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Q: Tascam CD-RW5000 -- Trouble Recording on newer CDRs ( Answered,   0 Comments )
Subject: Tascam CD-RW5000 -- Trouble Recording on newer CDRs
Category: Computers > Hardware
Asked by: fhben-ga
List Price: $10.00
Posted: 20 Mar 2004 12:16 PST
Expires: 19 Apr 2004 13:16 PDT
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I'm using a Tascam CD-RW5000 CD Burner, and am having trouble burning
to CDR. It's an older model, 1999 or so (I think) and it seems to work
just fine on older CDRs. Someone told me that it had something to do
with the size? Speed? Length? of the newer CDs, that Tascam hadn't
taken that into account....

Has anyone had expereince using this, and if so can you recommend a
good source of usable CDs?

Thank you.
Subject: Re: Tascam CD-RW5000 -- Trouble Recording on newer CDRs
Answered By: clouseau-ga on 20 Mar 2004 13:42 PST
Hello fhben,

Thank you for your question.

I located the manual for your recorder online and under specifications
it notes it records a maximum lenght of 74 minutes and a maximum
number of tracks of 99. Either of these may be your problem.

Many recorders seem to prefer different dye formulations and brands of
discs. Tascam recommends one that I believe to be the absolute best
made - Taiyo Yuden.

This unit also has a self diagnostic that can be operated in the following manner:

"5.1.1 Self-diagnostic program
The CD-RW5000 allows you to check the electronic
components of the unit if you are experiencing problems
in the operations of the unit, and the troubleshooting
measures described above have not cured
the problem.

1 Eject and remove any disc, and turn off the CD-RW5000.

2 Press and hold down the PLAY and STOP keys on the main unit ([15]
and [14]) and keep them pressed while turning the unit
back on again.

3 The display will show the word BUSY, in flashing characters, after a few seconds.

4 After a few minutes, the message will change to either

5 If the ERROR message appears, there is a fault in the CD-RW5000
which must be repaired by your TASCAM service center.
Do not attempt to repair the CD-RW5000 by yourself.

6 If the PASSED message appears, the problem is one which cannot be
diagnosed by the program. The problem may be due to any of the
following causes: you are trying to do an operation which does not
correspond to the instructions in this manual, the disc is of the
wrong type for the operation, the connections have been wrongly made,
or there may be a fault in the mechanical part of the recorder.

7 Leave the self-diagnostic program by turning off the power to the CD-RW5000."

I searched and could not find the recording speed of this deck, but,
in *general*, professional decks like this record at real time speed
or 1X. Consequently, you do not require high speed CD-R's, which
now-a-days top out at 52X, however, all CD-R's are supposed to be
backwards compatible speed wise. I know I successfully burn 24X discs
in my 52X drive and have ven done so in 10X drives. So speed should
not be a problem. But slower discs tend to be a little less expensive,
so bear that in mind.

There was little on the Web on problems recording with this deck, but
the Usenet (Google Groups) did show the following threads:

"...I got a Tascam CDRW5000 which works perfectly fine. Yesterday, I
bought 50 Blank TDK CD-R80 Metallic (non specific for audio) and I
can't record on them because the OPC fails. Sometimes it happens with
bad quality CD-R's...
Is there any way to force the machine to accept it ?

I dunno if the quality of the good cd-r brands (i.e TDK) has changed
these last years, but I have more problems now than in the past...

...I have a CD-RW5000 and have also had the same experience. There
isn't anything you can do about it. Here's my approach:

I don't buy expensive blanks. I buy modest quality blanks and watch
for sales so that I can them for about a dime a piece after the rebate
check comes in. If I have an OPC Fail message, I try another blank. If
I find that they consistently fail (about half a buck wasted) I move
the stack over to the computer (which seems to work fine with these)
and buy another stack of blanks of a different brand next time I see a
good price...

...You can check the firmware version of the EEPROM on the CD drive if
you're not afraid to open the case and poke around a bit. It's on a
chip with a paper label at the rear of the CD drive. You'll have to
push the door slide forward in order to see it. The latest version is
1.4. If you have an older version, you can probably get (you may have
to pay for it) an update from TASCAM through the parts department.

Forget e-mail or forums which are probably still down, pick up the
phone if you need the part.

It's a fairly old drive and it was designed for slower speeds than are
common today. If you can find slower (16X or less) blanks, they'll
probably work 100% of the time. That's what I was buying when I first
got the recorder, but they're virtually unavailable nowadays (or maybe
they just cost a whole lot so I haven't seen them)..."

And this thread:

"...My CD-RW5000 is getting extremely fussy about reading blank discs
prior to recording.  I often have to go through several discs before
the "OPC FAIL" message goes away so that the machine will go into
record mode.  Sometimes a reboot will solve the problem; also, I have
switched the input to analog, then rebooted, and it will accept the
disc.  But these tricks will not always work.

Short of sending the unit in for service, is there any maintenance
activity I can try?..."

The thread talks a lot about the brands and quality of discs. Do read
all the replies.

Personally, I would try Taiyo Yuden. You can try the 700 MB 80 Minute
versions but they simply may not work on your machine due to its age.
Buy the 74 Minute if you can still find them. Here are a few links
where these can be found:

Where to buy Taiyo Yuden Online

Cascade Media,sortord/to=f,n/va=cat=media/va=subcat=CDR/va=subcat2=/va=catcode=cdr.html

Blank CD CDR


They actually list 74 minute discs for Taiyo Yuden where most of the
others show only the 80 minute versions. You might have to email a few
companies to see if they still have 74's.

Disk-o tape

Shows 74 minute TY's

PMG Disc


74 Minute

EZ Label

74 minute

There are many more online vendors, but this should provide you with a
good start. If you'd like more, just repeat my search for        
Taiyo Yuden +650MB

Search Strategy:

Tascam CD-RW5000 +manual Or spec OR details
Tascam CD-RW5000 +record +problem
taiyo yuden +buy OR order
taiyo yuden +74 +cd-r  +buy OR order
taiyo yuden +650MB

I trust my research has been useful and has provided you with possible
fixes and sources for better quality CD-R blanks for your recorder. If
a link above should fail to work or anything require further
explanation or research, please do post a Request for Clarification
prior to rating the answer and closing the question and I will be
pleased to assist further.


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