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Q: Jade deepens in color? ( Answered 4 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: Jade deepens in color?
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: mr_zorg-ga
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Posted: 22 Apr 2002 21:27 PDT
Expires: 22 May 2002 21:27 PDT
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My wife's Asian relatives have pushed a jade bracelet on her, which they 
insist deepens in color the longer you wear it.  They swear hers is getting 
more green, but neither of us can see it.  Of course, we look at it every 
day...  Is there any scientific basis for their claims that jade will deepen 
in color the longer a person wears it?
Subject: Re: Jade deepens in color?
Answered By: penguin-ga on 22 Apr 2002 23:16 PDT
Rated:4 out of 5 stars
Hi Mr. Zorg!

Your wife’s relatives are not alone in believing that the longer you wear jade, 
the deeper the color will be.
My stepsister has the same belief that was passed to her from her Hawaiian in-
laws.  “In China, jade is regarded as a special stone. It is believed that when 
handled some of the secret virtue of the substance is absorbed into the body.” 
Jewelry Mall, “Jade”
However, there is no scientific evidence of this characteristic.

 “Gems derive their beautiful hues from mineralogical impurities. For example, 
jadeite, NaAl[Si2O6], (one of two minerals commonly called jade) is green 
because it contains chromium, an element that absorbs red, blue, and violet, 
but not green, light waves. Iron also absorbs these hues, but its absorption 
capacity is weak compared with chromium. For this reason nephrite, Ca2(Mg,Fe+2)5
[Si8O22](OH,F)2, (a mineral called jade but with iron as its impurity) is a 
pallid green compared with the deep green of the jade that contains chromium.”
Radiation, Heat -- Improve Nature's Gems
Caltech News Release via California Geology (1/79)
Lithosphere (June 1993); Fallbrook Gem and Mineral Society, Inc.; Fallbrook, CA

When I wear a bracelet for an extended period of time, my wrist may sweat. I 
understand this to be an interaction between the bracelet’s composition and my 
body heat. I wondered if that is where the ‘jade myth’ originated. While I did 
not find any evidence to support my theory in relation to jade, heat can affect 
properties of some stones.  “Among the stones that benefit from heat treatment 
is aquamarine, which occurs naturally in many colors -- yellow, yellow green, 
blue green, and blue -- depending on the atomic charge and location of the iron 
atoms in the mineral. Heat that changes the atomic charge of iron atoms from +3 
to +2 transforms a yellow aquamarine into a more valuable blue aquamarine.”
Radiation Heat – Improve Nature’s Gems

Jade does have some healing properties that you may want to share with your 
wife. I am going to avoid scientifically proving these healing properties at 
this time, but it is nice to know that jade symbolizes something 
positive.  “Jade (C) For many centuries, jade has been associated with music. 
Traditionally used in China to strengthen the body and increase longevity. It 
is associated with five virtues; courage, mercy, justice, modesty and wisdom. 
Confucius said that jade is a reminder of the integrity of mind and soul. Among 
the Mayans and Aztecs, jade was the stone of magic, meant for priests, kings 
and gods. Jade brings harmony and accord to the environment, transmutes 
negativity and instills resourcefulness. It is used as both a dream stone to 
release emotions during the dream state and as a fidelity and devotions stone 
to help one remain focused on one's purpose. Jade generates unconditional love.”
Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company”Crowns”

Additional Website that may interest you: 

The Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom has a detailed table of Jadeite Properties

Search Terms Used: 

jade   gem   change   properties
jade   Hawaiian   Myth    symbolism
Jadeite or Nephrite characteristic

I hope this helps you settle the debate!
mr_zorg-ga rated this answer:4 out of 5 stars
Good to know we're not crazy.  :-)

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