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Q: Obnoxiously Huge Web Sites wanted. ( Answered 2 out of 5 stars,   7 Comments )
Subject: Obnoxiously Huge Web Sites wanted.
Category: Computers > Internet
Asked by: googlebrain-ga
List Price: $5.00
Posted: 21 Jun 2002 18:49 PDT
Expires: 28 Jun 2002 18:49 PDT
Question ID: 31438
I just got my DSL line installed today. I'm so happy, I could sing.
(But I won't; I don't want you all throwing me outta here :)

  Anyway, what I want is a list (maybe 5 or so?) of websites that just
BEG for a fast connection. I'm not simply looking for huge downloads,
but actual Web content. Web Sites that show off what a fast connection
can really do. Maybe with 3D navigation (Except not Adobe, I already
know that one) or .. well, I don't know what.. Impress me. You're
getting $1.00/link, so make them *REALLY* good.

Have Fun.
Subject: Re: Obnoxiously Huge Web Sites wanted.
Answered By: huntsman-ga on 22 Jun 2002 17:17 PDT
Rated:2 out of 5 stars
Purely green with envy (sigh), this now-surly researcher suggests that
you try the following high bandwidth sites. Of course, content like
this remains in the clouds to DSL-deprived unfortunates like myself,
but you just go right ahead. Access this stuff in seconds and see if I

Waste your time with entertaining animations and films. It doesn't
bother me a bit:

IFilm High Bandwidth Theatre,4328,503,00.html?cch=8
[don't forget the "More showcases" link at the bottom of the page]

Watch previews of big screen attractions. Soda & popcorn are extra,
but maybe we can work out a little time-sharing deal:

The Internet Movie Database
Top 10 Trailers

Sony Pictures
"Watch Previews"

Shouldn't you be working on your education, like these responsible

University of Rochester
2002 Webcast of the 152st Commencement Ceremony 
The College and School of Nursing

DSL people think they are soooo smart, so why don't you see what the
future holds?:

CG Channel
3D Animation & Visual Effects

Seybold Boston Seminars

At least you can do a little reading:

An Alternate Way to View A Text

If you can't lose yourself in a book, try an online game:

The World's #1 Massively Multiplayer Online Game

Or, explore the past in this dinosaur Art Gallery. Aren't T-Rexes
quite fond of goats tied to residential DSL lines? Hmmm...

The Dinosauricon Art Gallery

Explore the future. So what if the rest of us are stuck down here?:

NASA - Jet Propulsion Lab
Mars Exploration Videos

Or just go back to the future:

National Air and Space Museum
Star Wars: The Magic of Myth

As all DSL users must, you will come back down to Earth. When you do,
take a few virtual tours:

Four Chambers Studio
360o Virtual Tours

Race Rocks Marine Protected Area
Video Cameras - Live from the Marine Science Center

Well, Google's main search page (:// just finished
loading on my screen (why *do* they make it so image-heavy?), so I've
got some real work to do. With that timesaving DSL connection and all,
I guess you're just going to have look up a few more things by

Across Broadband Entertainment Portal


Ultimate 3D Links

Have fun! Do come back and tell us what the high-bandwidth life is
really like. I'll be right here, just waiting (and waiting, and
waiting, and wait...) by my trusty old modem.

With a green-eyed wink and a nudge to the ribs,


Search Terms & Google Results -

"high bandwidth" content

"high bandwidth" "cool site"

"high bandwidth" links

"high bandwidth" panoramas

"high bandwidth" test

Clarification of Answer by huntsman-ga on 22 Jun 2002 21:43 PDT

It's sad but true. I don't have DSL, just a humble dialup which tops
out at about 3100 bps in my area. To view full content of these sites,
I would have been there until next Tuesday.

Without knowing your specific interests, or what you may have seen
before posting your question, it's difficult to get a good match. I
knew they wouldn't all be winners from your point of view, so I gave
several more links than you asked for (16 vs. 5).

I hoped for sites you hadn't seen yet (how could I know?), and for
those with a variety of entertainment, educational, or visual content,
not just data files or download tests*. Out of my thirteen suggested
links and three additional high-bandwidth resource links, only three
missed the mark, so apparently I scored some hits.

High-bandwidth content is harder to find. Although overall broadband
access is growing (,,10099_1141701,00.html#table2),
about 80% of users still access the Web via dial ups
(, so
low-bandwidth content is more widely available.

If you were to pick two or three subjects that interest you, what
would they be? Give me a few details and I'll look around some more.
Even without that big DSL pipe, I may still be able to flag some
things for you.


*When you come right down to it, isn't *everything* that we see on the
Web -- every bit of text, graphics, images, audio, video, or software
-- a data download of kind or another? It's the context of that data
is what we each find appealing, and even face-to-face those particular
qualities are hard to nail down.
googlebrain-ga rated this answer:2 out of 5 stars
Mostly, these sites just had different versions of Big Downloads. I
did quite like some of the stuff (TextArc, for instance was cool, but
it seemed to be more processor intensive than bandwidth restricted)
Everquest? I've been playing that on a 56k modem for over a year. DSL
adds nothing. University of Rochester? Did you even read this page?
It's for their Live streaming webcast of their commencement ceremony.
It took place on May 19th. It's not even archived on the site.
Honestly, I didn't expect someone who DIDN'T have a fast connection to
attempt this question. Obviously I should have specified.

Subject: Re: Obnoxiously Huge Web Sites wanted.
From: sparky4ca-ga on 22 Jun 2002 18:57 PDT
Hey googlebrain! Welcome to the realm of high-speed. I'll post another
comment when I actually FIND some sites that show off our connection.
Mostly I really like the fast download speeds. To try it out for
yourself and really be blown away, install 's
Download Accelerator Plus. Configure it to DSL line, the fastest
acceleration mode available, automatically begin download, don't
prompt for info, etc. Then let it fly. So far the fastest server I've
seen to download from is the 6 MB full virus definitions from (click on download virus definitions, then lick on
downlaod, then scoll down for the full 6 MB file) During weekday
mornings, I've hit well over 500 K/second.

Now, so that huntsman doesn't keep feeling so bad and green with envy,
let's compare connections.
What's your rated speed down/up? Monthly cost including line fees,

C$39.95/month. Total cost for ADSL. No extra charges on the phone
bill. works out to around US$25/month
1.5 Mbps (1536 Kbps) downstream, 512 Kbps upstream.

I really will comment again when I find a site that shows off the
connection speed. The only one I thought of was iFilm. Go into the
preferences in iFilm, and set it to use windows media player, at 400K
speed. You can watch the videos pretty nicely, streaming, in full
Subject: Re: Obnoxiously Huge Web Sites wanted.
From: googlebrain-ga on 22 Jun 2002 23:33 PDT

No need to continue abusing your dial-up connection. sparky4ca-ga
seems to have figured out what I was asking for.

Subject: Re: Obnoxiously Huge Web Sites wanted.
From: snapanswer-ga on 23 Jun 2002 00:53 PDT
Here are some big ones I think you'll only enjoy with a fast
Streaming music videos based upon your personal rankings of songs and
Innovative interface... and HUGE content that will make you wait, even
with DSL.
If you hit this site with a dial-up connection, you'll probably think
your computer is broken <grin>.
The high bandwidth is most helpful when you start jumping to the web
cams stationed around the globe.  Otherwise, I suppose a modem would
be fine... though your DSL is "always on" which keeps your globe up to
You can download streaming video clips of Mitch Hedberg Comedy Central
show and late night TV appearances.  Perhaps you will find him funny.
The House of Blues archive of concert webcasts.
Subject: Re: Obnoxiously Huge Web Sites wanted.
From: sajid-ga on 24 Jun 2002 06:41 PDT
try some BIG websites like
find some really BIG websites at which required
shockwave and flash to run the sites. This would help you check your
Subject: Re: Obnoxiously Huge Web Sites wanted.
From: secret901-ga on 24 Jun 2002 06:57 PDT
The first day I moved in my dorm room with a T-1 connection, I watched
the BBC World streaming video (200 k) live 24 hours a day.  The site lists various locations where you can watch
streaming video from many places (try the broadband link).  The
Library of Congress has an archive website at
that begs for a high-speed connection.  Quicktime
( offers mind-blowing trailers for upcoming
movies.  Many shows on PBS has been put online (,
for example, Nova (  If you think all of the
above are just downloads, try Shockwave ( 
Some games there are pretty useless with a dialup.
Congratulations on your newfound wealth and happy surfing.
Subject: Re: Obnoxiously Huge Web Sites wanted.
From: rico-ga on 24 Jun 2002 11:43 PDT

I just came across this massive (4MB!) site, that should give any
high-speed connection pause ...

Please note that it contains adult themes.

Subject: Re: Obnoxiously Huge Web Sites wanted.
From: sparky4ca-ga on 29 Jun 2002 23:51 PDT
ARGGH. I've been typing a list of sites for 90 minutes now. I go to
one site. I clicked a low-bandwidth link instead of high, so I closed
the player window. Everything closed! AAAGGGH!. Oh well, here's what I
can recall:

downloading from is pretty fast. good example of how
well a 386 handles adsl. has a great speed test.

be careful, this is the one that killed everything on me: is supposed to be good, but it's down at the moment
great trailers. should have rememebred this, we use it at work to demo
a wireless LAN sharing a Shaw cable conneciton.

most of the movie studios have stuff.

not the most interesting, but:

list of some hish-end sites like ifilm:

high bandwidth links, but they're on a slow server:

a temporary replacement for

kazaalite (
find someone with a good upload speed, and watch a movie in realtime
full screen as it downloads!

not exactly blazing content, but the super-high site is still pretty

some flash:

I usually avoid flash/shockwave because they're as much a strain on
the CPU as on the connection.

link #2 is nice:

quite the intro"


some big movies

I recall NASA having a database of pictures from space shuttle videos
that were huge (taken on a 6 megapixel camera)
look around their main page

24 MB quicktime trailer for the game, on a very fast server. I had
finished downloading the file before I was even 1/2 way through
playing it. avergaed around 150 KBps (1200 Kbps) download.

more links,7645,429113,00.html
unfortunately, they use something called live365. I didn't want to use
their player, or interfere with my winamp playlist, so I chose
realplayer. Their site doesn't recognise realone as being realplayer 7
or better.
SOmetimes I don't either.
I've gone from realaudio 1 to realmedia something to realplayer 7 to
realplayer G2 and now to realone. Version number don't seem to meen
much any more.
Windows 3.0, 3.1, 3.11, 95, 95 OSR2, 98, 98SE, ME, XP
Word 1 to 6, word for windows 1 & 2, then word 6 for windows, 97, 98
(mac) 2000, 2001 (mac), XP
Netscape 1 and 2. netscape 3 (usually gold), netscape Communicator 4
(which included Navigator 4. shouldn't it be communicator 1?), 4.0x,
4.5-4.79, 6. No five?
NT 3, 3.5, 3.51, 2000 (what happened to the other 1996.49 version in
between? I must have missed those releases), XP. (Sorry, I can't count
to XP on my calculator. Or is XP actually "multiplied by P"?)

internet 2 to really make us ADSL users feel bad. Sonet, OC-48, and
T3/E3 speeds.

some 256K videos:

my search terms on google:
high bandwidth websites -hosting
I went through the first 15 pages. You can fell free to look for more.

Some of the best highspeed content has vanished. used to have a great colleciton of streaming video.
They've been absorbed into warner brothers, but a lot of the content
has vanished. They used to have a hilarious spoof of scream/etc.
movies. Can't remember what it was called, just that it was about 15
minutes, and played great in full screen. no sign of it anymore.

used to have great highbandwidth versions of advertising to look at.

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