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Q: What is the statistical distribution for the first name initials in US? ( Answered,   0 Comments )
Subject: What is the statistical distribution for the first name initials in US?
Category: Reference, Education and News > Consumer Information
Asked by: zsgunay-ga
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Posted: 17 May 2004 10:56 PDT
Expires: 16 Jun 2004 10:56 PDT
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The answer should be in the form of: In US, 4.2% of the first initials
is A (i.e. Albert, Alfred, Anne,..), 2.9% is B,... so on so forth....
and should target the consumers in US.
Subject: Re: What is the statistical distribution for the first name initials in US?
Answered By: skermit-ga on 17 May 2004 12:25 PDT
Hello zsgunay,

The most recent data for statistical data concerning names is from the
2000 Census. From their webpage and statistical breakdown, I've come
up with these statistics:

Guys	Percentage
a	4.895
b	3.745
c	5.985
d	7.582
e	3.414
f	1.898
g	3.668
h	2.092
i	0.380
j	15.882
k	2.616
l	3.212
m	6.960
n	1.138
o	0.417
p	2.502
q	0.048
r	10.254
s	4.078
t	4.253
u	0.010
v	0.654
w	4.216
x	0.013
y	0.013
z	0.127

Girls	Percentage
a	6.784
b	4.605
c	6.999
d	5.779
e	4.868
f	1.252
g	2.231
h	1.966
i	0.933
j	8.178
k	4.764
l	6.896
m	11.114
n	2.147
o	0.398
p	3.129
q	0.017
r	4.157
s	7.035
t	3.353
u	0.030
v	2.015
w	0.800
x	0.008
y	0.391
z	0.091

Initial	Percentage
a	5.857
b	4.183
c	6.501
d	6.664
e	4.154
f	1.569
g	2.937
h	2.028
i	0.661
j	11.961
k	3.709
l	5.087
m	9.074
n	1.652
o	0.407
p	2.821
q	0.032
r	7.151
s	5.583
t	3.795
u	0.020
v	1.347
w	2.477
x	0.010
y	0.205
z	0.109

For the final statistics, I weighted the average of males (49.1% of
the population) with the female's statistics (50.9% of the
population). You'll notice that the percentages only add up to 90%,
because they only listed the top names which add up to a cumulative
90% (to keep the list relatively short while still accurate).

These are the datafiles I built these statistics off of:

For more information on how our government came to these numbers,
please read their methodologies statement here:

As for your requested answer format, here goes (I'll only list the
most popular 5 names in each letter category to keep it short):

In US, 5.857% of the first initials is A (Anthony, Andrew, Angela,
Amy), 4.183% is B (Barbara, Brian, Betty, Brenda, Benjamin), 6.501% is
C (Charles, Christopher, Carol, Cynthia, Carolyn), 6.664% is D (David,
Daniel, Donald, Dorothy, Donna), 4.154% is E (Elizabeth, Edward, Eric,
Evelyn, Eugene), 1.569% is F (Frank, Frances, Fred, Florence,
Francis), 2.937% is G (George, Gary, Gregory, Gloria, Gerald), 2.208%
is H (Helen, Harold, Henry, Heather, Harry), 0.661% is I (Irene, Ida,
Irma, Isabel), 11.961% is J (James, John, Joseph, Jennifer, Jason),
3.709% is K (Kenneth, Kevin, Karen, Kimberly, Kathleen), 5.087% is L
(Linda, Lisa, Larry, Laura, Lawrence), 9.074% is M (Michael, Mary,
Mark, Maria, Margaret), 1.652% is N (Nancy, Nicole, Nicholas, Norma,
Nathan), 0.407% is O (Oscar, Olga, Opal, Olivia, Otis), 2.821% is P
(Patricia, Paul, Pamela, Patrick, Peter), 0.032 is Q (Quentin,
Quinton, Quincy, Queen, Quinn), 7.151% is R (Robert, Richard, Ronald,
Ruth, Raymond), 5.583% is S (Susan, Steven, Sandra, Scott, Stephen),
3.795% is T (Thomas, Timothy, Teresa, Terry, Theresa), 0.020% is U
(Ursula, Ulysses, Una, Usha, Ula), 1.347% is V (Virginia, Victor,
Victoria, Vincent, Valerie), 2.477% is W (William, Walter, Willie,
Wayne, Wanda), 0.010% is X (Xavier, Xiomara, Xenia, Xiao, Xochitl),
0.205% is Y (Yvonne, Yolanda, Yvette, Yesenia, Young), 0.109% is Z
(Zachary, Zelma, Zachery, Zelda, Zane).

Thanks for your question, it was interesting to answer, and my
pleasure. Please ask for a clarification if you have any questions, or
rate my answer if you find it sufficient. Thanks!

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