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Q: What Do Computer Newbies Ask You? ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: What Do Computer Newbies Ask You?
Category: Computers
Asked by: jumbali-ga
List Price: $20.00
Posted: 06 Dec 2003 00:37 PST
Expires: 05 Jan 2004 00:37 PST
Question ID: 284073
Yo computer experts!

I'm compiling a guide that lists (and answers) some of the best
questions that computer newbies ask (or should ask). We're talking
about everything computer related, like: "How do I copy and paste? How
do I set the default page for my browser?"

Put together your best list and I'll award to the most inciteful and
extensive list you come up with.

Request for Question Clarification by scriptor-ga on 06 Dec 2003 05:10 PST
Dear jumbali,

Unfortunately, Google Answers does not work this way.; e.g. the
various Researchers will not post their answers (or in this case:
lists) for you to choose from the one you like best. Please keep in
mind that all the others would remain unpaid for the work they have
done, and thus I find it hard to imagine that many of my colleagues
will post any lists of frequently asked questions by computer newbies
here. Maybe you would like to re-phrase your question so one
Researcher alone could answer it?


Clarification of Question by jumbali-ga on 06 Dec 2003 10:10 PST
I'm confused. This is my second time using Answers, so I may be
off-base. If I were to ask any other type of question, couldn't two
researchers simultaneously be compiling information and post them back
at nearly the same time. Is this any different than the what I'm

I'm not even sure how I could rephrase the question. Please offer
suggestions. I wouldn't even mind paying multiple researchers if the
responses were well thought out.
Subject: Re: What Do Computer Newbies Ask You?
Answered By: mvguy-ga on 06 Dec 2003 10:25 PST
Rated:5 out of 5 stars

The basic answer is that only one Researcher answers a question at a
time. Sometimes other Researchers add comments for free, but Google
Answers isn't set up so that a questioner can pick the best response
among several or combine the work of several Researches and divide the

What I've tried to do (and I started this before your clarification
above, so I hope I'm not being too presumptuous in proceeding) is
provide you with 100 questions. I ended up with a few more (22,
actually) in case some of them aren't exactly what you're looking for.
That is almost certainly more questions than you would have received
if Researchers were posting their suggestions without assurance that
their work would be picked and they would be paid.

If this answer isn't sufficient, you are free to reject it and get a
refund. Or if you think you got a good response for what you're paying
(I certainly have aimed to do that) but still want some more questions
for your list, you can ask a new question and say that you would like
some more questions for your list that weren't included here.

Anyway, here's my list:

-- What is the difference between a Windows computer and a Macintosh?
And what's Linux anyway?
-- What does it mean when they say a computer is 1.5 GHz?  How much
difference does the speed make?
-- How much memory do I need?  And what does RAM mean anyway?
-- Some computers come without a floppy drive. Do I need one?  And what's a floppy?
-- What's a modem? Does it make a difference what kind of modem the computer has?
-- Is there a difference between brands?
-- Is an LCD monitor worth the extra bucks?
-- What's the difference between CD-R and CD-RW and all that kind of stuff?
-- Can I play CDs on my computer?
-- What is USB?
-- Is it worth the extra money to buy a laptop?
-- I've been told I need a network card. What's a network card?
-- What should I do if I spill a drink on my computer?
-- I turn on my computer and it isn't starting up at all or not
starting correctly. Where do I go for help?
-- My CD is stuck in the drive. How do I get it out?
-- Do I need a surge protector?

-- What's an operating system?
-- I heard that Linux if free. How do I get it?  Should I?
-- Do I have to buy an operating system, or does it come with the computer?
-- Why do I keep on getting all these messages about security holes?
-- What's a patch?
-- I just bought a new game. How do I get it in my computer?
-- What do they mean by minimum system requirements?
-- What does it mean for a computer to hibernate?
-- Is it OK to just turn off the computer when I'm through?
-- If I'm going to be away for an hour or so, is it better to turn the
computer off or leave it running?
-- Is there somewhere I can go on the computer to find out the answers
to questions I may have?
-- When I turn on to my computer, it asks for a password. What if I forget it?
-- How do I delete things I don't want?
-- Is it true that when I delete things they're still there? What if I
want to delete something I really don't want anyone else to ever see?
-- I deleted something and now I want it back. Is there a way to do that?
-- I've heard I can make something called an emergency startup disk,
so that if all of a sudden my computer won't start up I can do
something about it. How does this work?
-- Can I save money by using the same operating system for more than one computer?
-- How do I back up my important work? How do I retrieve it?
-- I don't like the picture that's on the screen when I turn on the
computer. How do I change it?
-- How do I make a new directory (folder)?
-- I don't like the colors used for backgrounds and that sort of
thing. How do I change them?
-- How do I get my work from the office onto my home computer and vice versa?
-- How do I make it so that I can easily start programs without having
to go through several menus?
-- How do I update programs? If I update a program, do I have to
delete the old one first? And what happens to all the work I've done
with the old version?
-- How do I delete programs?
-- I talked to technical support, and they told me they need a screen
shot. How do I get one?
-- How do I make a window fill up the full screen? How do I make it smaller?
-- How do I switch between my word processor and my e-mail program? Do
I have to shut one down first before I start the other?
-- How do I set up a different screensaver?
-- How do I make a copy of a file?
-- How do I change the name of a file?

INTERNET BASICS (and see e-mail below)
-- Which is best, dial-up or cable or DSL?
-- What do I need to connect my computer to the Internet?
-- Should I go with AOL or with some company I've never heard of to
get my Internet service?
-- Do I need a different Internet account for each computer? If not,
how do I make it so that more than one computer can be on the Internet
at the same time?
-- What is a browser?
-- What is a URL?
-- I saw an Internet address in the newspaper. How do I get to it?
-- How do I find a web site about widgets?
-- How do I make it so my kids can't get to porn sites?
-- When I enter a search term in Google, other people can see all the
terms I've been looking for. How do I keep this from happening?
-- What's a cookie? Is it true they can use cookies to invade my privacy?
-- How do I keep all those ads from popping up all over my screen?
-- What is a firewall? Is it true that if I don't have one that
malicious people can start using my computer to do nefarious things?
-- A web site says I need to have Java. What's Java? How do I get it?
-- What's a plug-in?
-- Sometimes when I go to a web site I get an error message, or it
just doesn't show up. Why? Can I do anything about it?
-- I've heard you can download free programs. How do you do this? How
do you find them?
-- What's freeware? What's shareware? What's adware? What's
open-source software? Is free software any good?
-- Is it safe to use my credit card over the Internet?
-- I don't like the page that shows up when I start the browser. Is
there a way to change it?
-- Is there a way I can go back to the same places over and over again
without having to type in their addresses?
-- I want my own Internet page. How do I do it?
-- What is instant messaging? How do I get it?
-- What's the difference between the World Wide Web and the Internet?
-- How can I listen to radio stations on the Internet? Watch TV?

-- How do I get an e-mail address?
-- What's the best program for doing e-mail?
-- I have a friend I haven't seen in a while. How can I find his/her
e-mail address?
-- Can I reply to an e-mail without having to type in that person's
e-mail address again?
-- How do I keep from getting so much junk mail?
-- I wrote something in a word processor. How do I get it into my e-mail program?
-- How do I include photographs in my e-mail?
-- Sometimes I get e-mail that has pretty backgrounds. How can I do that?
-- If I send a letter to someone by mistake, is there a way I can get it back?
-- Why do so many people care about the size of my penis?
-- How can I get my e-mail when I'm on vacation and don't have my computer with me?
-- Is there an easy way to make it so I don't have to remember
everybody's e-mail address?
-- If somebody writes to a bunch of people including me, how can I
respond to just one person instead of everybody?
-- What's a virus? What's a worm?  How can I get from getting them via e-mail?
-- I need to send a copy of a file to my boss? How do I do that?
-- I received a mail that says it has an attachment. What's that? What
do I do with it?

-- How do I cut and paste?
-- How do I make it so I can find files when I need them?
-- I wrote a letter to Aunt Mabel about widgets, and now I can't find
where I put it. Is there a way that I can find it?
-- How do I check for spelling errors?
-- How do I check for grammar errors?
-- How do I change margins?
-- How do I change the color of the type?
-- How do I change the size of the type?
-- How do I use a different type of lettering?
-- How can I use my computer to balance my checking account? Do my
income taxes? Keep track of my schedule?
-- How do I print envelopes?
-- Is there a way of deleting a whole paragraph without having to
backspace over all those words?
-- How can I shift paragraphs around without having to retype them?
-- I have type do something in a foreign language. How do I type
accents and umlauts?
-- How do I undo changes I made?
-- Is there I way I can make a program save my work automatically in case I forget?
-- My computer crashed and now when I open up the file I was working
on it my last hour of work is gone! Is there anything I can do about
-- A work associate sent me something called an Excel file. How do I
open it on my computer?

-- The package says I need a certain kind of video card. What's a
video card, and how do I know if I have one?
-- This game runs so slow. Is there I way I can make it run faster?
-- This game recommends a certain kind of audio. How do I know if I
have it? If I don't, will the game still run?

-- How do I get software out of the box and onto my computer?
-- If I buy software for a Macintosh, will it work on a Windows computer?
-- My new computer has Windows XP, and this software says it's for
Windows Me. Will it still work?
-- Is there any difference between software I buy at the store and
software I download on the Internet?
-- Is it OK to borrow my friends' software and load it onto my computer?

-- How do I download music?
-- How can I send a message to a cell phone?
-- I have something that's called a zip file or a compressed archive.
How do I make it work?
-- How do I get pictures off my camera and into my computer?
-- What's the best virus protection program? Do I need one?
-- How can I record music?
-- How can I record my own voice?
-- I have a handheld organizer. How do I back it up on my computer?


Most of the questions above came out of my head. I'm one of those
people who has been playing with computers for years, and I've been
using e-mail since before there was even an AOL. OK, I'm a bit geeky.
But I have been asked lots and lots of questions, and I've
participated in discussions and online forums where there are plenty
more questions, so I'm pretty familiar with what people want to know.

The few questions I didn't pull out of head (probably fewer than 10 of
them) I gleaned by browsing through the following pages and sites:

Internet Beginner Guides

Beginners Central

FAQS, Help and Tutorials,_Help,_and_Tutorials/
There's lots of stuff here!

Computer Help A to Z

I hope this list meets your expectations and that you find it useful.

Best wishes,

jumbali-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $5.00
Excellent. Just what I'm looking for. This gets me going in the right direction!

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