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Q: Retain XP Settings with autonomous agent ( Answered 4 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: Retain XP Settings with autonomous agent
Category: Computers > Software
Asked by: anon2me2-ga
List Price: $10.00
Posted: 16 Jun 2002 22:34 PDT
Expires: 16 Jul 2002 22:34 PDT
Question ID: 27751
I've got a there any software that I can download that
uses some type of autonomous agent to make tasks simpler for
in for the agent to know what settings I prefer. Or how do I make windows XP
retain the settings that I prefer. i.e. a maximized windows explorer
and keep the size that I set for internet explorer. Thanks!
Subject: Re: Retain XP Settings with autonomous agent
Answered By: cjs2u-ga on 16 Jun 2002 23:20 PDT
Rated:4 out of 5 stars
Hi anon,
I may watch SciFi this Saturday to see who you're talking about in
your other question.
Now about this one:
There are definitely programs to let you do things like that.
I went to CNET to find them.


I did a search for "settings" and looked through the many pages of
results. The best possible one seems to be Size Me 1.0, which lets
you, quote "change the size of your browser window to a selected
resolution. It works even if the choosen resolution is greater than
the present system configuration". I don't know if it keeps settings,
or works for Windows Explorer as well.

But please read on - there are many options, and I am not speaking out
of experience on which is best (Sorry! Can't test them all!).

I also found Xteq X-Setup 6.1, which claims, quote
"allows you to change settings that are normally hidden deeply in some
configuration files such as the Registry, quickly and easily (see

Using this utility, you can hide and show Start Menu items, system
icons, and individual drives; tweak the behavior and appearance of
Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, Internet Information Server, and
Netscape; change the Active Desktop Tool Tips; add folder and context
menu commands; and more. There are hundreds of tweaks for the Windows
9x/Me/NT/2000 operating systems. This tool is recommended for power
users, gamers, system administrators, and anyone looking to maximize
their performance and speed.

A few of the latest features include Office 97 and Office 2000 tweaks;
Internet Explorer tweaks; video card tweaks for popular boards such as
the Riva TNT/TNT2/128/GeForce 256 series, Voodoo Banshee series, and
ATi Rage series; security options and tweaks; major performance-boost
tweaks; and extensive customization abilities."

Xteq X-Setup 6.1 at

I also found Windows Configurator 0.6, which, quote
"is an ultimate registry tweaker. You can define your own tweaks in
'Tweaks.ini' file. Currently there are 154 tweaks entered. You can
personalize Start Menu appearance, disable Control Panel entries,
configure desktop, restrict network settings, change system values,
change system hints, hide drives, disable Internet Explorer options,
change Windows Explorer options. Additionally you can change system
icons, edit & delete 'Add/Remove' entries, disable items from 'New'
menu. Interface is available in 13 languages."

Windows Configurator 0.6 at

I also found Fresh UI 2.6, which, quote,
"is the fresh solution for configuring and optimizing Windows. Loaded
with hundreds of useful hidden settings in Windows, this free software
covers the customizing and optimizing technique that you'll be glad to
know, such as: customize Windows User Interface (UI), tweaking hidden
settings, optimize system settings, optimize hardware settings,
customize Windows application settings and control user environment
with policies. Fresh UI is organized by section for easy navigation
and completed with detail description for easy reference."

Fresh UI 2.6 at

I also found MagicTweak 1.86, which, quote,
"is a special program designed to optimize and personalize Microsoft
Windows. This unique software makes it easy to tweak hundreds of
hidden settings in Windows, so there is no need to dig through the
registry looking for that specific setting (from Start Menu,Desktop,IE
skin,System Icon to System Security) that just doesn't seem to be
there. With the ability to cutomize almost any aspect of Windows, you
can become a Windows expert almost instantly."

MagicTweak 1.86 at

I also found Internet Organizer Pro 2.1, which, quote,
is a multi-functional utility for Internet Explorer 4.x or later.
While the program is mostly intended to provide greater control over
privacy, there are other features that'll enhance your Web browsing as
well. For example, Internet Organizer Pro makes it easy to manage the
cookies that are placed on your computer. It displays all cookies and
lets you add the unwanted files to a blacklist. Meanwhile, the program
also allows you to repair your Start Page by having you define a
'fixed' URL. This eliminates a pesky problem of Web sites redirecting
you without your permission. Other features include the handy 'pop-up
killer'. Like the cookie manager, you can select an open page
(including pop-ups) and manually filter unwanted windows.

"Internet Organizer Pro will also read your current Favorites folder.
This feature enables you to easily clean up favorite shortcuts that
wear out their welcome. Finally, Internet Organizer can automatically
disable security warning messages and input forms. You can quickly
close all IE windows, which is a great feature to use whenever you
suffer a 'pop-up attack'. A new feature is the Cache option. It's very
easy to clean your Temporary files, Autocomplete Urls, Temp files,
History and much more. Also the possibility to clean the (selecetd)
items each x minutes. Internet Organizer Pro resides in the system
tray and can optionally load whenever Windows starts up. Settings may
be saved and exported, and even protected by a password."

Internet Organizer Pro 2.1 at

It sounds like Internet Organizer Pro 2.1 is good for maintaining
privacy and anonymity. On that note, check out Evidence Terminator on

Evidence Terminator at

I also found Matrix Control 1.0, which is, quote
"a special utility to configure and personalize Windows 98/98SE looks
and feels. Using easy to use graphical user interface you can
configure hundreds of Windows 98 hidden settings, from the Start Menu,
Desktop, Accessories, Windows Explorer, to Internet Explorer. This is
something that you cannot do on the regular operations."

I think Matrix Control 1.0 costs money after a demo period.

Matrix Control 1.0 at

I also found Secure IE Interface 1.0, which is, quote,
"a modified GUI into Internet Explorer Web browser. That does not
require you to use the IEAK, policies etc... to configure GUI options.
We have really simplied the interface as you will see when you
download it. Features include: the ability to set the users default
home page via a command line option. The utility classifies Web sites
as internal or external. External navigation can be disabled if you
only want users browsing your Intranet. The utility checks every piece
of data that is downloaded and has some basic definitions of what is
safe and what is not safe. Any data that is an EXE, CMD or BAT is
concidered not safe. You can enable or disable the downloading of
unsafe data. Remember that this utility still uses the same Internet
Explorer engine that you have installed on your system. This means
that proxy settings, security settings, etc... that are now hidden are
still being used, they are just not available to the user. If
required, you can configure all Internet Explorer settings using
standard techniques such as policies or by running the original IE

Secure IE Interface 1.0 - Kiosk 1.0 is meant for letting other people
use your Web Browser without modifying settings, but it might be good
for locking window size.

Secure IE Interface 1.0 - Kiosk 1.0 at

These are all found at CNET's, which is a software
directory for many different Operating Systems. You can do searches
for words like "settings", "window sizes", "internet explorer", like I

Reference site:



Request for Answer Clarification by anon2me2-ga on 16 Jun 2002 23:34 PDT
when I meant retain the setting...I meant through the operating
system. The problem is that "AOL Instant Messenger", "Internet
Explorer", "Windows Explorer", etc. doesn't seem to stay at the same
position or size that I leave it once I reboot. And also since I'm
using a laptop, I need to retain the settings to keep my display
stretched...I need to retain my settings and for some reason the OS
won't. Is there a way through the OS to retain the settings?

I appreciate your help.

Clarification of Answer by cjs2u-ga on 16 Jun 2002 23:47 PDT
Hey anon,

I bet one of those programs tweaks the Operating System itself,
through the Registry.

For example:

Xteq X-Setup says it changes settings, which are stored in the
Registry. I believe if you change something in the Registry, it stays
when you reboot.

Also, Windows Configurator 0.6 says it can modify 154 options through
the Registry, therefore they should stick when you reboot. I don't
know exactly what those options are, but see the description and/or
download it.

Also, Magic Tweak 1.86 says it personalizes Windows via Registry
settings. It customizes "almost any aspect of Windows" that you can't
find easily. Using the Registry means it should stay after reboots.

I am confident that one of those programs will do it. Thanks for
responding, by the way.

anon2me2-ga rated this answer:4 out of 5 stars
These programs were helpful, research was simple not hard, more
complex research could've been better.

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