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Q: Scope after Graduating In Hotel Management ( Answered,   0 Comments )
Subject: Scope after Graduating In Hotel Management
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Asked by: lavania-ga
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Posted: 02 Mar 2004 03:11 PST
Expires: 01 Apr 2004 03:11 PST
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I am doing BA (Hons.) in Hotel Management, from University Of Huddersfield, U.K.
what would do you think would be my job prospects, further education.

What should I do After graduating, should I straight join a job, or do
my Masters in some field.
IF I go for Masters which all universities are there, who could help
me out with my finace, as in If I can work in The hotels abroad, with
the degree mentioned above.
I would like to have a list of universities abroad , which are good
for masters, their fee structures, and also hotels where i can apply
for job and get most of the pay as stipend which could be used to pay

What are pay structures in countries like UK, or America, etc
what are legal formalities, etc , I want everything.

So all the universities should be mentioned.
and so do all the information regrading the same.

Clarification of Question by lavania-ga on 21 Mar 2004 01:29 PST
make sure ur answers should be in consideration of the fact that i am
staying currently in India, ok
so think accordingly what all stuff one requires,  what are the
requirements, and all that
Subject: Re: Scope after Graduating In Hotel Management
Answered By: nancylynn-ga on 21 Mar 2004 18:04 PST
Hello Lavania-ga:

First, I was deep into researching this question for you before I read
your critical comments about me at:

Had I known your displeasure with my earlier work, I would have
relinquished my lock on this question. I do hope you find my research
on this matter satisfactory.

I can tell you that it became very clear during my research that
on-the-job experience is a huge plus in this career field. I think
your best bet is to start your career right after completing your BA,
and try to take classes toward your master's --even if it means you
can only attend school part-time, thus lengthening the time it will
take to complete an advanced
degree. Or, choose a master's program that offers a stipend or paying
internship (I have listed several schools that provide that option).
But  getting real-life work experience under your belt is the best
next step for you to take.

Judging by most of the listings that I saw for entry-level jobs, a
candidate who has a bachelor's degree in hotel management AND actual
working experience working in the industry is, overall, far more
appealing to most employers, than is an applicant who has a master's
degree in hotel management -- but little or no actual work experience
in hospitality.

Still, there's no question but that a master's degree, combined with
work experience, will get you to the very top a lot faster. The more
fluent you are in more languages, the better you'll do in this
increasingly global industry. Also, possessing the advanced skills in
finance -- and corporate savvy -- that a master's degree can provide,
will make you a very compelling candidate for the fast-track to the
executive suite.

If you're thinking of getting your master's in the U.S., remember that
in order to attend any U.S. college, you must pass the TOEFL (Test of
English as a Foreign Language) exam:

I have also provided you with directories of international schools
that offer advanced degrees in hotel management, along with
information on scholarship, grant, internship, and stipend programs.

And, I've included a roundup section on visas. Your student visa for
England should be applicable anywhere in the EU. (See more information
on visas at the end of my answer.) Also, most job listings in the
hospitality business -- since it is such an international business --
note work visa/residency requirements for each job listed.

Advantages of Having An Advanced Degree:

The University of New Orleans says it does make a difference:
This degree along with your work experience will give you an advantage
as you progress to higher levels in your career. You will be exposed
to advanced business concepts, and acquire skills that will have
practical applications in the workplace.  Your personal development
will be enhanced through interactive learning and you will have
opportunities to share your experiences with people from a variety of

Learn about the University's Kabacoff school of Hotel, Restaurant and
Tourism Administration:

The International Hotel School:
agrees that work abroad, combined with advanced language skills
obtained while achieving a post-graduate degree, will improve your
jobs chances in the international hospitality arena.

The International Hotel School is located in South Africa: 

The University of Nevada at Las Vegas also believes that a master's,
combined with an MBA (Master's Business Administration), will lead you
to top administrative jobs. It offers a "dual" MS/MBA program. Read
about the program here:

The application for international students is:

And UNLV's page for scholarships and grants for international students:

(I have provided you with information on more schools, below.)

Scope of Opportunities Available/ Job & Salary Forecasts:

The breadth of available jobs in the hospitality industry is nothing
short of astounding and, as you know, a career in this field can
provide you with the opportunity live and work in virtually any
country on earth. Jobs are available at hotels, motels, cruise lines,
ski resorts, mountain resorts, spas, and casinos.

For a good idea of the potential career paths -- and salary -- your
impending degree will bring you, see these articles:

In North America: 

"Introduction to Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management," from the
College of Human Development at the University of Wisconsin-Stout:
"The average starting salary of the 2000?01 graduate was $29,000. As
you advance within a hospitality and tourism company, your salary will
increase depending on the level of responsibility. Many of our
graduates have become general and executive directors of large
corporations and are managing millions of dollars."'s Career Guide "Hotel and Motel Managers": 

William Patterson University (Wayne, NJ) reports

"Occupation:Hotel/Motel Manager 
Education - HS (high school)
Starting Salary - $20,000 
Average Salary - $48,000-58,000 
Job Outlook - Good"

The university also projects "More states will increase their budgets
for State Tourism Bureaus. This should also create new job/career
opportunities. A background in hospitality management and marketing
should prove useful to break into this field." (I can't find a date
for this report, but it's clearly post-2001.)

Hospitality Net has market reports:
that examine trends in the industry, including employment, for the
U.S. and internationally.

I typed "hiring" into the search box and got this February 2004
report, "One-in-four Hospitality Hiring Managers Plan to Add New Jobs
In 2004, Survey Reveals":


Hotel On-Line:

Has this report on the "Top Ten Performing International Job Markets for 2003":

These results should give you a good idea of where to begin your job hunting:

Kuwait City
Puerto Rico 

"UK Hotel & Retail sector brings job prospects for Q4 2003 down to ten
year low" from the September 16, 2003 edition of Hotel Job Resource:

But check out their "Category Trends" page to see where this is job
growth in this sector, such as Barcelona and Latin America:

From Training & Employment magazine, see "EMPLOYMENT PROSPECTS IN THE
Or at:

The Hospitality & Catering Career Club's June 2003 newsletter:
lists average salary rates for the hotel industry in Great Britain.
(See graph at the bottom of the page).
scholarship and stipend options):

It is impossible for me to list every university in the U.S., EU, and
beyond, that has an advanced degree program in hospitality services,
along with their tuition rates, etc.; not only would that take me
weeks, I would likely cause the entire GA site to crash.

I have done my best to make it as easy for you as possible to key in
on the best candidates. For roundup listings of schools, please just
copy and paste the school's name, plus the phrase "AND hotel
management" into your favorite
search engine, and you should come up with hits for the appropriate
department for each school.

In other cases, I have highlighted particularly promising programs for you.

Employment Program Geared To U.K. Hotel Management Students:

The U.K's Travel Inn company has a special program for undergraduates like

Go to Travel Inn's site for more information about employment opportunities
for hotel students:
and click on "Students" at upper left in the menu bar to find more details
about the program. There are employment opportunities throughout the U.K.

Stipend Employment For Hotel Students:

has an internship program that pays a stipend.

The Welcome Group Graduate School:
(Scroll down the list of other Indian hotel management institutes to
see it) offers a stipend for work while attending school, according to
this semi-broken page:


















Cornell University in upstate New York offers an advanced degree in
hotel management:

Cornell also assists students with getting a job while attending school:

And Cornell has a stipend and financial aid program:

From Cornell's application page:
"Our program requires that you have the equivalent of a four-year,
U.S. bachelor's degree in any discipline. For international
applicants, this translates to four years of post-secondary or a total
of 16 years of academic study. With a three-year degree, you must
complete an additional full year of academic study at the university
level, also in any discipline.
This extra year does not need to result in a degree. . . ."


CHTS, the College of Hospitality and Tourism at PUNJAB TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY,
Jalandhar, India, offers a master's degree program:

The college is geared toward training its students to work anywhere in
the world and it has a job placement service. See:
"CHTS is also affiliated to the Educational Institute of American
Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA), USA. AHLA is the world's largest
network of Hospitality Institutions . . . ."

See this discussion of programs in India at Express Hotelier:

Of the two schools mentioned in the above Q&A:
SAMS Institute of Hotel Management at Varanasi:
doesn't offer a master's program, but the Educational Institute of
American Hotel & Lodging Association (EI-AH&LA) does. See:

At, click on "Academic" in toolbar at the top.
The institute does offer some advanced hotel management training in
"custom" courses. To learn more, e-mail K. V. Simon, regional
vice-president, EI-AH&LA, at, or go to this page:
To fill out a form so that the Institute can contact you with
information about its advanced academic programs.
Or phone the Institute at: 800-344-4381.

Career Do Well:
has a menu at top where you can access information about studying in
several countries. I tried "India," which brought up this page:
At left, see a menu with options for such topics as "scholarships":
That page contains several college scholarship programs for Indian
students. At left, see a menu, which contains, among other links,
"Course and Entrance Details of Colleges."

Clicking on that link, brought up:
which lists schools with hotel management programs throughout India.

Cornell has an extensive list of international schools with programs
in hotel management:
Each school listed has a clickable link that will take you directly to
the school's hospitality course of study program. That, in turn, will
lead you to contact information, so you can learn more about
scholarships and stipend programs at the schools that interest you.

International Business Graduate Programs in Europe:

Then scroll down to:

"CMH - European Center of International Hotel Management
Executive Master
52, Rue St Lazare
75009 Paris, FRANCE
Phone: 011+33-1-45 26 59 28
Fax: 011+33-1-45 26 59 29

"Degrees Offered:
Executive Master - International Hospitality Management;
Executive Master - international Tourism Industry;
Executive Master - Entrepreneurship"

Waco-Trib has a long list of schools that offer advanced degrees in
hotel management:;COXnetJSessionID=AdgSbMuf9OCQ1lYs1K00o1fsa7W4vHlcOvwrFBcdi2IkwpLhbBLp!384418781?urac=n&urvf=10798940985330.07877236463625759

From the above site, I clicked on "Hotel Institute Montreux"
and at their "fees and dates" page:
discovered they have an internship program in which "no fees are due
to the school," and each internship student earns a stipend.

Here's an overview of their Internship Program:

Apply for a student visa in Switzerland at this page:

At the Waco-Trib directory I also found a link for the Institute of
Hotel Management in Bangalore, India, which offers an advanced degree

Here's their page on financial aid resources in India:

Also see this roundup of International Advanced Degree Programs:


The American Hotel & Lodging Foundation (AHLF):
offers grants and scholarships.

One AHLF program, the Rama Scholarship For The American Dream, is
specifically for the benefit of Indian and Asian students:

The Rama scholarship applies to Indian and Asian students and is
offered in conjunction with the following 14 schools:

Bethune-Cookman College
California State
Cornell University
Florida International University
Georgia University
Greenville Technical College
Howard University
Johnson & Wales University
Michigan State University
New York University
University of Central Florida
University of Houston
University of South Carolina
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

For information on the Rama Scholarship, contact:
Phone: (202) 289-3188
Fax: (202) 289-3199
Mailing Address:
American Hotel & Lodging Educational Foundation
1201 New York Avenue, N.W.
Suite 600
Washington, DC 20005

To learn more about AHLEF's programs, download their brochure at:

AHFL led me to the IAHI (International Association of Holiday Inns),
which has hotel management student scholarships and grants for
international students:

But you must have worked a full year at an InterContinental Hotels
Group franchise: Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Crowne Plaza,
Staybridge Suites -- the franchise can be located anywhere in the
world in order for you to qualify.

"There are two types of Scholarships - "Need-Based" and
"Scholastic-Based." Applicants select one of the two types of
scholarships on the application form and they will not be considered
for both awards.

"Need-Based" Scholarships are evaluated on the following criteria:
financial need; explanation of personal circumstances;
industry-related work experience; and GM Evaluation.

"Scholastic-Based" Scholarships are evaluated on the following
criteria: academic performance; industry-related work experience;
professional, community and extracurricular activities; and GM

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible, applicants must meet the following requirements:

*Only employees of IAHI member hotels may apply. [That is: InterContinental
Hotels Group: Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Crowne Plaza and Staybridge
*Hotels must be in good standing with IAHI dues paid.
*Applicants must have been employed at least 12 months and worked a minimum
of 20 hours per week at the IAHI member *hotel at the time the application
is submitted.
*Employees must maintain working a minimum of 20 hours per week at the
member hotel in order to be eligible to receive the scholarship funds.
*Applicants must have a minimum of a 2.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale.
*Applicants must be enrolled or plan to enroll on a full or part-time basis
in an accredited college or university, vocational/technical school, or
program at the Educational Institute with a declared major in hotel, food &
beverage, or some other related hospitality field. Undergraduate and
graduate students may apply. . . ."

For more information, contact:

Michelle Poinelli
1201 New York Ave. NW
Suite 600
Washington, DC 20005-3931

Phone: (202) 289-3188

Also see FastWeb:
where you can register for free to learn about scholarship programs
all over the world.

At this page:
fill out a form (it's free) and the site will "match-make" you with
colleges that offer scholarships for courses in your field of study.
The site will also alert college recruiters looking for students who
match those schools' specific profiles.

Other Resources:
This  agency, Hospitality Career Service's Hotel Headhunter:
should be able to match-make you with hotels that will let you work
part-time while you pursue your master's.

Winegardner & Hammons Hotel Management is currently hiring for hotel
jobs across America:
And see jobs at:
Many of these jobs require a degree, but there isn't a mention of
citizenship requirements. Because they operate in so many U.S.
regions, there's a good chance you can work for them while pursuing an
advanced degree at a nearby college.

For a (refundable) fee, you can try TravelJobz:
which is a professional employment match-making service for companies
and job seekers in the travel and hospitality industries. They will
also help you find student internships in hospitality around the
world. The site also notes that it is fairly common for employers in
this industry to assist foreign workers in obtaining work visas.

Applying For Work Visas:

Again, since you already have a student visa for England, you're set
to attend school anywhere in the EU. Also, many employers in the
hospitality industry assist international employees with obtaining

Work Visas:

Offers information on how to obtain a visa in countries ranging from
Canada to the EU to Japan to South Africa.

Relocation has a page on obtaining work visas around the world
(including some information on Central and South America), accurate as
of 2000: has a fantastic country-by-country guide on how to obtain work visas:

Here's the U.S. Immigration Bureau's guide to obtaining a work visa in
the United States:

The Cyrus Meshki law firm of Beverly Hills, CA, has a very helpful
page about obtaining work visas in the U.S.: 


You may find this site, Visa Station, helpful:

Also, "Going Global":
Provides visa information for 23 countries:

Student Visas:

See the U.S. State Department's guidelines on obtaining a student visa:;foreignstuden.html

For Portugal, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Greece, and the Netherlands, see:





Visas For South Africa:

Visas For The Middle East:

Click on the country that interests you and at the page that comes up,
click "visa" in the menu at left.

Again, when you apply at a foreign school, they school will give you
instructions on obtaining a visa. Employers interested in hiring you
can also assist you in getting a work visa.

Search Strings:

jobs AND "degree in hotel management"
job AND opportunities AND "cruise lines"
jobs AND "degree in hotel management" AND U.S.
"jobs casinos hotel management"
undergraduates AND hotel AND training AND India
stipend +"hotel industry"
casino jobs +"hotel management"
casino employment international
casino resort employment Europe
consider AND career AND "hotel management" 
job AND prospects AND "hotel management" 
"work visa" AND [country or continent]
"student visa: AND [country or continent]

I hope that my research has helped you. If you have trouble navigating
any of the above links, or if you need me to clarify any of this
information, please post a "Request For Clarification," prior to
rating my answer.

I wish you the best of luck in your new career in the hospitality industry. 


Clarification of Answer by nancylynn-ga on 21 Mar 2004 18:08 PST
P.S. While I was answering your question I found all these
hotel/hospitality job sites. No sense in letting them go to waste,
especially since they should be of help to you:

Finding Jobs in the Hotel Management/Hospitality Industry:

Adventures In Hospitality:
You'll see a long list of "featured employers" at that main page, and
you can register at the site to search for jobs. (Note: this site was
experiencing some technical problems when I visited it; I'm hoping it
will be working OK by the time you get to it.)

HCareers (Hospitality Careers Online) is an extensive and
comprehensive that provides links to job listings and highly regarded
college programs, and hospitality-oriented professional societies:

These pages:
contain job listings for the UK and the U.S., as well as a helpful
"cost of living calculator."

Searching at
I used search criteria: "Hotel accommodation"; position: either
"manager-in-training" or "assistant manager," and for location, you
have a number of options, including "International."  Just keep
playing with those location options.

I found many jobs, including Crowne Plaza's "management in training program":

Unfortunately, there aren't any current job openings at that site for South Asia.

The UKJobs site:
lead me to their site for catering and hospitality jobs throughout the UK:

Hotel & Caterer Online also lists jobs worldwide:

Choose "hotel management," "General Manchester" for location, then
"hotel." (I came up with nine hits, most of which are for jobs
requiring hotel work

Also try Voos's hotel jobs directory (for the U.K. and worldwide):

You can register your CV here for employers to review, and you can
search for jobs, by clicking "Find A Job." that will bring up a pop-up
box showing vacancies. Most are for Europe and the Mediterranean area.

Hospitality Jobs Online (appears to be USA only):

Hospitality Link (appears to be USA only):

Cool Jobs Canada has a site for hospitality jobs:

Purdue University has a great directory for hospitality jobs:

Ominseek has a comprehensive directory of hospitality jobs in the U.S.
and the U.K.:{1589}

At, see "Hospitality Jobs," compiled by site guide Alison Doyle:
Scroll down the page to see a couple of dozen employment links.

Among the links there, I tried  "Hospitality Recruiting," which is
maintained by Bloksberg & Associates recruiting agency:
Click on "For Employees" at the bottom of the page.

Niche Industries Within Hospitality Sector:

Ski Resorts:
is an extensive listing of jobs at ski resorts around the world.

Mountain Resorts:

I also clicked on "Mountain Jobs" which leads to a site for jobs
located in . . . mountainous regions. See "Resort Management" jobs at
mountain resorts at:
One clickable listing there is for "Grand Targhee Resort, Food & Beverage
(There aren't a lot of jobs listed here, which isn't surprising, given
that this is a niche sub-industry within the hospitality sector.)

National Parks (U.S.):

I also clicked on "Resort Jobs," which brought up:
which has "job listings for worldwide resort jobs with ski (and
snowboard!) resorts, camps, national parks, cruise ships, restaurants
and hotels."

I clicked search to bring up:
then I typed in "national parks hotel," which brought up several pages
of hits that I weeded through. Among the jobs I found:

"Yellowstone Food and Beverage Manager, Job Location: YELLOWSTONE
NATIONAL PARK, WY, United States."

That job is offered by Xanterra Parks and Resorts. Its main page is:
"Xanterra Parks & Resorts is the country's largest park & resort
management company. We emphasize ecologically sensitive tourism which
has resulted in our environmental management and conservation programs
at national parks
having received widespread acclaim."

At left on that page, click "Find A Job," then on the next page, at right,
click "Jobs," to bring up:
Select the desired location, such as the Grand Canyon or other
national park, or a state park, to bring up open positions that you
can apply for via the site.

I checked out their link for Grand Canyon area jobs, and found this page for
"Job Requirements" for working at Xanterra:
There isn't anything about residency requirements, so, presumably, all
one needs is a work visa in the U.S. to qualify.

Cruise Lines:

See the "Cruise Line Jobs" site:

This page shows all the cruise ship positions available to those with
hotel management skills, including average salary rates for specific
For example: "Junior Assistant Purser (hotel receptionist) - previous
hotel experience and /or university degree preferable. Fluent English
Language skills required and speaking other languages (German, French
or Spanish) is a plus. Salary range: $1600 -1800 U.S. per month,
depending on the cruise line. Possibilities for promotion to Assistant
Purser. . . . . Purser (supervising day to day operations of the
pursers office / front desk as directed by the Chief Purser) -
previous hotel experience preferable, a degree in hotel management and
/or prior cruise ship experience is required. Fluent English Language
skills required. Salary range: $2300-3200 U.S. per month, depending on
the cruise line. Possibilities for promotion to Deputy Purser.

The company that runs that site sells job directories, but I found
some free sites that list job opportunities for cruise lines:'s "Cruise Line Job Openings" chosen by site guide Linda Garrison:
You'll see links there for Carnival, Disney, and Royal Caribbean.

For a more close-up example, go to Radisson's Seven Seas' job listings page:
And you'll find quite a few positions that require a degree in hotel management.

Casinos/ Gaming Resorts:

Career Explorer's Hotel, Hospitality & Casino career information (USA Only):
projects a salary range for U.S. hotel casino workers of "$23,000-$81,000."

The MGM Mirage has a jobs listing site for its several locations:

MGM also has an internship program for students. Check it out at:

Also check in at Harrah's job site:
Choose your preferred location and check "hotel operations" to search the
database. has a directory of international gaming/casino jobs:
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