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Q: Marketing Contacts ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   1 Comment )
Subject: Marketing Contacts
Category: Business and Money
Asked by: grgxl5-ga
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Posted: 27 Mar 2004 09:05 PST
Expires: 26 Apr 2004 10:05 PDT
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What are the land addresses, names and titles for the brand directors
and/or marketing directors of the top 100 British brands?

Request for Question Clarification by nancylynn-ga on 27 Mar 2004 13:09 PST
Hello grgxl5-ga:

Could you please clarify: 

1) Do you mean ONLY brands that are actually produced in Great Britain
by British companies?

Or do you mean top-selling brands in Great Britain, regardless of
where they're actually manufactured? For instance, Coca-Cola is a
top-selling brand in Great Britain, but, of course, its manufacturer
is in Atlanta, Georgia. So, should I exclude Coca-Cola from
consideration for your list?

2) Do you already have a list of the Top 100 brands and a link to that
from a newspaper or magazine?

Or do you need me to determine which are Britain's Top 100 selling
brands, before I compile the list of those products' marketing


Clarification of Question by grgxl5-ga on 27 Mar 2004 14:46 PST
Hi  thanks for your note.

I would need you please to research the top 100 consumer brands in the
UK and then procede to find a relevant name and contact details for
each brand specified.

the brands don't have to be Uk in origin, for example Coca-Cola  has a
large office here in the UK. In each case I would be looking for the
British based office and contact.



Request for Question Clarification by nancylynn-ga on 28 Mar 2004 20:40 PST
Hi again:

Finding the marketing directors isn't a problem. Finding a list of the
top 100 brands is proving problematic! I have sent out e-mails to
organizations that I hope can provide me with such a list. Since the
work week in Britain will be beginning within just a few hours, I hope
to hear back from them very soon.

In the meantime, I need to clarify one more thing: you said "consumer
brands." So do you only want actual products that one goes out and
buys, such as Coca-Cola? (!) You don't want me to include "business
brands," such as Virgin and the BBC? I just want to be clear on this:
if the list I receive lumps top brands -- products and businesses --
all together, would that be acceptable?

Clarification of Question by grgxl5-ga on 29 Mar 2004 00:07 PST

Things like BBC or Virgin would be fine. I'm not interested in Bsiness
to Business brands, but anyone who provides a service or product that
a consumer can pay for is fine.

Don't worry too much about an authroative list of the 100 top brands
if that's difficult. A list of marketing directors asscoaited with a
100 major brands would be fine.

Does that help?



Request for Question Clarification by nancylynn-ga on 29 Mar 2004 05:10 PST
Thanks so much for your prompt response, Greg. Yes, that helps a lot! 

I hope to have this list done within the next few days.


Request for Question Clarification by nancylynn-ga on 01 Apr 2004 09:12 PST
Hi Greg:

I'm just letting you know I probably can't complete this project until next week.

Double-checking to make sure the person is still in that same position
-- I often have to e-mail the company to confirm names, unless I can
find a very recent news source, or that name & title at the corporate
site -- and very often having to hunt for the correct address, is
proving very time-consuming.

It's especially difficult to find corporate office addresses for
privately held companies, like fashion houses. I'm still waiting for
several companies to reply, while I hunt down other corporations in
the meantime.

So, I hope you're not in an extreme hurry, because this could take
about another week to complete.


Clarification of Question by grgxl5-ga on 05 Apr 2004 02:22 PDT

No problem on waiting a while. I appreciate all your efforts on my behalf!


Subject: Re: Marketing Contacts
Answered By: nancylynn-ga on 05 Apr 2004 13:02 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hi Greg:

There aren't 100 entries; that is, about 75-80 companies are listed
below, but when you add up the products it actually comes to over 100

Regarding global companies: I tried to locate the marketing director
for Great Britain, or, at least for Europe, but if I couldn't find
that person, I cited the global marketing officer for that company.

The following is the most up-to-date information I could find. Still,
I can't be 100% of names and addresses on some of these. If you have a
problem, post a "Request For Clarification," and I'll see if I can
find more up-to-date information. A lot of companies now don't even
bother to list a land mail address. Also, as you'll see, some
companies haven't replied to my
e-mails. When, and if, they do reply, I'll post that information as an
"Answer Clarification."


2002 conference SuperBrands with lots of names:

Applegate Directory of UK companies & key personnel:


Super Brands Organization/ Great Britain:

Frell Me Dead:

UK Marketing Society:

Branding Guide:

Chartered Institute of Marketing:


Brand Channel:

The Brand Council's: Nation's Coolest Brands:

Monster UK is also helpful for obtaining addresses.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau also has a helpful roundup of names: (Accurate as of May
Brand consultancy firm, Wolff-Olins:

American Express:

John D. Hayes, Executive VP Global Advertising and Brand Management.

American Express Company
200 Vesey Street
New York, NY 10285-4314
tel: 212-640-2000


Randall Blackford is the Marketing Director for Great Britain.

Thames Link House
1 Church Road

Asahi Beer:
e-mailed 3/31; awaiting reply.


Michael Trautmann is Head of Central Marketing & Brand Management:
Audi of America
3800 Hamlin Road
Auburn Hills, Michigan 48326

Avon Cosmetics:

William F. Susetka is Senior Vice-President and President of Global
Marketing, Avon Products, Inc.

Avon Products, Inc.
1345 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10105-0196

Bally Total Fitness:

Martin Pazzani, Chief Marketing Officer.

Bally Total Fitness Corporation
8700 West Bryn Mawr Avenue
Chicago, IL 60631


Alison Hutchinson is the Marketing Director for Barclaycard.

Simon Gulliford is the Marketing Director for Barclays Bank.

Paul Parmenter is Chief Operating Officer, Group Marketing.

Murrey House
1 Royal Mint Court
Tel: 020 7668 8000
Fax: 020 7668 8001

Beck's/ Scottish Courage:

They wrote me back: "Beck's is distributed in the UK by Scottish Courage
Ltd, but the brand is owned by Interbrew.

The Marketing Director for Scottish Courage Ltd can be reached at the
following address:

Mr Tim Seager
Marketing Director
Scottish Courage Ltd
2-4 Broadway Park
EH12 9JZ"

The BBC recently reorganized its marketing team. See:
At the top of that department is Andy Duncan, the BBC's Director of
Marketing, Communications and Audiences:

Broadcasting House, Portland Place,
London, W1A 1AA

Bombay Sapphire:

Monsell Darville:
Vice-President and Group Marketing Director.

Bacardi USA
2100 Biscayne Blvd.
Miami, FL 33137-5028
tel: 305-573-8511
fax: 305-573-7507

Birds Eye Unilever Frozen Foods and Ice Cream:

Brands: Igloo, Birds Eye, and Findus.

Jerry Wright, Brand Director.

Unilever House, Blackfriars
EC4P 4BQ, United Kingdom
Phone: +44-20-7822-5252
Fax: +44-20-7822-6191

British Airways:

Martin George, Marketing Director.

British Airways Plc (NYSE: BAB [ADR])
Waterside, Harmondsworth
UB7 0GB, United Kingdom

Britvic Soft Drinks:

Andrew Marsden, Marketing Director.

Britvic House, Broomfield Rd.
Essex CM1 1TU, United Kingdom


Sally Davis, President of Products and Marketing.

BT Global Services
BT Centre, 81 Newgate St.
EC1A 7AJ, United Kingdom


Alan Palmer is the International Director of Marketing.

Cadbury Schweppes plc
Franklin House, Bournville Lane
B30 2NB
West Midlands
Tel: 0121 625 7000
Fax: 0121 458 2826

Campbell Grocery Products Ltd:

Products: Campbell soups, Homepride, Batchelors, Oxo, and Fray Bentos.

Guy Shepherd, senior category manager (as of 2002).

Campbell Grocery Products Ltd
2020 Cambourne Business Park


Daniel P. Palumbo is Chief Marketing Officer of The Coca-Cola Company.

Coca-Cola Company
One Coca-Cola Plaza
Atlanta, GA 30313

Coca-Cola Britain Ireland: Andrew Coker is Communications Director for that

1 Queen Caroline Street
London W6 SHQ
0208 237 3000


Phoebe Philo, Creative Director (responsible for growing the brand).

27 Knightsbridge

Deans Foods:

Products: "International Delight(R) and Land O Lakes(R) coffee
creamers, Hershey's(R) milks and milkshakes, Land O Lakes Dairy
Ease(R), Folgers(R) Jakada(R) single-serve chilled coffee and milk
beverages, Marie's(R) dips and dressings and Dean's(R) dips":

Michael H. Keown is the President, Dean Branded Products Group.

2515 McKinney Ave., Ste. 1200
Dallas, TX 75201
Phone: 214-303-3400
Fax: 214-303-3499

Dell UK: Home, Small, and Medium Business Division:

Neil Stevens, UK Marketing Director.

Dell Computer Corporation
Milbanke House
Western Road
RG12 1RD


Products: "Guinness Stout, Harp Lager, Johnnie Walker Scotch,
Tanqueray gin, and Smirnoff vodka. . . . The company gained the
Captain Morgan, Crown Royal, and VO Canadian brands through its
purchase of Seagram's drinks
business from Vivendi Universal." Also: Black Label, Jose Cuervo, and J&B.

From Hoovers:

Rob Malcolm is the President of Global Marketing Sales and Innovation.

Diageo plc
8 Henrietta Place
W1G OMD, United Kingdom
Phone: +44-20-7927-5200
Fax: +44-20-7927-5056

Daniel Barton is Marketing and Communications Manager for Diesel UK.

Diesel UK Ltd.
55 Argyle St

Dom Pérignon/ Moët

Owned by LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA

Moët & Chandon markets Moet lines in Great Britain:

Luis Sierra-Rey is the Marketing Director for Moet Chandon, Moët Hennessy
UK Ltd.

Moët Chandon
13 Grosvenor Crescent
TEL :+ 44 20 7235 9411
FAX :+ 44 20 7235 6937

I saw two confusing references, from the same page, regarding  Sierra-Rey's
status. He may now be in the Spain office:

You should phone or fax Moet Chandon in London to double-check.

Moët Hennessy's Spain office is:
c/ Consell de Cent, 334-336, 3e planta
TEL :+ 34 93 496 07 30
FAX :+ 34 93 215 38 75

Domino's Pizza UK:

Christopher Moore, Marketing Director.

Domino's Pizza UK & IRL PLC
Lasborough Road, Kingston
Milton Keynes
MK10 0AB, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44-1908-580-000

Duflex Ltd:

Charlie Ablett, Marketing Coordinator.

Duflex Ltd
Newbold Drive
Castle Donington
DE74 2QX
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 1332 810811
Fax: +44 (0) 1332 810657

The Economist Group:

Simone Wieser, Group Database Marketing Director.

25 St. James's St.
SW1A 1HG, United Kingdom
Phone: +44-20-7830-7000
Fax: +44-20-7839-2968

Elements of Spice:

Marketing: Geoff Harding and Charles Nicoll of Landauer Group:

25 Beaufort Court
Admirals Way, London E14 9XL

First Direct:

Nick Bowyer, Head of Marketing.

HSBC Holdings plc
8 Canada Sq.
E14 5HQ, United Kingdom
Phone: +44-20-7991-8888
Fax: +44-20-7992-4880
(Not 100 % certain he's at that address: call to confirm.)


Catalog and online shopping company: fashion and home furnishings.
Fashion lines include Joe Browns, England Away Strip, and Rugby Shop.
Freemans also offers "entertainment@home" for purchasing VHS and DVDs
via catalogue or

Nigel Green, Marketing Director.

Freemans PLC
PO Box 1761
S96 5FS

Kurt Geiger: 

Crispin Mardon, managing director 

75, Bermondsey St
London, SE1 3XS 
Telephone: +44 020 7546 1888

(Company is based in Austria.)

e-mailed on 3/31 to confirm Mardon's office
location; still awaiting reply.


Cathy Anderson is Marketing Director of Greenpeace UK.

Canonbury Villas
London, N1 2PN

Guinness UDV (A division of Diageo):

Steve Wilson, Global Brand Innovation Director. (From what I've read, he
appears to be in the London office.)

Guinness UDV
Park Royal Brewery
Coronation Rd
NW10 7RR
Telephone and fax
Tel: 020 8965 7700
Fax: 020 8963 5120

Haldane Foods Group:

Products: Soya, Burgamix, Sosmix, Realeat frozen line, Granose dry-mix
line of products, WhiteWave, and So Good yoghurts.

Graham Keen, Sales and Marketing Director.

Howard Way
Newport Pagnell
MK16 9PY

Tommy Hilfiger USA:

Peter Connolly is the President of Worldwide Marketing for Tommy
Hilfiger. (Note: you may see references to Andy Hilfiger as marketing
director, but it appears Andy has left his brother's company and setup
his own entertainment company.)

The company is incorporated at:
Tommy Hilfiger Corporation
6/F, Precious Industrial Centre, 18 Cheung Yue St., Cheung Sha Wan
Kowloon, Hong Kong Phone: ?2745-7798

But the USA division is headquartered at:
485 Fifth Avenue, 6th floor New York, NY 10017 USA
which is where I believe you should contact Connolly. Most references
to him that I found, put him in New York City.

Interbrew UK Ltd:

Brands: Beck's, Stella Artois', Hoegaarden, Leffe, and Bass.

Phil Rumbol is Brands Director.

Samlesbury Brewery, Cuerdale Lane
Tel: 01772 877681

Imagination Ltd:

Ralph Ardill, Head of Marketing.

25 Store Street
South Crescent

Very hot marketing & design consultants. Creator of "Lifehouse"
workshop for Coca-Cola. Clients include Coca-Cola and Virgin; designed
the new lighting scheme for BT Tower.


Ian Major is UK Marketing Director:

Browns Lane, Allesley
West Midlands CV5 9DR, United Kingdom
Phone: +44-24-7640-2121
Fax: +44-24-7620-2101


According to this 2002 article:

Karen Birch is Marketing Director for Kangol.

Company address:

Kangol, Ltd.
Imperial Mills
West Yorkshire
Tel: 01484 653209
Fax: 01484 460513

Kerachers (Seafoods: restaurants and mail order sales):

Karen Bacon is the Marketing Director.

Units 5-8
Whitefriars Street
Tel: 01738 638454
Fax: 01738 629893

Kraft Foods UK:

Brands: Kenco® coffee, Philadelphia?, Dairylea?, Terry's Chocolate
Orange?, Maxwell House? , Carte Noire? , Terry's All Gold?, Toblerone,
and Bird's? desserts.

Tony Laverton, HR Client Services Manager (Sales & Marketing), Kraft Foods UK. 

Kraft Foods UK Ltd
St George's House
Bayshill Road
GL50 3AE
Telephone: 01242 236101 
Land Rover:

John Edwards is Global Marketing Director of Land Rover
Ford Worldwide Direct Market Operations
1555 Fairlane Drive
Allen Park, Michigan 48101
Phone: 313-594-4857
Fax: 313-390-0804

David Brimson is Marketing Director for Great Britain

Lexus (GB) Ltd
Great Burgh Heath
Yew Tree Bottom Road
KT18 5XS
Tel: 01737 363634

(Am awaiting confirmation of this address; appears to be correct.)

London Eye (British Airways)

Jo Berrington, Head of Marketing for London Eye.

I e-mailed on 3/31/04 for address; haven't heard back. So try:

British Airways Plc (NYSE: BAB [ADR])
Waterside, Harmondsworth
UB7 0GB, United Kingdom

Phone: +44-20-8562-4444
Fax: +44-20-8759-4314

Marks & Spencer:

Alice Avis is the Director of Marketing and E-Commerce.

Marks and Spencer Group p.l.c.
Michael House
Baker Street
London W1U 8EP

Marlow Foods:

Product: Quorn.

David Wilson, Director Of Marketing (as of 2001).

Marlow Foods Limited
Station Rd
North Yorkshire TS9 7AB, United Kingdom

MTV UK & Ireland:

Chris Sice, Vice-President of Programming and Development.

MTV Networks Europe
UK House
180 Oxford Street

Nestle UK Ltd

Products: Nescafé coffee, Buitoni pasta, Kit Kat, Caro, Milo, Nesquik,
Aero, After Eight, All Stars, Dairy Box, Caramac, Breakaway, Animal
Bar, Herta, Carnation, Fussells, Nestle, Disney, Milkybar, Munch
Bunch, Rolo, Ski,

Andrew Harrison, Marketing Director.

Nestle UK Ltd
St. Georges House

npower (National Wind Power):

"Juice" wind power/ energy alternative.

Martin Salter, Head of Marketing Communications, npower

Nutro CHOICE Complete Care range pet foods: Natural Choice Ultra,
Natural Choice Complete Care, Max, Max Cat, and Max Cat Gourmet

Kerry Budd is the Marketing Manager.

Premium Pet Foods Ltd
Premium House
Asheridge Road
Tel: 01494 770166
Fax: 01494 775223

PepsiCo UK:

Karen Goffe, PepsiCo UK Marketing Director. 

Products: Pepsi, Lays Chips, Quaker, Tropicana, Gatorade and, in Great
Britain, Walker's Snackfoods. (See separate entry for Walker's.)

Pepsico International Ltd.
63 Kew Road
North Yorkshire
Tel: 020 8332 4000
Fax: 020 8332 4042

Procter & Gamble Company:

Products include: Always/Whisper, Ariel, Bounty, Charmin, Crest,
Downy/Lenor, Folgers, Iams, Olay, Pampers, Pantene, Pringles, and

James R. Stengel, Global Marketing Officer.

1 Procter & Gamble Plaza
Cincinnati, Ohio  45202

Antonio Bertone is director of Brand Management:

Wuerzburgerstrasse 13
91074 Herzogenaurach, Germany
General Information Contact Info:
Phone: (49) 9132 81 0
Fax: (49) 9132 81 2246

Red Bull UK:

Daniel Schwalb, Marketing Director.

Red Bull
14 Soho Square
London, W1D 3QG

Rimmel Cosmetics:
Emmanuelle Bonte is Director of Marketing.
Coty UK Ltd
St. George's House, 5 St. George's Road
Wimbledon SW 19 4 DR
Telephone: +44 20 8971 1399


Christopher Reed, Marketing Director.

4th Floor, 46 Loman Street
London SE1 0EH
Phone: 020 7921 9150
Fax: 020 7921 9151


Sara Weller is Deputy Managing Director Marketing & Development.
Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd
33 Holborn

But as of March 28, 2004, Sainsburys is in flux: Weller is leaving for
Argos, and her replacement hasn't yet been announced:

Keep an eye on the financial press, as they're sure to announce
Weller's successor, ASAP.

Scottish & Newcastle:

Products include: Courage, John Smith's, Kronenbourg, McEwan's, Newcastle,
and Theakston's brands of beer.

Gary Guthrie, Marketing Director.

Scottish & Newcastle plc (London: SCTN )
33 Ellersly Rd.
EH12 6HX, United Kingdom

Phone: +44-131-528-2000
Fax: +44-870-333-2121

Select Software Ltd:

Les Aarons, Marketing Director.

Home Farm Road
NR35 2EL
Tel: 01508 518112


James Bidwell is Marketing Director.
Selfridges & Co.
400 Oxford Street
London W1A 1AB

Snappy Snaps (1-hour photo chain):

Ann Simpson, Snappy Snaps Marketing Manager & Director.

Head office:

Glenthorne Mews
London WJ OLJ

SOS: Smiths' of Smithfield:

John Torode, Co-owner and Director.

67-77 Charterhouse Street
London, EC1M 6HJ


Mitsuru Ohki is Corporate Executive Vice President of Public Relations,
Corporate External Relations, and Brand Strategy.

Fujio Nishida is Chief Marketing Officer of Electronics

According to Hoovers (, Sony's main address for
its Global Headquarters:

Sony Corporation
7-35, Kitashinagawa, 6-chome, Shinagawa-ku
Tokyo, 141-0001, Japan

Phone: +81-3-5448-2111
Fax: +81-3-5448-2244

Sony Broadband Solution Corporation:
Shirou Tsujii is Director of Sony Marketing/Information Systems Business
Group/General Manager:
4-10-18 Takanawa Minato-Ku Tokyo

Sony Europe (Includes Great Britain):

Tim Kaner is Marketing Communications Director for Sony Europe:

Sony UK Ltd.
The Heights
KT13 0XW
Surrey (Sony confirmed he's in Weybridge.)

Howard Marsh is Marketing Director for Sony UK Ltd.

The Heights
KT13 0XW

Tastee Foods Ltd:

Products include prepared, frozen samosas, pappadums, spring rolls.

Nyan Patel, Managing Director.

Unit 1b, Pavilion Way
Castle Business Park
LE11 5GW

Marketing: Geoff Harding and Charles Nicoll of the Landauer Group:

25 Beaufort Court
Admirals Way, London E14 9XL

Tate Modern:

Sarah Boiling, Tate Modern Marketing Manager.

Tate Modern
London SE1 9TG

Tim Mason is the Marketing Director.

Delamere House
Delamere Road
Cheshunt, Herts EN8 9SL
Telephone: 01992 632222

Tetley Tea:

Nigel Holland, Marketing Director.

Products: Tetley Tea: therapy, T of Life, Tetley Organic, Tetley
Decaf, and Quickbrew.

Tetley GB Ltd
Freepost HA4 175
325, Oldfield Lane North

T-Mobile UK:

Clent Richardson, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. 

T-Mobile (UK)
Hatfield Business Park
AL10 9BW


Jane Shepherdson, Brand Director.

There were recent news stories that she might leave that job but,
apparently, she's still at TopShop. Just be aware that this situation
may be in flux.

Arcadia Group 
Colegrave House, 70 Berners St.
W1T 3NL, United Kingdom 

Phone: +44-20-7636-8040
Fax: +44-20-7927-0577

Unilever Cosmetics International (UK) Ltd.

Products include Dove, Pond's, and Sunsilk.

Hilary Taylor, Marketing Director

Unilever House, Blackfriars
EC4P 4BQ, United Kingdom

Phone: +44-20-7822-5252
Fax: +44-20-7822-6191

United Biscuits:

Products include: BN, Delacre, McVitie's Digestive Biscuits, KP Nuts,
McCoy's, and Hula Hoops.

Mark Bosomworth, UB Foodservice Director:
"accountable for all sales, marketing and technical functions as well as the
product development of UB brands within Foodservice."

United Biscuits Finance plc
Hayes Park North, Hayes End Road, Hayes
UB4 8EE, United Kingdom
Phone: +44-20-8234-5000
Fax: +44-20-8734-5555

Vespa/ Piaggio SpA

Alessandro De Angelini is the Marketing Director.

23, Viale Rinaldo Piaggio
56025 Pontedera, Pisa, Italy

Phone: +39-587-27-21-11
Fax: +39-587-27-22-74

Virgin EMI Group, Europe:

Steve Lee is Director, Virgin Marketing For EMI Group, Continental Europe

EMI Group
27 Wrights Lane
W8 5SW
Tel: 020 7795 7000


Peter Tuomey, Sales and Marketing Director. Ltd
The Communications Building
48 Leicester Square

Virgin Group Ltd. 

Group includes: Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Express, Virgin Blue Airlines,
Virgin Entertainment Group, Inc., and Virgin Cosmetics.

(Mr.) Ashley Stockwell,Group Brand Marketing Director.

120 Campden Hill Rd.
W8 7AR, United Kingdom 
Phone: +44-20-7229-1282
Fax: +44-20-7727-8200


Quality, high-end furniture. 

Colin Titlow is Vitra Sales and Marketing Director.

Vitra Ltd.
30 Clerkenwell Road
GB-London EC 1M 5PGQ
Tel +44 20 7608 6200
Fax +44 20 7608 6201

At Vitra's site, Jürgen Dürrbaum is listed as head of Marketing:
Vitra AG
Klünenfeldstrasse 22
CH-4127 Birsfelden
Tel +41 61 377 0000
Fax +41 61 377 1510

Walker's Snack Foods:

Products: Walkers Crisps, Sensations, Doritos, Quavers, Monster Munch,
and French Fries.

Carol Garbutt, Marketing Director

PepsiCo International Ltd
63 Kew Road
North Yorkshire
Tel: 020 8332 4000
Fax: 020 8332 4042


Robert F. Connolly is Executive Vice President of Marketing and
Consumer Communications, Wal-Mart Stores Division,
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. 

702 SW Eighth St.
Bentonville, AR 72716-8611 

Phone: 479-273-4000
Fax: 479-273-4053

Raymond Weil

Laurie Milne is the Marketing Director of SWICO, which is the UK
distributor for Raymond Weil Geneva.

e-mailed Weil on 4-2-4  for Swico's land address UK; still awaiting reply.

Found this address:

Swico Ltd 
Surrey GU27 1NN


Graeme Oxby is the Marketing Director at 3 UK.

Hutchison 3G UK Limited
Star House
20 Grenfell Road
Tel: 01628765000
(Several land mail addresses are given at . This appears to be the head

Search String:
[corporation or product name] AND marketing OR brand AND director OR manager.

Clarification of Answer by nancylynn-ga on 08 Apr 2004 12:50 PDT
Hi again:

I just heard back from Raymond Weil:

"Thank you for contacting Raymond Weil, USA.
The following is Swico address:

Great Britain
Swiss Watch Importing Co. 
Meadway House 
Meadway, Haslemere 
Surrey GU27 1NN

As for the director's name, please contact the GB distributor via our
website since we are only responsible for the US and do not have this
info. . . . Please visit us at"

I believe the marketing director for Swico's Weil brand items is still
Laurie Milne.

I'll update you if I hear back from any more companies.

grgxl5-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $50.00
Great work and diligence on a very tough question. Thanks!

Subject: Re: Marketing Contacts
From: nancylynn-ga on 08 Apr 2004 10:40 PDT
Thank you for your kind words and for the generous tip!

I'm very glad that I was able to help you.


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