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Q: I need a list of every department at Credit Suisse First Boston in New York ( Answered,   0 Comments )
Subject: I need a list of every department at Credit Suisse First Boston in New York
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Asked by: frazier-ga
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Posted: 24 Mar 2004 18:07 PST
Expires: 23 Apr 2004 19:07 PDT
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I need a list of every department at Credit Suisse First Boston in New
York. Also I need to know the names of the department heads of each
Subject: Re: I need a list of every department at Credit Suisse First Boston in New York
Answered By: nancylynn-ga on 24 Mar 2004 21:37 PST
Credit Suisse First Boston (CFSB)'s New York office is also the
company's Global Headquarters.

The company has three broad departments or divisions: Institutional,
Investment Banking, and Investment Management. See:

Under those departments are more divisions. See CSFB's page on
"Corporate Structure & Management":

"Securities Division:
Fixed Income 

Investment Banking Division:
Investment Banking 
Private Equity 

Private Client Service"

I went through CSFB's site, searching for every division with offices
in New York City and their respective managers.

Here's the list:

Institutional Securities:

John Mack, who is the CEO of CSFB, is also the Co-CEO of Credit Suisse
Group's Institutional Securities division.

Brady W. Dougan and Brian Finn are Co-Presidents of Institutional Securities.

Finance, Administration, and Operations:

Barbara Yastine is Chief Financial Officer for CFSB. 

Asset Management:

Michael Kenneally is Chairman and Global CEO for Credit Suisse Asset Management.

Securities Division: Equities/Fixed Income:
Tony Ehinger and James Kreitman are the Co-Heads of Equities.

Fixed Income:
James Healy and Jerry Wood are the Co-Heads of the Fixed Income Division. 

Equity Capital Markets:

Ernesto Cruz is the Managing Director.  

Investment Banking/Private Equity Division:

Bayo Ogunlesi is head of this division. 

Private Investment Opportunities:

That division includes Managed Services, which includes:

Preferred Advisors 
Fee Based Accounts (Discretionary Accounts) 
Asset Allocation Planning

All of the above are headed by Dale Miller, Managing Director of
Investment Products.

Merchant Banking & Leveraged Finance:

Bennett Goodman is the Chairman of that division. 

Within that division is Leveraged Finance, headed by Harold W. Bogle
and J. Albert "Tripp" Smith.


Richard Thornburgh is Chief Risk Officer of Credit Suisse Group.

Research and Legal:
Gary G. Lynch  is General Counsel and Vice Chairman.

Global Technology, Operations, and Product Control  

Eileen Murray is the head of that department.

Human Resources:

Joanne Pace is the Global Head of Human Resources. 

Recruiting and Staffing:

Lori Gish is Director. 

Global Media and Telecom Group:

Marc D. Granetz is Managing Director.

Global Mergers & Acquisitions:

Steven Koch is Vice-Chairman.

Debt Capital Markets:

William White, of the New York City office, is Global Co-Head of Debt
Capital Markets.

Private Placement:

Anthony M. DeLuise is the Managing Director. 

Private Client Services (PCS) and the Client Advisory Group:

Chip Packard is Group Head/Managing Director of PCS/ Client Advisory Group.

PCS also includes:

Bond Portfolio Structuring/Equity Trading: James Little is Managing
Director of those divisions of PCS.

Asset Allocation Planning: Melanie Urick is the Manager.

Volaris Volatility Management:
(This division, a German company that was recently acquired by CSFB,
also includes a subdivision for "NovaTM: a unique in the risk
management field and is the guiding force behind Volaris Volatility
Management. Nova is a sophisticated analytic engine that enables
volatility management of stocks):

Karlheinz Muhr is Managing Director of the Volaris division, and
according to this press release:
Muhr works out of CSFB's NYC offices.

Investment Banking:

Chemicals Group:

Richard H. Whitney is the Managing Director and Head.
Energy Group:
Thomas E. Hassen is Managing Director. 
I think I got them all! 

I hope my research is of help to you. 

If you have any questions, or feel I missed a department, or if you
need clarification, please post a "Request For Clarification," prior
to rating my answer and I'll be glad to assist you further.


Clarification of Answer by nancylynn-ga on 25 Mar 2004 04:59 PST

It occurred to me that I'd forgotten brokerage! And that led me to a
few more departments, too.

Jeffrey M. Peek, Vice Chairman of CSFB is Head of the Financial
Services Division. "CSFB's financial services businesses, which were
combined to form a new division at the Firm and include asset
management, securities clearing and the high net worth brokerage

Amy Butte is Managing Director, "Chief Strategist and Chief Financial
Officer for the Firm's Financial Services Division, which includes
Credit Suisse Asset Management (CSAM), Pershing and Private Client
Services (PCS).

Under Investment Banking:

Andrew Taussig is Managing Director of Consumer & Retail Products.

Global Industrial and Services Group: Diversified Industrials sector: 

James T. Glerum is the Managing Director.

Paper, Packaging & Forest Products:

Jeffrey J. Salzman is the Managing Director. 

Steel & Metals:

Peter R. Matt is the Managing Director.

Real Estate Group:

Steven L. Kantor is the Managing Director.  

CSFB's Global Insurance Group:

Mark A. Ellman is Managing Director. 

Technology Group:

As far as I can tell, the following two gentlemen are based in NYC
(but I can't confirm):

John C. Hodge is a Managing Director and Head of Global Corporate
Finance for the Technology Group.

Ethan M. Topper is Managing Director and Head of Global Mergers &
Acquisitions for the Technology Group.

Request for Answer Clarification by frazier-ga on 25 Mar 2004 23:25 PST
I think it is a good start for what you answered. The thing is I know
there is a liability department. There also has to be a department for
internal services they company needs. From the head of there copy
center. To the department that is in charge of fulliment of buying all
there stationery.There should also be a communications department that
deals with out side advertising agencys or at least a person in charge
of that duty.There also has to be a department that handles buying all
there food products from coffee to cups. I really need the internal
department and who runs them. Thanks

Clarification of Answer by nancylynn-ga on 26 Mar 2004 06:57 PST
Hello frazier-ga:

As for a liability department, that falls under the aforementioned:

Research and Legal division:

Gary G. Lynch  is General Counsel and Vice Chairman.

Christian Arn is head of Credit Suisse?s head of service support management:

That department appears to be in charge of all purchasing for the
company. (That would include computer add-ons to stationery.)

I had earlier searched for Investor Relations and Media Relations, but
both those departments are headquarted in the Zurich office.

I did just find contacts for the CSFB's USA offices (all in NYC) at this page: 

Credit Suisse First Boston: 
Jeanmarie McFadden  and Cristina Von Bargen.   
Credit Suisse Asset Management :
Suzanne Fleming and Wesley McDade.
Winterthur Insurance:  

Tom French.   
CSFB's Web site lists as its "press contacts"

North America
Corporate Communications Americas [I can't find the head of this
department, though].
Eleven Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10010-3629

I will contact CFSB and ask them on your behalf:  

1) Who is the manager of their Corporate Communications department?

2) Does CSFB have an in-house advertising department and who is the
head of that? (I don't believe they do.)

3) Who is the head of the NYC's office's copy center?

4) Who is responsible for purchasing coffee, etc.? (Actually Service
Support Management may well arrange those contracts with food and
beverage vendors.)

5) Do they have an IT department and who is the head of it? 

6) Please verify that the liability department falls under the
Research and Legal division.

7) I will also ask them to clarify the parameters of the Service
Support Management division.

Are there any other departments you wish to inquire about? Before I
contact them, I'll give you a chance to mull over whether there are
any other offices you need to know about.

Also, CSFB may well ask why you want this information -- could you
please give me the reason why you're compiling this information? Is it
for a class of some sort? Again, CSFB will likely ask why I'm
requesting this information.


Request for Answer Clarification by frazier-ga on 27 Mar 2004 18:05 PST
I would like to also know who runs there accounting department.

Request for Answer Clarification by frazier-ga on 27 Mar 2004 18:07 PST
Also who runs there graphics department.

Request for Answer Clarification by frazier-ga on 27 Mar 2004 18:40 PST
There should be a department or person that is in charge of getting
documents translated from German or other languages tranlated to
english.I need to know who is in charge of this department. Also they
should  have a  bank book department or who is in charge of when they
are doing a bank deal for a client they have to print bank books for
the deal? The reason I want to know this is because I am doing a
research report on this firm.

Clarification of Answer by nancylynn-ga on 27 Mar 2004 18:47 PST
Thank you very much for noting just which other departments you're
interested in; that helps me a lot! I will e-mail CSFB's
representatives, per these departments on Monday morning.

OK, so you're writing a research report for a business class? 

I'm hoping CSFB can e-mail or fax me a list of all department heads,
although I think I've already found most of the major departments. I
will also ask them to please look at this question to see if there's
any departments you and I overlooked.

Clarification of Answer by nancylynn-ga on 28 Mar 2004 10:45 PST
I spent the morning doing more researching on this, and I have found
very nearly all the remaining information you were seeking:

(Scroll down through this press release to see all pertinent information):

According to that September 2001 statement, which was issued from New
York City: Beat Buchmann is the Marketing Director of Credit Suisse
Group (but, despite several searches, I can't determine which office
he's with); and Chris Pinnington, the Managing Director of Euro RSCG
Wnek Gosper, appears to be in charge of CSFB's account. However,
Pinnington is based in London:

This press release notes that inquires should be directed to Euro RSCG
Worldwide - Global Communications
Peggy Nahmany in New York, at 212-886-2041. 

(I already had cited her as the best person to contact in my answer for you at:


David C. Fisher is Chief Accounting Officer and Credit USA Chief
Accounting Officer. He is with the New York office of CSFB.

Product Control:

Daniel McHugh is Global Head of Operations and Product Control (which
appears to include IT).

is part of Asset Management (I earlier gave you NYC Asset Management
information for NYC), and most of that work is done in European

For more information on insurance and underwriting, etc., concerns,
please contact CSFB's Winterthur Insurance department:
Tom French:
Telephone: 1-608- 825- 5674 
Fax: 608-837- 0583 
(He's in Wisconsin, but if you e-mail him, he should be able to direct
you to a NYC contact.)

Also, contact the Research and Legal group at CSFB in New York, by
calling: 212-325-2000, then asking for that department.


Translation work is done in CSFB's Zurich office, and some of it by a
San Francisco-based firm called 415.


Also, please see this page about CSFB's "Contract Centre" in Horgen, Switzerland:

"which deals with hundreds of banking inquiries a day . . .  Need for
speed. The response to every inquiry needs often legal and commercial
documents to be generated on pre-printed forms in either English,
French, German or Italian," said Walter Tanner, the centre's assistant
vice president responsible for technical infrastructure . . . ."

It looks like this centre prepares all of CSFB's documents, so none of
this work appears to be done in New York City. It appears that the
Horgen office also takes care of most copying needs for CSFB. I can't
find anything for a copying department in New York.

For more information, go to CSG's European site at:

Then type "Horgen" (or whatever key term) into the "Search" box. Doing
so enabled me to find this December 5, 2003 press release: 

At that page (best of all: titles are clickable links!), you'll see a
long list of "Appointments at Credit Suisse Group," including such
departments as Treasury and Technology and Operations. You'll see very
few references to people in the New York office, but this directory
will give a good idea of how much of CSFB's nuts-and-bolts operations
is done overseas.
If you need to contact anyone in Europe -- even if only to see if they
have an equivalent in the New York office, the easiest thing for you
to do is to contact CSG's headquarters in Zurich:

Uetlibergstrasse 231
P.O. Box 700
CH 8070 Zurich
Tel: 011 41 1 332 6400
Tel: 011 41 1 333 5555
Fax: 011 41 1 333 5599

Creative/Graphics/Web Design:

415 also handles CSFB's creative/graphics work and Web design: 

Contact information for 415 can be found at:
Please call them to find out who heads up the CSFB accounts in each of
these matters.

also notes "Sergio Fallica, Credit Suisse's commodity purchasing
agent," who appears to be in the Horgen, Switzerland office.

The aforementioned Christian Arn, head of Credit Suisse's service
support management office:
is in New York City and appears to be responsible for all purchasing
for the New York office.

Actually, I suggest you contact Arn (see NYC contact info below) to
ask if his department handles the full range of purchasing for NYC:
from computers to stationery to arranging contracts with coffee and
snack vendors.


The contact information page for CSFB is:
You will see the main number for their New York office: 212-325-2000. 

For any additional information, I suggest you contact CSFB's New York spokespeople: 

Jeanmarie McFadden:
Telephone:  212-325- 5898 
Fax:  212-325-7786 


Cristina Von Bargen:
Telephone: 212-325-2808 
Fax: 212-325- 6665 

It's easier if you contact them and establish a dialogue with them, as
that will facilitate any follow-ups you need to do.

If they don't respond, or fail to adequately answer your questions,
you may write to any department head at CFSB at this address:

Contacting a CSFB Employee:

You may contact a CSFB employee by writing to that individual at:

Managing Director of [since you don't know the name, just use
"Managing Director" then whichever office]
Credit Suisse First Boston
Eleven Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10010

More Resources:

You can purchase a compiled report on CSFB's "hierarchy" from an
affiliate group of Lexis-Nexis:,+Inc.

You can also purchase a directory of 200 "key employees" at CSFB from Hoover's at:
(Just click on "People" in the menu.)

You can also read (for free) CSFB's financial filings at:
And scroll through those for more department heads.

I think I've taken you about as far as I can. I'm sure the media
relations people I listed for you in the NYC office will be able to
handle any remaining questions you have.

Good luck with your report!


Clarification of Answer by nancylynn-ga on 28 Mar 2004 15:50 PST
Hopefully, this is the last you'll hear from me!

While finishing up your other question, I stumbled upon a few more New
York offices for CSFB:

"Credit Suisse First Boston/Column Financial
Eleven Madison Ave. New York, NY 10010
Phone: 212-538-2946
Fax: 212-743-5527
Steven L. Kantor [already cited in original answer] Managing
Director/Head of Global Real Estate; Robert P. Brennan, Managing
Director/Head of U.S. Real Estate; Kieran P. Quinn, President, Column

That information comes from:

I found:

"Robert C. Leverich
Vice President and Head of Institutional Sales & Trading, SASI (Swiss
American Securities Inc.), a division of Credit Suisse Group.

212- 612-8787
12 East 49th Street 
New York 
NY 10017 

Learn more about Credit Suisse's New York's SASI division and its
executives at this site:

Contact information for SASI:

Request for Answer Clarification by frazier-ga on 29 Mar 2004 11:13 PST
I would like to know who runs there structured products group. Also
the liability group I heard is called Liability management group and
it would deal with companies doing tender offers. So it would not be
part of the legal area.

Request for Answer Clarification by frazier-ga on 29 Mar 2004 11:29 PST
My friend just told me that they have a buy-side insights
group,healthcare group,financial strategy group,structured credit
products group,morgage backed securities group.Sorry if I am asking
for this later then this morning but he just told me that they have
these departments.

Clarification of Answer by nancylynn-ga on 29 Mar 2004 15:57 PST

CSFB?s US Structured Credit Products Group: 
Chris Ricciardi is Head of US Structured Credit Products at CSFB

Leveraged Finance Structured Products Group:

Jerry DeVito is managing director and co-head.

Financial Strategy Group: 

Tim C. Opler heads up that group, which is under the Investment Banking Division:
Director, Financial Strategy Group
Credit Suisse First Boston - General 
11 Madison Avenue
Investment Banking Div., 23rd Flr 
New York, NY 10010
United States
(212) 328-5313 (Phone)
(212) 448-3410 (Fax) 

I have just e-mailed CSFB regarding the following:  

Structured Products Group: 

I don't know that this group still exists; it was caught up in the
Enron scandal. I will run it past CSFB.

Buy-Side Insights Group:

Welling is also an instructor at CalTech; the few items I found about
him indicated he is with a CA office of CSFB:
"Glenn W. Welling is a managing director in investment banking with
Credit Suisse First Boston(CSFB) and the co-head of the Buy-Side
Insights Group. Mr. Welling specializes in helping senior management.
. . ."

There are several CA offices. See:

So, I've asked for confirmation on which office he's with. 

healthcare group:

I couldn't find such a division, so I included that in my inquiry 

mortgage backed securities group 

The only information I can find on mortgages has to do with the Swiss Office:

So, I asked for location and head of that department.


"liability group I heard is called Liability management group and it
would deal with companies doing tender offers"

Most of what I found related to Switzerland operations, but I found
these phone numbers: 212-538-8474 [a NYC number] and (800) 820-1653

So, I also inquired about the location and head of that department.

I also asked who is the marketing director and who is the corporate
communications director for the New York Office, per your other

I also found this March 22, 2004 press release at CSFB's site:
"CSFB Creates New Alternative Capital Division Led by Bennett Goodman:
Will Combine Firm's Private Equity, Hedge Fund and Alternative
Investment Franchises Into Industry's Premier Alternative Asset
Platform. Includes Launch of a New Investment Vehicle Focused on
Leveraged Finance Assets."

When I hear back from CSFB, I will post information at both of your
respective questions.


Clarification of Answer by nancylynn-ga on 31 Mar 2004 19:26 PST
I have found more divisions and contacts for you:


As I told you at your other question:

Matt Hickerson is the Director of Branding, Marketing and Advertising for CSFB.
You can learn a little about him at this site:

CSFB's Health Care Group:

Stuart F. Smith is the Global Head Of Health Care. 

CSFB HOLT (Small and Mid-Cap Advisory)

Tim Bixler is the Managing Director and Global Co-Head of HOLT.

General Contact for HOLT:
Phone: (212) 538-3343

CSFB Data & AnalyticsTM
Contact : William Battey: 
Telephone 212-325-5591

Treasury Sales:
According to this February 12, 2001 edition of FX-Week:
David Newman . . . will join CSFB in New York as global co-head of
treasury sales, alongside [Rusty] Elvidge [who is based in London]."

When I searched CSFB's site for him, I got a match with this URL:
but I can't get it to load. Maybe you'll have luck with it, but it
appears Newman is still with CSFB.

Operations (sell-side) | (buy-side)
Dave Hosler
(Customer Primary Contact) 
Judy Contreras
(Dealer Primary Contact)

Alternative Investments:
Jack  DiMaio is CEO of this division, which is under Credit Suisse
Asset Management, but was announced by CSFB:

Financial Institutions Group:
Richard J. Barrett is the Managing Director: 

CSFB Real Estate Private Fund Group:

Fredrik Elwing, Director
(Scroll down page to see his name.)

Under Investment Banking, I found some more (sub) divisions (I did
list most in my original answer, under "Global Industrial and Services
Group: Diversified Industrials sector"; Glerum, director):

Aerospace & Defense: 
J. Craig Oxman 
Managing Director 

Transportation & Logistics:
Michael J. McGhee is Vice Chairman. 

Thomas K. Barber is Managing Director. 

Automotive is also listed under Diversified Industrials, but I can't
find a head of department. Still, this falls under Glerum's general
domain. Btw, the Media & Telecommunications Group is also listed under
that sector, but its offices are in London, Los Angeles, and Hong
Kong; I can't find anything for NYC.

Also under Investment Banking:

Global Services:
Charles B. Edelstein is the Managing Director.

While I was searching, I stumbled upon these names for CSFB (for the
SIA NY consortium):

Robert Arzano (212-325-4915) 
Vice President, Trading Floor Manager 
11 Madison Avenue, 13th Floor 
New York, NY 10010 
(Fax: 1-212-318-0924)
Mark C. Anderson (212-325-9190)
Managing Director, Information Technology
(Fax: 212-743-2700)

Linda Mazzarella (212-325-7108)
Director Global Network Services
Matthew J. Garvin (212) 325-2600
Director Global Network Services
315 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10010

As to the four remaining loose threads:

*I still can't find any suggestion that the Buy-Side Insights Group,
headed by Glenn Welling, is in New York. In fact, when I was searching
for that I wound up finding the HOLT division. See this press release
from CalTech (which, obviously, suggests that he's actually in a CA
office), where Welling teaches:

*"Structured Products" remains a dead-end. All I know is that division
of CSFB became caught up in the Enron scandal.
I did note CSFB?s US Structured Credit Products Group: 
Chris Ricciardi is Head of US Structured Credit Products at CSFB:
in my previous reply to you.  

* Communications Director -- I simply can't find that person. I'm sure
Mr. Hickerson can give you that person's name, when you talk to him.

* Purchasing: I've found references to CSFB's purchasing department,
but absolutely no contact information whatsoever. It's not even listed
at CSFB's Web site. Christian Arn, head of service support management,
may be able to tell you about that department.

Since you're going to be speaking to Mr. Hickerson, perhaps you can
ask him to refer you to someone who can solve those four remaining
mysteries. If not,let me know and I'll call into CSFB's press office.
(I'm still holding onto hope they will reply to the e-mail I sent the
other day!)

Btw, a good search string for you to use is:

CSFB AND "managing director" AND " New York"

Or, if you hear of a name or a division I missed, just use a variation
of that, e.g.: "John Smith AND CSFB" or "John Smith +CSFB". Also try
"CSFB AND "John Smith" [or name of a department] AND "New York."

You have to check to make sure the division is in NYC, because that
isn't always clear. Many Credit Suisse press releases come out of NYC
(that's why I got so confused about CSFB's advertising agency!), but
you have to read carefully, and maybe even do a separate search as a
safety net, to ensure that the person or division is actually in New

Good luck with you report.


Clarification of Answer by nancylynn-ga on 23 Apr 2004 08:11 PDT
Frazier: I'm sorry. After going back & reviewing all this data at your
two questions, I realized I had offered to call CSFB for you.

(Forgive me, not only have weeks gone by regarding this matter, I'm
now in the thick of covering Q1 earnings calls, so my brain is
particularly chaotic.)

I just now called CSFB in NYC. However, their press office told me I
would have to contact Human Resources , via CSFB's main number,

I did call and asked for Human Resources and when I pressed the number
to speak to a representative, I was cut off.

I tried it once again -- and was cut off again!

So, I again urge you, when you talk to Mr. Hickerson about CSFB's
advertising, ask him who you should talk to about the dangling four
points noted in my prior clarification:

*Buy-Side Insights Group, headed by Glenn Welling. I don't believe
this division is in NYC. Everything I've found indicates Welling is in

*"Structured Products." I did note info re: CSFB?s *US Structured
Credit Products Group* in a prior clarification. I'm not sure at all
that the "Structured Products" group even exists any longer.

* Communications Director. Mr. Hickerson is the Branding Director for
CSFB and can surely give you that name and contact info.

* Purchasing: Christian Arn, head of service support management (I
posted his phone number) may be able to tell you about that
department, if Mr. Hickerson can't give you the name.

I believe the first two among the above four issues are dead-ends.

If Mr. Hickerson doesn't know the answers to the above four items,
please ask him for the *DIRECT* phone number to someone in Human
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