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Q: Photo image: warm, sunny landscape ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   4 Comments )
Subject: Photo image: warm, sunny landscape
Category: Arts and Entertainment > Visual Arts
Asked by: apteryx-ga
List Price: $2.32
Posted: 09 May 2004 10:40 PDT
Expires: 08 Jun 2004 10:40 PDT
Question ID: 343573
I'm looking for a nice warm, sunny photograph that I can use
occasionally as a desktop image.  I've done a lot of browsing in
G****e images but am not having much luck finding what I want.

Here are my criteria:

1. Photograph, not painting.
2. Temperate zone, not tropical or desert.
3. Landscape preferred.
4. Plenty of green.  (Hard to have a temperate landscape without it.)
5. Some flowers okay, but not overwhelming.  (And sorry, friends, but
I don't prefer pink.)
6. A building or man-made construction or two okay as long as they are
beautiful:  e.g., a temple, a medieval bridge, a castle.  However,
structures should not dominate the scene.
7.  Water ok, but too much makes it a cool scene.  I am looking for warm.
8.  No words visible in or on the picture (no signs, no title or
copyright notice, etc.).
9. Large enough to fill or nearly fill screen with good, clear resolution.
10. Most important:  overall effect is warm, golden, sunny, warm,
yellow, orange, warm, bright, warm.  Not hot (red) but warm.
11. Downloadable.

This is for my own personal use and enjoyment.  I am a great respecter
of copyrights and have no plan to violate any.  I have various other
seasonal, thermal, and mood images in my desktop collection, but
nothing that just makes you feel warm to look at it.  (My "cool" ones
are great!  I use those on hot days.)

A successful answer will include links to one or more pictures that
meet my criteria.  Rate offered is for one.  Bonus points for each
such link beyond the first, to a maximum of ten.  Second bonus if I
pick one for my desktop.

Thank you,

Formal garden, such as Japanese garden, ok but not preferred.
Subject: Re: Photo image: warm, sunny landscape
Answered By: eiffel-ga on 09 May 2004 14:08 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hi apteryx,

Many of the images found by a Google Images search will be unsuitable
(or unavailable) for use as a desktop image, even if they meet your
other criteria.

Instead, I have searched the stock.xchng repository:

"stock.xchng: the leading free stock photo site"

At this site you can browse 79,000 photos, mostly high resolution and
of good quality, and virtually all available free for noncommercial
use (many are free for commercial use too). The photos are submitted
by photographers hoping to gain publicity for their work.

You can browse without registering, but you must register to download
the high-resolution versions. I've not received any spam or had any
other problems since registering six months ago.

I spent an enjoyable time browsing for images that match your criteria
- however, the ones I'm presenting here do not all match your
criteria. It's entirely up to you how many of them you count as

In any case, I expect you'll want to browse the stock.xchng site yourself.

I liked "Forest in Amsterdam" by Menno Hert, although there's a limit
to how warm Amsterdam can be made to look!

Another autumn scene is "Forest" by Uschi Hering. It's in Germany:

One that I find warming is "Colourful French scene" by Philip Jackson.
It's not a landscape, and it is in vertical format (although it's
large enough to be cropped):

Another vertical format photo that really heats me up (but again is
not a landscape) is "red street scene" in Paris by Philipp

Kyoto has never seemed warm to me, and you've discouraged Japanese
Garden photos, yet I'm keen to list these two "Autumn in Kyoto" photos
by Michelle Miralles because of the wonderful spots of bright color in

There is some small writing on the canoes in this shot, but the warm
colors may work well enough for you that this is acceptable. The shot
is "Quinta da Boa Vista 11" by Celso Pupo Rodrigues:

I'm playing fast and loose with your criteria here, but "FireAndAshes"
by Mark Harris warms me up:

Another photo that warms me just by looking at it is "Chillis" by Emma Payne

I guess I'd better finish up with one more that's actually a landscape
- "Rapeseed and Alone Tree" by Vullioud Pierre-André:

Search Strategy:

I searched by keyword at stock.xchng, including for:
"warm temperate"


Request for Answer Clarification by apteryx-ga on 09 May 2004 15:54 PDT
Thank you, eiffel, for taking my question and for your search efforts.

You've got a fine selection of beautiful photos here, no doubt about
that, and I admire them all.

For my specific purpose, though, I've got to give you half-and-half on
these.  The ones that are hot and red were explicitly excluded, and of
course by "plenty of green" I meant greenery and not just the color. 
I'll give points for the autumn landscapes even though autumnal scenes
(especially with mist rising) speak of chill, not warmth, because they
do have the specified hues and subject matter.

The only one that really fills the bill, in my estimation, is the last
one, which is full of the very color that I find not only most warming
but most cheering.  It's a little light on greenery, but the sweep of
color makes up for that.

So if you bow out now, I will be giving credit for five out of ten
because that's the number that come closest to fulfilling my terms,
even though only one of those looks warm to me. I don't expect you to
second-guess my taste, so I'm basing my valutation on criteria and not
on my personal like/don't-like.

However, I am not going to be able to use any of them.  I ought to
have mentioned and didn't (so this is my fault) that I am not willing
to sign up for anything, not even a free account, unless very strongly
motivated with regard to something I can't do any other way (such as
GA).  So I can't log in and hence can't download the images.  I'm
sorry that I didn't spell out what I mean by "downloadable," but
that's what I meant--that I can just acquire the picture without any
registration or login or any other hoops.  This is one reason why a
gallery such as G****e's images is ideal.

Now it's up to you:  you may take the fee plus $9.28 tip to which I've
agreed, and I'll close the question and open another one.  Or you can
take another shot at it if you wish, with this feedback as a guide.


Clarification of Answer by eiffel-ga on 10 May 2004 00:06 PDT
Hi apteryx,

I, too, am most reluctant to sign up for anything. You won't find me
browsing the New York Times online, for example. What I look at before
registering is how useful the site will be to me, and what the site's
motives are for needing me to register. For me, personally,
stock.xchng met both criteria.

But I respect your choice. You have kindly offered me two options, and
I'm choosing to "bow out". When searching from Google Images, it just
takes too long to investigate the ownership and permissions of each
photo. You will only need to do that once (for the image that you
choose), but a researcher must do it for every image that is presented
in the answer.

As you have not found an image that you will use amongst those that I
presented, please don't feel the need to pay the offered tip - the
original question price will be fine.


PS: The last photo (the one which came closest to your needs) was
found using the search term "crops".

Request for Answer Clarification by apteryx-ga on 15 May 2004 21:32 PDT
Thank you, eiffel, for letting me know your decision.  It is the case
that I won't be using any of these, but I do want to offer you
something extra anyway for your efforts and will when I rate the
answer.  I left the rate low because I expected to be tipping.

I am not quite sure I understand about investigating ownership and
copyrights, though.  Unless an image specifically claims copyright
protection, why would there be any problem with copying something down
for private personal use on my desktop?  I would not assume that
people post their photos in a place that's accessible to the whole
world in order to keep others from getting at them.  If I posted some
pretty pictures on a website and someone admired them enough to
download for their own enjoyment, I'd be flattered and delighted. 
What is the need for the checking that you think you would have to do?

If I were going to look for images often, I might be willing to sign
up with stock.xchng, but not for a rare or one-time thing.

Thanks all the same--

Clarification of Answer by eiffel-ga on 16 May 2004 04:27 PDT
Hi apteryx,

You asked: "Unless an image specifically claims copyright
protection, why would there be any problem with copying something down
for private personal use on my desktop?".

Indeed, it is extremely unlikely that any problem could arise from such use.

But in most countries, every image is automatically copyright, even if
the author doesn't "specifically claim copyright protection". And in
your question you stated that "I am a great respecter of copyrights
and have no plan to violate any". Technically, copying a copyright
image without permission is a copyright violation.

You have not stated which country you are in, but it is likely to be
the United States where there is a "Fair Use" defense against
copyright infringement. Various forms of "fair use" defense are
available in many other countries as well. But "fair use" is not a
RIGHT to use copyrighted images for private enjoyment - instead, it's
a defense against a claim for damages due to copyright infringement:

  "There are no clear-cut rules for deciding what's fair use
   and there are no "automatic" classes of fair uses. Fair use
   is decided by a judge, on a case by case basis, after balancing
   the four factors listed in section 107 of the Copyright statute.
   The factors to be considered include:

  "1. The purpose and character of the use, including whether
      such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit
      educational purposes -- Courts are more likely to find
      fair use where the use is for noncommercial purposes.

  "2. The nature of the copyrighted work -- A particular use
      is more likely to be fair where the copied work is factual
      rather than creative.

  "3. The amount and substantiality of the portion used in
      relation to the copyrighted work as a whole -- A court will
      balance this factor toward a finding of fair use where the
      amount taken is small or insignificant in proportion to the
      overall work.

  "4. The effect of the use upon the potential market for or value
      of the copyrighted work -- If the court finds the newly
      created work is not a substitute product for the copyrighted
      work, it will be more likely to weigh this factor in favor of
      fair use.

Fair Use Frequently Asked Questions

So, in order to present images that comply with your explicit request
to "not violate any" copyright, I was assuming that you would only be
interested in images for which the copyright owner had explicitly
given permission for copies to be made.


Request for Answer Clarification by apteryx-ga on 16 May 2004 13:25 PDT
Eiffel, thanks for the education in copyrights.  From the literary
side, and having read the American Publishing Association's booklet on
copyright, my understanding was that the main point is not to diminish
the copyright holder's value in the work or compromise his right to
control the reproduction and distribution (publication) of his work. 
Where no publication whatsoever is taking place at my end (which is
what I meant by not violating any), it seemed to me not to be
pertinent, any more that I am infringing copyright to look at the work
in the first place.

Anyway, your answer explains what puzzled me, and I won't ask any more
of you in regard to this question.

Thanks very much for all your help.


Clarification of Answer by eiffel-ga on 16 May 2004 13:59 PDT
Thanks for the kind comments and tip, apteryx.
apteryx-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $4.64
Satisfactory response, given all the limitations.  Thank you.


Subject: Re: Photo image: warm, sunny landscape
From: stuartwoozle-ga on 09 May 2004 13:17 PDT
Not a full answer, but a suggestion: offers a large
number of photos (both professional and amateur) which are all fully
searchable and can be used as a desktop image. They provide a photo
manager application that also allows you to change your image
automatically every day, or to store images that you download. Might
be worth taking a look at -- you may find an image there that you

Subject: Re: Photo image: warm, sunny landscape
From: apteryx-ga on 09 May 2004 15:59 PDT
Thanks, stuartwoozle, great suggestion!  I did indeed see some things
there I liked, and they can be downloaded without interference.  But I
am hoping that someone with a GA researcher's mastery of the art of
setting search criteria will be able to zero in on suitable candidates
much more quickly than I can do with my hit-or-miss search terms.  I
thought I was looking for just about the most commonplace category of
photos (after kids and animals) that you would expect to find--warm,
sunny landscapes.  Yet by now I've already spent enough time looking
to be ready to offer the job to an expert.

Subject: Re: Photo image: warm, sunny landscape
From: czh-ga on 10 May 2004 23:08 PDT
Hello apteryx-ga,

I was researching your question and didn?t notice that it had been
answered because I got so caught up in the images. I was going to ask
you for further clarification of your preferences. Once I had a better
idea of what you?re looking for I was going to use the search terms
most appropriate to find images that met the additional criteria for
finding an appropriate selection to download.

You might as well have the links I?ve collected. I had fun searching for them.

~ czh ~
Fruit Trees
Sunny Hillside
Subject: Re: Photo image: warm, sunny landscape
From: apteryx-ga on 15 May 2004 21:35 PDT
Thanks, czh, some of those are just lovely!--although actually the
warm ones and the landscapes are not the same ones.  But most of them
are too small to fill a desktop, or I'd invite you to post them as a
compensated reply to another question.

Maybe this one's too hard to delegate and I'll just have to continue
my search over time.


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