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Q: Greek economists in New York or in the northeast United States ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   1 Comment )
Subject: Greek economists in New York or in the northeast United States
Category: Business and Money
Asked by: martinhoward-ga
List Price: $200.00
Posted: 06 Mar 2004 05:06 PST
Expires: 05 Apr 2004 06:06 PDT
Question ID: 314031
I would like names  emails and telephone numbers of economists in New
York or the northeast United States who
can read Greek and who are experts on the Greek economy to testify as an expert
witness in a civil court case

Request for Question Clarification by nancylynn-ga on 07 Mar 2004 12:42 PST
Hello martinhoward-ga:

I'm in the process of contacting potential expert witnesses who meet
your requirements, and I'm hoping to hear back from them when the work
week begins.

I have two questions for you: 

1. Could you possibly tell me a little more about the case, so that I,
in turn, can give these experts some background?

2. Also: the requirement that the expert speak Greek. I am finding
some experts who've written about the Greek economy; however, I can't
be certain that they can read and translate Greek until I hear back
from them.

It occurred to me that if I find an economist who's very well
qualified to testify about the Greek economy, but who doesn't actually
read Greek, you could still pay to have the pertinent documents
translated into English for that expert.

I believe the court would accept an expert on Greek economics who is
testifying re: Greek materials that have been translated into English.
Your attorney can probably tell you whether or not that's acceptable,
but I believe it is.

I wanted to run that possibility past you so that you can mull it over
and respond to me on that point. However, I assure you I am attempting
to locate experts who can read Greek.

I hope to get back to you soon with more details, after I hear back
from the experts I've contacted.


Request for Question Clarification by nancylynn-ga on 07 Mar 2004 13:17 PST
Sorry -- I have two more questions!

Will this trial be taking place in New York City? (If not, please give
me the name of the town.)

Also, could you give me a ballpark idea of what you're willing to pay
an expert witness?

Thanks again,

Clarification of Question by martinhoward-ga on 07 Mar 2004 13:49 PST
Hi nancylynn,
Since the material to be reviewed are financial documents and
contracts it would be helpful if the expert can read Greek.
My client was seriously injured in an automobile accident in New York.
He was in the business of purchasing rights to motion pictures in the
US and selling the videos to television stations in Greece. As a
result of his accident he became disabled and lost his business. I
need an expert to testify in court as to my client s future loss of
Thankyou for your assistance,

Request for Question Clarification by nancylynn-ga on 08 Mar 2004 05:44 PST
Thank you for clarifying this matter -- your additional information is
of enormous help to me.

Please understand that I am doing what you've asked and am indeed
searching for and contacting experts on the Greek economy.

I'm also expanding my search to experts on international
communications who can lead me to experts on Greek media; people who
have knowledge of Greek media revenue trends and who can make
projections re: your client's lost income.

For instance, I have contacted some financial analyst firms to see if
they have any analysts on staff who can read Greek and/or who cover
international media/entertainment sectors. (As a reporter, I've
covered the business world, and I know that many financial analysts
have outstanding credentials and are truly expert in the fields they

I've found that one source often leads to another. Even if some of the
people I've contacted can't act as expert witnesses themselves, they
may well be able to refer me to someone with the perfect

The only question I need you to clarify at this point is WHEN is this
trial apt to take place? Again, it's my understanding the trial will
be in New York City.

Thank you,

Clarification of Question by martinhoward-ga on 08 Mar 2004 15:12 PST
Hi Nancylynn,
My last clarification was rejected by Google. I have a short deadline.
Please advise as to your progress. I need a response by temorrow.

Request for Question Clarification by nancylynn-ga on 08 Mar 2004 17:59 PST

Your last comment was deleted because it contained your full name and
your phone number. GA doesn't permit customers to post that
information at the site.

I didn't realize your deadline was tomorrow; you hadn't mentioned
that. You posted this question Saturday March 6, with an expiration
date of April 5th. As I noted to you, I didn't even expect to hear
back from people/firms I'd contacted until early this week.

I don't know that I will get a solid reply by tomorrow, or that any of
these people can possibly make a firm decision by tomorrow.

For instance, one firm is going through their list of expert witnesses
with me but, so far, we haven't found a precise match.

Finding someone who reads Greek and who knows the Greek economy and,
preferably, the entertainment/media sector in Greece, is a very tall
order. I had no idea you needed to have this wrapped up by Tuesday
March 9 -- only 3 days after posting this question!

What I can do by tomorrow is post a list of firms and individuals I
have e-mailed and/or left phone messages for, so that you can contact
them yourself, IF I have not yet received a reply -- if it is that
urgent. However, I would certainly prefer to follow through and
complete this research myself.

I again strongly suggest Plan B: that you consider hiring someone
(perhaps a Greek major, or a Greek student attending an NYC college,
or an intern at the UN) to translate the legalese and contractual
terms, etc., in the documents. Then hire a financial analyst or
economist who is an expert on international media/entertainment to
assess that data and calculate the potential loss of income.

For instance: nearly all the major brokerages have certified financial
analysts who focus exclusively on international media and
entertainment. With all due respect, the ability to read Greek seems
to me not terribly important. What's important is making the financial

Finding someone who has the expertise to make those kinds of
projections in the context of Greece's media sector AND who can read
Greek is just an absolute doozy. Please understand that that
stipulation is slowing my research considerably. I assure you I am
doing the best I can, but at this point I haven't even heard back from
some of the people I've contacted.
Subject: Re: Greek economists in New York or in the northeast United States
Answered By: nancylynn-ga on 08 Mar 2004 22:08 PST
Rated:5 out of 5 stars

I have managed to find several financial experts in the Northeastern
U.S. who are fluent in Greek.

I found a national CPA firm, McGladrey & Pullen. The firm is
headquartered in Minnesota, but its international office is in

Staffers in the firm's Manhattan office are fluent in several
languages, including Greek. The firm assesses the value of companies
and provides expert testimony.

I found the firm when I stumbled upon a Web page on Joseph Nacmias,
CPA,  and a partner in the New York City office of McGladrey & Pullen:

Nacmias's page goes on to note that "The New York office [of McGladrey
& Pullen] international group services many foreign clients,
particularly U.S. subsidiaries of European companies. Several partners
and staff are fluent in various foreign languages, including Chinese,
French, Greek . . . ."

The firm handles "Valuations of private companies. Consulting in
connection with acquisitions of businesses including audits of target
companies, structuring of transactions, negotiation of agreements,
etc. *Consulting as an expert witness on the value of businesses.*"

Here is McGladrey & Pullen's main page:

They are partnered with RSM McGladrey, Inc. "RSM McGladrey, Inc. and
McGladrey & Pullen, LLP have an alternative practice structure. Though
separate and independent legal entities, the two firms work together
to serve clients' business needs."

This Web site is very confusing, but I managed to find the link to
McGladrey's litigation/expert witness services: 

"*Building financial assumptions.    
*Testifying as expert witnesses.    
*Evaluating the opposing side's expert witness and work product."   

You can reach their litigation services at 1-800-274-3978

At NABE (National Association For Business Economics), I found the
organization's "positions wanted" page at:

You can't see NABE members' names (you'll have to contact NABE), but
scroll down to:

Current Position: Economic Consultant . . .
[currently lives in Pittsburgh area] Economic Consultant  . . .
Education: Ph.D., Economics, The American University, Washington, DC,
December 1994. Fields of Concentration: International Economics and
Industrial Organization. M.A., Economics, University of Pittsburgh,
Pittsburgh, PA, April 1987. Fields of Concentration: International and
Development Economics. B.A., Economics/Political Science, Cum Laude,
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, December, 1984.
*LANGUAGES: Greek*" 

To contact this person, contact NABE:
National Association for Business Economics
1233 20th Street NW #505
Washington DC 20036
Phone: 202.463.6223 
Fax: 202.463.6239

IF I hear back from some of the other firms I've contacted on your
behalf, I will post that information as an Answer Clarification. (I
can't be certain that they will respond, or that those firms have
staffers who are fluent in Greek.) Since you're on a tight deadline, I
wanted to get this information to you ASAP.

Please post a Request For Clarification if you need help navigating
any of the above sites or if you have any questions, prior to rating
my answer.


Search Strings Used:

"expert AND Greek AND economy"
"expert witness" AND "Greek economy"
"expert witness" AND Greek AND media
expert witness Greek media
"expert witness" AND fluent AND Greek AND economics
American AND analyst AND "Greek media"
American AND analyst AND international AND media AND entertainment
analyst OR expert AND international AND media AND entertainment
"expert witness" AND international AND media AND entertainment
expert AND economist AND Greece
economist fluent +in Greek
economist AND "expert witness" AND Greek
"expert witness" AND fluent AND Greek

Request for Answer Clarification by martinhoward-ga on 09 Mar 2004 12:25 PST
Thankyou for your response. I have contacted the names you gave me but
have not gotten a response. Please continue your search.

Clarification of Answer by nancylynn-ga on 09 Mar 2004 13:57 PST

Please give McGladrey & Pullen, and the economist I found via NABE, a
chance to get back to you. They have the qualifications and resources
most suited to your needs. In fact, they are the only perfect matches
I found for you.

As you know, sometimes business people aren't able to return calls the
same day they receive them, so please be patient.

As I said before, until last night I had no idea how urgent this was
and how frantic you were to wrap this up by today.

At this point I have contacted about a dozen firms and individuals.
One expert witness firm couldn't find an expert on the Greek economy
or anyone who reads Greek among their roster of experts. Another firm
informed me they are too busy to assist in your case. None of the
other firms or individuals have yet replied to me.

This afternoon I e-mailed two more firms on your behalf: a large
investment firm that covers international media to see if one of their
analysts might be interested in testifying; and a Manhattan law firm
that handles entertainment cases to inquire if they could recommend an
expert witness suited for your case.

Many of the other companies and individuals I contacted likely don't
read Greek or have anyone on staff who can translate Greek; some of
them may have simply ditched my inquiry.
The two sources I gave you in my Answer are the only ones I know for
certain are financial/economics experts AND have the ability/resources
to read and translate the Greek documents.


Clarification of Answer by nancylynn-ga on 10 Mar 2004 05:42 PST

I know you're in an extreme hurry and I'm going to be out for much of
the day, so I wanted to give you this additional data.

Here are all the other resources I've found for you. E-mail addresses
and phone numbers can be found at these sites under "Contact Us."

I'm sorry, I really can't make any more long-distance calls regarding
this matter, as GA doesn't reimburse researchers for calls. So you'll
have to make some of these calls yourself and just stress that it's

Unlike the resources I posted under "Answer," I don't know that any of
these individuals or firms can deal with the foreign
language aspect of this case.

Vocational Economics, offices nationwide:
(Have e-mailed them: Waiting to hear back.)

Cornerstone Research (Experts & Expert Witnesses):
(Have e-mailed them. Waiting to hear back.)
E: mail:

Economists Incorporated:
(Have e-mailed them. Waiting to hear back. They have an
office in Washington, D.C.)

Econsult Corporation, Philadelphia:
(Have e-mailed them.  Waiting to hear back.)

Juris Pro Expert Pro Witness directory:

Or its cached link at:

I contacted Juris Pro, and Sara Kroll of JurisPro Customer Service
responded with these suggestions:

1.  Hugh Henderson
Lexington, VA
"Hugh Henderson, president and CEO of HCI Corporation, a leading
Virginia firm in international trade consulting, has had twenty-seven
years of global industry experience with over 1,000 manufacturers and
service providers, as well as more than 450 foreign agents and
distributors in 49 countries. He has started and operated offices in
Australia, Kuwait, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela and the U.S. His industry
experience includes chemicals, plastics, food and beverage, industrial
equipment, environmental services, scientific and medical equipment,
and biotechnology.

HCI specializes in the development of new export markets,
agent-distributor selection and management, foreign feasibility
studies, supply chain optimization, global sourcing, performance cost
cutting, global strategies, development and execution of contracts,
and the resolution of trade disputes. HCI's extensive field experience
launches companies into global
markets with complete, cost-effective export solutions. "

2. Gary Lessner
Fort Myers, FL
"Gary Lessner has over 35 years of experience in the advertising /
marketing industry. He has been an advertising industry journalist,
CEO of a major New England advertising agency and is currently
President of Transworld Advertising Agency Network, an international
trade association. He is an expert in several disciplines within the
advertising / marketing fields,
with special knowledge of agency / client relations, remuneration,
employee and vendor relations. He is also knowledgeable in the areas
of puffery, copyright and trademark infringement, ownership of
materials and other aspects of the creative and business sides of the
advertising industry. "

3. Gary Frazier
Los Angeles, CA
"Mr. Frazier is an expert in marketing, physical distribution,
quantative analysis, marketing research, sales, licensing, and
trademarks. He is the Academic Director and Professor of Distribution
Management at the Marshall School of Business at the University of
Southern California in Los Angeles. Mr. Frazier is also the consulting
editor to the International Journal of
Research in Marketing and has published numerous books and articles
relating to marketing and distribution."

As you can see, two of these three gentleman live outside the
Northeast. Ms. Kroll was going to check Juris Pros' roster of experts
for more precise matches, but since I never heard back from her, I
assume she didn't have any luck. Her contact info is:

Phone: 310) 372-6103

George Georgiou, Ph.D.
Department of Economics
Towson University, Maryland:

Dr. Georgiou has written about the Greek economy. I e-mailed him, but
he hasn't replied yet.

Accenture financial analysts:\industries\communications\communications\comm_contact.xml
I have e-mailed them; no reply yet.

I telephoned the firm of  Wilkofsky Gruen Associates in Manhattan:
They are currently too busy to assist with your case.

Anderson Economic Group in Michigan:
I e-mailed them, but no reply.

Panos Varangis:,,contentMDK:20106137~menuPK:34491~pagePK:36880~piPK:36882,00.html
Economist, native of Greece. Tried contacting him via the media
office, but my e-mail was returned. (Probably NOT a feasible lead;
Varangis is an economist who specializes in agriculture.)

Civilitas Research based in Cyprus:
(e-mailed them to see if they have offices or staff members in the USA
who could assist in this case. No reply.)

Economic Consultants
(E-mailed them; awaiting reply.)

SG Cowen (NYC):
(Covers international media: see interview with Cowen's int'l
media/entertainment analyst Richard T.
Hatch at: )
(e-mailed them; awaiting reply. They know EU media sector, so they are
worth trying.)

Morrison and Foerster:

"Morrison & Foerster LLP is an international law firm with extensive
and in some instances unique experience representing entertainment,
media, and Internet companies and other related industries in an
increasingly globalized arena. . . .  Entertainment and Entertainment
Finance: Lawyers in the firm's traditional entertainment and media
practice are active in all aspects of motion picture and television
finance, production, distribution, and licensing, as well as in
diverse facets of Internet, publishing, music, broadcast, television,
home video, cable, and merchandising transactions. The firm has been
engaged by numerous entertainment and media entities in connection
with their traditional businesses and Internet ventures, including the
representation of independent motion picture and television producers,
studios, television networks, and cable companies involving the
production and distribution of films and television programming . . .

This firm may be able to recommend some expert witnesses who can help
you. They have offices around the world and their Manhattan office
number is (212) 468-8000. I have e-mailed them re: your case; no reply

If McGladrey & Pullen, and/or the economist I found via NABE, won't
assist -- and they are the *only* perfect matches I could find for you
-- I urge you to call some of the firms I've listed above.

These people have the expertise to make the valuations and projections
necessary for your case. An investment firm like SG Cowen should be
perfect for your needs. Likewise, the expert witness firms may well
have experts who can evaluate your client's losses with great
accuracy. It is doubtful any of them can handle the language
situation, but you should be able to arrange for translation help with
a simple call to say NYU or Columbia. I respectfully re-emphasize that
I feel the translation component is really a secondary issue.

Search Strings:

"expert AND Greek AND economy"
"expert witness" AND "Greek economy"
"expert witness" AND Greek AND media
expert witness Greek media
"expert witness" AND fluent AND Greek AND economics
American AND analyst AND "Greek media"
American AND analyst AND international AND media AND entertainment
analyst OR expert AND international AND media AND entertainment
"expert witness" AND international AND media AND entertainment
expert AND economist AND Greece
economist fluent +in Greek
economist AND "expert witness" AND Greek
"expert witness" AND fluent AND Greek
martinhoward-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $30.00
nancylynn was very deligent and efficient in responding to a difficult
assignment with much skill.

Subject: Re: Greek economists in New York or in the northeast United States
From: nancylynn-ga on 12 Mar 2004 05:37 PST
Hi Martin:

I'm glad I could help you out. I wish you and your client the very best.

Thanks very much for the tip -- I appreciate.


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