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Q: postnuke &phpnuke ( Answered,   4 Comments )
Subject: postnuke &phpnuke
Category: Computers > Internet
Asked by: delsuresearch-ga
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Posted: 23 Dec 2003 02:21 PST
Expires: 22 Jan 2004 02:21 PST
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I was thinking of installing on oif these on my site.
but php nuke kind of freezes my site.
I already had compliants about phpnuke.
What do u guys think of the 2.
Most things on the inetrnet most guys say postnuke is better,on the
traditional php guys say that one is better.

Request for Question Clarification by joseleon-ga on 24 Dec 2003 08:43 PST
Hello, desuresearch:
   I can post a lot of info here due my background with both scripts.
Are you interested in such info and a conclusion of which is best?


Clarification of Question by delsuresearch-ga on 27 Dec 2003 02:11 PST
Joe pls post everyuthing u got
Subject: Re: postnuke &phpnuke
Answered By: joseleon-ga on 27 Dec 2003 04:25 PST
PHPNuke vs Postnuke

The following comparison is based on my own knowledge and experience
with both systems, I have developed several communities and portals
based on both scripts and this is what I can say of them.

First, it's nice to know where Postnuke comes from:

"Postnuke is a free, open source content management system forked from
PHP-Nuke, released under the GNU General Public License. The Postnuke
project was started because some PHP-Nuke users believed that there
should be a more open development environment than PHP-Nuke had at the
time. They felt that the only way this could be done was to develop
their own fork of the PHP-Nuke project. Postnuke is now a separate
project from PHP-Nuke, sharing very little code (if any) with the
original project."

Postnuke - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

That is, Postnuke is based on PHPNuke code, so the "feeling" you get
using any of them is very similar, although the code behind the tool
has changed a lot since the initial fork. Also, you can read the
previous paragraph as:

"Postnuke is a "more open" version of PHPNuke, developed by a lot of
people around the world, while PHPNuke is being developed by a single
person (Francisco Burzi) which supervises and integrates the
contributions from other developers."

Let's start the comparison:

When I think in PHPNuke, just one word comes to my mind: "easy".
PHPNuke is easy to manage, easy to modify and easy to deploy,
althought it's not very easy to install.

In just one word, Postnuke is "professional", it has been designed by
professional nuke users and PHP developers, it's intended to develop
serious communities and it's focused in security, stability and

PHPNuke installation requires some knowledge of PHP and MySQL, while
Postnuke features an integrated installer which makes it really easy
to install.

Postnuke is more versatile than PHPNuke, that is, it allows module
developers to do more with the framework than in PHPNuke.

PHPNuke is tied to the whishes of a single person that can listen to
the community or not, Postnuke is being developed by the community
itself, so integrates many of the features needed by them.

Cleanest Code
When Francisco Burzi started to write PHPNuke, he didn't know very
much PHP, it was just like a pet project, and still there are portions
of the code that shows that beginning. Althought both scripts features
a lot of the well-known "spaguetti code", Postnuke is being cleaned up
several times to remove unused code and refactored to achieve a higher

Theme implementation
Develop themes for PostNuke or PHPNuke are almost the same, although
Postnuke features an internal system to get info about the framework
which makes easier to develop a theme.

Module implementation
It's easier to develop a module for PHPNuke, but because there are
less things you can do in a module

A said before, the Postnuke code has been modified to achieve high
performance, although this cannot be tested unless you run two very
succesful communities with lots of users

Security and bug response time
Postnuke is more secure because the code has been cleaned and bugs are
fixed sooner. There is a community behind finding and fixing bugs,
while to fix a PHPNuke bug, you need to wait until Francisco Burzi
releases an official patch.

My conclusion is that PHPNuke is the best solution for novice users
because it's easier to manage than Postnuke, but if you want to start
a serious community, and you want to be backed up by a team of
developers, I suggest you to use Postnuke, it gives you more freedom
and more power.

Please, feel free to request more info on an specific feature, I will
be happy to answer any of your requests.


Request for Answer Clarification by delsuresearch-ga on 30 Dec 2003 04:13 PST
Thanks joe,but what of the addons ,themes,and othe functionalities

Clarification of Answer by joseleon-ga on 04 Jan 2004 08:28 PST
Hello, delsuresearch:
  Regarding addons/modules, most developers make them compatible for
both environments because it's very simple to do it, althought there
are more PHPNuke modules than postnuke ones.
You can find here a lot of postnuke modules:

And here a lot of addons for PHPNuke

Regarding themes, I said on the answer, most themes are compatible or
can be made compatible between frameworks.

Regarding other functionality, I just can tell you that both systems
are the "same", I mean, they share the same functionality, both
systems are content management systems which perform very specific
functions, that is, allow you to create a community, tune it up using
modules/themes and allow you to expand functionality very easily.

If you want more specific "technical" details on any aspect, just let
me know, I will be glad to provide them.

Subject: Re: postnuke &phpnuke
From: letmethink-ga on 23 Dec 2003 04:31 PST
hi what i suggest you do is try do see where php nuke is hanging ? 

find out by the place that you are hosting at, what version php they have...
also find out what mysql version they have ...The problem mighty be on
their thier side...als try to get the lastes upadte ..

When ever you install php dont upgrade , rather install new and full installtion..

I have used php nuke .. and for me I had problems with post
must sure that is correctly setup..also their are certain files that
must be cmod... when installing..

what you can also do is , get free hosting with php and mysql and test
it on see if you getting the same error...
Subject: Re: postnuke &phpnuke
From: robertskelton-ga on 23 Dec 2003 04:38 PST
I have no programming skills. I chose a web host that had PostNuke
pre-installed and everything has worked out pretty good. I have since
repeated the exercise, new site, different host, still no problems. I
believe that PostNuke can't be beaten in terms of ease of use and
Subject: Re: postnuke &phpnuke
From: sgtcory-ga on 23 Dec 2003 06:33 PST
PostNuke is a fork of the original PhpNuke, and for some time had more
developers. (There was originally only one developer working on

I have installed both in the past, and PostNuke had far more block
additions, themes and add-ons due to the volume of people that use it.
The problem with PhpNuke at the time was the neatness of the code. (it
was a mess)

A search for postnuke vs phpnuke (and the opposite) may help you choose :

phpnuke vs postnuke

postnuke vs phpnuke
Subject: Re: postnuke &phpnuke
From: sycophant-ga on 25 Dec 2003 17:09 PST
I have extensive professional experience with PostNuke, developing
with it for a commerical development company for a client's

In my opinion (based on a familarness with other 90,000 lines of code
that make up the base) PostNuke is not consistant in it's coding, has
few standardised implementations and has no quality control. Many of
the contributors were amatuer programmers, and contributed code that
is implemented in a very unconventional manner.

Based on these facts, we found that PostNuke was often vulerable to
cross site scripting attacks. Overall, I was not at all a fan of

However, this was over a year ago, so development could have improved
this in some area. Also, I am not sure of the relative quality of
PHPNuke which I was never able to investigate in depth.

If you plan to do any aditions to PostNuke, have a look at the
codebase first. They plug-in framework is not well designed, and you
may find some things very difficult.

Hope that helps.

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