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Q: Spring trip to NYC--inc John Stewart, baseball game, and Broadway show ( Answered,   1 Comment )
Subject: Spring trip to NYC--inc John Stewart, baseball game, and Broadway show
Category: Sports and Recreation > Travel
Asked by: dickens-ga
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Posted: 07 Dec 2003 07:34 PST
Expires: 06 Jan 2004 07:34 PST
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I would love to present my husband with a Christmas gift for a trip to
NYC this spring.  There are 3 activities that I would like to have
included:  1) Tickets to a John Stewart Daily show taping 2) Tickets
to a Yankees/Braves baseball game (training ok) and 3) Tickets to a
popular Broadway show.

I'd like to stay in a 3-4 star hotel in the city.  Travel dates can be
anytime in the spring (March-May) and I'd like to stay in NYC 5 days.
We'd be travelling round trip from San Antonio, TX.  We've also got to
coordinate a drop off and pick up of our 11 month old (does not need
her own seat on plane) with the grandparents in Spartanburg SC (drop
off could be done the day before travelling on to NYC, and we'd like
to stay in Spartanburg one day after returning). So, we're looking at
about a one week trip all together.  I'd like to avoid red eye
flights--but, layovers are fine.

I have no idea where to begin to coordinate all this or what it's
going to cost!  Obviously, this is a tall order--but, I am price
conscious--and want to get the very best deal possible.  Would be
ready to put a down payment on a credit card asap with a travel agency
who offered a good deal--and, if possible, would appreciate being able
to make payments up to travel time.

Is this trip possible???
Thanks for your help, Jennifer

Request for Question Clarification by silviares-ga on 07 Dec 2003 20:32 PST
Hello Dickens-ga 

it is so special that you thought of such a gift for your husband!
I think that such a trip is definitely possible and with a little help
you should be able to plan for it since you have a pretty broad time
frame for your vacation. I would be happy to help you. I looked a
little around and I think you should be able to purchase the tickets
you want through the internet. I can point you to the web site to book
and buy those tickets. Also you could use the web to plan your air
travel and hotel (many travel web site now offer air and hotel
packages with a broad range of Hotel choices). The stopover in 
Spartanburg also should not be a problem. What I need to understand is
if you are seeking for a concierge or travel agent kind of service
(that will provide you the entire package at a cost) or if you are
seeking for help in finding and booking the tickets/air/hotel by
yourself (in which case the planning would be probably more economical
and I think still quite simple if you have time and access to
internet). Let me know so that I can help you either way.
As an example I can point you to some web site where you can find
information on how to buy tickets for the events you are seeking

For John Stewart Daily show

For the Yankees

For a Broadway show (you will have to enter the dates of your preference)

This are just examples on how we can plan it with the help of the web
and without an agent but let me know your preference.


Clarification of Question by dickens-ga on 08 Dec 2003 07:26 PST
Thanks for the websites!  I am looking to do this most
economically--so, if that means myself v an agency, I'll do it.  Will
have time later this afternoon to check for overlapping dates for jon
Stewart, b-ball, and show.

Clarification of Question by dickens-ga on 08 Dec 2003 09:38 PST
Checked out Yankees stadium website.  There is a tentatively scheduled
at home training game for March 9, 2004 with the Braves.  I called the
ticket office--schedule wil be finalized in 1-2 weeks.  They
recommended not making travel arrangements till then.  I'll start
checking on Daily Show tickets and broadway shows that week. 
PS--Average ticket cost for baseball game is $10-95 a piece.  I'll
wait to get an idea of other expenses before deciding on quality of

Request for Question Clarification by silviares-ga on 08 Dec 2003 10:04 PST
Hello Dickens-ga

I agree that making the arrangements on your own is the most economic solution.
I also agree that the Yankees tickets are probably the less flexible
constraint so you are right in finalizing that first and then plan
your trip around that.
Are the three pointer I gave you for game/show tickets enough or do
you need more help for that ? Would you like me to point you to web
site where you can book your air travel and hotel ? Would that be a
satisfactory answer to your question ? Or would you like to wait until
you get the show/game tickets and I could help you then ? Let me know
what would be the best course of action and remain assured that I will
keep helping you until you have this trip all planned


Request for Question Clarification by silviares-ga on 09 Dec 2003 13:13 PST
Hi dickens-ga

I see that the editors have removed the posting with your personal information.
Anyway I had time to read it and I called the line for the Jon Stewart
Daily show. I was going to give your name and address to have the
tickets mailed to you when they told me that they already called you
back and that you already got the tickets. Well done !
So for the web sites for air and hotel I would start with
If you click on the "flight" tab you can select multiple destination
and so accomodate also for your stopover in Spartanburg.
You can also book the hotel here. I checked and both the Hotels you
mention are very well rated and in central locations but I suggest
that you take a look at all the hotels that Travelocity will suggest
in case you find something cheaper. They have details on the
accomodation and also a map so you can see exactly where the hotel is.
Travelocity also as a feature to book air + hotel and they claim that
you can save money that way (155$ on average) maybe you can check also
that by choosing the "vacation" tab at the top.

Another site you can visit is they have the same kind
of features but I have found it to "usually" be more expensive but
that could not be the case for your trip, it's worth trying.

You can also check and , all this
sites work pretty much the same, let me know if you need more help


Clarification of Question by dickens-ga on 09 Dec 2003 18:38 PST
hi again!  Yes, after multiple phone calls I finally got through to
Jon Stewart.  The next available show was not until Apr 16.  I went
ahead and booked--though, this means no Yankee/Braves game.  I'm going
to go back to the drawing board to see if there's any way  to still
get to a game with these 2 teams and a Jon Stewart show.  I can always
cancel the Jon Stewart tickets, or try to get through again and
request tickets for a later date.  Thanks again!  Will do some
research tonite.

Request for Question Clarification by silviares-ga on 10 Dec 2003 10:03 PST

the lady at the Jon Stewart ticket office told me that she had tickets
for March 16th (you say April 16th in your post). She also said that
you could call the Friday before to see if some tickets were freed up.
If you cannot find another suitable date you could still go the week
of the Yankees/Braves game and call the Friday before for the Jon
Stewart tickets. She seemed to be confident that there was a good
possibility for some ticket to be available the Friday before.
Anyway let me know your progress and if you need more help.


Request for Question Clarification by leader-ga on 13 Dec 2003 07:16 PST

I was just curious to see, if you need furhter help. Siliviares-ga
provided excellent information. As, I have worked in the travel
industry, I wanted to try my luck in booking the flights, hotels and
anything else. Let me know. If you think that you have enough
information, disregard this message.


Clarification of Question by dickens-ga on 15 Dec 2003 11:58 PST
My current plan is to wait for the final baseball schedule schedule to
be out--i've talked with a friend who says my husband would most enjoy
a Mets/Braves game at Yankee stadium--and, if scheduled far enough in
advance, I'd still be able to possibly book tickets for Jon Stewart. 
I think I've got enough info on website info--if further info on the
least expensive way or days to purchase airline tickets and the best
location in town to book a hotel are available--this may be all the
rest of the help I need.  Everything, currently is hinging on the
final baseball game schedule--which, I'm told should be finalized this
month soon.  Thanks.
Subject: Re: Spring trip to NYC--inc John Stewart, baseball game, and Broadway show
Answered By: silviares-ga on 16 Dec 2003 10:46 PST
Hi dickens-ga 

I see that the Yankee Stadium web site has a tentative schedule for
both Regular Season and Spring Training so hopefully you will be able
to finalize your travel plans soon.

Now for the location of the hotel.
I looked at the address of the The Daily Show studios, they are
located at 513 West 54th Street. Also most of the Broadway theaters
are from 40th St to the low 50th. Being that the Yankee Stadium is
outside Manhattan I would suggest that you find a Hotel near the
theaters and shows location. That is the area that they call Midtown.
As an example I did a travel search for you through Travelocity
including air and hotel and it came up with a list of Hotels. Many of
them are marked as being in Midtown
If none of them should please you I think that you can also include
hotels in Downtown or Upper East side as long as they have easy access
to the subway.

As to find a cheap ticket is really not a deterministic science
unfortunately. Being that your dates will not be that flexible once
you book the baseball tickets and the shows I suggest that you check
the best rated web travel sites ( etc ) and then decide based
on the price.
You can take a look at this site that has the best 10 travel agents on
line and has a little comment on each one of them
Travelocity has an option to "search all dates for best fare", I often
use it to get an idea of when the cheapest time to travel is. However
I am not sure that it will work in your case being that you are not
really flexible with the dates. But it may still be worth trying.

Of course do not hesitate to ask for more help if needed, I will be
happy to research more information for you. I think your husband is
very lucky that you could think of such a nice and thoughtful gift


Request for Answer Clarification by dickens-ga on 19 Dec 2003 08:46 PST
Thank you Silviares-ga!  This has been a bit challenging, but, here's
where things stand now.  A good friend of my husband's told me, the
most enjoyable baseball game for my husband would actually be a
Mets/Braves game at SHEA stadium.  According to the new 2004 schedule,
the Mets play the Braves at Shea on April 12, 2004--which also happens
to be opening day--tickets are hard to come by I hear.  I've managed
to call back Jon Stewart, and have new tickets for April 8 (they do
not tape the following week).  So, looks like the dates in NY will be
April 8-Apr 12.  Baseball tickets will not go on sale till February
per the ticket office.  I am going to proceed forward, and begin to
book air/hotel, and a broadway show.  I am most anxious to know if
there are any surefire ways to obtain tickets to the game though.  Is
this something you could look into?

Clarification of Answer by silviares-ga on 19 Dec 2003 11:19 PST
Hi dickens-ga 
I have found this web site that specializes in NY baseball tickets
packages. The site is
Here is what they say:
"New York Mets Tickets & Tours sells tickets and hotel packages
for Mets Games at Shea Stadium.
Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to individuals. We've
earned the business, and the trust, of companies like Bank of America,
Hershey and Gillette. And we've helped spouses, friends, relatives and
business associates create very special memories.
Call us today at 877-280-2754

It might be worth give them a call since they might have special
arrangment to get tickets in advance.  You can also sign up for their
VIP mailing list to get email notification about ticket availability
for the event you are looking for.
I tried to use their "Tickets" capability but it doesn't work so I
think the best option is to give them a call (or send email) and see
what they can do for you.

Let me knowif this works and I will keep you informed if I see something else.

Request for Answer Clarification by dickens-ga on 19 Dec 2003 19:03 PST
Thanks for the website--unfortunately they don't list any ticket sales
for the April 12th game that I could see.

Clarification of Answer by silviares-ga on 22 Dec 2003 10:22 PST
Hi Dickens-ga

I looked at several web ticket sellers and nobody has that game in
their calendar yet. The Mets official web site does not have a
schedule for the regular season and the Braves web site only have a
"Tentative" schedule.

So I sent a couple of emails to some of the tickets sellers, one of
them is the place I suggested you to call
(, to ask if it is possible to pre
book tickets through them even though the tickets are not for sale
yet. I had no response so far but I will keep you informed on my
finding. At the same time I will keep looking.

Have a happy holiday

Request for Answer Clarification by dickens-ga on 09 Jan 2004 05:36 PST
Thanks!  We're getting close.  I'll handle the bb tickets somehow. The
last thing I need help with is flight and hotel.   Out itinerary is
flying from San Antonio to Charlotte NC to drop off daughter (at
airport) , then straight on to NYC (April 8).  Need a return April
13--NYC to Charlotte (pick up daughter at airport)--straight on to San
Antonio.  Also need reservations at a 4 star hotel keeping itinerary
in mind (airport, Jon Stewart, Shea stadium).  Thanks again.

Clarification of Answer by silviares-ga on 09 Jan 2004 13:37 PST
Hello Dickens-ga

this is kind of difficult to do here in writing but I will try to
guide you through the steps to get your flight and hotel with
First go to
I think that the best way is to do a round trip + hotel from Charlotte
- New York plus a round trip San Antonio - Charlotte (I tried multiple
destination too but it always turned out to be more expensive).

So on the travelocity page you choose "Flights" on one of the top tabs.
On the flight page you select "Round Trip" and also "Add a hotel and
save with TotalTrip"
Then you enter 
From: Charlotte To: NYC 
The dates are 
April 8th it is important that you also select the time 4PM since we
are trying to make our own connections
April 13 morning
2 adults

Then you press search
The flight that you see should be United
leaving April 8th from Charlotte 4.25PM arriving in New York (Newark) 6.13PM
returning April 13th from New York (Newark) 11:20AM arriving in Charlotte 1:11PM

Now sort the Hotels by price
The second one is Da Vinci, a 4 star hotel right in MidTown on 56th St.
The total cost including 5 nights stay, 2 roundtrip tickets and all taxes is 1039$
You can book this by pressing the select button 

Now we need to find the San Antonio - Charlotte round trip ticket.
Go back to the "Flighs" tab at the top of the page
Select "Round Trip" from San Antonio (SAT) to Charlotte.

The dates are 
April 8th morning 
April 13 evening
2 adults

The flight that might work for you is the American Airlines
leaving San Antonio on April 8th at 8:47AM arriving in Charlotte at
2:15PM (then you have until 4:25PM to drop your child and make the
Select that and then choose the return flight. 
I suggest returning on April 13th from Charlotte at 3.02PM arriving at 8.07PM
This roundtrip will cost 310$ per person.

This is an example of what you can do and I do not think you will find
better prices on the web.
If you are having any trouble or if you need more help just let me know
Subject: Re: Spring trip to NYC--inc John Stewart, baseball game, and Broadway show
From: silviares-ga on 06 Jan 2004 16:11 PST
Hi Dickens-ga

I hope your husband enjoyed the present you planned for him.
I have seen that there is now a tentative schedule for the New York
Mets on the web site but they say that the tickets will go on sale on
Feb 22nd.
However I have found more than one web site that would sell tickets
for the April 12th game but they are 400$ each (I am not sure you
planned to spend that much). In case you are interested you can check
here, otherwise we will
keep searching and see what else we can find


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