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Q: How to promote a website offering jobs? ( Answered,   0 Comments )
Subject: How to promote a website offering jobs?
Category: Business and Money > Advertising and Marketing
Asked by: willjohnsz-ga
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Posted: 01 Feb 2004 17:13 PST
Expires: 02 Mar 2004 17:13 PST
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I would like to know all ways to promote my website, that offers job at home. 
I 'd like to get a very comprehensive report.
Subject: Re: How to promote a website offering jobs?
Answered By: darrel-ga on 02 Feb 2004 11:22 PST
Hello William-?

I have carefully considered and researched your question and have your answer.

First, I have first-hand experience in marketing web sites to the
general public and to businesses. My strategy to provide you with the
most comprehensive answer possible was first to search a research
database of studies of the topic, white papers, research, and
articles. Second, I conducted some Google searches of the subject.
Next, I checked out a couple books on web marketing. All in all, I
spent most of one night and the better part of a day working on this
project for you. (And I must say I learned quite a bit!)

To start out, I searched my favorite research databases online. It?s
the EBSCO Host Research Databases. The link is

I searched mainly the business and consumer white paper, study, and
research databases on this site for your topic. These were the
categories I believed would provide the best results. The main
keywords I searched for were the following: website AND how to market
and jobs website AND how to market. I will post a lot of sources for
you below. The Google Answers Terms & Conditions prohibit me from
posting copyrighted material on this site, so I will provide you with
a link where you may access most of the material directly. The link is

The information on this link will only be available for seven days, so
I encourage you to access it as soon as possible. Also, let me know if
you have any problems with the page. There is more than 200 pages of
research at this link waiting for you.

Below are some of the sourcing data of the articles you will find on
the above link. I chose only the articles and papers that had the most
direct reference to your needs.

Refocusing Website Marketing: Physician-Patient Relationships. By:
Sanchez, Peter M.. Health Marketing Quarterly, 2002, Vol. 20 Issue 1,
p37, 14p, 2 charts, 2 diagrams; (AN 9799810)

Determinants of internet advertising effectiveness: an empirical
study. By: Baltas, George. International Journal of Market Research,
2003 Quarter 4, Vol. 45 Issue 4, p505, 9p; (AN 11049434)

Web-site Marketing for the Tourism Industry: Another View. By:
Piccoli, Gabriele. Cornell Hotel & Restaurant Administration
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ABA Research Kit Available on Website Marketing. Bank Marketing,
Jun2001, Vol. 33 Issue 5, p54, 1/6p; (AN 4765779)

Find the Silver in your website strategies. By: Saunclers, Tim.
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Finding an ad with the click of a mouse. By: White, Jeremy. Campaign
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The Potential of Hospital Website Marketing. By: Sanchez, Peter M..
Health Marketing Quarterly, 2000, Vol. 18 Issue 1/2, p45, 13p; (AN

Tips for savvy telemarketing & website marketing. By: Slutsky, Jeff.
National Underwriter / Life & Health Financial Services, 12/01/97,
Vol. 101 Issue 48, p8, 2p; (AN 9712175962)

The million dollar domain name. By: Anson, Weston. Managing
Intellectual Property, May98 Issue 79, p40, 4p; (AN 671968)

Drink to that. Economist, 1/17/2004, Vol. 370 Issue 8358, p57, 1/3p; (AN 11986294)

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Retail Micro-Marketing Strategies and Competition. By: Ziliani,
Cristina; Bellini, Silvia. International Review of Retail,
Distribution & Consumer Research, Jan2004, Vol. 14 Issue 1, p7, 12p;
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Electrical group boosts website to foster loyalty. Precision
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Keep It SIMPLE. By: Shalo, Sibyl. Pharmaceutical Executive, Nov2003,
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FREE NEW WEBSITE: Online directory of advertising agencies. Personnel
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Quite a bit of information you?ll find helpful will be in the above
research. Next, I conducted some Google searches to find information
that is readily available on the Internet for you.

First, I searched the following terms: "how to market your website"

You may view the results of my search online. The link is

I found some interesting ideas on the Waltbren Computing web site. You
may visit this site yourself online. The link is

The Signs of Wood, Co., web site provided some more good information.
You may view this site online. The link is

Pace Productivity also lists some very good tips on marketing a web
site. The link is

Words In A Row shows you how to create marketing lists to your site
using an opt-in mailing list. The link to this information is

Some more good marketing information is written by Jenny Wanderscheid.
The link is

All Freelance Work offers some tips on marketing your web site. The
link is

Next, I conducted a Google search for the following terms: publicize
your consumer website

You may view the results of this search online. The link is

A portion of the book called ?The Social Web? is posted by the author
online. This section lists in a very detailed manner some excellent
ways to market your consumer site. The link is

A website owned by Microsoft offers some good ways to make sure you
have the best possible rankings on search engines. The link is

Terri Firebaugh wrote an article called ?Tips for Driving Traffic to
Your Website.? You may read this article online. The link is

Finally, I took a trip to my local public library. I looked up some
books and found that all of the information in those publications is
already on the web link I gave you at the outset of this answer, as
well as in the web links I provided above.
But one terrific idea one of the workers at the information desk, was
to give you this list they created that answers that exact question.
The lady said these are some of the articles the library itself
considered when trying to drive consumers to its own sites.

Ralph F. Wilson, "The Web Marketing Checklist: 27 Ways to Promote Your
Website," Web Marketing Today.

"," . Facilitates reciprocal linking between sites.

Mark Henricks, "Don't Become a 'Dot Who?'," ZDNet E-Commerce,

Sumantra Roy, "Increasing Hits by Improving the Link Popularity of
Your Site,", 12/1/2000.

Marcia Yudkin, "Setting Out Bait Online," ClickZ, 11/22/2000. 
Gord Hotchkiss, "E-Business: Putting the Welcome Mat in Front of Your

Jim Daniels, "How To Go Long With Your Web Marketing," Sell It!,

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Web Marketing Today, 6/12/00.

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Jason O'Connor, "Developing an Online Campaign," Ad Resource,

"," .

Allan Gardyne, "How to add marketing oomph to your RealName,"
Associate Programs Newsletter, 9/9/99.

"," .

"Let 'Em Know -- the Automated Traffic Generator,"

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Today, Issue 13, 5/11/96.

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Charlie Morris, "Promoting Your Web Site Sans Snake Oil," Web
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"Top 500 Submission Sites Directory," VirtualPROMOTE.

"A List of Creative Ways to AdvertiseYour Web Site, Product, or
Service," Azurii Designs, 3/28/99.

Dan Mitchell, "Freebies' marketing effectiveness questioned," C|Net, 2/11/99.

Kevin Nunley, "How to Use TV, Radio, Magazines, and Newspapers to
Promote Your Web Site," Marketing and Advertising Supersite, 2/23/99.

Jim Daniels, "Low Cost E-Marketing!" BizWeb E-Gazette, 11/5/98.

Jim Daniels, "Where's all this traffic coming from?" BizWeb E-Gazette,

"," Blue Ridge Net Publishing.

Harvey Segal, "Internet Marketing Articles," SuperTips.

"Cool Tricks and Trinkets Newsletter," Charles Kessler and Associates.

I hope this helps. This project did provide a lot of new ideas for my
own web marketing techniques. And I certainly hope it helps you with
your work-at-home site. It sounds like it has great potential!

Let me know if there?s more I can provide to you. Please don?t
hesitate to click the ?clarify? button.


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