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Q: tangible examples of changes in Gen Y vs. Gen X taste ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: tangible examples of changes in Gen Y vs. Gen X taste
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Asked by: mikeginnyc-ga
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Posted: 04 Apr 2004 15:32 PDT
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i'm in a crunch, needing answers FAST. hence the higher than normal
fee.   (i'll delete the question if i don't have a good answer by
monday morning. preferably tonite!  TRULY SORRY.)   i read an article
usa today, a week ago? more? that showed how
THIS generation of young people have different taste than the last
one.  e.g., they watch the O.C. ... where it used to be Beverly Hills
90210.  i tried searching usa today and coulodn't find the comparison
chart.  doesn't have to be that article, that's an example ... i also
read recently -- maybe usa today, but might have been the ny
times or wall st journal -- how car buyers in their 20's are buying and
customizing different cars now ... signs of changing tastes.  CONTEXT:
i'm writing a speech for a marketer of products to young males (21-29)
... also to hispanics (of the same age) and african-americans (ditto)
... it's a beverage company. i need illustrations of how this consumer
market's taste (young, hispanic, black) have CHANGED from what they
used to be.  the more specific the illustrations the better (like the
beverly hills 90210 vs. o.c.) ... and hopefully across many different
categories, not just tv shows and cars.  can you give me a list or
example of how 20 year olds want X vs. 30 year olds want Y ??? to help
me make the speech, or a preceding video, vivid with examples/  hoping
someone can answer soon. unfortunately i've been given an EXTREMELY
tight time window, hence the ridiculously short request ... and the
large fee.  thanks!  mike
Subject: Re: tangible examples of changes in Gen Y vs. Gen X taste
Answered By: bobbie7-ga on 04 Apr 2004 19:24 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hello Mike,

Below you will find the results of my research for information
regarding Generation X versus Generation Y or ?Millennials.? I am
providing short excerpts from each article but I highly recommend that
you read each one in its entirety.

From a 30 page report prepared by Interep Research Division

?Gen X + Gen Y = ? Adult 18-34 Consumers
Young adults have captured the attention of marketers.
So, who are they really??

Today?s 18-34 year olds fall into two distinct generational groups:
Generation X and Generation Y/ Millennials.

?Gen X?ers (age 25-39) are somewhat unfairly associated with
latte-sipping, flannel-clad slackers. In reality, however, this group
is very well-educated, entrepreneurial, surprisingly affluent and
technologically savvy. Gen Y?ers (age 15-24) actually prefer to be
called ?Millennials.?


?The Millennials were raised on computers and the Internet. They take
cellphones, text messaging, and Tivo for granted. The ability to
stream and download music and video are givens. And while their
predecessors value irony and are distrustful of authority, Gen X?s
younger siblings are more earnest and tend to be team players. The
Millennials are shaping up to be the most ethnically diverse and the
most educated generation in history. As they continue to move into the
workplace, they may prove to be the most affluent as well.?

Comparison Chart

Geneation X                 The Millennials

PC?s & the Internet         Web-enabled cellphones
Email                       Text Messaging
Bars                        Raves
Bungee Jumping              Skateboarding
Cable TV                    TiVo
The Fall of Communism       The Rise of Terrorism
Cynical                     Idealistic
Distrust Authority          Team Players
Julia Roberts               Sarah Michelle Gellar
Tom Cruise                  Ashton Kutcher
Gap                         Abercrombie & Fitch
The Simpsons                South Park
Talk Shows                  Reality TV
Madonna                     Avril Lavigne

?28% percent of ?Generation X? adults aged 25-34 hold college degrees.
Among ?Millennial? high school graduates aged 18-24, 46% are
enrolled in college. If the majority of them go on to receive degrees,
the 18-24 percentage of college graduates will likely surpass that of
the older demographic groups.?

?The high cost of housing, coupled with the increase in the average
age of first marriages, has prompted an increasing number of young
adults to live with their parents for a longer period of time.
Overall, a higher percentage of men 18-34 than women 18-34 live with
their parents. Up to age 24, 57% of men live with their parent(s).?

?The age of first marriage has been increasing over the past few
decades. Latest estimates place the median age for first marriages at
25.1 years for women and 26.8 years for men.?

?In light of the climbing median age for first marriages, it should
come as no surprise that many young adults are still single.  There is
a dramatic difference in marital status between the younger
?Millennials,? and those in the older ?Generation X? portion.
Among all adults 18-34, 57% have never been married. However, among
those 18- 24, this percentage jumps to 84%. Conversely, only 37% of
those 25-34 have not yet been married.?

Source: Mediamark Research Inc. Fall 2002, Adults 18-34


USA TODAY article 
?Where will teen tastes land next??
By Edna Gundersen 
(6 pages)

?Generation Y, that rising tide of moneyed minors poised to wrest pop
culture from baby boomers, is in the throes of puppy love. Since the
rise of the Spice Girls in 1997, kids have cast their adoring ears and
ample allowances toward the bouncy sounds of 'N Sync, Britney Spears,
Christina Aguilera and the Backstreet Boys.?

You can read the full text of this article at this direct link:


?The biggest difference between Gen-X and Gen-Y seems to be that most
of Gen-Y actually thinks being clean and looking clean is a good

?Another compelling feature of Gen-Y is their early penchant for
squeaky-clean pop stars and syrupy music. They seem to favor
count-the-steps aerobics-style dance-numbers by such acts as Britney
Spears, N'Sync, etc... After the dirt and filth and degredation of
Gen-X, despite its seeming vacuousness, Gen-Y's tastes seemed
downright refreshing thus far - if somewhat lacking in substance.?


?Teen smoking down 30% from Gen-X levels, but ecstasy use up
dramatically ... teen pregnancy rates down dramatically for Gen-Y,
lowest since records kept.?

?Gen-Y has gone whole-hog for SUVs, not exhibiting any enlightenment
on the issue of driving such atmosphere-destroying, resource
overconsuming idiot tranport boxes. Gen-Y is caught up in looking
cool, and an early indication of their political ignorance and
indifference is their failure to break with Gen-X and forge an
opposite opinion about these symbols of the Ugly American.?


Generation X, born between 1961 and 1980

?You are a skeptical, edgy group, and you?re tired of being
characterized that way.  Mom wasn?t there for you after school, so you
became resourceful and independent ...and you hate having anyone
watching over your shoulder.  You?re good at change and comfortable
with it, having changed cities, homes, and parents all of your lives.?

?Your heroes last only a few minutes in the spotlight before being
exposed as all-too-human. You work to live, not live to work -- that
is, you seek balance in your life because you?ve seen too many burn
out too soon.  You grew up knowing that church, government, and
marriage are hypocritical or at least impermanent institutions.  The
U.S. divorce rate tripled during your birth years. You are a deeply
divided group, from hyper-traditionalists to punks.?


Millenials, or generation Y born in the 1980s & 90s.
?You are an echo to the baby boom, sometimes known as the internet
generation.  Among your group will be the largest teen generation
ever. And the marketers know it.  You are perhaps the most diverse
group to emerge in U.S. history; many of you are from biracial and
multicultural families, and you have little patience for sexism,
homophobia, and racism.  One in three of you are not caucasian, and 9
of 10 of those under 12 have friends of an ethnicity other than your


?Your world is filled with readily available illegal drugs, school
shootings, and 9-11.  On the other hand, you are perhaps the most
wanted children to ever have walked the face of the earth.  Your
parents are involved in your non-stop activities, let you have a vote
in family decision-making, stay with you even when you go off to
college. They may even be your friends.?

Generations ? Working Together


Automakers push image for Generation-Y customers. 
Automotive Industries, Dec, 2001, by Gerry Kobe
(2 pages)

?The 2003 Matrix, a street performance utility vehicle sharing the
Corolla platform, suspension and drive train. It will sell at a price
premium to Corolla, but it targets the heart of the elusive 20- to
3a-year old Gen-Y market.?


A Blank Slate
Marketing to Generation Y
(Brief Article)
Automotive Industries, August, 2002, by Maryann Keller


Nation's Restaurant News, April 23, 2001

?Brands make the difference in beverages. Almost eight in 10 -- or 78
percent -- seek out branded beverages to quench a thirst craving.
Teens, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers do that most often, and Golden Agers
the least.?

?The opportunity to upsell always is present with brands in the house.
More than 40 percent of consumers overall are willing to pay more for
menu items prepared with familiar brands or ingredients. The six
generations express that sentiment about equally, ranging from 37
percent of Gen Xers to 48 percent of Gen Yers.?


Percentage of all respondents

Offers better quality food   42%
(Leading group: Gen X--46%)
Can charge more for these items  26%
 (Leading group: Gen X--28%)

Cares about its Customers    46%
 (Leading group: Teens--53%)

Source: Nation's Restaurant
News/Retail Intelligence Group



YES 43%
(Leading group: Gen Y - 48%)

NO 52%
(Leading group: Gen X - 58%)

Source: Nation's Restaurant News/Retail Intelligence Group


Here Come the MILLENNIALS!
(Generation Y consumers)(Statistical Data Included)
Prepared Foods, May, 2001, by Leslie Skarra, Carol Cronk, Audrey Nelson
(6 pages)

?Today's generation of youth embraces flexible eating, exotic ethnic
cuisine and personal choice at dinnertime.?

?About 36% of Millennials (also known as Generation Y) are members of
a minority group.?


?Generation Y has a great deal of dollar influence and direct spending
power. Although teens spend about $13-27 billion annually, only 10+%
of these dollars are directed toward food, mostly soft drinks, snacks,
cookies, confections and fast food. However, kids exert significant
influence on spending across virtually all food categories, especially
cereals, main meal items and snacks.?


Marketing strategy for young adults age 21 to 25)
(Brief Article)
Brandweek, May 21, 2001, by Caroline Gibbons Barry


After X Comes Y
HR Magazine , April, 2001, by Julie Wallace

Generation Y is also sometimes referred to as the Millennials or the Echo Boomers.

?Recruiters also are finding that Generation Yers often begin their
careers with different expectations than workers from previous
generations. Patty Nelson, director of staffing at Tektronix, a
Beaverton, Ore.-based technology company, notes that the most recent
batch of college students seems to be remarkably confident. They have
watched college graduates in recent years receive multiple job offers,
eye-popping starting salaries and even stock options. As a result,
Generation Y feels perfectly comfortable negotiating higher salaries,
often leveraging multiple job offers to command extra perks such as
signing bonuses.?


?Generation Xers lived through the loss of life time employment within
a corporation, Generation Yers begin their careers with the assumption
that they will be changing jobs frequently. As a result, Nelson has
observed that new college recruits frequently enter the workplace with
a short term career outlook, without any goals of developing within
their job or even within their first company.?


Gen Y and the Future of Mall Retailing
Jones Lang LaSalle
(12 pages)

------------                       ------------
Generation X                       Generation Y
------------                       ------------
Born 1965?1976                     Born 1977?1994
Ages 26?35                         Ages 8?25
43 million                         73 million
Accept diversity                   Celebrate diversity
Pragmatic/cynical                  Optimistic/realistic
Self-reliant/individualistic       Self-inventive/individualistic
Reject rules                       Rewrite the rules
Killer life                        Killer lifestyle
Mistrust institutions              Irrelevance of institutions
PC                                 Internet
Use technology                     Assume tech
Multitask                          Multitask fast
Latch-key kids                     Nurtured 
Friend?not family                  Friends = family

Jones Lang LaSalle


Gen-X Meets Gen-Y
Youth Perceptions and Concerns about the Future
(22 pages)


The business cycle gives rise to generations of haves and have-nots:
How do "Jealous" Gen Xers manage "arrogant" Yers?
Entrepreneur, April, 2001, by Chris Penttila


?A CNN/USATODAY/ Gallup poll taken in February challenges this,
finding only a negligible difference in attitude between respondents
18 to 29 years old, and those several decades above them.?

?College students and 20 somethings favored an invasion to remove
Saddam Hussein by 59 percent; those in their 30s and 40s, most of whom
would remember Vietnam, supported an attack by 5 points more, or 64


To Be About To Be
By Michael J. Weiss
American Demographics, September 2003

?A chart in the September 20003 American Demographics article To Be
About To Be on page 31 shows web activity for all age groups, from
making online purchases to forwarding e-mails to friends. And while
the statistics are high for the Gen Y crowd, they're also pretty
impressive for those over age 45. To Be About To Be by Michael J.
Weiss is an in depth article about today's crop pf 21-year-olds known
as Gen. Y or the Echo Boomers, and how their consumer traits will
evolve as they cross into adulthood.?

The full text of this article is available for subscribers only to
American Demographics.

Subscribe here

Other articles from American Demographics that might be of your interest


Boomers, Gen Xers and Millenials
Understanding the New Student
(8 pages)
July/August 2003


 ?Television hasn?t had a new idea in eons. Teen dramas like ?The
O.C.? are just updates of ?Beverly Hills, 90210,? and the undying
reality show trend continues to loop itself.?


Generation Yers:

?Self-confident and optimistic. Independent and goal-oriented. Masters
of the Internet and PC. Young adults who believe education is cool,
integrity is admirable, and parents are role models.?


Following the fiercely independent Gen Xers, Gen Y has emerged as the
"self-esteem generation."

Business Week

?Gen Yers are much like their Gen X siblings -- independent,
techno-savvy, entrepreneurial, hard workers who thrive on flexibility
--- only much, much more. In place of Gen Xers' fierce independence,
you will find Gen Yers to be more comfortable in their self-reliance.
Whereas Gen Xers grew up witnessing Moore's Law (in the Information
Age, technology doubles in performance every two years) in action and
the transition from calculators to personal computers, by the time Gen
Y was entering its teenage years, Moore's Law was being challenged as
too slow. Most Gen Yers have been using computers since preschool and
can dazzle the greatest techies of Gen X.?


?Gen X was touted as the most entrepreneurial generation in American
history -- that is, until Gen Y. Today, it is not twentysomething
business leaders capturing headlines, but teenagers. Encouraged by
their Gen X predecessors, and often financed by their Baby Boomer
parents, Gen Yers are starting their own businesses in their teenage
years in record numbers-from employment services to Web shows for
teens to incredibly successful dot coms -- often while they're still
in high school.?

Business Week



?Xers are very likely to question and challenge authority and withhold
their respect.?

?A lax work ethic and no company loyalty are common perceptions of Gen
Xers. However, Xers' hesitation to sacrifice their personal time for
work comes from seeing their Baby Boomer parents lose their jobs after
years of loyalty and devotion to work.?

?In their young careers, most Xers have already experienced at least
one layoff. For Xers, job security is so unlikely, it's a goal hardly
worth striving for.?

Gen Y

?Gen Y have always been connected via cell phones, pagers and the
Internet. Gen Yers have little tolerance for outdated systems and
technophobes who refuse to use technology to its fullest.?

?Gen Yers lived very structured lives, shuffled from one activity to
the next with little unsupervised free time. Thus, in the workplace
Gen Yers are less independent and seek more direction and acceptance
from their supervisors.?

?Gen Y embraces diversity to the point that it's almost a non-issue
among teens today.?

Biz Life


For Gen X, It's Paradise Lost

?Gen Xers now make up the biggest group of coupon clippers, for
example, and the bulk of those making partial payments on credit
cards, according to Vertis Inc.?

Business Week


Here is some information about the buying habits of Gen Xers.


Generation Y 
Music And Trends 
By Wendy Wyman

Search criteria:
?Gen X? ?Gen Y?
?Generation X?  ?Generation Y?
Generation Y trends
Generation Y trends
Millennials trends
"Gen Xers" "Gen Yers"
Changes in Gen Yers Gen Xers +habits

I hope you find this information useful!

Best regards,

Clarification of Answer by bobbie7-ga on 04 Apr 2004 21:46 PDT
Additional information that may interest you:

Clothing Brands

Gen X
?Gen X, the 25-34 year old, is starting and growing a career and a
household. Not yet in the position to have ?made it,? the feeling is
that wardrobe ? and the resulting image it projects ? is important.
With retailers and brands such as Ann Taylor, The Men?s Wearhouse,
Jones NY, Gap and Liz Claiborne intensifying marketing efforts aimed
at this group, it is clear that Gen X will be in the cross hairs of
apparel industry gurus for the foreseeable future. The group buys 14%
of all apparel and that share is growing. Research has found that this
group tends to be brand conscious, cynical, independent and realistic?

Gen Y 
?The steepest sales growth belongs to Gen Y , the 15-24 year olds
aficionados of Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, Hot Topic and Ecko
Unlimited. Gen Y now buys about 14% of all apparel sold in the US, and
that share is increasing. Empowered, optimistic and trusting, they
make 2.5 trips to the mall per month, according to a recent study, and
have more money to spend than previous generations.?


Ethnic diversity & food tastes

?Among older Americans, Italian, Chinese and Mexican cuisine
represented their forays into ethnic foods, whereas Gen Yers consider
these foods mainstream and largely reserve the ethnic label for
Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai, Ethiopian, Turkish, and many other types
of food. Moreover, their expectations in terms of authenticity,
variety and purchasing availability of ethnic foods are far higher
than for previous generations.?

?As indicated by a recent survey, sports drinks, breakfast
bars and salty snacks are items over which Gen Yers hold the most sway
when it comes to home grocery shopping.?


Gen X vs Gen Y (Presentation)
What makes them tick


Managing the Millennials
Steven Shepard
Shepard Communications Group, LLC

Generation X
? Reagan/Clinton
? End of the Cold War
? Gulf War
? High Tech Boom
? Rap
? Disco
? PCs

? Princess Di
? Power Rangers
? Columbine
? 9/11
? High Tech Bust
? Tweeny Pop
? Internet/Web


?Gen Xers use the remote control due to laziness - for Gen Y the
remote is anything but a tool for passivity. In fact, the remote
control allows for interactivity with the television. Most young
people today can "multi- task", and watch more than one channel at a
time. Using the remote control, they flip between 5 or 6 channels, not
searching for a show to watch ("choose a channel and watch it", the
parents scream), but rather actually watching all 6 programs.?


Millennials, Nexters and Other Strangers
Robert W. Wendover

Gen Y: A tough crowd to sell
By Bruce Horovitz, USA TODAY

What is Gen X looking for in a home?

Request for Answer Clarification by mikeginnyc-ga on 05 Apr 2004 01:23 PDT
please note: if this question requires add'l $$, please just tell me
and i'll authorize it.  but (it's 4:00 a.m., and i'm still listening
to the input tape of my client) my client was trying to show how
marketers are creating products for 21-29 year olds, OR, as relevant
if not more so, 21-24 year olds.  he made up an example, "there are
now 8 or whatever products for tooth-whitening to brighten the smiles
of 21-year olds."   i have NOT had time to read all of what you sent
me yet ... i'm struggling to transcribe all my client's input as fast
as i can, and THEN i have to write the speech!  so my question is, do
you happen to have found examples i could use for illustration (like
his illustration above) about how marketers are TARGETING these young
consumers in special ways?   if yes, great.  if not, please just let
me know. either way, again, thanks for the fast, splendid work you've
already done.  mike

Request for Answer Clarification by mikeginnyc-ga on 05 Apr 2004 01:25 PDT
p.s. -- bobbie7 -- you've answered something for me in the past, and i
remember being equally delighted. is it not possible in this system to
REQUEST an answer from bobbie7?  (still figuring out how this can
work.) thx!  mike

Clarification of Answer by bobbie7-ga on 05 Apr 2004 08:55 PDT
Hi Mike!

I'm glad that you wre pleased with my research.

Are you looking for something like this?

"Hansen Natural Corporation (Nasdaq:HANS) today announced that its
wholly owned subsidiary, Hansen Beverage Company, long known for its
high-quality, all-natural beverages, has formed a potent partnership
with surf industry icon Lost International, Inc. ( Hansen inked a deal to license the rights to
develop, produce and distribute Lost(R) Energy(TM) -- a new energy
drink that has created a huge buzz with the hip, 15-25-year-old


"Hansen's alliance with Lost was a strategic move that instantly put
us on the radar of the skeptical, hard-to-reach, Gen-X beverage
consumer," Rodney C. Sacks, Hansen's chairman and chief executive
officer, said."

Bevnet: March23,3004

Clarification of Answer by bobbie7-ga on 05 Apr 2004 08:58 PDT
"p.s. -- bobbie7 -- you've answered something for me in the past, and i
remember being equally delighted. is it not possible in this system to
REQUEST an answer from bobbie7?  (still figuring out how this can
work.) thx!  mike"

Dear Mike,

To request a specific ressearcher, all you have to do is write the
researchers name in the subject line of the question.

Here is an example:

Thank you for your kind words and tip!


Clarification of Answer by bobbie7-ga on 05 Apr 2004 11:14 PDT
Here is some more information.

An article about how wireless carriers market to the Gen Yers.

From the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies
This presentation talks about the buying habits of the young Hispanic market.

Toyota launches Scion division to strike Gen Y target 

?Toyota is taking a particularly innovative route to market to these
consumers. Its approach involves creating a special division, called
Scion, which offers subcompact cars specially built to mesh with Gen Y
lifestyles. Toyota estimates that about half of this market are
licensed drivers and about 400,000 are getting their licenses each

?Scion is created with a philosophy similar to the one Toyota used in
establishing its Lexus division more than a decade ago.?

?Chrysler, for example, pins its youth movement on the Dodge Neon
SRT-4, a souped-up subcompact with a reported top speed of 150 mph.
Chrysler is also planning to expand the venerable Jeep lineup to
include models more suited for urban settings than rugged mountain

Ford relies on its perennial youth icon, the Mustang, and a zippy
version of its core small-car, the Focus. Last year, GM bolstered its
most-youthful brands with the addition of the Pontiac Vibe and the
Saturn Ion.?


?The differing Gen Y strategies reflect a broader trend in the U.S.
marketplace. Asian and European manufacturers are churning out all-new
products at a faster pace than the Big Three. New cars such as the
Nissan 350Z, BMW's Mini Cooper and the Mazda6 generate incremental
sales in segments where the Big Three are already losing market


?The Toyota Matrix and Pontiac Vibe, target young, entry-level
consumers.? (..) The emerging market of Gen Y consumers is a jigsaw
puzzle of mini-segments: young males hooked on extreme sports, women
pursuing careers before marriage, gay and lesbian couples setting up
households, immigrants forging new lives in the United States.?

?A disproportionate share of Gen Y buyers prefer brands such as
Volkswagen, Honda and Kia compared with heavyweight domestic brands
such as Ford and Chevrolet. According to J.D. Power, Asian and
Hispanic immigrants are more likely to buy a Japanese or Korean car
than a competing model from an American or European automaker.?

Detroit News: January 2003

Request for Answer Clarification by mikeginnyc-ga on 05 Apr 2004 13:51 PDT
just to say THANK YOU bobbie7 ...for going the extra mile!!  
best, mike in nyc

Clarification of Answer by bobbie7-ga on 05 Apr 2004 13:52 PDT
You are very welcome Mike!
mikeginnyc-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $10.00
wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   T H I S is the reason i love this service so
much!  What a stupendous thing to be able to get such a great answer
... AND so quickly.  (It's been a while since I needed the service,and
i got scared when I didn't find it on the front page ... afraid it had
been cancelled.)  Forgive me for not leaving more of a tip, but i was
really pushing myself to offer $100 reward in the first place.  but
really ... i'm grateful for a SENSATIONAL response.  thank you! 

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