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Q: buying a small gun (the kind they like to sell to women) ( Answered 4 out of 5 stars,   4 Comments )
Subject: buying a small gun (the kind they like to sell to women)
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: hannalo-ga
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Posted: 29 Dec 2003 22:56 PST
Expires: 28 Jan 2004 22:56 PST
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How and where can I go about purchasing a very small handgun online.
This would be for my personal protection and home. What kind of
license to I need to get This would be in New York City. This would be
the kind of gun women buy if they've been raped. Not a big rifle or
anything like that. What are the legal requirements.
Subject: Re: buying a small gun (the kind they like to sell to women)
Answered By: mother911-ga on 30 Dec 2003 03:53 PST
Rated:4 out of 5 stars
Hi hannalo-ga,

 I feel horrible knowing that someone out there is so concerned for
their physical safety that purchasing a handgun is their only relief.
I am not a huge fan of guns by any means, but I have put that
completely to the side when looking for the information you request. I
would like to add, if you do go through with getting all the proper
permits and licensing to carry a handgun in the City of New York,
please take as many safety courses and range classes as you can. A
well trained gun owner is the safest gun owner. Please be careful and
I hope that someday soon, you will feel comfortable without a handgun.

In New York City in order to purchase a handgun, you must first have a
gun permit. NYC gun permits are time restrictive, so you will be
expected to continually update your gun permit. In order to purchase a
gun, a further requirement is a ballistical fingerpint. Handled by
your local gunsmith, or your licensed firearms specialist. A single
shell casing fired from the handgun, and any other identifying
information about the handgun must be submitted to the state. This is
for forensic ballistics. Lastly, you must now go and submit an
application for a carry permit in the City of NY. You must now show
just cause as to why you should be allowed to conceal a handgun on
your person when traveling in NYC. If you commute in and out of NYC
you may need to apply for several carry permits.

Gun Permit

"New York: State law requires handgun buyers to obtain a license from
law enforcement prior to purchasing a handgun - this is a license to
"possess" not just to purchase. Applicants must be 21. The license
only involves a background check and fingerprinting, no safety
training is required. The license is also generally required to be
"loaned" a handgun outside of the presence of the owner. License
applications may take up to six months. The license is generally good
until revoked, except in New York City, Nassau/Suffolk/Westchester
counties which have fixed license period. License fees vary but are at
least $74, the cost of fingerprint processing."

Ballistical Fingerprint
"N.Y. Gen. Bus. Law  396-ff(2) requires any firearms manufacturer
that ships, transports or delivers a handgun to any person in New York
to include a separate sealed container with a shell casing of a bullet
or projectile discharged from the handgun, along with additional
information that identifies the handgun and shell casing.

A state-licensed gunsmith or firearms dealer must, within ten days of
delivering a handgun received on or after March 1, 2001, forward to
the division of state police the sealed container enclosing the shell
casing from the handgun.  Section 396-ff(5).  The division of state
police must enter the pertinent data and other ballistic information
into an automated electronic databank designed to ensure compatibility
with national ballistic technology.  Section 396-ff(6)."

Carry Permit
"New York is a "may issue" state, meaning that local law enforcement
has discretion in determining whether or not to issue a concealed
weapons permit to an applicant. A license to carry a concealed handgun
may be granted by the appropriate licensing authority on the same
basis as a license to possess a handgun (see New York Background
Checks section), except that those seeking to have and carry a handgun
without regard to employment or place of possession must show "proper
cause."  N.Y. Penal Law  400.00(2)(f).

The felony or serious offense conviction of a licensee acts as an
automatic revocation of the license to carry a handgun.  Section
400.00(11).  In certain situations, a court issuing a domestic
violence order of protection or finding that an individual violated an
order of protection must revoke the individual?s license to carry a
handgun or, if none exists, order the individual ineligible for a
license. N.Y. Family Ct Act  842-a.

The fee for a license to carry a handgun may be set by each county but
may be no less than three dollars or more than ten dollars.  However,
the City Council of the City of New York and the Board of Supervisors
of the County of Nassau may determine the fees for licenses in their
jurisdictions.  Section 400.00(14).

A person who carries a handgun or short-barreled shotgun or rifle
without a permit commits a class A misdemeanor.  Section 265.01(1). 
Additional application and background check requirements, as well as
permit suspension or disqualification information, are detailed under
Sections 400.00(3), 400.00(4), 400.00(4-a), and 400.00(7). "

Clarification of Answer by mother911-ga on 30 Dec 2003 03:57 PST
If there is any further information I could help with, I would be more
then happy to look for it. There are groups out there that can help,
and I would be more then happy to compile a list of places for you to
go so you aren't alone while you go through this.
hannalo-ga rated this answer:4 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $25.00

Subject: Re: buying a small gun (the kind they like to sell to women)
From: pcventures-ga on 30 Dec 2003 07:31 PST
Arrrgh... Except for Washington, DC and a handful of other
unenlightened places, you've chosen perhaps the most difficult place
in the US to attempt to get a handgun carry permit  - New York City.
 Please do not attempt to "mail order" a handgun, it will only bring you trouble.
 In addition, when applying for a gun permit, "self defense" or "fear
for your life" is one the reasons the powers-that-be *don't* like
people stating.  If you carry large sums of cash on your person, or
work as a diamond courier, your chances of approval are far greater.
 Truth be told, you're better off checking out what kinds of nonlethal
weapons are permitted (I believe pepper sprays and electric stun guns
*may* be OK nowadays), and taking some self-defense courses. is a great site for learning more about concealed
carry options in New York Stats and NYC.
 The good news is that if you're approved, your permit is good
throughout New York State.

 In summary,

 1. I'm not an attorney, so please don't take what I've said as
anything other than general guidelines and cautionary advice.
 2. Come up with alternative self defense strategies, since NYC (and
even the rest of NY State) put you through ridiculous hoops to get a
carry permit.
 3. Consider moving to a place that's not only safer, but truly
respects the right to keep and bear arms.  Neighboring Vermont, for
example, has no permitting process, allows open *or* concealed carry
and guess what? A really, really low crime rate.

 Good luck and be safe.
Subject: Re: buying a small gun (the kind they like to sell to women)
From: ewek1-ga on 30 Dec 2003 18:55 PST
Just to reiterate, is a great site, and you can 100%
forget about getting a carry license in NYC.  The previous comment
mentions carrying large sums of cash.  In NYC this typically means
10,000 (bare min) deposited or transported with proof EVERY DAY.
Getting a gun in NYC is not going to happen unless you become a cop.
Subject: Re: buying a small gun (the kind they like to sell to women)
From: redhoss-ga on 31 Dec 2003 05:06 PST
I have always thought that the best home defence weapon for anyone is
a 12 gauge double barrel shotgun. It is very simple to use, you can
easily tell if it is loaded, no way for a shell to jam, large enough
that it is easy to find, you do not have to be an expert marksman to
aim it, and if you miss you will still scare the intruder to death.
Small hand guns are very dangerous and not very accurate.
Subject: Re: buying a small gun (the kind they like to sell to women)
From: neb_okla-ga on 29 May 2004 17:44 PDT
I just saw this article in the news about a new book that discusses
gun ownership by women in America.  It was written by a Tarrytown, NY
woman.  Here's a link:

"Blown Away: American Women and Guns" by Caitlin Kelly

And here's a link to the article from "The Journal News" on May 26, 2004:

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