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Q: New York Traffic / Tickets / Court & Law Enforcement ( Answered,   0 Comments )
Subject: New York Traffic / Tickets / Court & Law Enforcement
Category: Relationships and Society > Law
Asked by: borjonath-ga
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Posted: 06 Jan 2004 20:39 PST
Expires: 05 Feb 2004 20:39 PST
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Background: I have lived in new york city for approximately 14 months
and slowly I am getting adjusted (florida originally.) i've brought my
car with me and went through the registration process (which was a
living hell) and have been driving through the streets of the city for
all this time. I recently got a few tickets: a few parking, one for
speeding, and one for passing a red light. I must say that police
officers here arent the best of your kind, and do not let you off for
any reason, even if it was a proper one.

My request is for the following sort of information:

1) List of ALL (or atleast most) non-basic driving rules in new york.
Nothing of sort like that you have to stop on the red light, or not
drive while influenced.  Im interested in things like what I must do
in certain traffic situations, or speed limits in certain areas of the
city (and surrounding areas), regulations and so on.

2) Sites offering help, assistance, guidance, and guideliness on how
to fight tickets in new york. Now i'm not referring to the
instructions (sign here, attach an explanation, mail) sort of stuff,
but more of a hints on how one can win in court if plead not guilty. I
have two cases where I really am not guilty, but having the knowledge
of how and what to do can always be a great backup. The more you can
find on subjects like: how to properly talk to a judge, how to proove
your point and be understood, how to properly present your case, what
sort of things can have a judge dismiss your case (sign painted over,
the light was malfunctioning, you had a heart attack and had to stop),
and so on.

3) Information on how to deal with the representatives of the law. It
can be either a "know your rights and flip the finger" type of
articles, or the "passive but safe". I've seen a few of these before,
usually they speak of topics like not incriminating yourself, keeping
yourself calm, knowing what the officer has the right to do and not do
in a situation and therefore prohibiting a certain action to be done.
This doesnt have to relate to a traffic situation only.

Please do not bother to read all of the data you find. I would rather
have you present me more links than a summary of the sites. A simple
title, link and a few words describing what the article is about is
what I need.

Always consider the fact that I tip for a job well done.
Subject: Re: New York Traffic / Tickets / Court & Law Enforcement
Answered By: leader-ga on 07 Jan 2004 16:12 PST
Hello borjonath-ga:

It was a pleasure to answer your question. What I have compiled here
is a list of websites that cater to everything from non-basic driving
laws in the New York City to avoiding traffic tickets. In between, you
will also find tips and tricks by several people on how you may avoid
being caught and if you are penalized, how you may challenge that in
court. There are also articles that contain information on how you
should act, if you are nabbed speeding. A couple of web pages will
also provide information on the traffic spots in New York where there
are police officers hiding around the corner and spots where there are
traffic cameras installed to detect any traffic violation.

Most of the web pages that I selected are specifically tailored
towards New York traffic problems. There are a few pages that are not
focused on the New York metro area but are still useful. I included
these pages and articles because things such as ?how to speak to a
state trooper when caught? are universal.

I haven?t really put the web pages in any order of preference
therefore it is highly recommended that you review every link. You
will notice that I am providing you forty links to the articles. Yes,
I could have provided you hundred but those articles would have been
repetitive and useless for your cause.

In concluding, I will just mention that you should get the entire
information that you seek after reading these articles. I have
personally put every effort to include everything that a driver will
require while driving in the New York City. Please be aware that
various articles are a conglomerate of everything i.e. there aren?t
any articles that will explicitly brief you on how to speak with the
traffic police but almost all articles will tell you everything you
should do in case of being penalized.

I hope I have covered everything but rest assured that I will work
with you on this issue until you are satisfied. Please let me know, if
you are not satisfied with this answer and I shall do anything to help
your cause. Thank You.


How to drive in New York like New Yorkers Do? by Rene Tubelleja
?This will show you the way New Yorkers drive. And those techniques
that seem to work, but are of dubious nature, we will identify as
"dirty tricks" for now - that is, until someone in authority tells me
they're okay or not okay. So there, you can't blame me now).?

Driving tips for NYC
?New Yorkers will respect you if you can show certain local traits
while driving; mainly be alert, decisive, go with the flow, and remain
calm. Follow the guide lines below and you should come out alive.?

Surviving Auto Ownership in New York
There are very helpful tips by the former chief of traffic police in
NYC. He tells you how to avoid the speeding and traffic tickets in
NYC. See, ?Avoiding Speeding Tickets? and ?Traffic Tickets section?.

So you wanna avoid getting a traffic ticket?
?This SYW tells you how to avoid getting a ticket, not how to fight a
ticket you've already been tagged with.?

How to fight a Parking Ticket? from New York City Insider.
Here is a very good article on how one can avoid parking tickets in
New York City and what to do in case you get a parking ticket.

Alternate Side of the Street parking Rules from New York City Insider
Here is another very informative article on the side effects of
alternate side parking rule in New York City that is not only annoying
but also is confusing to the locals.

What to do if your Car gets Towed? From Mew York City insider
There is very useful information on what you should do in case your
car gets towed away in NYC.

New York State Traffic Laws ? A Critique
Although, the writer explains some weird traffic laws in NYC but it
gives you a basic idea of the traffic tickets that can be challenged.

Long Island traffic Tickets
These are a few frequently asked question pertaining to the NYC
traffic in general and Long Island in particular.

NYC Parking Ticket Survival Guide
?The New York City motorist's resource for avoiding and fighting
parking tickets. You'll find everything you need, including our
Parking Survival Guide, The Award-Winning Original Parking Pal
Placard, and other Motorist Educational Products?.?

NYC Parking Violation Portal
Your one-stop resource devoted to all of the information that you need
to understand why you received a parking ticket, how and where you can
pay, or even how to contest the ticket before an Administrative Law
Judge (ALJ).

New York City Street Cleaning Rule Info and Parking Tickets
This is a very useful guide to the street cleaning laws and its effect
on car parking in New York City.

FAQ on Traffic violations in NY State.
There are a few important questions that deal with traffic violations
in the state of New York.

How to beat a New York Speeding Ticket?
Case Dismissed is a 50 page eBook in pdf format that gives you
practical strategies for fighting speeding tickets in court. It
provides information for people who have received a radar speeding
ticket, laser speeding ticket, pace car, or how to beat a speeding
ticket from an airplane.

How to drive in the Streets of Manhattan?
The author provides practical tips on driving inside Manhattan.

Speeding Tickets Online Forum
?This forum is based on the premise that traffic ticket enforcement
has become less about safety and more about revenue. This is the place
to blow off steam about that unfair speeding ticket or post the
location of a speed trap.?

How to avoid Tickets?
Tips on how to challenge the speeding ticket on and off the road.

Ticket fighting Information & Strategies
There are lots of very useful articles on challenging the validity of
the tickets issued by the state troopers. It provides practical steps
to resolve the ticket issue and win.

Got Ticket?
This is a website with practical steps on fighting the traffic tickets
in the court of law. It also has a downloadable copy of driver?s

NMA Association legal advice on fighting tickets
There are lots of useful articles and plenty of information for the
driver to help the drivers. You may also get a membership where
attorneys can fight for you in the court of law.

Fight your speeding ticket
This is a very helpful website that can help you fighting the speed
tickets. Please read the whole article and also browse the website for
additional information.

Fighting the speeding ticket. Should you fight?
Here is a comprehensive guide to step by step procedure of
understanding your rights and fighting the speeding tickets in the

Beat the evil speeding ticket
This is a whole website dedicated to fighting a traffic tickets.

Get a ticket. Now what?
Here are some very useful tips and tricks on evading the penalty.

Beat a speeding Ticket.
An article on how you may fight and win the ticket that will cause you
undue points and misery.

How to fight the traffic tickets?
All the legal aspect of fighting the traffic tickets in the opinion of ARC lawyers.

Avoiding Traffic Tickets
Here is a guide on how you can avoid a traffic ticket, when caught.

Five Strategies for fighting your ticket
If you want to fight your traffic ticket. Here are five strategies
that may help you win your case.

Avoiding Traffic Tickets: How to stay out of trouble?
?Police officers do stop and cite innocent drivers all the time, and
it's easy for a conservative and safe driver to be cited for a
technical violation. The most common tickets are for speeding on
highways. Here are a few tips for staying out of harm's way.?

It pays to avoid a ticket or fight one?
A very effective guide for the drivers that explains that it is to
their advantage to fight for a speed and traffic tickets.

Safety Defense ? How to avoid a traffic ticket
This is an article describing the procedures of avoiding a traffic ticket.

Top 10 ways to avoid a parking ticket.
Although this article is written on a Canadian website but the rules
apply in America, too. This is a brief summary of 10 things you should
know to avoid a parking ticket.

NYC Metro (Please read the car section)
It provides some useful tips on how to drive in Manhattan.

Parking in New York City ? Things to Remember
This is one of the best guides to some basic rules of parking in the
New York City area.

NY state traffic violation points
This is a nice chart depicting the total points penalized due to a
traffic violation in Ny and NJ.

Parking and Traffic Tickets FAQ from NYC Government.
Three important answers to useful questions.

NYC Traffic Camera Locations
This is a very useful webpage on the location of the traffic cameras
in the entire New York City. These traffic cameras detect he traffic

Street Cleaning Rules Suspension Calendar
New York City - know in advance when you don't need to move your car
for street cleaning. Also includes parking tips for avoiding tickets.

Weiss & Associates NYC Traffic Tickets Tips
Here you will find very useful tips on where there are traffic traps
in New York City and how you may avoid them. There are also other
informative pages.

How to beat a speeding ticket?
This is a step by step guide on avoiding the ticket and challenging
the cop?s verdict in court.

A few useful Search Strategies

?Avoid a parking ticket?

?Avoid a parking ticket, NYC?

?Avoid a parking ticket, New York city?

?Avoid driving tickets, NYC?

?How to avoid traffic tickets, NYC?

?How to avoid traffic tickets, New York?

?Traffic tickets, New York City?

NYC, "traffic ticket"

How to drive "New York City"

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