: Re: business
From: feilong-ga on 15 Nov 2003 11:58 PST
I'm not sure but there probably is no right or wrong answer to the
question. Something being "too complicated" or "too expensive" usually
depends on a person's viewpoint. What is too complicated or too
expensive for one may be too easy or too cheap for another and vice
versa. Otherwise, if all people have the same viewpoint, nobody will
ever do the things that are too complicated or too expensive.

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