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Q: Social Manipulation (Continuation of the Saga) ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   2 Comments )
Subject: Social Manipulation (Continuation of the Saga)
Category: Science > Social Sciences
Asked by: jmswilsn-ga
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Posted: 15 Dec 2003 20:56 PST
Expires: 14 Jan 2004 20:56 PST
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The Second Part of the First Question ("Art of Lying/Cheating/Bluffing")

Researchers are asked to first familiarize themselves with the content
of the first question:

Now, this is basically a very similar subject, only now it has been
targeted to a specific, presise subject: "Manipulation."

Now to clear up the "What in the world?!" sort of thoughts, what I am
referring to is not some out-of-space alien brain control, nor the
cult brainwashing, nor the government conspiracy stuff, nor the Nazi
Germany experiments, nor the types of political regimes, nor the ESP
and psychic phenomena, nor the narcotic substance control, nor the
imrisonment and so on..

So "what in the world" ?! (Same question, different meaning now)

I'm interested in the techniques, methods, tactics, that are used by
normal (and not so normal) people to manipulate others (either
consciously, or naturally), and any sort of research, data, writing,
guide, and related information on it.

An example of this would be a good article on how persuation and the
"in door foot" phenomena works (if you do not know what I speak of,
then you should either go out for a drink, or this should tickle your
brains), and how it is used by successfull business men, leaders,
chiefs, and regular members of the society to indirectly force a sort
of control onto another person.

Same as in the first question, please do not provide me with boring
historical facts, statistical figures, experimental data that has no
conclusion, and so on. I would rather appreciate learning about how
Manipulation works and what is it that makes us fall for it (like
adaptation to a new norm, shifting of the minimums and affinity for
order when dealing with the "in door foot" explanation.)

More of the "Reasons for Passively giving into Subtle Control" than
"Studies prove that Europeans are more prone to Brainwashing than
Asians". More of "Subconscious Choice to Obey, Rather than Protest"
and less of the "Dr. Borimerg devized a narcotic that will Brainwash
the Earth!"

I'm sure you get the drift. This should be as fun for you as it will
be pleasing for me to read all of the juicy stuff you will present me
with. I look forward into reading what you have to offer, and will
either be very dissapointed (low feedback score) or highly motivated
and excited to give a generous reward (tip) and a blessing for such
wonderful help.

Thank you for your interest, dont rush, request the same question to
be reposted if you would like to provide data, but someone already
answered the question. I'm not in a hurry, time is not limited and
quality is what I value most.

Tingle my brain with your presentation (no need for a report,
remember, just links), fill me up with data and knowledge, surprize
the world by performing an outstanding job and stand up to the rank of
the best researchers on GoogleAnswers. Only with your magical skill
this can happen, only with your help can I quench the thirst for
Subject: Re: Social Manipulation (Continuation of the Saga)
Answered By: journalist-ga on 17 Dec 2003 09:46 PST
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Greetings Jmswilsn:

Thank you for your patience while I have researched your question and
thanks for asking *such* an interesting question.  I've examined
numerous resources for your perusal including only the ones I feel
have direct bearing on your request.  I have included a few links
regarding coercive persuasion and the ones I chose seemed (to me) to
offer the most comprehensive examples in relation to manipulation and
directly related to manipulative skills.


Are you someone's puppet?  4 ways people manipulate others

How people manipulate people
Begins at

Manipulate Your Visitors With Reverse Psychology [pertains to writing sales copy]

Outline format for persuasive speech

Persuasive Speech Tips

Do you want to inform or persuade? [comments on persuasive
architecture in web design]

Persuade like a pro


Persuasive Techniques used in Charity Advertising

Persuasive Techniques [list]

Analysing the persuasive techniques ? advertising techniques

Analyzing Persuasion in Media Techniques ? Common Persuasive
Techniques in Advertising

Persuasion Technology ? scenarios

Persuasive Techniques [in writing]

Can language manipulate thought?
[a message board discussion]

Common Persuasive Techniques


Power ? Negotiation and Persuasion


The Art of Persuasion [30 sales techniques]


Rhetoric  [brief examples of rhetoric used as tool of persuasion]

Rhetorical Persuasion

Rhetoric defined

Classical Rhetoric

[click on in left column] The Sophists and the Power of the Spoken Word


Utilization of "Teaching Tales" of Milton Erickson, M.D. [therapeutic persuasion]
"Milton Erickson's "teaching tales" are extraordinary examples of the
art of persuasion. These tales are not only "telling stories" but are
major elements of his therapy. They were used whenever necessary as
they were an integral part of the therapeutic structure."


Esoteric Principals of Persuasion


The Art of Persuasion [from an attorney's P.O.V.]


Introduction to Manipulation Techniques

In the left column of the site are other links.  Of special note are
"16 Tactics" at and "53
Tactics" at - also visit
"Bad Info" at


The Techniques of Coercive Persuasion [begins about 1/5 of the way down the page]
"There are seven main techniques categories that are layered,
interwoven, and overlapped into a coercive persuasion program."


The Battle for Your Mind
Persuasion & Brainwashing Techniques Being Used On The Public Today
By Dick Sutphen
"The following is an expanded version of a lecture Dick Sutphen
delivered at the World Congress of Professional Hypnotists Convention
in Las Vegas, Nevada?On numerous occasions, the information has helped
to bring public attention to the misuse of conversion tactics. Some
government agencies don't want this information generally known, for
the techniques are used in armed forces basic training. Some Christian
Fundamentalists, cults, and human-potential trainings would also
prefer that the public remain unaware of how they are recruiting new


"According to Cialdini, the majority of the thousands of different
tactics that compliance professionals use fall into six categories,
and each category is based on a psychological principle that directs
human behavior. These six principles are:
1.  Consistency. We try to justify our earlier behavior. 
2.  Reciprocity. If somebody gives us something, we try to repay in kind. 
3.  Social Proof. We try to find out what other people think is correct. 
4.  Authority. We have a deep-seated sense of duty to authority figures. 
5.  Liking. We obey people we like. 
6.  Scarcity. If we come to want something, we can be made to fear
that if we wait it will be gone. The opportunity to get it may pass.
We want to take it now - whatever is being offered, from an object to
cosmic consciousness."


A Study of the Persuasion Techniques Used by Jehovah?s Witnesses and the Watchtower
Mystical Manipulation -
Beginning with Christian revival techniques, the author offers
information/explanation of "three brain phases," "voice roll
technique," and many other conversion techniques.


Matching [mirroring a person's actions/tone to engineer trust]

Also from that site:
" Have you eve [sic] noticed how some TV-reporters use body language
during an interview? Sometimes they seem to be nodding their heads "in
agreement" with the person they are interviewing. And afterwards they
are asking a question that shows they didn't agree at all? The effect
of the nodding is that the guest feels himself at ease and keeps on
talking (especially if he didn't exercise to avoid this). "



" Pacing is basically that you go along with whatever the person is
doing at the time. You match where she is at. If she is bored, match
her boredom; if she is full of energy, be full of energy; if she is
talking slowly, talk slowly. You don't have to do exactly the same,
and often it would be unhealthy for you to do exactly the same. But
you can always match something about you with something of her's. If
you do this smoothly you will both feel that you understand each other
to a certain degree."


Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Verbal Pacing and Leading 
Examples and worksheet

Irresistible Communication, Influence and Persuasion Part 2 
Combining Advanced Language Patterns Mastery with Verbal Pacing and Leading

Please see the "exercises" page at where you will see more
exercises in manipulative skills.

[Google search results for "pacing and leading" turns up many links. 
You may view all the results at


[known] Confidence Games and Swindles ? this is a sampling from the
many results I found.  I didn't want to flood you with duplicates if
these types of links ? the researcher answering Part One of this
question may include these as well.  The following links offer
explanations of known swindles and confidence games regarding various
manipulative techniques:

The Sweetheart Swindle

Confidence Games and swindles

1996 Fraud report
Explains in detail "The Big Carrot"  "The Pigeon Drop" and "The
Utility Imposter" scenarios
Includes the FTC Top Ten Online Scams at
19 scam alerts at

House of Con Games ? Marketing Schemes
Explains Ponzi, "The Incredible Forecaster" and "All That Glitters"
confidence games

End Times Scam and Con Games
"Con artists are often attracted to spiritual and religious groups.
Here they can practice their arts under the veil of protection of the
groups, which assumes anyone associating with the group is truly
aligned with its moral principles and would help, not take advantage
of its members."

Acidics ? a site dedicated to stopping scams and confidence games

Scams and Con Games

South Australia Office of Consumer Affairs - Scams



How To Win Friends and Influence People
The Dale Carnegie Course

The Art of Persuasion
"Adopted by IBM to train its sales force, The Art of Persuasion (TAP)
teaches you how to create an effective sales presentation and the
communication skills you need to deliver it!"

Coercive Persuasion and Scientology

The "Not Me" Myth: Orwell and the Mind
By Margaret Thaler Singer Ph.D.

The Age of manipulation: The Con in Confidence, The Sin in Sincere

Get Anyone to Do Anything : And Never Feel Powerless Again:
Psychological Secrets to Predict, Control, and Influence Every
By David J. Lieberman

Covert Persuasion

In Sheep's Clothing: Dealing with Manipulative People

Book list on persuasion techniques
See also "The Psychology of Persuasion" at

"If you are looking for additional information regarding persuasion,
influence, or compliance, you may find the following links

Con Artists and Confidence Games CD-ROM from
 profiles hundreds of swindlers and swindles

Unlimited Power 
By Anthony Robbins

"sheeple" definition
"People who are meek, easily persuaded, and tend to follow the crowd "

Meanings of Meow: Cornell Researcher Seeks to Prove How Cats Manipulate People

Does Friendship Include Manipulation?


Should you require any clarification of the links or information I
have provided, please request it and I will be happy to respond. 
Also, if any of the links I presented sparked a tangent to your query,
please request further research in that area and I'll be happy to
perform additional searches.

Best regards and happy reading! 


"persuasion techniques"
"persuasion techniques" sales
"persuasion techniques" manipulation
"persuasion tactics"
"persuasive techniques"
"persuasive elocution"
"persuasion technology"
persuasive action
"power of persuasion" manipulate
"unconscious compliance"
"coercive persuasion" techniques
"master manipulator" techniques
"master manipulation"
"human manipulation" psychology
"leading and pacing"
"manipulating emotions"
"pacing and leading"
"influence and persuasion"
"manipulative techniques"
"neuro linguistic programming"
"psychology of manipulation"
"art of manipulation" 
"manipulate and control"
"manipulation and control"
how people manipulate
"art of persuasion"
"the art of persuasion"
"the art of persuasion" manipulate outcome
"the art of persuasion" language
"art of persuasion" sales
"rhetorical persuasion"
"rhetorical method" persuasion
swindles and confidence games
"confidence men"
"human manipulation" examples
"emotional manipulation" con game
jmswilsn-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $40.00
Hello journalist,

I must say, that wow, you've spent quite some time to research into
this matter. As I was going down through the links, I kept nodding to
my self, saying "yes", "yes", yes", to almost every link you have
provided. I cant wait to get started to read them all, thus I'll keep
this thank you note short and simple.

Thank you very much for your answer, you did a spectacular job! I
definately recommend you to any other people with questions that are
out there. If GoogleAnswers allows giving raises, you should be one of
the few who should get it.

Subject: Re: Social Manipulation (Continuation of the Saga)
From: journalist-ga on 18 Dec 2003 06:59 PST
Dear Jmswilsn:

Thank you for your comments, rating and extreme added generosity!  I
am delighted you are pleased with my research on this topic.  As a
former psychology major, the subject is quite fascinating to me and I
added greatly to my knowledge base in the process of answering your
question.  Thank you for the opportunity to assist you!

Best regards,

Best regards
Subject: Re: Social Manipulation (Continuation of the Saga)
From: journalist-ga on 18 Dec 2003 08:07 PST
PS - While researching for a customer on sensory branding, I just ran
across this article:

Subliminal seduction - How to turn her on ...WITHOUT touching her!

To me, it read like an article on how to manipulate women so I wanted
to add it here for your perusal.

Best regards,

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