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Q: Interior Desisgning ( Answered 4 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: Interior Desisgning
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: james678-ga
List Price: $100.00
Posted: 29 Jan 2004 13:07 PST
Expires: 28 Feb 2004 13:07 PST
Question ID: 301553
See a detailed report required for:

1. Basic for Interior Desisgning?
2. Essentials for Restaurant Desisgning.

basically talking here about Interior desisgning for the restaurants!
Subject: Re: Interior Desisgning
Answered By: leader-ga on 30 Jan 2004 17:28 PST
Rated:4 out of 5 stars
Hello James:

It was a pleasure to answer your question. Since, you are looking for
a report on the interior designing of a restaurant; I compiled several
useful articles that will help you. Instead of just providing three or
four articles that mention the basics of interior design, I chose to
select many relevant articles on this issue so that they can cover
everything from interior design, menu design, kitchen design and more.

As far as the basics are concerned, there are many books that will
cover the topic. I have also tried to locate the best books on the
issues of interior design and planning of a restaurant.

There are about 50 articles and 25 books. Please notice that some of
the articles are three to four pages long and you may view additional
pages by clicking on the links at the bottom.

I hope that my research will help your cause. Please review:


Decorating Studio Articles
This is a very useful introduction to the basics of interior
designing. It contains many articles on Paints, Light and other
aspects of design.

Decorating Do & Don?ts
?Many experts agree that learning the rules can be the first step
toward freely breaking those rules when necessary?. This article
provides an overview of the mistakes that every interior designer
should avoid.

Elements of Successful Restaurant Interior Design
?It is extremely important for restaurateurs to develop trends that
positively impact customers - including an interior design that
appeals to potential customers.? This article discusses the recent
trends in designing the interiors of any restaurant.

About Restaurant Design
This article describes the new methods and techniques that the
restaurant owners have recently acquired to give a boost to their

Restaurant Design
This article advises the reader on selecting a designer for the
interior designing of a restaurant.

Delicious by Design ? creating an unforgettable designing experience
?Consumers now expect an entertaining atmosphere to enhance the entire
dining experience, and more restaurateurs are catering to that desire
with innovative and exciting designs.? This article sheds light on the
different and innovative designs that restaurant owners acquire to
make a better impression on the customer.
Type in ?designing a restaurant?
How to design your restaurant by Chris Tripoli
DOWNLOAD: Restaurant PLA & Templates 

Design and Equipment for Restaurant & Design Service
This is a very detailed article on the mechanics of designing a
restaurant and the important things to focus on.

Restaurants Up Front
?According to one prominent restaurant designer, the determining factor 
is not the food but the interior of the restaurant Designing for
dining.? This article emphasizes the need to design a dining facility
that appeals to the general public.

Designing for dining. (Food Comes to the Forefront in Restaurant
Design).(importance of interior design in restaurants)
This is a detailed article that provides clues to make the customer
more hungry as they enter the restaurant and than keep them immersed
in the environment.

Embrace Design Drivers
This is a very interesting topic on the mechanics of the design
drivers in a restaurant and how they may affect a customer?s response.

We are where we eat
?Diners change restaurants like they change their clothes: to suit
their moods. So to be successful, restaurants must satisfy more than
just appetites, meaning what's on the walls is as important as what's
on the plates.?

Appetizing Interiors
?For many consumers, what's around their plates is almost as important
as what's on their plates. Restaurateurs know that setting the right
mood-be it a family dinner or a romantic escape-is an important part
of business.?

Have it your way ? Fast food restaurant design (Complete Downloadable article)
This is a comprehensive report on the essentials of designing a fast
food restaurant. The complete article can be downloaded for a price.

Emerging trends in Design
?Innovative restaurants have become destination attractions in
themselves and, at the very least, design must create an inviting
environment to secure the business of a diverse customer base.?

Restaurant Concept Development
This is a brief case study of a firm working on designing the
restaurant of one of its customers.

Eating by Design
?In order to survive in a competitive market, new restaurants must
offer a complementary mix of good food, attractive surroundings and
convivial atmosphere.?

Welcoming Materials
This is a very useful article that tries to reveal how simple
materials can change the whole atmosphere of a dining facility.

The importance of Acoustics in Restaurants
?What kind of environment do you want the diner to experience? When
designing a restaurant, the needs of the end user are at the forefront
of the design process.?

Wingnuts Restaurant creative restaurant
This is an article that describes how a restaurant owner transformed
his business on a renown theme.

A discussion on the design of Grace Restaurant in LA
This restaurant avoided the pretentious celebrity trappings associated
with some of the city's other dining hot spots and aimed instead at
creating a timeless, comfortable and sophisticated design.

Repeat Business in a Restaurant Business is by Design
?Some say food and service are far more influential, while others say
the design is equally important, if not more so, when one considers
that it's the first thing diners see and experience when entering a

Restaurant Environment, Better by Design
This article provides an overview of how some of the dining facilities
embraced innovative design techniques to attract customers.

Technology improves development process by Design
?When a restaurant company has designs on a multiunit-expansion
strategy, the development team may draw on a number of technological
tools to ease the workload and improve consistency.?

The Ten Do?s for a great restaurant design
?The success of any restaurant is dependant upon a number of factors;
a clear focus of the concept, food quality and offerings, the serving
staff, presentation of the meal, price points and the design of the
space all play their part.?

Aspiring Restaurateurs and Design
?While there are many elements that go into making a restaurant
successful, few are as important as a restaurant's design. In fact,
the design of any restaurant ultimately will cast the deciding vote as
to whether it will live or die.?

Design of a restaurant in London
?West Street, a restaurant with a bar and tiny hotel by Wells
Mackereth Architects, for Mirror Image Restaurants, is in a small
narrow street of the same name on the edge of Covent Garden.
Surrounded by theatres, offices, housing and shops, it has made itself
a new part of West End life.?

Eating in and out (interior design)
?A crisply dressed restaurant complex smoothly elides interior and
exterior, and provides a rich variety of particular spaces for social

Success by Design
?Restaurant design is more important to the foodservice industry than ever before.
Dining often is the only repose in a given day for many individuals.
Those consumers seek restful comfort and rejuvenating inspiration
during their precious free time.?

Why is a table top design important while designing a restaurant?
?There's an old adage that customers eat first with their eyes, and
nobody can deny that the way food looks on the plate can be nearly as
important as how it tastes.?

Restaurants are trading their boring concepts with innovative ones.
?The inn crowd: across the U.S., the restaurants of high-end hotels
are replacing their stuffy, often boring, images with new and exciting

Better by Design ? the look and feel of menu
?Studies show that a menu redesign can boost revenue, adding between 2
percent and 10 percent to the gross annually. Most restaurants
redesign their menus every three years, and consider everything from a
paper's texture, color and size to the placement of expensive items
and desserts.?

Design for the customer
This article emphasizes the strategic thinking that is ?Design for the
customer, not the designer: enhancing the customer's dining
experience, not just creating design "photos ops."

Designing Dreams
?What good is design? You can't serve it on the rocks and you can't
put in on the menu. But design can help your business in ways that are
as intangible as ambiance and as concrete as where to put the beer

Kitchen Design Issues
This is a very nice article on Kitchen design issues from the use of
equipment to space.

Display Kitchens in a Restaurant Design
?Designing a feast for their eyes: display kitchens do a lot for a
restaurant, and offer guests peace of mind about food quality and

Interior and Layout of the World Kitchen (Restaurant)
This is also a good article on how to successfully design the kitchen
of a restaurant.

Creating a Niche
?Rupal Bhatt, interior designer, doctrines the part she played in
converting BCMA into a multiplex restaurant and making it the most
beautiful property in its class.?

Creating Picture Perfect Restaurants
?The Chinese seem to think so. For centuries, Chinese business owners
have applied the principles of Feng Shui (pronounced fung sway), a
philosophy that focuses on people's interaction with their
environment, whenever they've built an office, a store or a

Designing Menus that sell
?A key component of any restaurant's marketing plan is a well-designed
menu that solidifies the operation's overall concept while promoting
profitable items. Industry experts offer tips for turning your menu
into an indispensable sales tool.?

Blueprint Special ? Renovating your restaurant
?Food may no longer be as important to diners as the setting in which
it is served. Restaurants are renovating more often to keep up with
consumers' changing tastes and desire for excitement.?

Reading between the lines ? The psychology of menu design
?Does your menu attract or repel diners? Experts offer suggestions for
effective design to help unlock your menu's selling potential.?

Illuminating Ideas ? Put your restaurant in the best light
?Whether you want to put the spotlight on your food, your decor or
your service, the proper lighting is paramount. But experts say
lighting is often one of the first budget items to go when money gets
tight. We'll show you how using the right lighting really is a bright

Mapping out an efficient Kitchen
?Plotting out a logical path before jumping into the driver's seat
will allow you to create an effective kitchen design for your

How to design your restaurant (subscription required)
This is a very comprehensive article on how to design a restaurant.
Subscription is required to access the content.

Dining by design ? The well dressed restaurant
This article talks about the mechanics of design that can help a
restaurant?s professional image.

Back to basics ? Profiles in Design
This is an article that describes how some students made simple
designs work for various restaurants.

Montreal?s Cutting Edge Restaurant Design
This article provides an overview of how design played an important
role in the success of a restaurant.

Eatery Design can say a lot about its taste
This article investigates the successful designs techniques and
provides an overview of some successful restaurants.

Time for Design
This article highlights a few critical mistakes in the designing of a
restaurant. It also provides an insight into an eye-catching design.


Notice: All of the books that I was able to locate from different
sources are available at This is the main reason for
providing the links to the

Successful Restaurant Design by Regina S Baraban and Joseph F Durocher

Restaurant Planning Design & Construction by Jeff B. Katz

Hospitality and Restaurant Design 2 by Roger Yee

Hospitality and Restaurant Design 3 by Roger Yee

Bar and Restaurants Interior Structure by Lorraine Farrelly

Bar and Club Design by Bethan Ryder*

The American Drive In by Michael Karl Wetzel

Food Service Facilities Planning by Edward A. Kazarian

Interior Design Illustrated by Francis D K Ching

The Restaurant Planning Guide by Peter Rainsford and David Banqs

Restaurant 2000: Dinning Design III

The Food Service Professionals Guide to Restaurant Design: Designing,
Constructing & Renovating a Food Service Establishment by Sharon L

Design and Layout of food service facilities by John Birchfield and
Raymond Sparrowe

Color in Interior Design by John F. Pile

Food + Architecture by Karen A. Frank

Theme Restaurant Design

Theme Restaurant Design: Entertainment & Fun Dining by martin Pegler

Hospitality & Restaurant Design by Stanley Abercrombie and Stanley Abercrombie Faia

American Restaurant Design by Gen T Sato, T Sato

World Restaurant Designs: 51 Outstanding Ethnic Restaurants (Shop Design Series)

The Interior Design Business Handbook : A Complete Guide to
Profitability by Mary Knackstedt

Café Design by Martin P Pegler

Designing Restaurants & Hotels

Restaurants : Interior Design by Copa and Avery Consultants

Restaurant Interiors by Rockport Publishers

Dining by Design: Interior Design's Handbook of Dining and Restaurant
Facilities by
Edie Lee Cohen, Shermen Emrey

Designing Commercial Interiors by Christine Piotrowski and Elizebeth A Rogers

The codes Guidebook of Interiors by Sharon Harmon and Katherine Cannon



Hospitality Design Buyer?s Guide{D8664870-0377-453D-9DC3-3BDC90AA1F43}&ct_categoryID={EF7BA235-A48C-42D7-8C44-8BC5069A705C}&ct_categoryname=Hospitality+Design+Buyer%27s+Guide
This is a guide to the buying resources for hospitality equipment. 

A computer game on Restaurant Design;sz=468x60;ord=16820?
This is a computer game that is based on the theme of developing a restaurant. 


?< Interior design of a restaurant >?

?< Restaurant design >?

?< Designing a restaurant >?

?< Planning a restaurant >? 

?< Restaurant design "interior" >?

Please let me know if you are not satisfied with this answer. I will
try my best to serve you.


Request for Answer Clarification by james678-ga on 01 Feb 2004 05:04 PST
well, Leader-ga,
thanks for replying, i hope you have received $100 for answering my question,
wait i need your help here i can't leave you so easily,
i want you to help me out,
i will explain you few things,

see this is my project titled as " Vastu Shastra and Restraunt Desisgning"
So here we would like to include both the Vastu aspects for
desisgning, as well as interior desisgning.
I hope u are getting me clear.

Get back to me as soon as possible, if u want to help me, and ofcourse
earn more!  so what are u waiting for!!!

and just see if i can get some books online to read!!

waiting for your reply,
James Bond.

Clarification of Answer by leader-ga on 01 Feb 2004 08:55 PST
Hello James Bond:

We will continue our adventure into the heart of Vastu Shastra
Interior Designing. Let me start looking.....

I will keep you updated. Here I go 000000000000000000000000077777777777


Clarification of Answer by leader-ga on 09 Feb 2004 16:49 PST
Hello James:

I have located quite a few useful links that describe the basic
principles of Vaastu Interior Designing. I assume that there is a
limited amount of accessible information on the internet on this very
topic, therefore I tried to list a few interesting books that will
compensate for this shortage. Please review:


Articles on Vaastu Shastra designing
This webpage contains many short articles that briefly describe the
different functions of different aspects of Vaastu.

Vaastu Shastra Bascics
(Please use the left hand bar for more info)
This website has very interesting articles on the many basic
principles of Vaastu Shastra.

A guide to Vaastu Shastra
There are three guides on Vaastu designing on this webpage. Each of
the guides describes in detail the important aspects of the Vaastu
interior designing.

Kitchen Vaastu
As the name suggests, this is a short article on kitchen Vaastu. 

Vaastu Shastra vs Feng Yui
Many people mix up Vaastu with Feng Yui. Therefore, I decided to
include this short article that will help clear the difference.

It is a very short article describing the importance of directions in
the Vaastu system.

Vaastu Shastra Designing 
(Click on the topics on the left hand side for additional info)
This website contains a few very interesting articles on the history
and the modern concepts of designing through Vaastu Shastra.

Vaastu Shilpi Shastra
This page contains a few articles describing the methods of designing
a building from Vaastu Shastra?s techniques.

Vaastu Shastra and Building Concepts
This is another short article on the building concepts of Vaastu Shastra. 

This is a nice website containing important information on Vaastu and
related styles.

Vastu Shastra Websites
This webpage contains a few useful links to the Vaastu related websites. 

Vaastu Shastra Decorations
This is another good website that has topics related to Vaastu Shastra. 

Basic Concepts of Vaastu Shastra
This webpage contains links to short article that describe the basic
principles of Vaastu Shastra.

Vaastu Shastra Links
There are many good links to the Vaastu Shastra websites on the
internet;  a few of them are listed here.


List of Books on Vaastu
There are many good books on Vaastu that you may select from this list. 

More Books on Vaastu Shastra
A brief description of three books on Vaastu is provided here. 

Indian Architectural Theory: Contemporary Uses of Vastu Vidya
by Vibhuti Chakrabarti

The Vastu Vidya Handbook : The Indian Feng Shui by Juliet Pegrum

The Vaastu Workbook: Using the Subtle Energies of the Indian Art of Placement
by Talavane Krishna M.D.

Vaastu: The Indian Art of Placement by Rohit Arya

Vaastu Shastra for Business and Industry by Dr. Chandramouli Reddi

I hope this will help. Please let me know, if I might be of further assistance. 


Request for Answer Clarification by james678-ga on 14 Apr 2004 05:10 PDT
i did not like the answer

Clarification of Answer by leader-ga on 15 Apr 2004 17:27 PDT

May I inquire, what is that you didn't like about the answer? THANK YOU.
james678-ga rated this answer:4 out of 5 stars
good job

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