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Q: Vampire Movies ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   2 Comments )
Subject: Vampire Movies
Category: Arts and Entertainment > Movies and Film
Asked by: glennjers-ga
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Posted: 29 Apr 2004 06:45 PDT
Expires: 29 May 2004 06:45 PDT
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I need a list of the 100 greatest vampire movies ever made,
preferrably documented with the source of the ratings.  It's for
inclusion in an upcoming e-book on vampires, so I need to be able to
publish it without violating copyright restrictions.

Request for Question Clarification by willie-ga on 29 Apr 2004 07:09 PDT
I can't think of anywhere that would be appropriate that is copyright
free. I could however, as a long time vampire movie buff, provide you
with my own subjective list if that would help?


Clarification of Question by glennjers-ga on 29 Apr 2004 08:53 PDT
That would be perfect, as long as you would grant me permission to use
it.  (Anything you might like to say about these movies is also

When you're done, I'll send you a complimentary copy of the book - you
may be fascinated by it :-)  (see
Subject: Re: Vampire Movies
Answered By: willie-ga on 30 Apr 2004 06:15 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hi glennjenners-ga

Here is my, purely subjective, list as requested. I've done it in
chronological order.

1. Les Vampires (1915) 
Irma Vep stalks Paris in a seven hour epic that scores high on style and set 
the look for vampire femme-fetales to come

2. Drakula (1921) 
Rumoured to be brilliant, but sadly no copies remain in existence

3. Nosferatu (1922) 
A little known German actor Max Schreck as Count Orlock...a thinkly veiled 
Dracula movie, and still one of the scariest yet. 

4. London After Midnight (1927) 
Lon Chaney is a vampire in human disguise. The first full-length vampire 
feature movie, it is based on a short story. "The Hypnotist" by director Tod 

5. Dracula (1931) 
Bela Lugosi defines Dracula for decades to come. The accent, and his balletic 
style of movement bring real power and menace. 

6. Vampyr (1932) 
A loose adaptation of Sheridan Le Fanu's classic story Carmilla, a young man, 
David Gray comes up against Margueritte Chopin, an elderly female vampire

7. The Vampire Bat (1933)
Lionel Atwill plays a mad scientist Dr. Otto Nieman who fakes several 
vampirelike deaths to obtain blood to feed the creature he has created.

8 Mark of the Vampire (1935)
Tod Browning's sound remake of his original London After Midnight. It was also 
released as Werewolf of Paris and The Vampire of Prague. Bela Lugosi once more 
as the vampire

9 Condemned to Live (1935)
Prof. Paul Kristan is "condemned to live" after being turned into a vampire by 
the full moon. He then unwillingly begins attacking the residents of a small 
European village.

10. Dracula's Daughter (1936)
A sequel to Dracula, based on Bram Stoker's short story "Dracula's Guest" and 
the first feature film centered on a female vampire 

11. The Return of Dr. X  (1939)
Humphrey Bogart is turned into a vampire by blood transfusions.

12. The Devil Bat (1940)
A mad scientist (Bela Lugosi again) creates giant vampire bats,  to set on his 
perceived enemies. Also released as: Killer Bats and as Devil Bats.

13. Spooks Run Wild (1941)
Lugosi again, playing a stage magician who is suspected of being a vampire. 

14. Son of Dracula (1943)
Lon Chaney, Jr. , as Count Alucard, emigrates to the States in search of a 

15. Dead Men Walk (1943). 
George Zucco portrays a vampire with a human twin brother. (Also released as: 
Creatures of the Devil.)

16. The Return of the Vampire (1944). 
Lugosi plays a vampire reanimated when his stake is removed in England during 
World War II.  

17. House of Frankenstein (1944)
A monster fest, with  Dracula, Frankenstein's monster, and the Wolfman, and 
Boris Karloff as a mad scientist. . (A short version was released as Doom of 

18. House of Dracula (1945)
John Carradine reprises his role as Dracula in a sequel to House of 

19 Crime Doctor's Courage (1945)
Dr. Ordway, criminal psychologist, investigates a dance team that is suspected 
of being vampires.

20. Isle of the Dead (1945)
Boris Karloff as a military officer in a rural Eastern European village who 
believes that a vampire is on the loose.

21. Valley of the Zombies (1945)
A diver returns from the dead but needs fresh blood to stay alive.

22. Face of Marble (1946)
John Carradine as a mad professor revives a dead dog which attacks people and 
drinks their blood.

23. The Vampire's Ghost (1946)
A vampire causes panic in a small African village

24. The Devil Bat's Daughter (1946)
Sequel to "The Devil Bat". The daughter gets visited in her sleep.

25. Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948)
Lugosi as Dracula attempts to steal Lou Costello's brain and place it in 
Frankenstein's monster

26. Old Mother Riley Meets the Vampire (1948)
Lugosi crosses the Atlantic and does his Dracula stuff in a British comedy.

27. I, Vampiri (1957)
The French police discover the blood-drained bodies of young women floating in 
the river Seine.

28. El Vampiro (1957)
An ancient vampire comes to Mexico to revive the body of his dead brother. 
(Christopher Lee has said that Count Lavud, the vampire in this firm, inspired 
his protrayal of Hammer's Count Dracula)

29. El Ataud Del Vampiro (1957)
A sequel to El Vampiro. A vampire stalks the corridors of a hospital 

30. The Vampire (1957)
A different take on the legend, the vampire is a shambling figure who can walk 
in the sun, more like a drug addict, but addicted to blood.

31. Blood of Dracula(1957)
A school teachers experiment turns young, beautiful girls into vampires at a 
residential school.

32. Dracula (1958)
Christopher Lee's first outing as the Count for Hammer Films, and an 
unforgetable ending in the dining hall of the chateau with Peter Cushing 
swinging on the curtains. (Also known as Horror of Dracula.)

33. Blood of the Vampire (1958)
Sir Donald Wolfit plays a vampiric doctor brought back to life and seeking a 
cure for his condition.

34. The Return of Dracula (1958)
Dracula, played by Francis Lederer, arrives in the USA and causes mayhem in a 
quiet township

35. Curse of the Undead (1959)
Dracula goes West and terrorizes a small Western town in the first vampire 

36. Brides of Dracula (1960)
Hammer's second vampire movie. Cushing;s Van Helsing tracks a vampire in a 
girls' boarding school. 

37. Blood and Roses (1961)
Roger Vadim's lesbian adaptation of Le Fanu's Carmilla (Also known as "Et 
Mourir De Plaiser")

38. El Mundo de Los Vampiros (1961)
A vampire keeps a horde of sub-human vampires in a subterranean vault

39. Black Sunday (1961)
Barbara Steele is a vampire/witch in Mario Bava's masterpiece

40. La Invasion de Los Vampiros (1961)
Mysterious deaths occur on the night of the full moon near the Lagoon of Death 
in a small 16th century village.

41. Kiss of the Vampire (1962)
A young couple stumbles upon a mysterious family of vampires and their demonic 
leader. A non-Dracula Hammer movie.

42. The Wurdalak (1963)
Boris Karloff's only part as a vampire as a father who preys on his own family 
( Also known as "Black Sabbath")

43. The Last Man on Earth (1964)
Vincent Price is the last man alive in a planet of vampires after an atomic 
holocaust. (Based on Richard Matheson's classic novel "I am Legend")
44. Billy the Kid vs Dracula (1965)
A reformed Billy the Kid has to stop Count Dracula from stealing his girlfriend

45. Dracula, Prince of Darkness (1965)
A group of tourists are killed off one by one to provide the fuel to reanimate 
Christopher Lee as the Count in a Hammer film. 

46. Devils of Darkness (1965)
A satanic cult in a modern day French village protects an ancient leader of the 

47. Planet of the Vampires (1965)
Italian sci-fi where the crew turn into space vampires. (Also known as Terrore 
Nello Spazio)

48. Blood Bath (1966)
An artist believes that he is the reincarnation of a vampire, paints beautiful 
girls and then kills them by dipping their bodies in vats of hot wax.

49. Theatre of Death (1966)
A Parisian theatre is the centre of a series of ghastly murders.

50. The Fearless Vampire Killers (1967)
A pair of incompetent vampire hunters travel through the Transylvanian winter 
in search of their prey. (Also known as "Dance of the Vampires")

51. A Taste of Blood (1967)
An American businessman drinks from a strange brandy bottle, and finds himself 
turning into his ancestor, Count Dracula ( Also known as "The Secret of Dr 

52. Dracula Has Risen From the Grave (1968)
Christopher Lee goes after a Monseignuer's daughter in his third outing as the 

53. Taste the Blood of Dracula (1969)
Christopher Lee as the Count gives some Victorian gentlemen more thrills than 
they bargained for.

54. Count Yorga, The Vampire (1970)
An East European count preys on the citizens of LA  

55. Lust For a Vampire (1970)
An English schoolteacher in Transylvaniafalls victim to a vampire beauty

56. House of Dark Shadows (1970)
Barnabas Collins finds the reincarnation of an ancient lost love and vows to 
make her his for eternity 

57. The Vampire Lovers (1970)
Hammer's "Carmilla" adaptation. Peter Cushing is a father losing his daughter 
to the attentions of a female vampire 

58. The Scars of Dracula (1970)
Two innocent victims discover the drained corpse of their friend in Dracula's 

59. Countess Dracula (1970) 
Ingrid Pitt plays Countess Dracula, a tyrant who kills for the blood to satisfy 
her craving to remain young and beautiful

60. The Night Stalker (1971) 
A reporter investigating a series of murders discovers the victims were all 
drained of blood and has to convince the authorities that a vampire is on the 

61. Dracula A.D. 1972 (1972)
Count Dracula (Christopher Lee) is reincarnated during a Black Mass, held by a 
group of young people in swinging London.

62. Crypt of the Living Dead (1972)
A 700 year old vampire is released to cause mayhem.

63. Dracula (1973)
Jack Palance as Dracula in a retelling of the original story

64 Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter (1973)
After several victims are robbed of youth an expert swordsman gives chase to 
the culprit.

65. Satanic Rites of Dracula (1973)
Christopher Lee as CEO of a multinational conglomerate germ warfare in a silly 
tale of germ warfare and world domination. 

66 Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires (1974)
Prof. Van Helsing (Peter Cushing) is up against seven rotting vampires clad in 
gold masks in a vampire and kung fu extravaganza

67. Andy Warhol's Dracula (1974)
Italian/French co-production with aging Dracula and a bevvy of virginal 
68. Leonor (1975)
Buenel's take on the vampire legend as a nobleman dabbles with dark forces and 
resurrects a vampire in place of his lost love

69. Dracula's Dog (1977)
Zoltan, Hound of Dracula heads for the USA in search of the count's last living 
descendant ( Also known as Zoltan, Hound of Dracula). 

70. Martin (1977)
A study of a blood drinking obsessive who may, or may not, be the real thing.

71. Dracula (1979)
A fine cast , including Frank Langella and Laurence Olivier, ham it up in a 
faithful retelling of the original story.
72. Nosferatu-The Vampire (1979)
Klaus Kinski makes a stunning Nosferatu in a slow but stylish retelling of the 
1920's classic. 

73. Love at First Bite (1979)
George Hamilton as an urbane, witty count with all the best lines in a modern 

74. Salem's Lot: The Movie (1979)
Originally a 4-hour tv movie, this is a cut down version, but still packs a 
punch, especially when the vampirised kid raps on the window outside.

75. The Hunger (1983)
Stylish vampires-as-yuppies flick with a stunning pair of vamps in Catherine 
Deneuve and David Bowie. 

76. Fright Night (1985)
A "My neighbour is a vampire" flick. Lots of fun, and plenty of homages to old 
movies of the past.

77. Lifeforce (1985)
A space expedition brings back a naked female space vampire to demolish London. 
Hokum played straight by a fine cast of British character actors.

78 Once Bitten (1985)
An ancient countess needs the blood of young male virgins to keep her alive.

79. Vamp (1986)
Grace Jones as a stunning vampiress chases three college students through a 
nightmare world around the "After Dark" club. 

80. The Lost Boys (1987)
MTV generation vamps terrorise a sea-side town armed with perfect teeth and a 
nice line in one-liners.
81. The Monster Squad (1987)
A team of vampire hunters try to stop Dracula taking over a small American town
82. Near Dark (1987) 
A modern day cowboy is taken by a pack of roaming vamps in a stylish modern 

83. Vampire's Kiss (1989)
Nicholas Cage's girlfriend gives him reason to be paranoid when she leaves her 
mark on his neck.

84 I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle  (1990)
Comic British blokes find their motorbike runs on blood, not petrol.

85. Bram Stroker's Dracula (1992)
High gloss, high budget romanticised version of the original story.

86. Innocent Blood (1992) 
John Landis turns to vampires, and the sexiest vamp ever has a brush
with the Mafia.

87. Buffy, the Vampire Slayer (1992) 
Teenage angst and high kicking high school stunts that started a phenomenon

88. Interview With the Vampire (1994) 
Sumptuous look at Anne Rice's classic, as Brad Pitt tells his two
hundred year history.

89. Vampire in Brooklyn (1995) 
Wes Craven directs Eddie Murphy in a great mix of horror and comedy

90. Dracula: Dead and Loving It (1995) 
Mel Brooks turns his attention to Dracula with all the subtelty you would expect.

91. Addicted to Murder (1995)
Serial killer and vampire form an unholy pact.
92. From Dusk'Til Dawn (1996)
Tarantino and Clooney think they've escaped the law, but they choose
the wrong bar in which to wind down. And the stunning table dancer is
more than she seems.
93. The Night Flyer (1997)
Stephen Kings tale of a vampire who takes advantage of technology and
stalks small airports from the sky.

94. Blade (1998) 
Wesley Snipes is mean moody and magnificent in the comic book here
brought to life story of the vengeful vamp who can walk in the day.

95. John Carpenter's Vampires (1998) 
The Vatican's vampire hit squad meets an ancient foe who is stronger
than any they have ever encountered.

96. Shadow of the Vampire (2000)
In a telling of the story of the making of the film, the actor who
played the 1922 Nosferatu, Max Schreck, is a real vampire.

97 Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter (2001)
After the second coming, JC has to cope with an infestation of vamps
in a gloriously daft mixture of prophecy, kung fu and horror.

98. Blade II (2002) 
Wesley Snipes reprises his role, with more swordplay, high kicking and derring do

99. Qian Ji Bian (2003)
Honk Kong high kicks and vampire hunting thrills in a slam bang action movie.

100 Underworld (2003)
Vampires versus werewolves in gothic high tech fantasy that's both stylish and fun

Hope that meets your needs

glennjers-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
Just what I was asking for - thanks!  (If the researcher would like a
copy of the e-book, he only needs to ask)

Subject: Re: Vampire Movies
From: corwin02-ga on 29 Apr 2004 13:50 PDT
it maybe a little work but search for keyword vampire and
you get a listing of about 400 vampire movies including a rating
Subject: Re: Vampire Movies
From: hlabadie-ga on 02 May 2004 21:22 PDT
Dracula, 1977, starring Louis Jourdan as Dracula and Frank Finlay as Van Helsing.


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