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Q: Shivering when im mad ( Answered,   2 Comments )
Subject: Shivering when im mad
Category: Health > Alternative
Asked by: secretadmirer-ga
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Posted: 18 Nov 2003 14:04 PST
Expires: 18 Dec 2003 14:04 PST
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I'm so depressed about this thing :(
When i'm mad... My body (hands, legs..etc) start shivering and i feel
that i cant talk or move... Its not about being scared from who is
infront of me.. Its just that i cant move my body.. And my body starts
to shiver.. Hmm... Is it because of masturbation?! What exactly.. Why
do i shiver a lot when i'm so mad?
Subject: Re: Shivering when im mad
Answered By: byrd-ga on 19 Nov 2003 15:50 PST
Dear Secretadmirer,

First of all, do understand you are not alone and the symptoms you 
experience when you get mad are very common.  Many people share your 
same reaction to the emotion of anger, i.e. weakness and shaking or 
shivering. Yes, there is a cause for it, and no, it doesn?t have 
anything to do with masturbation, which, by the way, is also a normal 
and very widespread activity.  You mentioned your confusion because 
you?re not necessarily afraid of the person you?re angry with.  That 
comment shows you?re aware that fear can cause these physical 
reactions.  Well, so can anger.

One of the first things that happens when you experience the feeling 
of anger is that your brain stimulates the adrenal glands, which sit on 
top of your kidneys, to release adrenaline.  That in turn signals the 
body to release fatty sugars, increasing your blood sugar ? all this 
to make energy available to the body.  This is the classic ?fight or 
flight? response to stress, and anger is one trigger of this type of 
response, along with fear or a perception of danger.  Ever been 
startled, and then surprised to find yourself weak and shaky a few 
moments later?  That?s another example of this type of this same type 
of physical response.  In the case of anger, it?s just stronger.  But 
what happens when you don?t actually have to flee or fight is that the 
blood sugar that rose so rapidly falls just as fast, and that, combined 
with the leftover, unused adrenaline in your system, is what causes 
the shakes and weakness.  The more angry you are and/or the longer you 
stay angry, the more pronounced the reaction will be.


Here are links to some general information about it:

?The physiology of anger is the same as it is for several other 
emotions;  a state of heightened arousal of the nervous system causes 
a rush of adrenalin that increases the heart rate and makes blood 
vessels contract.  This results in such physical reactions as dry 
mouth, pounding heart, dizziness, feeling faint, shaking, cold hands, 
red face, headaches, stomachaches, fatigue, crying, or simply feeling 
a tremendous need to release bottled-up energy in some way.  ?

?During an outburst of anger, heart rate goes up to 180 beats per 
minute or even higher compared to the regular heart rate averaging 
about 80. The blood pressure too goes up, 220 to 130 or even higher, 
compared to normal readings of 120 to 80. Other harmful physical and 
chemical changes take place. Body uses up sugar extremely fast 
creating a sugar deficiency. As a result an angry person shakes in 

Here?s a good article on the physiology of stress (including anger):

This excerpt from ?Anger: The Misunderstood Emotion? by Carol Tavri 
has a very good description of the many ways in which anger manifests 
itself not only in your emotions, but your body:

And this site also has some good information on the physiology of 
anger.  It says, in part, ?...A lot of energy is used by your body 
when you are angry. You might find yourself shaking.?


Here are a few other, more scientific, explanations of what?s going on 
with your body that are having the effect of making you weak and shaky 
when you?re mad:

This fascinating account of an experiment on determinants of emotion 
with young college-age men also talks about the effects of adrenaline 
causing shakes.  ?...subjects were given an adrenaline injection and 
warned of the ?side effects? of the drug (hand shake, heart pounding, 
dry mouth, etc.)...?

This site is promoting a certain type of medical treatment, but it 
does have some good information.  After giving a very thorough 
explanation of the steps involved in the ?fight or flight? response, 
it goes on to say that ?This paragraph is the most important in this pay attention: If during these stressful events, the 
Emotional Brain or Limbic System is involved (we feel fear, anger, 
resentment, etc.), it then sends a message to the Brain Stem to 
maintain the Stress Response ....?

If you want to get even more technical about it, many studies say that 
the adrenal glands actually release ?noradrenaline? (also called ?
norepinephrine?) in response to anger, and ?adrenaline? (also called ?
epinephrine?) in response to fear.  Their action on the body is 
somewhat different.  Here?s a chart comparing the physical responses 
of each:

More information here: 
html ,
and here (scroll to bottom):


Of course, anger is a normal human emotion, and nothing will stop you 
from experiencing it altogether, but seeing that this response 
distresses you, you might like to know that many people have, through 
some sort of anger management training, learned to control their 
reactions to anger, including physical reactions.  It?s not as easy as 
just willing yourself not to feel angry, but with the right knowledge, 
techniques and determination, it IS possible to actually reduce the 
frequency of your anger, as well as it?s negative effects.

Here are links to some sites that give information on anger management.

This one is about playing golf, of all things, but it has not only 
some excellent descriptions of the effects, including physical, of 
anger, but also very good suggestions on getting a handle on it: http:/

A pretty good and comprehensive article on controlling anger:

?The Anger Toolkit:?

This article by Dr. Joseph Mercola is entitled, ?How to Get Rid of 
Your Anger:?

This site gives an approach to managing anger from a Buddhist 


But anger managment?s not all about psychological techniques and 
mental attitudes.  Believe it or not, what you eat can play a role.  
Here?re a couple of interesting discussions about the relationship 
between diet and anger:

This article by Dr. Joseph Mercola is entitled, ?How to Get Rid of 
Your Anger,? and has a variety of suggestions, including dietary 

This site recommends eating fatty foods to sooth anger:

This ayurvedic(East Indian) site has some unusual suggestions for 
dealing with anger.  I can?t endorse any of them, of course, but it 
might be worthwhile to check a few of them out:

Interesting article: ?Chew Your Anger ... Away:?


And finally, to address your concerns about masturbation, here are a 
few links to some serious articles on the subject issue that, together 
with the information given above, will hopefully lay your fears to 
rest about any negative connection between masturbation and your 
physical response to anger.

?Masturbation? (statistics):
More statistics:
?Masturbation Throughout History:?
?Facts of Life: Masturbation Questions:?
?Masturbation From All Points of View:?


I do hope the information provided adequately addresses your concerns, 
and provides you with a good understanding of the actual causes and 
mechanics of your individual reaction to the emotion of anger, as well 
as reassurance that you are entirely normal in that regard.  Please do 
use the ?Request Clarification? feature to ask if you don?t understand 
something, or if anything isn?t clear, so I can be sure you?re happy 
with this answer and have received what you were looking for.

Best regards,

Search terms used:
anger shivering OR shaking
?physiology of anger?
anger symptoms shaking adrenaline "blood sugar"
adrenaline noradrenaline
?fight or flight?
anger physical response OR reaction
anger management
anger diet
anger effect diet OR food OR eat ?buspar
masturbation statistics OR studies (*Note: If you use this search, 
click on ?Preferences? and turn on site filtering to get really 
relevant information and not just a lot of objectionable sites.)
Subject: Re: Shivering when im mad
From: pinkfreud-ga on 18 Nov 2003 14:14 PST
I think everyone reacts somewhat differently to the frustration of
unexpressed anger. When I am angry, I tend to burst into tears. This
is very embarrassing, and I wish I could change it, but it's just the
way my body deals with rage.
Subject: Re: Shivering when im mad
From: punzel-ga on 18 Nov 2003 15:33 PST
hi.  you don't say how old you are, but there's a possibility this is
something you'll outgrow with more maturity, or that you can use
positive thoughts and visualization to change the way you are
reacting.   adrenalin surges when we are mad or scared - the "fight or
flight" reaction.  adrenal reactions probably cannot be changed, being
physiological, but you can take steps to control anger and your
reactions to it.  here's a link that might give you some more info. 
for now, don't be too hard on yourself - everybody reacts differently
to the world around us.  good luck.

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