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Q: List of Contemporary Male Celebrities Rumored to be Gay ( Answered 1 out of 5 stars,   2 Comments )
Subject: List of Contemporary Male Celebrities Rumored to be Gay
Category: Relationships and Society > Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual
Asked by: johnster-ga
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Posted: 29 Jan 2004 21:10 PST
Expires: 28 Feb 2004 21:10 PST
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Can you provide a list of contempoary male celebrities (sports, film,
politics, etc.) that have been rumored to be gay? Some of the ones
I've heard about are John Travolta, Tom Cruse, Mike Piazza, Troy
Aikman, etc. These are people who are not out but are rumored to be at
least bisexual. Others I've heard about are Kneau Reeves, Steve Young,
and Brady Anderson (Orioles).

Subject: Re: List of Contemporary Male Celebrities Rumored to be Gay
Answered By: missy-ga on 30 Jan 2004 08:28 PST
Rated:1 out of 5 stars
Hi there!

If you listen to the rumor mill long enough, pretty much everyone is
rumored to be gay or bisexual at some point or another.  What? 
Married?  Six kids?  Nah, he's gay too, the wife is just for show.

Rumors are often the price of fame.

Obviously, rumors are created, dispelled, and created anew every day,
so this is by no means a complete or comprehensive list, just a list
of rumors currently mentioned online.  I've listed the name of the
celebrity/public figure, followed by a link to the article in which
he's either rumored to be gay or is denying the rumor.  I've not
included any rumors which were later confirmed ( George Michael, Elton
John, David Bowie).

The first link is an A - Z listing of celebrities either wide rumored
to be gay, or who people just like to speculate might be gay:

Gay or Not? - An A- Z list of speculation.

...and for the rest:

Olympic swimming champion Ian Thorpe

British soccer player Sol Campbell

Rhode Island politician Joe Paolino

Former Congressman Bill Paxon (R-NY)

Baseball player George Brett

Singer Robbie Williams and Actor Jonathan Wilkes

American Idol contestant Clay Aiken

Pittsburgh Steeler quarterback Kordell Stewart

Congressman and U.S. Senate candidate Mark Foley of Florida

Dawson's Creek star James van der Beek

Actors Kevin Spacey, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Richard Gere, and singer Ricky Martin

Baseball Hall of Famer Sandy Koufax

Washington Redskins wide receiver Michael Westbrook and Washington
Wizards player Rod Strickland

Singer Justin Timberlake

Actor Vin Diesel

Prince Charles

Actor Elijah Wood

Actor Orlando Bloom

Actor Viggo Mortenson

Actor Tom Selleck,1,1689,00.html

Singer Barry Manilow

Actors Ben Affleck and Matt Damon

Socialite David Gest

Actor Kenneth Branagh

Former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein

Hip hop artists LL Cool J, Puffy & Mase, MC Lyte, Erick Sermon and
Will Smith (the Fresh Prince)

Shock rocker Marilyn Manson

Actor Chris Tucker,1048,c5gb710-1349-1,00.html

Actor Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Singer Randy Travis

Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh

Singer Lance Bass

Ohio Congresseman John Kasich and South Dakota Senator Larry Pressler

Evangelist Jerry Falwell

Actor Tom Hanks

Comedian Carrot Top

Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle

Not contemporary in the "still living" sense, but rather in the "still
talked about sense":

Jesus Christ

Hope this helps!


Search terms: [ gay rumors ], [ secretly gay ], [ gay gossip ]

Request for Answer Clarification by johnster-ga on 30 Jan 2004 09:59 PST
Hi Missy,

Thanks for the answer. Did you not include information on those people
I mentioned in my question because you thought I had that information
already or there was nothing in the files? I think the former because
there have been many references to those people like Cruze, Piazza,
Aikman in the past.

Please research those people as well.

As far as your answer, there were a few surprises in it but I think
there is more. Most of the ones you mentioned, were no surprise. I
would like to see more names and more depth. I don't want to see names
for a names sake but a little more research especially into major
league sports and Hollywood. By the way, you didn't go outside the box
and post any listings on business people or religious men.

Please give me more depth, truthful, but more depth. Thanks.

I'm a generous tipper.


Clarification of Answer by missy-ga on 30 Jan 2004 10:16 PST
Hi John,

You're correct.  I did not list the men you've already mentioned
because it's obvious that you've already heard those rumors.  But I
can certainly pull a few articles about them.

With respect to "more depth"...I'm afraid I don't know what you mean
in that regard.  This is an incredibly nebulous and ever-changing
topic - searching just on [ gay rumors ] produces more than *135,000*
hits, and I really can't provide you with more information than what
is already out there.  As I noted in the answer, at some point or
other, virtually *every* famous person is rumored to be gay by
*someone* - whether there is any shred of truth or not.

If there are specific names you're interested in, I can certainly look
into them.  Otherwise, we're just looking for specks of dust on the


Clarification of Answer by missy-ga on 30 Jan 2004 10:51 PST
Something else:  You asked for contemporary figures.  Going a back a
generation or two yields rumors about J. Edgar Hoover, John Wayne,
Cary Grant, Howard Hughes...very tight lids were kept on those rumors
for many years, because of social sensibilities then.  How far back
would you still consider "contemporary"?


Clarification of Answer by missy-ga on 01 Feb 2004 22:30 PST
I'm sorry you're unhappy with your answer.

Your original question did not ask for rumors to be verified or
disproved - only for a list of men rumored to be gay.  It was
specifically noted in the answer that I did not include men who had
been rumored to be gay and had later confirmed that they were.

Had you provided the additional clarification I had asked you for, or
asked me to include those men who have recently confirmed the rumors
about them as true, I would have been more than happy to investigate


johnster-ga rated this answer:1 out of 5 stars

I've posted several questions or Google and in the same price range or
above and yours' was definitely the weakest.

First of all, you did not list information on those names that I
provided already;  whether they were true or false. In response to my
question, you just said what answer I had provided was that there were
rumors about these people. You didn't add anything to these rumors and
if you found evidence they were false, you didn't offer it.

Moreover, you didn't list some of the celebrities that have already
come out just recently and long denied it or some that have been
rumored to be gay, e.g., Matthew Broderick. There are others that your
flawed researching didn't pick up.

As far as, more specific answers are hard to come by and rumors, too
many to count, that's the easy way out. Actually, rumors about male
celebrities, probably make up about 1% or less of the total. No, not
everyone is gay but it can also be said "where there's smoke there's
fire". I've never heard any rumors about Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford,
Kevin Costner, etc. This pat answer of yours is an easy way out.
Besides, I take everything I hear with a spoonful of salt.

Missy, I don't know whether you choose a question to answer or it is
assigned; if the former is true, please do not choose any more
questions from me. I've had six or seven questions answered by Google
Researchers and your was the worse for lack of content, lack of energy
spent and lack of time. My grandmother could have done better. Your
heart wasn't in this and your answers showed it.

Subject: Re: List of Contemporary Male Celebrities Rumored to be Gay
From: robertskelton-ga on 06 Feb 2004 13:51 PST
Johnster - I'm wondering whether you followed the first link in
Missy's answer - it is a site full of the type of infotmation you are
after, such as:
Subject: Re: List of Contemporary Male Celebrities Rumored to be Gay
From: johnster-ga on 09 Feb 2004 12:10 PST

I apologize for the various comments I made on this particular search.

I went to far and made comments that I regret. 

From now on, any comments, negative or positive, to researchers will
be kept succinct and totally professional.


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