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Q: B2B e-Marketplaces? ( Answered,   2 Comments )
Subject: B2B e-Marketplaces?
Category: Business and Money > eCommerce
Asked by: dustydune-ga
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Posted: 26 Jan 2004 05:52 PST
Expires: 25 Feb 2004 05:52 PST
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I'm interested in B2B e-Marketplaces.  Would you please reference
studies and papers on the subject that can cover the issue well. 
Optionally, it would be 'nice' to cover the below notes as well if
they are
Key elements:
1. Problems that led to the downfall of many of the B2B exchanges.
2. Important lessons from recent B2B exchange history.
3. Why and how some of the B2B exchanges are flourishing.
4. For the sake of simplification, should transactions be centralized
or should they not.
5. What makes good marketing sense in where to focus your marketing
effort for an e-Marketplace assuming you're focused on the industrial

Thank you.

Subject: Re: B2B e-Marketplaces?
Answered By: darrel-ga on 26 Jan 2004 07:47 PST
Hello Dusty--

I have carefully researched your question and have found a ton of
sources for you via the Internet, library sources, white paper
databases, and report searches.

To conduct this research, I searched a variety of search terms,
including: b2b study exchange difficulties

You may view the results of this search online. The link is

I also searched the terms: b2b study exchange downfall

You may view the results of this search online. The link is

In addition, I searched the terms: "b2b exchange" study downfall

You may view the results of this search online. The link is

"Electronic B2B Commerce: Reasons Adoption Was Slower Than Forecast"
by P. Candace Deans of the University of Richmond and by James W.W.
Strachan of Global Services. You may view this sutdy online. The link

"B2Bs Have a Great Future Behind Them" is an article in Business Week
in May 2002 that may help you. By Karen E. Klein. The link to this
article is

A 2002 Worldwide B2B E-Commerce study by INPUT and eMarket, Inc.,
outlines the success rates of various types of B2B exchanges. The link
to this study is

Another report about this study called "B2B Exchanges: Ready to Grow"
is available online. The link is

Problems with an automotive B2B site was studied by Jupiter MMXI. You
may read a report about this study online. The link is

Would B2B Exchanges Have Anti-Trust Issues? This is a paper written in
2002 for The 30th Research Conference on Communication, Information
and Internet Policy. You may view this paper online. The link is

Partner Integration Cost of Ownership. This is a study by the Yankee
Group of more than 100 electronic supply-chain decision makers in
2003. You may view this white paper online. The link is

Intranet Design Annual: 10 Best Intranet Sites of 2001. You may view
this report online. The link is

A paper that analyzes the pros and cons of E-Marketplaces and B2B
exchanges can be found online. The link is

Exchange of Catalog Data in B2B Relationships - Analysis and
Improvement. This is a study written at the University of Esesn,
Germany for the IADIS WWW/Internet 2002 Conference. The link is

Commercial Exchanges in B2B Dyads: A New Model of Decision-Making In
Fast Changing Markets is a book looking at the new decisions and
problems facing B2B exchanges. The link is

B2B and Modes of Exchange: Evolutionary and Transformative Effects.
This paper can be found online. The link is

B2B Netmarkets: The froth is gone, but opportunities remain for
financial services firms. This paper can be found online. The link is

Business-to-Business E-Commerce: A Study of Greater Chinese and U.S.
Electronics and Apparel/Textile Firms. This paper may be found online.
The link is

"Exchanges are dead, but collaboration is not" is an article by You may view this article online. The link is

"E-logistics waits for the gain after a year of pain," by Robert
Mottley is an article by the American Shipper. You may view this
report online. The link is

Survey Says: There Is Some Uptake In Supply Chain Exchanges. This
paper may be viewed online. The link is

B2b Marketplace Application Vendors Leverage EDI and Internet
Standards. You may view this paper online. The link is

eMarketplaces in the European Soft Drinks Industry. This paper may be
viewed online. The link is

Enabling the Suppliers: Australian B2B Sell-side Applications
Forecast, 2001-2006. You may view this paper online. The link is

"Online Trade" by the Jupiter Research Corporation is a research paper
you may view online. The link is

"Case Study: High Tech Manufacturer. Fortune 50 Global High Tech
Manufacturer Extends Supply Chain Collaboration Challenges." You may
view this report online. The link is

"Towards A Taxonomy of B2B e-Commerce Schemes" is a paper written in
2001. "This paper's aims to lay the foundation for a taxonomy of B2B
systems, and hence provide guidance for researchers and practitioners.
It commences by re-examining aspects of inter-organisational,
multi-organisational and extra-organisational systems. It then
considers marketspaces, and places them in the context of
long-established approaches to procurement. The dimensions along which
B2B systems need to be differentiated are then assessed. Some
conclusions are drawn about multiple forms of marketspace that need to
be created, and implications are drawn for researchers and
practitioners." You may view this paper online. The link is

"B2B Electronic Marketplaces: Competition Issues in the E-Distribution
Channel" by Rafael G. Palencia can be found online. The link is

"Web Based Purchasing & Optimization: Anywhere, Any Time, But NOT with
Just Anyone" This B2B paper may be found online. The link is

"The Evaluation of E-Commerce Applications - A Conceptual Framework"
This paper may be found online. The link is

"Building the B2B Foundation: Positioning Net Market Makers For
Success." This paper can be found online. The link is

"Formation of Alliances in Internet-Based Supply Exchanges." This
paper can be found online. The link is

"B2B: Old Economy Business and The Role of Quality." This paper may be
read online at

"Just What Could Possibly Go Wrong In B2B Integration?" by Dean Kuo1,
Alan Fekete2, Paul Greenfield1, Julian Jang1 and Doug Palmer, 1CSIRO
Mathematical and Information Sciences. This paper may be viewed
online. The link is

Next, I conducted a search of business periodicals, papers, and
reports via Infotrac, a major white paper and report search database.
Most of these references won't have web links. But I will include all
the needed information, so you won't have any trouble locating them if
you need to.

Overconfidence and Speculative Bubbles. By: Scheinkman, Jose A.; Wei
Xiong. Journal of Political Economy, Dec2003, Vol. 111 Issue 6, p1183,
37p; (AN 11639876)

Online Dispute Resolution: Present Realities, Pressing Problems and
International Review of Law, Computers & Technology, Mar2003, Vol. 17
Issue 1, p7, 19p; (AN 9780225)

Processes and methodologies for creating a global business-to-business
brand. By: Rozin, Randall S.; Magnusson, Liz. Journal of Brand
Management, Feb2003, Vol. 10 Issue 3, p185, 23p; (AN 9038690)

The Internet and the Investor; Barber, Brad M.; Odean, Terrance J.
Econ. Perspectives; 2001 Vol. 15, p41-54, 14p. Document Type: Article
Citation; (AN JEP.AE.DA.BARBER.II) [Citation Record]

Electronic Contract Drafting Based on Risk and Trust Assessment. By:
Yao-Hua Tan; Thoen, Walter. International Journal of Electronic
Commerce, Summer2003, Vol. 7 Issue 4, p55, 17p; (AN 10456432)

Designing trustworthy trade procedures for open electronic commerce;
Bons, R.W.H.; 1997. Document Type: Book Citation; (AN EIHCHEC)
[Citation Record]

Between Trust and Control: Developing Confidence in Partner
Cooperation in Alliances; Das, T. K.; Teng, Bing-Sheng Academy of
Management Review; 1998 Vol. 23 Issue 3, p491-512, 22p. Document Type:
Article Citation; (AN AMR.BC.DIA.DAS.BTCDCP) [Citation Record]

A logic model for electronic contracting; Lee, R.M. Decision Support
Systems; 1988 Vol. 4, p27-44, 18p. Document Type: Article Citation;
(AN DSS.D.BG.LEE.LMEC) [Citation Record]

A survey of electronic contracting related developments; Somasundaram,
R.; Tan, Y.H.; Thoen, W. Proceedings of Fourteenth Bled Electronic
Commerce Conference; 2001. Edited by: O'Keefe, B.; Loebbecke, C.;
Gricar, J.; Pucihar, A.; Lenart, G.. Document Type: Meeting Citation;
(AN EIHCHGG) [Citation Record]

Formal aspects of a generic model of trust for electronic commerce;
Tan, Y.H.; Thoen, W. Decision Support Systems; 2002 Vol. 33 Issue 3,
p233-246, 14p. Document Type: Article Citation; (AN
DSS.CC.BCC.TAN.FAGMTE) [Citation Record]

Michael L.; Lin, Zhangxi; Burns, James R.. Information Systems
Management, Summer2003, Vol. 20 Issue 3, p8, 14p; (AN 9809939)

Leveraging the E-Business Marketplace: Business-to-Business
E-Procurement Trends, Opportunities, and Challenges; Deloitte
Consulting; 1999; (AN BGDCCBA) [Citation Record]

Ten Key Legal Concerns in E-Business Ventures and Contracts; Kennedy,
D.M.; 2000; (AN BGDCCAD) [Citation Record]

Legal Considerations in E-business; Perkins, A.E.; Geller, D.P.; 1999;
(AN BGDCCAF) [Citation Record]

Ranganathan, C.. Information Systems Management, Summer2003, Vol. 20
Issue 3, p22, 7p; (AN 9809945)

Building Enduring Consortia; Devine, D.A.; Dugan, C.B.; Semaca, N.D.;
Speicher, K.J. McKinsey Quarterly; 2001 Issue 2, p26-33, 8p. Document
Type: Article Citation; (AN BGDCCCB) [Citation Record]

B2B Is Back from the Dead; Hellweg, E. Business 2.0; 2002. Document
Type: Article Citation; (AN BGDCCBG) [Citation Record]

E-Hubs: The New B2B Marketplaces; Kaplan, S.; Sawhney, M. Harvard
Business Re vieil; 2000, p97-103, 7p. Document Type: Article Citation;
(AN BGDCCCJ) [Citation Record]

B2B E-Commerce Revenues to Reach 2.7 trillion by 2004 Direct
Marketing; 2001. Document Type: Article Citation; (AN BGDCCBE)
[Citation Record]

R. Dale. Competitiveness Review, 2003, Vol. 13 Issue 1, p35, 9p; (AN

What Do Customers Consider Important in B2B Websites? By: Chakraborty,
Goutam; Lala, Vishal; Warren, David. Journal of Advertising Research,
Mar2003, Vol. 43 Issue 1, p50, 12p, 1 graph; (AN 10288397)

Building Customer Relations over the Internet; BAUER, H. H.; GRETHER,
M.; LEACH, M. Industrial Marketing Management; 2002 Vol. 31, p155-163,
9p. Document Type: Article Citation; (AN IMM.CA.AEE.BAUER.BCROI)
[Citation Record]

Drawing Prospects to E-commerce Websites; BELLIZZI, J. A. Journal of
Advertising Research; 2000 Vol. 40 Issue 1/2, p43-53, 11p. Document
Type: Article Citation; (AN JAR.DJ.DC.BELLIZZI.DPECW) [Citation

PERSPECTIVE. By: Soliman, Khalid S.. Information Systems Management,
Winter2003, Vol. 20 Issue 1, p35, 7p, 4bw; (AN 8494319)

Information Links and Electronic Marketplaces: The Role of
Intel-organizational Information Systems in Vertical Markets; Bakos,
J.Y. Journal of Management Information Systems; 1991 Vol. 8 Issue 2,
p3152. Document Type: Article Citation; (AN JMIS.H.CAEB.BAKOS.ILEMRI)
[Citation Record]

E-Commerce: Hard Numbers; Barlas, D. Line56; 2002. Document Type:
Article Citation; (AN BAIIJGD) [Citation Record]

Electrifying Business; Giarraputo, J.; Moore, H. Global Finance; 1999
Vol. 13 Issue 9, p93-100,, 8p. Document Type: Article Citation; (AN
GF.AC.IC.GIARRAPUTO.EB) [Citation Record]

E-Collaboration Reduces Cycle Times; Sollish, F.B. Electronic Buyers'
News Vol. 2000 Issue 1240, p78. Document Type: Article Citation; (AN

Sourcing over the Internet; Sowinski, L.L World Trade; 2000 Vol. 13
Issue 8, p34-36,, 3p. Document Type: Article Citation; (AN
WT.AC.CD.SOWINSKI.SOI) [Citation Record]
Times Cited (1) 

I hope this helps. If you need further sources or any clarification,
please don't hesitate to click the "clarify" button.



Request for Answer Clarification by dustydune-ga on 09 Feb 2004 11:56 PST

How can I get access to Infotrac through the Internet?


Clarification of Answer by darrel-ga on 10 Feb 2004 16:07 PST
Hello Dusty--

I found several ways you could access Infotrac via the Internet.

The first is the Infotrac student edition (which is much less
expensive), if you're a student anywhere or have a student in your
family. The link is

The second is the professional version of Infotrac. You may access
this online. The link is

Subject: Re: B2B e-Marketplaces?
From: darryl1-ga on 26 Jan 2004 09:07 PST
my name's Darryl as well. What are b2b e-marketplaces? Is it alright
to get free answers through these comments?
Subject: Re: B2B e-Marketplaces?
From: darrel-ga on 09 Feb 2004 12:47 PST
Business-to-Business online marketplaces.

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