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Subject: scholarship
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Asked by: leobeno-ga
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Posted: 19 Dec 2003 22:04 PST
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Plz how can I register for a free scholarship program that is not fraud?

Request for Question Clarification by digsalot-ga on 19 Dec 2003 22:39 PST
Are you looking for programs in a particular field of study?  I sort
through scholarship programs on a fairly regular basis and there are
virtually thousands available which are not frauds (and that is just
for history and anthropology scholarships)

Though you are right, some such programs are frauds and I post a
warning to that effect when I publish my list updates.  Scholarship
shopping is still somewhat of a buyers beware market.


Clarification of Question by leobeno-ga on 20 Dec 2003 03:55 PST
Pls, I need it for medical student and enginering (mechanical,
electrica/electronics or computer). This may be a college or
university scholarship.

Request for Question Clarification by digsalot-ga on 20 Dec 2003 05:25 PST
Do you have a particular country in mind?

Request for Question Clarification by digsalot-ga on 20 Dec 2003 05:29 PST
Also - undergrad or graduate scholarship?

Clarification of Question by leobeno-ga on 20 Dec 2003 05:30 PST
Any developed country in europe or america plz.
Subject: Re: scholarship
Answered By: digsalot-ga on 20 Dec 2003 06:16 PST
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
In that case, I will begin by providing you with a couple of the
scholarship scam warnings and links I post on my own scholarship
sections.  You are right to take great care in selecting scholarship
programs.  The problem of scholarship scams is not a small one and is
not limited only to the US.

Federal Trade Commission __ Official US Government information about
scholarship scams, how to avoid them and what to do about them if you
are caught up in one.  "Recognizing that a substantial amount of fraud
occurs in offering college education assistance, Congress passed the
College Scholarship Fraud Prevention Act of 2000. In their first
report to Congress on scholarship fraud as required by the Act, the
Federal Trade Commission and the Departments of Justice and Education
describe their efforts to combat this type of fraud."  You can read
this report. - From the Federal Trade Commission -

Ouch! Students Getting Stung Trying to Find $$$ for College __An FTC
Consumer Alert regarding scholarship 'shopping.' -

Next, I will provide the list of scholarship programs I currently work
with and recommend.  While they are heavily weighted toward
archaeology, anthropology and history, you will find a large number of
general scholarship programs included.  Each school and university
listing I provide also has contact information where you can check for
programs related directly to what you are looking for.  Don't let the
fact that I have listed mostly anthropology and history programs lead
you to thinking that is all they offer.  The various departments are
part of the institutions home page even if not on the page I have
linked to.  The pages I have linked to are strictly those dealing with
scholarship and awards programs and are 'not' the home pages.

You will find programs from the UK, Canada, Australia and the US.

One of these links will also take you to over 60,000 other available
scholarship programs.  I am familiar with this organization and they
will not lead you into any scams.  If you follow up just on what is
listed here, you should find a program to fit your needs.  You
realize, of course, that you will have to meet certain qualifications
for 'any' scholarship program.  So, there are no guarantees.  I can
point you to the programs, but qualifying for them is up to you.

All in all, the following list of scholarship programs leads to over
1.5 billion dollars in available student funding.

American Classical League __ Here is information about four different
scholarship programs from the American Classical League.  You will
find needed qualifications and downloadable applications. - From
American Classical League -

Anthropology at Monash University - Arts - Monash University __ Monash
University offers a variety of scholarships and research grants for
postgraduate and undergraduate students. - From Monash University -

Anthropology Research Guide: Grants __ A list of research grants
ranging from the Smithsonian to the L.S.B. Leakey Foundation.  You
will find website and snail mail contact lists. - From Cal. State
Fullerton -

Anthropology, University of Oklahoma __ You will find information
about undergraduate anthropology scholarships offered at University of
Oklahoma.  You may apply for the Opler Scholarship online. - From
University of Oklahoma -

Archaeological Studies Major __ The fourth link down in the left hand
list will take you to scholarship contact information.  You may learn
about other aspects of archaeological studies in this University of
Wisconsin, La Crosse department as well. - illustrated - From
University of Wisconsin, La Crosse -

Archaeology Study Abroad Graduate School: Funding __ A variety of
postgraduate scholarships are offered by University of Bristol,
including Fulbright Scholarships. - From University of Bristol -

Awards and Scholarships for History Students __ This list contains
history scholarships offered at a variety of Canadian schools. - From
Graduate Students' Committee of the Canadian Historical Association -

Biblical Archaeology Society: Scholarships __ "BAR offers travel
scholarships of $1,000 every year to a few people who would otherwise
not be able to volunteer. In 2001 three individuals benefited from the
scholarships..."  Learn how to apply and read stories of some of the
past recipients. - illustrated - From Biblical Archaeology Society -

BrockU - Department of History - Scholarships and Prizes __ This is a
list of scholarships available.  They range from "book scholarships"
to about $3000. - From Brock University, Canada -

Classics Scholarships and Prizes __ The Department of Classics at
University of Canterbury offers a variety of scholarship programs. 
You can find out about two of them here.  They are the "Alabaster
Scholarships" and "L.G. Pocock Memorial Prize in Ancient History."  -
From University of Canterbury -

College of Arts & Sciences Scholarships & Awards __ This list of
scholarships from University of Louisville includes a few for
anthropology.  Contact information is provided. - From University of
Louisville -

CSBS- Advising U __ A list of scholarships available at the College of
Social and Behavioral Sciences, Minnesota State University, Mankato. 
Contact information is included. - From Minnesota state University -

Dakota State University financial Aid Office __ Learn about the wide
range of scholarships and other funding aids at Dakota state
University.  The Average Financial Aid Award was $5830 in 2001-02 -
From Dakota State University -

Department of Anthropology - University of Alberta __ "The University
offers a number of fellowships, scholarships and bursaries ranging in
value from $2,500 to $13,000. These are described in the University
Calendar (180). Financial assistance is available from the department
on a highly competitive basis..."  Find an overview and contact
information. - From University of Alberta -

Department of History - Loyola University New Orleans __ An excellent
list of history scholarships at Loyola University, some over $12,000.
- From Loyola University -

Department of Sociology/Anthropology/Criminology Scholarships __ A
listing of anthropology scholarships available from University of
Northern Iowa. - From University of Northern Iowa -

Departmental Scholarship Opportunities __ Learn about anthropology and
social sciences scholarships at SMSU. - From Southwest Missouri State
University -

Durham: Classics and Ancient History __ "The University offers 20
University of Durham Scholarships across all subject areas. These are
worth 2,000 a year, to be deducted from the annual tuition fees." 
You will find needed qualifications and additional information. - From
University of Durham -

Edinburgh University - Graduate School of History __ Scroll down the
page to "finances" to read about scholarships and find contact
information. - From Edinburgh University. -

Entrance Scholarships Sponsored by Laurier __ You will find
scholarship information about a lot of subjects including anthropology
and history. - From Wilfrid Laurier University -
FastWeb: Free Scholarship and College Searches... __ "Find money for
college! Search 600,000 scholarships worth over $1 billion."  There is
not much I can add to that. - From FastWeb, Inc. -

FinAid! The SmartStudent Guide to Financial Aid __ Use this website to
conduct a free search for thousands of scholarships.  You can search
to see which you are qualified for, learn about military aid and
loans, and much more.  A good place to begin your financial search. -
From Mark Kantrowitz, Publisher -

Funding for Postgraduate Students in the Department __ About
postgraduate grants and scholarships at the University of Sheffield,
UK - From University of Sheffield -

Grants and Fellowships: Archaeology, Univ. of Sydney __ This is a
listing of several grants, scholarships and fellowships available at
University of Sydney, Australia - From University of Sydney -

Grants ; Scholarships, History Department, PSU __ "Scholarships,
Awards & Financial Aid for History Students at Portland State
University"  There are undergraduate as well as graduate scholarships
available. - From Portland State University -

Grants for Individuals : Anthropology __ A long list of grants,
scholarship, and other funding in anthropology.  Also at all levels
from pre-college to post doctorate.  In addition, there is scholarship
information for dozens of other subjects. - From Michigan State
University -

History Department Scholarships __ Learn about the graduate
scholarships in history at University of Akron -
Information for Students __ A list of awards and scholarships.  Scroll
down the page to reach the anthropology section. - From University of
South Alabama -

Interdisciplinary Anthropology Program Scholarships __ "Every
semester, the Akron Community Foundation presents an outstanding
Anthropology Major with a $1,000 scholarship."  You will find
requirements and contact information. - From The University of Akron -

Johnson State College / Scholarships __ This page from Johnson State
College, Vermont, lists current scholarship winners and provides
information on how to apply. - From Johnson State college -

Liaison - Web site map __ This page from Wilfrid Laurier University in
Waterloo, Ontario, lists several scholarships which include the study
areas of archaeology and anthropology. - From Wilfrid Laurier
University -

List of Anthropology Nomination Scholarships __ This list of small
anthropology scholarships is awarded to students already studying at
the University of Alberta.  You will find qualifications needed to
participate. - From University of Alberta -

The List of Financial Aid Resources __ This is a list of some
scholarships and grants maintained by the International Student
Organization.  Some are for anthropology and related subjects.  For a
more complete listing, you will need to subscribe to "The
International Spirit." - From International Student Organization -

LSU Geography & Anthropology __ Learn about a variety of undergraduate
scholarships in anthropology. - From Louisiana State University -

Mackenzie King Scholarships __ Learn about the history and activities
of this scholarship fund.  You will find access to application
information at the bottom of the home page. - From Mackenzie King
Memorial Scholarships -

Native American Scholarships __ Learn about the Native American
Scholarship Fund for Native People from the United States and Canada. 
The scholarships are for archaeological training for Native peoples. 
The information provided ends with the 2001 season but there is
contact information at the bottom of the page whereby you may obtain
additional information. - From SAA -

Old Pueblo Archaeology Classroom Scholarships __ "Old Pueblo
Archaeology Center of Tucson, a nonprofit educational resource center,
has raised funds to help economically disadvantaged students attend
our programs at reduced program rates."  Learn more about their
offerings. - From Old Pueblo Archaeology -

Oregon __ A listing of scholarships available at several Oregon
institutions.  Included are scholarships in anthropology, linguistics,
and sociology. - Adobe Reader needed - From Western Interstate
Commission for Higher Education -

Research Scholarships and Grants __ Learn about the grants and
scholarships offered by Chicago's Field Museum.  "Funds are available
in three general categories: Visiting Scholarships, Graduate Student
Fellowships, And Undergraduate Internships." - From Field Museum -

Rhodes University __ Information about postgraduate scholarships,
writing prizes and links to additional information. - From Rhodes
University -

Robert E. Pace Memorial Scholarship __ The Pace Memorial Scholarships
for anthropology are offered through Indiana State University.  You
will find an overview of the programs and contact information. - From
Indiana State University -

SASW Scholarships __ Learn about two anthropology scholarships offered
by Central Michigan University. - From Central Michigan University -

SBS Scholarships __ A listing of social science and anthropology
scholarships at Northern Arizona University - From Northern Arizona
University -

Scholarships __ The Ellis R. Kerley Forensic Sciences Foundation
scholarships are awarded to a qualified graduate level student who is
enrolled in an educational program leading to a graduate degree in
physical anthropology or forensic anthropology.  Qualifications are
listed as part of the website. - From Ellis R. Kerley Forensic
Sciences Foundation -

Scholarships __ A list of anthropology scholarships offered through
the anthropology department of University of Wyoming. - From
University of Wyoming -

Scholarships __ You will read about three scholarships offered at
Cabrillo College.  Visit the rest of their website to learn more about
their archaeological programs. - From Cabrillo College -

Scholarships __ Scholarships from the Oregon Archaeological Society :
"Each year the OAS offers funding to deserving individuals for
projects in the field of archaeology, anthropology, ethnology or
related areas."  There are two funds to compete for. - From OAS -

Scholarships - The University of Newcastle __ You will find an
assortment of undergraduate and graduate scholarships offered by The
University of Newcastle - Australia.  There are also scholarships for
international students.  While this is a general offering of
scholarships rather than just archaeology or anthropology, you will
find the topics covered. - From University of Newcastle, Australia -

Scholarships __ The url provided will take you the SMU homepage. 
Since the straight scholarship seems to expire as soon as it is
clicked away from, just scroll down to "Resources for students" to
find scholarship information. - From SMU -

Scholarships and Awards __ Here is a list of scholarships and awards
in "Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies" at Pennsylvania State
University. - From Penn State -

Scroggins Graduate History Scholarships __ "Each new student admitted
to the M.A. program in history as a Scroggins scholar in any of the
categories listed below will receive full tuition and fees for a
minimum of three and maximum of six semester-hours in graduate history
courses per semester." - From The University of Texas at Tyler

Shell Scholarships at UCL __ "A total of eight scholarships is
available each year for full-time study at graduate level leading to
taught Master's degrees from among 80 selected degree programmes
offered by University College London in the areas of applied science
and technology, including environmental sciences and economics." 
Disciplines for which scholarships are available include archaeology,
anthropology, and history. - From University College London -

Smith College Diploma in American Studies __ "Smith College offers a
one-year program for women or men of advanced undergraduate or
graduate standing leading to the Diploma in American Studies."  You
will find scholarship information, including anthropology, history,
and sociology along with requirements for admission and contact
information. - From Smith college -

St. Mary's College, Calgary, Alberta, Canada: History __ Here you will
find descriptions and requirements for several scholarships offered by
St. Mary's college.  Some have religious requirements. - From St.
Mary's College -

Think Scholarships ? Think ! - The Wenner-Gren
Foundation Scholarships in Anthropology __ "The Wenner-Gren Foundation
pursues its two major goals -- advancing basic research in
anthropology and building an international community of
anthropologists -- through several funding programs."  Announcement
and contact information. - From -,other,sch

Undergraduate Courses: Centenary Scholarships for Home and EU
Undergraduate Students __ You will find contact information for
scholarships in archaeology and history.  You need to order a
prospectus for additional information, or you may download one in PDF
format. - From University of Manchester -

University of Arkansas Anthropology: Department Information - Student
Awards __ From graduate funding to student awards, the University of
Arkansas has a variety of scholarship offerings. - From University of
Arkansas -

University of Chicago / Anthropology __ A list of grants and
scholarships for anthropology students.  Not all are for or from UC. 
Scholarships to the Smithsonian and other places are part of the
information.  You may also use the text links to access information
about scholarship offerings in other parts of the world. - From
University of Chicago -

University of Maine Honors College -- Major Scholarships, Fellowships,
& Grants __ Listing of several scholarships at the University of Maine
which include those for anthropology and the humanities. - From
University of Maine -

UMass/History: Scholarships and Prizes__ "The following scholarships
and prizes are awarded annually by the History Department."
Undergraduate and graduate.- From UMass, Amhurst -
University of Nevada, Reno :: Anthropology __ An overview of grants
and scholarships available for anthropology at the University of
Nevada, Reno.  Contact information is provided. - From University of
Nevada, Reno -

University of Toronto Scholarships and Financial Aid __ There are
several scholarships listed both under and post-graduate including one
post-grad scholarship offering a $50,000 annual stipend. - From
University of Toronto -

The University of Winnipeg History Department __ Here is a listing of
various awards and scholarships offered by the History Department at
the University of Winnipeg.  Awards range from "book" awards to
specialized requirement full scholarships. - From University of
Winnipeg -

University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, Department of History __ Listing
of scholarships and grants along with eligibility requirements for
some. - From UW, Eau Claire -

UNM Anthropology Funding - General Information __ Learn about
anthropology funding programs at University of New Mexico.  You will
find links to individual scholarships and field work grants. - From
University of New Mexico -

Uof S Department of History Undergraduate Scholarships & Awards__
Undergraduate Scholarships & Awards from the University of
Saskatchewan -

UoY: Department of Archaeology Research Awards __ Learn about
postgraduate scholarship awards at the University of York, UK. - From
University of York -

UQ - Classics and Ancient History __ About postgraduate scholarships
at University of Queensland.  You will find examples of research
topics and more - From University of Queensland -

Vacancies and Scholarships __ Keep up with current anthropology
scholarships available at Oxford University - From University of
Oxford -

Waring Scholarships __ "The Antonio Waring, Jr. Anthropology Endowment
supports the scholarships listed on this site. Students are encouraged
to apply for all scholarships for which they qualify."  The
scholarships are for those who wish to follow anthropology courses at
State University of West Georgia. - From State University of West
Georgia -

Washington __ A listing of scholarships available in several
institutions in the state of Washington.  Scholarships for
anthropology, linguistics, and sociology are included. - Adobe Reader
needed -  From Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education -

Woodson Residential Fellowships __ The Woodson Institute for
Afro-American and African Studies offers residential research
scholarship funding.  "The Woodson Institute invites scholars working
in the humanities and social sciences to apply for predoctoral
(two-year) and postdoctoral (one-year) fellowships. These residential
fellowships are designed to facilitate the completion of
dissertations/manuscripts in African American and African Studies and
related fields; preference is given to applicants whose research is
substantially completed." - From The Carter G Woodson Institute for
Afro-American and African Studies -

WWU: Anthropology Home Page __ If you have an Associate of Arts degree
from a Northwest (Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon)
community college, you may be interested in the Grabert scholarship to
new incoming community college transfers who want to major in
anthropology.  Acrobat Reader needed for parts of this site. - From
Western Washington University -

search and terms - none - I used the scholarship list and programs I
already work with.

If I may clarify anything, please ask.

Good luck with your education.


Clarification of Answer by digsalot-ga on 20 Dec 2003 07:53 PST
Correction - I stated that one of the links would lead to over
"60,000" other scholarship programs.  That should read to over
"600,000" other scholarship programs.

leobeno-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $5.00
Thanks! That was great. keep it up.

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