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Q: How many people are online in Chile, India ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   3 Comments )
Subject: How many people are online in Chile, India
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Asked by: needresearch-ga
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Posted: 29 Jun 2002 20:59 PDT
Expires: 29 Jul 2002 20:59 PDT
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How many people are online in each of these countries Chile, Brazil, Argentina, 
Germany, and India?

These links might help start your reseach:
Subject: Re: How many people are online in Chile, India
Answered By: huntsman-ga on 30 Jun 2002 01:10 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars

Below are figures for Internet users in the countries you requested,
alphabetized by country.

Keep in mind that the numbers quoted here are general in nature.
Precise figures are hard to come by, so I have provided a range.

I have used well known sources that offer current worldwide Internet
statistics, including CyberAtlas, Nielsen Net Ratings, and NUA.Com.
Please visit each of their Web pages (listed below) for additional
information and links.

Thank you,


Country -

No. Internet Users .... Source No./Name .... Date of Data


Argentina -

2,000,000 .... (1) CyberAtlas .... *
4,130,449 .... (3) Nielsen Net Ratings .... February 2002
3,882,526 .... (4) Nielsen Ratings News Release .... August 2001
3,880,000 .... (5) NUA.Com** .... July 2001 


Brazil -

13,803,925 .... (2) Nielsen Net Ratings** .... May 2002
6,100,000 .... (1) CyberAtlas .... *
11,940,000 .... (5) NUA.Com*** .... July 2001


Chile -

1,800,000 .... (1) CyberAtlas .... *
1,750,000 .... (5) NUA.Com** .... December 2000

Germany -

32,378,895 .... (2) Nielsen Net Ratings** .... May 2002
26,000,000 .... (1) CyberAtlas .... *
30,200,000 .... (5) NUA.Com*** .... February 2002


India -  

5,000,000 .... (1) CyberAtlas .... *
5,000,000 .... (5) NUA.Com*** .... December 2000 


Sources - 

(1) CyberAtlas - The World's Online Populations,,5911_151151,00.html
* This CyberAtlas article is dated March 21, 2002 but the sources
quoted within it may have other dates.

(2) Nielsen Net Ratings
**Note the individual country links on this page.

(3) Nielsen Net Ratings [Argentina]
Internet Usage Statistics For The Month Of February 2002

(4) Nielsen Ratings News Release, August 2001 [Google Cache]

(5) NUA.Com - How Many Online?
***Note that NUA quotes several sources and numbers in their tables. I
have used the most recent number and source stated in NUA's tables:
see the NUA.Com Web site to determine exactly what source they used.

Search Terms & Google Results - 

world internet usage 

Clarification of Answer by huntsman-ga on 30 Jun 2002 14:52 PDT
I'm glad I could help.

Actually, the references I used (particularly Nielsen Net Ratings and
NUA) gather information from various overseas sources, including their
own offices and associated companies.

One difficulty (from my monolingual point of view) is that non-US Web
sites may not offer information in English. I did try the
English-language sources mentioned in your question, but they did not
seem as comprehensive as CyberAtlas, Nielsen, and NUA.

Thank you,

needresearch-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
I liked how Huntsman took from many sources to make the list. I
learned that I need to express the types of sources and years, as I
was looking for sources located in that country.

Subject: Re: How many people are online in Chile, India
From: aditya2k-ga on 01 Jul 2002 02:39 PDT
The 5 million for India looks optimistic. Believe me, I'm in India,
and I'm sure that in 2000, 5 million was definitely way over. Maybe
now its realistic.
Subject: Re: How many people are online in Chile, India
From: aditya2k-ga on 01 Jul 2002 02:58 PDT
Maybe I was wrong.

Anyway, I managed to dig up some information about the Indian numbers
(I just can't help myself from commenting on questions pertaining to

A survey indicates that India's Internet subscribers increased - from
a meagre 0.7 million subscribers in November 1998 to over 1.8 million
subscribers by 31 December 2000.
(Note : Subscribers, not users. A subscriber is one who subscribes to
an internet connection. A user is one who uses it).

There were 2.61 million unique internet users at the end of February
There were 4.47 million unique internet users at the end of December
Projections for 2002 make the figure 30 million by Dec 2002

However, there are some conflicting projections for 2004-2005

National Association of Software and Services Company (NASSCOM) has
predicted 50 million users by 2004.

According to IDC India, there will be 37.5 million Internet users in
India by 2005

Table 1. Internet Growth in India (History) 

Date           Internet Connections (millions)  Users (millions) 
August 15,1995 0.002 0.01 --> I (aditya2k-ga) was one of the 10,000
March 31,1996  0.05  0.25 
March 31,1997  0.09  0.45 
March 31,1998  0.14  0.7 
March 31,1999  0.28  1.4 
March 31, 2000  0.77  2.8 
June 30, 2000  1.04  3.70 
(Source: NASSCOM Internet survey, 2000) 
Note that 280,000 Internet connections translates to over 800,000
Internet users in India.

Table 2. Internet Growth in India (Projected) 
Date            Internet Connections (millions)  Users (millions) 
March 31, 2001  1.6  5 
March 31, 2002  4  10 
March 31, 2003  8  18 
December 31, 2003  11  23 
(Source: NASSCOM Internet survey, 2000) 


NASSCOM India Internet Survey
Subject: Re: How many people are online in Chile, India
From: needresearch-ga on 01 Jul 2002 15:26 PDT
The difference between a user and a subscriber is important to think
about. That's for pointing that out. I can imagine many people sharing
internet access in public places.

I agree with you, and appreciate your scrutiny of the numbers. Also, I
personally don't like cyberatlas stats. Thanks for the other sources,
I would have never found those.

For my school paper, I will probably go with the count of referral
links to the top 5 websites of each country. I need to have a common
methodology regarding measurement of internet use, and I don't think
surveys by cyberatlas can provide that.

I got these "link to" results for the top 5 google powered websites in
India:, India, 13,200, India, 6,790, India, 5,600, India, 5,550, India, 2,250 

Once, I get the results for the other countries, then comparisons
should be very interesting.

Again, Thanks so much for your comment.

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