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Q: geology ( Answered 4 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: geology
Category: Science > Social Sciences
Asked by: maxi_prince-ga
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Posted: 07 May 2004 13:57 PDT
Expires: 06 Jun 2004 13:57 PDT
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I need the difference between compare & contrast in geology.

Request for Question Clarification by kriswrite-ga on 07 May 2004 14:06 PDT
Hello maxi_prince,

Your question is unclear. Could you restate it?

Subject: Re: geology
Answered By: feilong-ga on 07 May 2004 15:17 PDT
Rated:4 out of 5 stars
Hi Maxi_prince,

I believe the definitions below clearly defines the difference:

Compare --To compare is to give both points that are similar and
points that are different. Generally you will emphasize the things
that are similar.

Contrast--To contrast is to particularly stress differences. It is
like compare, but with more emphasis on what is different.

(Source: Lexington High School - Library Research and Writing Guide,

Let's take a quick example to illustrate this. Here's a part of a
collection of questions I found on the Internet:

"Compare and contrast continental drift and plate tectonics. Include
the lines of evidence in support of each."
(Taken from "Some Study Questions for Quiz #1", University of
Washington in Seattle, Copyright 2001)

Now, in order to do this, you need to know what continental drift and
plate tectonics are:

Continental Drift
"A theory put forward in early this century by Alfred Wegener based on
ideas of continental movement that had been around for many years, but
with much added evidence in the form of the distribution of old
climatic zones and of fossils. Continental Drift envisaged the
continents moving, but unlike plate tectonics it offered no mechanism
for this movement and presumed that continental crust moves over,
rather than is carried by, oceanic crust. Plate Tectonics was very
much built upon the evidence of Continental Drift but includes
mechanisms of movement and explains earthquake and volcanic
distribution which Continental Drift could not."
(Source: Glossary of Terms -, Geology: An
Introduction by Dr Bob Toynton, Copyright 2004)

Plate Tectonics
"A theory supported by a wide range of evidence that considers the
earth's crust and upper mantle to be composed of several large, thin,
relatively rigid plates that move relative to one another. Slip on
faults that define the plate boundaries commonly results in
earthquakes. Several styles of faults bound the plates, including
thrust faults along which plate material is subducted or consumed in
the mantle, oceanic spreading ridges along which new crustal material
is produced, and transform faults that accommodate horizontal slip
(strike slip) between adjoining plates. (See also "This Dynamic Earth:
The Story of Plate Tectonics".)"
(Source: Earthquake Glossary -, U.S. Geological Survey,
Copyright 2002)

From these info, you can quickly compare and contrast the two:

- Both theories state that land masses move
- Both theories show that the surface of the Earth is active 
- Both theories show that there are changes that happen on the Earth's crust.

- Although both theories state that land masses move, there is no
clear explanation of the mechanism that causes the movement in
continental drift theory as compared with plate tectonics theory.
- Plate tectonics explain the causes of earthquake and volcanic
distribution while continental drift does not.

Please remember that I'm just giving a brief example. The actual
answer to the quiz item is longer than what we have here. I hope that
the explanations and examples above answered your question.

Search strategy:

"to compare is" geology

"what is" "Compare and contrast" geology

define: continental drift

define: plate tectonics

I hope this helps you. If you have a question, please feel free to
post your clarification before rating this and I'll attend to you as
soon as possible. Thanks for asking.

Best regards,

Request for Answer Clarification by maxi_prince-ga on 08 May 2004 01:09 PDT
PLS SIR, I'm so sorry for not adding this quiestion, pls dont be
offended, (Diastem, Hiatus, Bedding plane, Unconformitips)with five
difference b/w compare & contrast.
  Thank you sir, For ur efforth, I really appreciate it sir.

Clarification of Answer by feilong-ga on 12 May 2004 08:51 PDT
I'm glad the answer worked for you. Thanks for the nice rating and tip.
maxi_prince-ga rated this answer:4 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $10.00
Great, I like that.

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