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Q: Mercedes Benz Sun Visor clips ( Answered,   3 Comments )
Subject: Mercedes Benz Sun Visor clips
Category: Sports and Recreation > Automotive
Asked by: elvia-ga
List Price: $200.00
Posted: 17 May 2004 16:57 PDT
Expires: 16 Jun 2004 16:57 PDT
Question ID: 347902
I am looking for sun visor clips (male) for the 107  
chassis. Which is the 380,450 and the (1986 to 1989 560 SL's).  
 Looking for who makes them and or manufacturer of these items.
I am aware of ebay, so don't comment on ebay. 
This is for you nancylynn-ga.  Or whoever can answer Really, Thanks Elvia
I could not figure out how to renew the question.

Request for Question Clarification by nancylynn-ga on 18 May 2004 10:59 PDT
Hi Elvia:

Yes, I had compiled a list of suppliers to contact when you'd
previously posted this question.

Thank you for giving me the years of the 560L models. As I noted at
your earlier question, I did find leads on some dealers who carry 560L
visor clips, but they require the year, so that really helps!

Thank you for re-posting your question. I hope to have an answer for
you within the next few days.

Best Regards,

Request for Question Clarification by nancylynn-ga on 19 May 2004 09:15 PDT

I have found at least one dealer who can sell you the visors. (He
can't buy just clips; he has to buy the whole visor from Mercedes.)

However, this seller needs either the VIN number(s) for your
vehicle(s) or the exact color names.

Once you post that information for me, I can get back to him to make
sure he has the colors you need.

Another dealer I called is also checking inventory to see if they can
get you the correct clips.

I also want to clarify a very important point: you're asking about
manufacturers: when you first posted this question in April:

I called Daimler Chrysler's Mercedes division, and was informed that
ALL Mercedes parts -- including sun visors and visor clips -- are
manufactured by Daimler Chrysler *in Germany.*

Daimler Chrysler is the ONLY authorized manufacturer of these parts.
Should you come across another company that claims it makes these
parts, be aware they are NOT authorized manufacturers!

Daimler Chrysler also told me these parts, including clips, can ONLY
be purchased via Mercedes car dealerships. However, I have found a few
-- and only a few -- discount parts stores that carry these items.
So, once you give me the VIN or exact color names, I can confirm with
this dealer that he has what you need. (Again, I am contacting other
sellers, too, to try and give you as many buying options as possible.
I will try to find a seller who can sell you just the clips, if you
don't need the visors, but I can't promise that.)

Best Regards,

Clarification of Question by elvia-ga on 20 May 2004 19:30 PDT
Hi nancylynn I received your post and here is my reply
I can find the visors easy enough, it is the sun visor clips that I
really am interestered in. I have yet to find a dealership that sells
the clips though. perhaps I can buy them  directely from Germany???
Anyway, don't bother about the sun visors themselves, Just the clips.
Also, When you are ready with your answers could you email this to me.
I really don't want this info posted on theis site, as I am a

Request for Question Clarification by nancylynn-ga on 21 May 2004 07:57 PDT
Hi Elvia:

No, I can't e-mail you the information. GA rules forbid clients and
researchers from communicating outside of this site.

I am calling and e-mailing every place I can find! I only have a few
solid leads for you, which is why I haven't yet posted an answer -- I
want to find some more places for you, if I can. I plan to call more
places today and tomorrow.

As for buying directly from Germany, I'll look into that. I'll call
Daimler back and ask if you could become an authorized dealer, meaning
you could buy these items directly from Mercedes to re-sell. I'll ask
them if you can buy in bulk and what the ballpark cost would be.

Toward that end, it might help me to know (Daimler might ask) in which
country are you located? Do you have brick & mortar establishment, or
would this be Internet sales? I don't know if it matters to them, but
they may ask.

So, I'll just keep calling and e-mailing. Some places that don't have
visor clips have kindly given some suggestions as to where I might
find them. It's just a matter of me contacting more (and more!)
places! It's sort of a treasure hunt.


Clarification of Question by elvia-ga on 21 May 2004 09:00 PDT
Thanks Nancy
The authorized dealer sounds the best to me.  I am located in New
Orleans Louisiana.
As fou the order size, I would probably order in lots of 100, in each
color. That would be for male and female ends.
Thanks so much

Request for Question Clarification by nancylynn-ga on 24 May 2004 11:14 PDT

Just letting you know I've made some progress over the last few days.

Thanks to the help of my dear friend and colleague, Scriptor-ga, I was
able to navigate German Web sites and locate manufacturers and dealers
in Germany who *may* be able to sell you the visor clips in bulk.

Now, it's just a matter of waiting to hear back from them for
confirmation that they can sell you the clips. I really believe that
your best bet for buying these clips in lots will be a European (most
likely, German) seller, so I'm really grateful to Scriptor-ga for his
help on that!

I'm just trying to plan ahead: It's *possible* that the response from
European sellers will be they can only sell you the visors and clips
as a set. In the event that is the standard reply, would you be
agreeable to that, if the price is low enough to suit you? (I will try
to get price quotes in U.S. dollars.) At the least, the cost of a full
visor set from Europe may well be less than what you would have to pay
an American Mercedes dealer, especially if you buy in bulk.

I've also contacted Daimler at its U.S. headquarters and Daimler in
Germany, on your behalf, to see if they would be amenable to letting
you buy clips in bulk.

I hope to hear back from all the places I've contacted, within the next few days. 

There are a few more American import car parts dealers I plan to call,
but I'm not optimistic because, so far, American Mercedes parts
sellers have all told me they can't get visor clips individually or in
bulk, only the entire visor set.


Request for Question Clarification by nancylynn-ga on 28 May 2004 15:48 PDT

To update you again:

Today I talked with a parts supplier that will talk to its factory on
your behalf about the possibility of you buying clips in bulk.
However, they won't be able to give me an answer until late next week.

After not hearing back from Daimler, I did manage to locate a phone
number for Mercedes-Benz division in the U.S. I wasn't able to get
hold of the person I need to talk to -- they were out for the week, so
I'll try again on Tuesday.

Unfortunately, none of the manufacturers of parts sellers I e-mailed
in Germany have replied -- perhaps many of them don't speak English. I
don't know what else to think because I'm just not hearing back.

When I post my answer, I can give you that list of German
manufacturers and suppliers if you want to try calling them. (If, by
any chance, you speak some German, that would undoubtedly help!)

I just wanted you to know I haven't given up.

Subject: Re: Mercedes Benz Sun Visor clips
Answered By: nancylynn-ga on 01 Jun 2004 18:50 PDT

FINALLY! We have an answer!

Heidi Martin from the Consumer Promotions department at Mercedes-Benz,
USA, replied to my e-mail this evening. She informed me that you may
purchase the clips -- in bulk -- from any authorized Mercedes dealer.

Just go to Mercedes' USA site:
And click "Locate A Dealer" in the menu at left. Or call
1-800-FOR-Mercedes (1-800-367-6372).

I just called that number to confirm that you can purchase clips in large volumes.

Customer service told me that when you call a dealership, just ask for
the "Wholesale Parts Manager" and you can then setup a wholesale
account with Mercedes-Benz.

I do have some other possibilities for you too: contacts in Germany
and the UK that never got back to me via e-mail, but that you may wish
to phone or fax. (Or if you read and speak German, perhaps e-mailing
those German contacts in German would work.)

If you would like that additional information, please let me know and
I will post it for you as an answer clarification. (I have three
folders worth of leads, so I'll need to weed through all that stuff
before I post that!)

Sorry you had to wait so long, but you're now on your way to setting
up your very own seller's account at Mercedes.

I wish you great success in your new business venture.

Best regards,

Request for Answer Clarification by elvia-ga on 02 Jun 2004 19:42 PDT
Yes, if you could post the other info, I can check through it and see
what else is available

Clarification of Answer by nancylynn-ga on 03 Jun 2004 06:37 PDT
Hi Elvia:

I weeded through my notes to ensure that I didn't include any definite
dead-ends among the following.

The following leads are just that -- leads. These are places I
contacted that never replied to me. I have no idea if you'll have any
success at these places.


JC Whitney:
Parts Search: 1-800-469-3894, Monday through Friday, 7am to 8:30pm  central time.

I called them last week and they were going to check with their
factory about whether you can buy clips from them for re-sale. IF they
get back to me, I'll post that information here. You may want to call
them, yourself.

Automotive Unlimited 
352 PT Washington Blvd
Port Washington, NY 11050

SL Parts:
You can list parts you need, you pay site maintainer 10% commission off sale:

1291 Whitethorne Way
Burlingame, CA 94010
Attn: Parts PHONE: (650) 343-7980
FAX: (650) 343-7027

Directory of Parts Suppliers from
I found:
Find My Part:
I submitted request via Web form -- and got a reply that my request
has been sent out to their network of dealers. So, you may want to try

Their Special Orders Dept.:

Salvage Yard Network/Request Needed Parts:
Fill out your request here:


First Choice:
(They carry Mercedes parts):
Their Form To Register To Become A Supplier:

Automend Parts Gateway's URL


DaimlerChrysler AG
Epplestr. 225
70567 Stuttgart, Germany,,0-5-7145-49-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-8-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0,00.html
Phone: +49 (0) 800-1014-317
Fax: +49 (0) 69-95307-255

Mercedes-Benz, German headquarters:

Based on what I now know, it should be the same as the U.S. division;
that is, you should be able to setup a wholesalers account via a
Mercedes German dealership.

A B2B search engine for Europe.

At WLW, link for professional sellers of Mercedes visors in Germany:
Try e-mailing them from this page:
(Click on "Kontakt" in menu at top.) 

Also found via WLW: in the  Czech Republic:*&koop=
Mláde?nická 3A, ?. p. 3062, CZ-69075 B?eclav
Tel. 519 314 111, Fax 519 322 909
e-mail:, Internet:
PU foam & products, mattresses automotive accessories,sunvisors


Kümmel Fahrzeugteile:
(English language version of the site.)
Kümmel Fahrzeugteile manufactures sun visors for a variety of car
makers, including Daimler Chrysler.

Intier Automotive Zippex (They don't have e-mail):

Intier Automotive Zippex GmbH
Street:Eugen-Zipperle-Strasse 14
Country/Postal code/City:D-74374 Zaberfeld
Telephone:(07046) 970-0
Telefax:(07046) 970-101
Certifications:DIN ISO 9001


Dachauerstrasse 364
80993 München 
Tel. 089-1498080
Fax 089-14980899

Car Parts

Request for Answer Clarification by elvia-ga on 26 Jul 2004 15:43 PDT
Hi nancylynn-ga
just to let you know, that I have contacted Mercedes  about the male
end visor clips and they DO NOT sell these clips. You have to buy the
entire visor to get the clip. You might want to check with them again,
or perhaps try calling a Mercedes Dealership yourself and ask them,
But they  do not sell the male end clips. they do sell the female end,
but my question was for the male ends

Clarification of Answer by nancylynn-ga on 27 Jul 2004 06:00 PDT

I don't know which dealer you're referring to! As I told you on June 1
when I answered the question, you have to setup a "wholesale account"
so that you can become a Mercedes parts dealer yourself.

To quote from my answer: 

"Heidi Martin from the Consumer Promotions department at
Mercedes-Benz, USA, replied to my e-mail this evening. She informed me
that you may purchase the clips -- in bulk -- from any authorized
Mercedes dealer.

Just go to Mercedes' USA site:
And click "Locate A Dealer" in the menu at left. Or call
1-800-FOR-Mercedes (1-800-367-6372).

*I just called that number to confirm that you can purchase clips in
large volumes.*

*Customer service [which you can reach via that 800 number] told me
that when you call a dealership, just ask for
the 'Wholesale Parts Manager' and you can then setup a wholesale
account with Mercedes-Benz."

If that doesn't work out, go to
and then go to the company information page:

You can either call corporate headquarters in Montvale, NJ, at
201-573-0600 and ask for Heidi Martin who is in Consumer Promotions.
Or, scroll down that page and call the Regional Office closest to you.

Again, both Ms. Martin and customer service assured me that once you
setup a wholesale account, you may buy the clips (just the clips, if
you like) and you may buy them in bulk.

Google Answers Researcher
Subject: Re: Mercedes Benz Sun Visor clips
From: clowndevilboy-ga on 18 May 2004 10:14 PDT
You can be rather sure that no one is still Manufacturing 1986 clips. 
However you may try local Junk Yards and Auto Dismantlers that
specialize in Mercedes.

Subject: Re: Mercedes Benz Sun Visor clips
From: elvia-ga on 18 May 2004 10:56 PDT
Ken, I know for a fact that they are being made somewhere, I can buy
them new, but for a price. Its just who and where
Subject: Re: Mercedes Benz Sun Visor clips
From: corvallis-ga on 18 May 2004 14:53 PDT
eBay, like I said before.

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