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Q: objective information on herbal breast enlargement pills ( Answered,   1 Comment )
Subject: objective information on herbal breast enlargement pills
Category: Health > Women's Health
Asked by: anne99-ga
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Posted: 18 Feb 2004 13:25 PST
Expires: 19 Mar 2004 13:25 PST
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looking for objective discussions on herbal breast enlargement pills
that are NOT testamonials published by the companys selling them and
also NOT 'comparison studies' that are actually thinly disguised
advertisements by the companys selling them.  Looking for the opinions
of real women who have used the pills, especially talk about side
Subject: Re: objective information on herbal breast enlargement pills
Answered By: alexander-ga on 19 Feb 2004 03:09 PST
For discussions, opinions, and personal anecdotes, topic-specific
forums, also known as message boards, are usually the place to look.
Forums also provide you with the ability to ask your own specific
questions to forum members and frequently get very personal and
appropriate responses from individuals in the same situation.

In addition to a few dedicated boards, breast enlargement pills are
also frequently discussed on forums related to surgical breast
augmentation. I'll provide links to relevant forums, and then follow
with specific excerpts from those forums discussing herbal pills with
a focus on reported  efficacy and side effects.

I'd like to point out that on boards more geared towards surgical
breast augmentation, herbal pills were considered to "not work" even
when the user reported a small difference. The general consensus
appears to be that for some, but not all, women, herbal pills may
provide a very small to small enlargement (1/4" - 1") for the duration
of their use. Whether this is an "acceptable" gain appears to be a
very individual assessment.

The most appropriate board to your interests is probably the "BE Board", at:

Older posts to this board are available at:

Womynweb has a low-volume group dedicated to herbal breast enlargement:

General breast discussion:

Forums dedicated more to surgical breast enlargement, but have the
occasional discussion of non-surgical methods as well:
(also see for an informational
page discussing enlargement pills)


"I did not gain weight from herbal BE.  I did gain some cellulite
which is what excess estrogen does. However, during my first run with
herbal BE, I also discovered I had a thyroid issue,
hypothyroid....which I prolly had for a VERY long time, but really
came to light when I had upped the phyto-estrogens."

"The only one of those herbs that you listed that I've tried taking is
Saw Palmetto. Every time I took a pill (and I could only handle taking
one at a time), I had bad digestive cramping and acid reflux."

"Many on this board have tried both [bovine ovary] and herbs with no
success from either (and have been at it for over a year). What works
for one person obviously doesn't work for everyone."
"We did do a survey on the other board which tried to understand if a
person's body type had an effect on how they grew. It was a small
sample, but it basically supported that those who didn't retain much
fats over the body..generally tended to have the hardest time at
'helping the girls'."

"I gained a little on [bovine ovary] - about 4-5 pounds, but got back
my C cup. I switched to herbs and gained a LOT of weight (another 10
pounds which STILL doesn't want to come off) and got up to a D cup
which shrank when I quit the herbs."

"Has anyone experience a lot of hair loss on herbs? I just cleaned my
bathroom and hair everywhere. So I brushed my hair with a clean brush
and more hair and I mean lots of hair. I have quite thick hair so I
guess I really didn't miss much of it, but at this rate I will soon
not have thick hair. This is very discouraging. It must be the herbs
because that is the only thing different in the last few months..."
"Amen to the hair loss! I have been quietly complaining about this one
for a few weeks now! I too have thick hair..."
"I am on herbs...and I have seen some good results so far. I had
gained about 1/2 inch on both sides. And then lost a bit and gained it
back...but I am only on the 2 month of this so I don't have alot of

"have been taking the pills for about 4 weeks now and I know it is a
bit early to make definite statements but I think these are working. .
. . . my 36b bra fitting much better and the 36a one definately too

"Nothing worked, and the slight increase I got also came with more
fiborous breast tissue that caused problems when I got my mamo. While
I have that problem anyways, it did seem to make it worst. Most of
these pills will cause hormonal issues, so have the good effects and
some have bad! I used them to help offset my menapause symptoms when
it was obvious they would n't get me where I wanted to go!"

"Never tried brava but waisted alot of money on herbs. None of there
claims are true. I think I was stupid enough to try them all!"

"I was on them for six months, my very small breast just felt like i
was on my period."

"I measured myself before I started taking them. I did notice a small
change in those 2 months but after I the 2 months of taking them they
went right back down. It was about an inch difference. Would never
take them again there are way to many side effects we don't know
about. Some of them even contain kava kava which is bad for your
liver, and kava kava is a muscle relaxer..."
"I took those for 4 months and nothing! A big waste of time and money!
I took them just like I was supposed to too."
"I took Saw Palmetto as someone on here suggested...I got a small
change it has not gone..."

For the following links, you'll need to register for the forum before
you'll be able to view the original messages. Follow one of the links,
then click on the "Not Registered? Click Here!" link on the left.

"I felt a difference, and my boobs seemed more firm, but they
certainly didn't grow."

"I hate to break it down to you, but they do not work. Honestly, I've
tried all types of breast pills...let me tell you one brand made me
grow facial hair(I forgot which one was it). I never EVER had facial
hair. Not like a beard or anything like that, but a few hairs under my

"I tried SBS also...I only used it about a month and did notice a
slight difference, nothing big. But I just couldn't continue for the
prescribed six months with all their restrictions..."

"I ended up wasting $250, and the pills had side effects. I ended up
with some nasty allergies-- to what, I have no idea. I just can't
smell or breath very well after taking the pills for 6 mos."

"I have not tried bloussant, but have used other herbal growth pills.
They did not work."

"I have also tried many products who claim a money back gaurentee &
all. They don't work..."

"I tried Bloussant for almost two months and it didn't do anything!"

"i tried both herb and [bovine ovary] pills. the herbs did not work on
me at all. maybe a tiny bit of swelling that wasn't noticeable at all.
the [bovine ovary] pills did work for about a month and then stopped.
(i gained about 1.5 cm across each breast.) there are also side
effects... my period became unbearable when i took those pills. but
everyone reacts differently."

"I was a sucker for those stupid herbal breast enhancement
supplements. Totally bogus! I wasted so much money... Add Bust, New
Bust, Quick Bust, Bloussant. None of them worked."

search terms: breast forums -cancer -reduction
Subject: Re: objective information on herbal breast enlargement pills
From: soon-ga on 10 Jun 2004 11:22 PDT
You know, this answer looks like a slam against natural BE.  The site has many women with success who regularly
post there.  Some have even posted pics and you can tell.  You should
check it out before really judging if it is a scam or really works. 
There are definitely plenty of women on whom it doesn't work, but
there are many on whom it does work.  My wife, while not trying to do
BE, gained fullness in her breasts after starting to take 3.9g's of
evening primrose oil.  After 2 months, they went back down but did
retain more fullness than before she started with the EPO.  And, she
wasn't taking the EPO for BE, but for menstrual cycle regulation.

Check them out - definitely non-commercial, though, one of the women
does sell supplies, but she doesn't push people to her site.

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