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Q: Personal Remote PC Access/Control Product Comparsion ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   1 Comment )
Subject: Personal Remote PC Access/Control Product Comparsion
Category: Computers > Software
Asked by: roadwarrior-ga
List Price: $40.00
Posted: 10 Mar 2004 03:34 PST
Expires: 09 Apr 2004 04:34 PDT
Question ID: 315189
I am looking for a two page product comparison between two personal
remote PC access/control services: and

1) Features/Functionality:

Which features are available in both? 
What are the unique features of each product? 
How important/useful are the unique features? 
Other functionality comparisons? 

2) Ease-of-use:

Which product is easier to use, why? 
Which specific product features are easier to use, why?
What product was easier to install? 
What product had a better user interface? 

3) Performance

Which product is faster? 
Which product is more stable (did you receive any errors, time outs, crashes)? 

4) Recommendation

Assuming the same price, which product would you recommend? Why? 


Subject: Re: Personal Remote PC Access/Control Product Comparsion
Answered By: joseleon-ga on 10 Mar 2004 07:11 PST
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hello, roadwarrior:
 I have been evaluating both products, and before you read my
analysis, just tell you a single word that describe each product:  = Powerful = Easy
That is, if your users are going to be normal computer users, my
choice is GoToMyPC, but if the target users are power users, then go
through the way definitely, but wait until it gets to a
1.0 release, because is in alpha state.

Note: To perform this comparison I have subscribed a trial account on
both systems, the GoToMyPC version I have tested is GoToMyPC Personal,
so I supose Pro and Corporate versions will have more features, but it
think is nice to test this one compared to LogMeIn, specifically on
the ease-of-use.

*Which features are available in both?
Both systems are very similar, in fact, the website is almost the same
and the process of subscribing is almost identical, both systems
allows you to control your remote computer from a browser, to do that,
they use a Java applet that is loaded into the browser and allows you
interact with your desktop.

Both systems allows you to setup several computers on a single
account, so you can connect them from a single place, both systems
allows you to see an access activity report to each computer, and both
systems allows you to send a Ctrl+Alt+Del key combination remotely.
Also, both systems feature an icon on the systray that let's you
control the software, at least, the most common options. Also, both
systems allows you to use your printers in a handy way. Both systems
allows you to share the clipboard between local and remote computers
and to transfer files between both. Also, both systems allows two
persons to collaborate in the same desktop, while the LogMeIn
collaboration is better, I have detected some refresh problems with
GoToMyPC operated by two persons, but not very important.

Regarding installation, add-in is a 4.30 Mb client in .msi
format while GoToMyPC requests the user to install it directly, which
is easier for users.

*What are the unique features of each product?
The only unique feature GoToMyPC has is the check for upgrade option
directly from the systray, I have been looking for an equivalent on
LogMeIn and I have not been able to find it.

With all this said, you can see that GoToMyPC features are a subset of
LogMeIn features, here you can see a list of the most relevant LogMeIn
unique features:
-Powerful Web control panel to allow you control any configuration
-You can set the zoom factor of the remote computer
-You can set easily the screen size and color depth of the remote
computer to save bandwidth
-Click2Share allows you to generate URL links to your computer files,
so any user (with your permission) can download them remotely
-You can manage the most important configurations of your system
remotely using the administration toolkit, which provides lots of info
regarding performance and stability of the remote system
-To access the computer, you need a Windows account on that computer,
while with GoToMyPC, you just need the a password
-Because of that, you can access any user session on the remote
machine you have configured to.
-You can access the remote computer using three methods, ActiveX, Java
and HTML, so you can access your computer even applets (ActiveX, Java)
are disabled on the browser, just using HTML. Using this method a
click refreshes the screen and is also refreshed from time to time.

*How important/useful are the unique features?
The features that LogMeIn has and GoToMyPC not are very important for
power users, because it gives you all the freedom a power user needs
to customize the software to fit his/her needs, but those features
become a drawback when a novice user wants to use the tool. I don't
think are very important if your goal is to allow remote access,
GoToMyPC has all you need for that.

*Other functionality comparisons?
Regarding installation, it was easier to install GoToMyPC, just a few
clicks and it was up and running, I have tested both systems using a
Linux computer and Mozilla browser to access a Windows XP machine, and
the installation of GoToMyPC went smoothly and it was running at the
first time, no strange error messages and everything worked as
expected. While LogMeIn, because needs a Windows user account to work
and I don't have password to my normal user account, created one. I
tried to connect from another computer and confusing errors were shown
up, including an hex number 0x10e0 and a message saying the admin
refused the connection, with no additional help. I had to look the log
to figure out what I was doing wrong, but this is not suposed to be
done by a normal computer user.

*Which product is easier to use, why?
Definitely, GoToMyPC is easier to use, because the installation is
easier and it has less options, everything is focused to do what is
have been designed to, to let you access your remote computer through
a browser, that's all, while LogMeIn it adds a lot more of
functionality designed to power users and system administrators. The
key feature, in my opinion, that makes GoToMyPC easier, is the one
password to access the system, the user doesn't need to know what a
Windows account is, nor to choose which one wants to use, just connect
to the computer, enter the password and you are in.

*Which specific product features are easier to use, why?
I think the control panel of GoToMyPC is easier to use, it's not web
oriented and contain specific and clear options any user can
understand, related to usability and security. For example, in
LogMeIn, if you want to give access to someone for just 1 hour, you
need to create a sub-user account and delete it after that, with
GoToMyPC, you can send an invitation to anyone to access your
computer, and it will be valid the time you decide.

*What product was easier to install?
GoToMyPC was easier to install, less questions asked, less steps to
get it working and all the steps were very well explained, with help
links on each step.

*What product had a better user interface? 
Definitely, LogMeIn features a better user interface, it has better
graphics and it looks better than GoToMyPC one, but in my opinion,
from the point of view of ease-of-use, GoToMyPC is easier, as I
explained before. LogMeIn interface is really beautiful and every
option is available where is expected to be in a modern user
interface, but as I said before, it's more complicated for a novice

*Which product is faster?
Definitely, GoToMyPC is faster, both connecting and refreshing
changes, I have performed simple tests like keyboard typing and
minimizations/restoring of windows and there's no need for
benchmarking, GoToMyPC is clearly faster than LogMeIn.

*Which product is more stable (did you receive any errors, time outs, crashes)? 
I didn't receive any errors, nor any timeouts nor crashes, both
products are very stable, but connecting, LogMeIn needs a lot of
global refreshings to start working, also bear in mind LogMeIn is an
alpha version and they are looking for testers, so I don't think can
be compared yet.

*Assuming the same price, which product would you recommend? Why? 
My personal opinion and my recommendation is GoToMyPC, because three reasons:
-Is easier to use
-It does just what it has to, that is, let you use your computer remotely
-And because it runs faster

So here is my comparison of these two products, in any case, please,
don't hesitate to request for specific details, I will be glad to
answer any requests for clarifications you need. I will keep my
GoToMyPC trial account open for several days waiting for your
feedback, and I will cancel it after that, because they require a
valid credit card account just to perform the trial ;-)

I hope this is what you were looking for, in any case, please, don't
hesitate to request for any clarification.


Request for Answer Clarification by roadwarrior-ga on 10 Mar 2004 08:41 PST
Thanks a lot Joseleon for the very fast response.  This is very
useful.  Do you know anything about folder synchronization (between
two PCs)?  I've seen this feature on, but couldn't find
anything on the GoToMyPC site.

Also, is there any difference in security between the products?

Clarification of Answer by joseleon-ga on 11 Mar 2004 02:36 PST
Hello, roadwarrior:
  I have been looking for folder synchronization on the GoToMyPC
program and I cannot find it, it seems it just allows you to copy
files instead allow synchronize two folders.

Regarding security, both products are very similar:
-Use SSL for data transmission using AES from 128 bit to 256 bit
(GoToMyPC just 128 bit)
-And use Two-factor authentication with RSA SecurID Integration

Then, each product add it's own features regarding passwords, for
example, LogMeIn uses Windows user accounts, while GoToMyPC use a host
password. In any case, the most important factors are the SSL
encryption and the two-factor authentication with RSA SecurID

roadwarrior-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars

Subject: Re: Personal Remote PC Access/Control Product Comparsion
From: stephan0921-ga on 23 Apr 2004 02:23 PDT
I had gotomypc loaded on my office computer and my IT manager was
really upset.  He said there were security issues (I didn't understand
exactly what the issues were, something about Windows authentication
and internal policies).  He looked closely at Logmein's security and
said that it was acceptable for my office pc because it worked with
his security policies (not around them). I hope this helps.

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