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Q: "International Mail Order -Digital Cameras" ( Answered,   0 Comments )
Subject: "International Mail Order -Digital Cameras"
Category: Business and Money > Small Businesses
Asked by: digitalcam-ga
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Posted: 19 Feb 2004 23:27 PST
Expires: 20 Mar 2004 23:27 PST
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I need a list (or a directory) of international mail order companies
in Germany, Italy and Japan that sells digital cameras. They should be
ready to ship the product - Cameras abroad. My prefence is for medium
scale company and not the industry leadrs like ebay.
Subject: Re: "International Mail Order -Digital Cameras"
Answered By: nancylynn-ga on 21 Feb 2004 12:26 PST
Hello digitalcam-ga:

I have found quite a few Internet/mail order companies in the three
countries you named that sell and ship digital cameras

Some of these companies ship in limited regions, say throughout the EU
and to North America; however many of these companies I've listed ship
anywhere in the world. I have noted the shipping regions for each mail
order house/online store I've listed.

Some of these sites are written in German, Italian, or Japanese. If
your Web browser doesn't have a translation tool, you can go to
Microsoft's "Download Center" at:
and type "translation," or "languages" or "multilingual" in the
keyword search box to bring up a translation program that's compatible
with your computer.

Or, go to AltaVista's "Babel Fish Translation Service," at:
Just paste in the data you need to translate, then select which
language you're translating from, and which language you want to
translate that data into.

In addition to the Web sites, many of the following companies also
have print catalogs for ordering products via mail or phone. You can
request print catalogs via e-mail or phone.


Of the three countries you named, Germany by far has the greatest
number of online/mail order companies for digital cameras. I was
astonished to find more international digital camera vendors in
Germany than in Japan!

Despite its name, New York Camera is actually headquarter in Ahlen, Germany:
and they ship throughout Europe, Scandinavia, Great Britain, Canada, and the USA.

Their order telephone lines for Germany, Poland, and International can be found at:

Or you can shop Online with a shopping cart. Their list of products
(in English), including digital cameras, is at:

I found a great directory: ACE (All Camera Equipment, which lists
camera store/mail order catalogues in 36 countries, at
Clicking on Germany, I brought up:

You have to scroll halfway down the page to see the listings. Any
store/ mail order house with a "globe" icon, ships worldwide. Using my
"Find" feature I searched for firms that sell digital cameras.

AC- Foto Handels, Aachen, Germany (ships worldwide):

Brenner FotoSpezial Versand, Weiden, Germany. "A full service camera
store and mail order house. . . ." (Ships worldwide):
(Site is in German -only).

Here's Brenner's selection of digital cameras:

Film Art (ships worldwide):

Foto Hobby GmbH in Frankfurt, Germany (ships worldwide):

At that page you can choose which language to use while browsing their
site. I chose English, which brought up this page:
where I clicked the icon for "digital cameras," bringing up a box
listing the brands they carry. Just click on the down arrow at the
bottom right of that box to scroll down to view their inventory of
digital cameras and accessories.

According to Ace Index, at:
Foto Hobby GmbH "Able to answer in English, French, Spanish and
German. Free mail order price list and quarterly Leica newsletter with
special offers."

Dinkel Fotogrosshandel in Munich:
At that page click the word "International" at bottom center of the
page (by the flag icons). That will bring up a pop-up box that reads,
in part:

"We do a lot of international wholesaling business and are always
interested in new contacts for either customers or suppliers. Feel
free to ask or offer any quantities you want or have. For all
inquiries regarding import-export in english please contact: Christian
Dinkel; or Alexandra Dinkel:"

Technik Direkt - Würzburger in Fotoversand, Germany:{34BAA766-63EC-4E2D-841B-6A2B049D4717}&history=set

Here's their page of camera inventories, including digital:{E851C597-18CD-4991-8111-15F45A87F44C}&SESSIONID=Y/D2KQR9XXIAC75SZUL&DS=2&TS=2106552758&history=set

According to this page:
Technik Direkt ships to Europe, Scandinavia, Great Britain, and the USA.

Contact them at:

Their hotline is 0931-9708-800 or +49 931 9708-800

Their fax is 0931 9708-850

To order Technik Direkt's catalogue:
(This order form is in German).

You can also search and shop at Amazon.DE's Elektronik & Foto online store:


Going back to Ace:
I clicked on "Italy" to bring up:

And had no luck at all finding camera mail order houses in Italy --
only retail outlets!

I also struck out at Italy Business Net under "Photographic Equipment"

So, I searched the Web (see my search strings at the end of my answer)
and found "Italy-Outlet," which is based in northern Italy, and which
has a digital camera division:

Italy-Outfit ships to "the EU, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Norway,
Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia"):

And here is their contact information:

Leicatime Luigi Crescenzi, in Rome:
At this page, go to menu at left and scroll down to "New: Digital" and
click on that.

Clicking will bring up a page devoted to new and used digital cameras
-- he carries brands other than Leica too!

At the top of the page you'll see a globe icon (means they ship
worldwide), along with many countries' flags. Scroll down this page
(it's a long page) to see various cameras and international shipping
rates. (This page's copy keeps switching between Italian and English,
which is a bit confusing at first.)

Crescenzi notes that he has just begun selling digital cameras and
will be broadening his inventory soon.

I found the shopping directory "Nitro-Acquisti":
Clicking at the top on  "Fotografica" led me to a page where I could
click on "digital," which brought up:

That led me to Trova su

You have to register there to purchase from this site. The site is
entirely in Italian, but I *think* they ship globally because they do
have a globe icon.

Trova's site is tricky to navigate. At their main page:
Go to the left and click on "Hw Digital Imaging." That will bring up a
page with several choices, including (at top, near right) "Fotocamera
Digitali." Click on that and it will bring up 44 matches for digital

I copied and pasted some information from Trova's site into Babel Fish Translation:
using to "Italian To English," yet still couldn't determine their
shipping range, so you'll have to contact them.

Trova's contact information is:
Phone: 199.441044
Fax: 199.441020

Vendita specializes in selling software, but it also sells some digital cameras:
Then click on the camera icon you see there to bring up:
In addition the featured Yakumo brand camera, you see a few other
brands listed at the right, including Olympus.

At the bottom of the page there is a link to "Translate This Page,"
which will bring it back up in English. Still, quite frankly, this
site is
confusing to navigate. They appear to have a limited inventory of
digital cameras and I'm not sure of their shipping region.

Your best bet is to contact them and ask how many brands they carry
and just where they deliver. Their e-mail is: , or
try phoning them at 06 - 9063773, or fax them at 06 - 9063773

Also consider Ital Trade:
This is a joint venture firm that will help you find sellers in Italy
and they get a commission: that typically lasts for a 5-year period
from any
seller they find for you.

Because there are relatively few resources in Italy for you, you may
want to consider a joint venture with Ital Trade; however, I would
suggest that you have a lawyer review their contract and terms before
you sign. (I would recommend such a consultation to anyone before
signing any contract.)

I also found's "European Home Store":

Click on the country of interest, in this case, Italy. I chose
"English" under "Italy, which brought up:

There, click on "cameras" in the blue box to bring up an inventory of
Logitech brand cameras:

I went to the listing for "Logitech® Pocket Video? 750" and to the
right of that clicked on "Buy Now." That brought up an order form that
says "You are purchasing in Italy from DOCdata."


I went back to ACE:
and clicked on  "Japan" to bring up:

Again, an icon of a globe signifies that the company ships worldwide.
I used "Find" under "Edit" on my browser to find listed Japanese
vendors that sell digital cameras.

The only really good match I got was: in Osaka, Japan (ships globally):
(Site is in English.)

Ramsons is really a shopping portal/ price comparison site. I selected
"Products" in menu bar near the top of the above page, then clicked
"digital" to bring up:

Choose the item of interest and click on "Get The Best Price" at right.

Fill out a form for each item of interest and Ramsons will search to
find the best bargain. Ramsons ships globally and allows bulk orders.

Read about Ramsons at:

Asahi Optical Co., Ltd. (Pentax):

According to ACE, they carry digital cameras. But even when I tried
translating this site, I couldn't determine their shipping regions.

Here's Asahi's online catalogue:

Camera-no-Kitamura Co. Ltd:

I put the URL for this page, which is in Japanese, into Babel Fish's
translation box.

Here's the URL for Kitamura's digital cameras:
Click on shopping cart icon to go to:
I typed the above URL into Babel Fish at:
But I still couldn't determine their shipping region.

Their contact information (it's likely someone on-staff speaks English):
Phone: 087-864-9188. Fax : 087-864-9199

Gin-ichi Corp. in Tokyo:

The site is in Japanese, but you can navigate it by English key words.
In the menu I selected "digital photo" which brought up:

I pasted that URL into Babel Fish. I believe they ship overseas. Using
Babel I was able to find their contact info:
"Silver one corporation overseas commodity section. TEL.03-5550-5036
You can request print catalogs from Gin-ichi.

As you explore, you'll see links for
Japanese sites for Konica, Fuji, and Kodak, among other companies,
that make and sell digital cameras. But Ramsons (first listing I gave
you for Japan) is the only mail order/online store in this directory
that definitely ships globally.

While searching the Web for Japanese mail order and online camera
vendors, I found this surprising discussion at a photographers' Web
(This discussion stretches from February of 2002 through November 2003.)

"Here's a shocker:
'How can I order camera equipment from Japan via the Internet?'
'No camera retailers in Japan accept mail orders from overseas. You'll have
to find someone in Japan willing to purchase and ship the equipment to you.' "

So I tried a directory listed in that discussion:
Photo Guide Japan, at:

There I found a directory of "Photo Guide Japan, Compiled by Philbert Ono" at:
I went through some of the vendors listed there, pasting their URLs
into Babel Fish, but wasn't able to find anything about overseas

I did manage to find e-mail addresses for some of these vendors so
that you can contact them:

Their e-mail is:

New York Set Shop is the Tokyo branch of a NYC store. The Tokyo store
has a mail order catalogue:

Phone: 03-5548-5131
Or contact them online:

I suggest you go back to  "Photo Guide Japan, Compiled by Philbert Ono":
and be prepared to do a lot of searching and a lot of translating at
AltaVista's Babel Fish!
I went back to the discussion board at:
and found mention of this Tokyo outlet which ships overseas:

Lemon Sha

"the Lemon-Sha camera shop ( It seems to be
only in English but you can send an e-mail to:" 

So I went to:
Then pasted that URL into Babel Fish. 

I learned that Lemon Sha does carry digital cameras and has a mail
order service. Their phone number is 03-3567-5533.
The discussion at:
also mentioned ""

I easily found "Mail Order Japan":  
More good news -- the site is written in English!

Here's the bad news: cameras aren't listed among their inventory!

But here's more good news: Mail Order Japan has a "Shopping Service": 

"We provide a variety of shopping services to our customers from
Japanese shops, websites and Japan Yahoo Auctions. If you are
searching for something on Yahoo Japan Auctions, please have a look at
our Yahoo Japan Auctions Services Section

Some of the reasons for these services are

1. They can't browse or read Japanese websites and sellers don?t speak English

2. Sellers don't ship their items outside Japan

3. Sellers don?t accept a variety of payment methods

4. They want particular items from Japan but can't find them in their
hometowns or on the web . . . .

". . . If you decide to use our Shopping Services, please provide us
with as much information as possible about the product you want to
order. . . .More detailed information will be exchanged with you by
e-mail about the product you wish to order.  . . If the product is
available in the Japanese market, we will inform you about the product
as well as its price and all other details by email. If you are
interested after we provide you with the information, you can order
the product from us

"Fees for Shopping Services
The fees are negotiable for Shopping Services. It depends on the
availability of the product. As a general rule, we charge 20 Dollars
minimum, or15 to 20 percent of the total cost of your product,
whichever is greater. Please have a look at the example of how much a
product costs . . ."

Contact them at

They also have a page just for locating and buying "Professional Cameras":

Other contact Information for Mail Order Japan can be found at:

Also check out Mail Order Japan's page on "Yahoo Japan Auctions":

"Japan Auctions is a collector?s heaven . . .  Nikon and Canon?s
high-end professional cameras and lenses. However, the biggest
barriers to using Yahoo Japan Auctions are the Japanese language and
the inability (or unwillingness) of Japanese sellers to ship abroad. .
. .For those of you who can read only some Japanese or none at all,
the situation is not that hopeless. . . . Please check out our
Japanese Translation section on the top for more details about OCN and
Babelfish. After the language problem, the next issue is how to
receive the products. This is where Mail Order Japan comes in. Mail
Order Japan will take care of the entire transaction process: from
paying and receiving product from the seller to shipping it to you."

Search Strings:

" 'international mail order' AND 'digital cameras' AND Germany" ["Italy" and
" 'Germany [or Italy or Japan] AND directory And 'international mail order'
AND 'digital cameras' "
"Germany [or Italy or Japan] directory international mail order digital
"Germany AND directory AND 'mail order' AND 'digital cameras' "
"directory German [or Italy or Japan] mail order cameras"
Searching under directories: "Germany [or Italy or Japan] mail order"
"Italy AND mail order cameras"
"Italy AND 'mail order' AND cameras"
"buy digital cameras Italy"
"Japan AND mail order cameras"
"Japan AND 'mail order' AND cameras"
"buy digital cameras Japan"

I hope my research is of help to you.

Please post a "Request For Clarification" if you need help navigating
any of the above links, or if you need clarification on any of the
resources I've listed for you.

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