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Q: Online sites for pricing larger research works? ( Answered 4 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: Online sites for pricing larger research works?
Category: Business and Money > Consulting
Asked by: cybaea-ga
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Posted: 19 Dec 2003 00:36 PST
Expires: 18 Jan 2004 00:36 PST
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Google Answers is a great service for asking fairly quick questions. 
However, more complex queries will always have to be broken down into
parts to support the ~1/2 day / $200 limit of the service.

Are there online services available for pricing more complex research
questions?  If so, what are they (URL) and what are their key areas

Any personal expereinces with any of these services will be a bonus....
Subject: Re: Online sites for pricing larger research works?
Answered By: serenata-ga on 19 Dec 2003 18:11 PST
Rated:4 out of 5 stars
Hi Cybaea ~

Google Answers is a terrific service!

But don't be so hasty in writing us off for complex questions
requiring in-depth research. A lot of good Researchers are available
to you right here, and the service is often astounding.

A one to two day turnaround time for some of those more complex
questions is merely a guideline. Some questions have taken as long as
a week to gather all the information and research together to produce
thorough answers.

One of my more recent questions took over four days to answer thoroughly.

Nonetheless, you asked, "Are there online services available for
pricing more complex research questions?  If so, what are they (URL)
and what are their key areas covered?"

The easy answer is "yes" there are others out there who offer research
services for a fee. Some fees are based on hours spent, others are
quoted on a "per project" basis.

Obviously, some are better than others, having access to better and
more types of resources (just like Google Answers Researchers), and
then some, I am sure, are probably less than stellar.

The list below is by no means comprehensive, but is offered more as a
representational sample of the resources out there.

General Research

1. Find SVP

   * Consumer Products & Services
   * Financial & Business Services
   * Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
   * Industrial Products & Services Manufacturing
   * Financial Management
   * Legal Research

2. Fuld & Company, Inc.

   * Financial/Business Services
   * Utilities/Energy
   * Technology
   * Telecommunications
   * Industrial/Manufacturing
   * Pharmaceuticals/Healthcare

3. In4m8n

   * discontinued products
   * service manuals for extinct electronics
   * Website analysis
   * computer problems
   * offshore manufacturers
   * product/parts vendors

4. My Fine Tooth Comb

   * product research
   * business travel or destination research
   * hobby and craft websites or projects
   * academic research
   * business research

5. Roc Search

   * Company Specific Data
   * Market Analysis
   * Hot Topics
   * Industry Information


Here are some online sites which offer services in various technology fields:

1. Acro Logic: UK online services

Offering research in:

   * Innovation topics
   * Internet topics
   * ICT topics (Information & Communication)
   * Business contingency planning and disaster recovery
   * Tele-commuting, tele-working
   * Technology, transport and the environment

2. Find SVP

   * Computers & Software
   * Electronic Components
   * Electronic Media
   * Internet & Online Services
   * Office Equipment
   * Telecommunications

Business & Industry

1. Bryant Information Group

Specializing in:

   * Medical
   * Business
   * Patent
   * Scientific
   * Pharmaceutical

2. Content Solutions, LLC

   * competitor scans
   * research current events
   * industry and company profiles
   * competitor analysis

Additional Resources

DMOZ - Open Directory Project
Business: Business Services: Consulting: Research Services

Association of Independent Information Professionals (aiip)

Search strategies

   - information services
   - information professionals
   - research services
   - independent researchers

Thank you for asking ... as you can see, there are a wide array of
individuals and businesses offering research services. Again, I'd urge
you not to underestimate the professionalism of our own Google Answers
Researchers. I may be a bit prejudiced in their favor, but some of the
finest research has been conducted right here.


Google Answers Researcher

Request for Answer Clarification by cybaea-ga on 20 Dec 2003 03:08 PST
Hi Serenata,

To your first point: Google Answers _is_ a terrific service!  I am
simply looking for ways to pay its fine researchers more money than
the $200 limit and for ways of sourcing work that doesn't really fall
within the scope of GA (e.g. the infamous 'give me a great company
name/tagline' questions).

But back to your answer.  I had a look at the first few of the links you provided.

Find SVP [which you mention twice so they must be good!] does provide
a service similar to GA in the sense that you can tap into a large
pool of researchers.  However, it does not appear to provide any
meaningful way for "pricing questions" (everything is $375 best
effort) and there is no way to rate their researchers.

Fuld appears to be a traditional research company a la Gartner,
Forrester et al with consultants available at day rates.  Not the
pricing mechanism I was looking for - I like the GA interface of "I
need X and it is worth Y to me" as opposed to the day-rate scam.  Same
for Content Solution.

In4m8n is obviously very similar to GA :-) but without the nice interface.


I guess the answer I was really looking for was something like Elance
( [which I found searching for "freelance work
market"].  The price control is reversed to Google Answers (i.e. post
your request and people will bid for the work) but it does have a
clear price control as well as a reputation system a la GA.  They
cover a vide variety of areas, including technical, business strategy,
business services, legal, writing, and design.  The Business Strategy
> Research & Analysis category seems to fit my typical needs.  See
for an example of a project (not mine!) that probably would not be
suitable for GA, even though all the information requested is probably
available on the web.

So Elance is similar to GA [the starting point for my question] in
that (i) it provides a pool of freelance people, (ii) it has a pricing
mechanism and (iii) a reputation system.  It seems a good fit to my
objectives of allowing more complex jobs to be priced.  And while
neither of us have used it personally, the rating system on the site
should provide me with some indication of the quality of the service. 
The fact that they are currently advertising and that there are active
bids underway suggests that it is an active site and not some


Maybe I didn't bid enough money (let me know if you can - I'm still
felling my way around here) but: We've got Google Answers and Elance
as the starting points, can we now create a list that is more useful
to me?

Clarification of Answer by serenata-ga on 20 Dec 2003 07:20 PST
Hi again Cybaea ~

Sometimes it is hard to discern what someone desires in answer to a
question without specifics, and I'm sorry I didn't understand what you
were asking. I took your question to literally mean "online services
available for pricing more complex research questions". That is,
research on reach, scope, etc., combined with in-depth interpretation
and analysis plus presentation of results of "complex research

I sure missed the boat and didn't realize you were asking for services
similar to Google Answers, but that's no problem!
In addition to Elance, which you already mentioned, there are some
other sites offering "Ask an Expert" services, such as:

1. Kasamba Expert Advice (question based)

   * Arts & Creative Services
   * Business Services
   * Computers & Internet
   * Health & Medicine
   * Law & Finance
   * Personal Advice
   * Science & Technology
   * Spirituality & Religion
   * Travel & Recreation

2. Ingenio (question based)

   * Accounting
   * Business
   * Career & Education
   * Computing & Internet
   * Counseling & Health
   * Diet & Fitness
   * Legal
   * Life Coaching
   * Personal Finance
   * Taxes

3. SmarterWork (a project-based service)

   * Administrative Support
   * Business Strategy
   * Graphic Design & Multimedia
   * Translation
   * Research
   * Science & Technology
   * Web Design & Development
   * Writing

4. Contracted Work (project-based)

   * Web Design & Web Designers
   * Writing & Writers
   * Administrative
   * Legal
   * Construction & Engineering
   * Software & Programmers 
   * Graphic Design & Designers
   * Business
   * Multimedia

5. All Experts (question based)

   A myriad of subjects, much the same as Google Answers

6. Get Exactly (question based)

   * Almost any kind of request/questions 

7. Intota (question based)

   * Almost any kind of request/questions

8. Keen - Your Personal Advisor

   * Psychics & Astrology
   * Love & Relationships
   * Psychics
   * Tarot Readers
   * Spiritual
   * Astrology/Horoscopes
   * Voices from Beyond
   * Pet Psychics

Additional Resources

1. Google Answers Researchers have answered a question similar to
yours about "expert services". For instance:

   * Internet research services similar to Google Answers

   * "Which "Expert Advice" Web Sites are Good at
     International Business Questions?

   * Online research service like google answers

   * Text correction service on Internet ?

   * Job Possibilities for Experts

   * Research

2. From Google Web Directory's "Ask an Expert" -

A list by category of "Ask an Expert" sites
   (Reference > Ask an Expert)

A list of "Ask An Expert" sites for a fee -
  (Reference > Ask an Expert > For a Fee


It may seem like shameless self-promotion, but over the past several
years I have worked with some of the other services and find that the
quality of service and professionalism from Google Answers Researchers
is a cut above the others.

I hope this answers your question this time. My apologies for misunderstanding.

Yours ever so,

cybaea-ga rated this answer:4 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $5.00
Noting wrong with shameless self-promotion ;-)  My apologies if the
original question was insufficiently detailed.  Thanks for all the
links; I appreciate the extra work.  Happy holidays.

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